Minor Planets

BY : Kazeuma
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Disclaimer: I do not own sailor moon, nor do I profit from my fictions

“Shinji, you idiot!”

The girl in the red plug-suit shouted in German at the top of her lungs filling the twilight air along the seawall…

The wind caught her in a perfect pose suggesting the power and arrogance of her beauty…

“And Cut!”

The director shouted, “First take as always, Miss Aino. That is what I would expect from you.”

Aino Minako took a breath; she arrogantly touched the spandex-lycra-plastic of the red suit she was in…

(The author has no idea what kind of fabric is used; but hot damn, it makes Evangelion worth all of it)

She stared out into the distance beyond the Italian sea wall.

Technically, it was not Italian, but rather a Franco-Italian sea wall that happened to match one in Tokyo-III.

“You did quite well,” there was Ace offering his coat.

She shot him a death-stare.

Ace jumped back reminding himself, “I am dressed like Koaru… Aino Minako is a method-actor…”

“Okay, let’s get the next scene in before the sun gets down. Remember, to angst but not angst too much. I want heart pumping EMO,” the director pulled a Mauser, “Or I shall give you freaking EMO.”

Ace’s eyes still could not leave Aino Minako, despite her death-stare.

The plug-suit was not helping the matter.

“Now, now, sir,” a younger man patted the older male trying to get the elder male with the monocle to stop waving that weapon around, “Remember your ulcer.”

She was at times a ditz. That was Minako he knew and had feelings for…

The hair really did not match the part, according to the director, “Miss Aino Minako was the perfect body-double.”

“Oh shut up, Muramasa, just give me the pills and let’s get this in the can.”

The plug-suit was not helping the matter, his focus was only on her lovely body held by the nice red fabric.

“What in the Hell do you want,” Minako growled at him in German.

This gave the other reason she was cast… Ace thought, “Minako speaks German better than English or Japanese. No wonder she gets all the clichés and maxims wrong… but it makes her so-o…”

He would have added “cute” had she repeated herself in Japanese.

Again, he jumped back. This was one of her flaws, the flaws of being a method actor.

She was ditz in real life, but once in costume she WAS the part.

Minako had disappeared somewhere in the dressing room, there standing before him was the cold-hearted, hot-tempered mentally unstable bitch Asuka Langley.

Then Muramasa’s cell phone rang. He answered it. There were some hushed words between him and the other one on the line.

The director tapped his watch on his right hand. Lifting it up indicating that each second was stealing his perfect shot.

“Sir, I have some bad news,” he handed the phone over to the director.

Aino Minako’s blue eyes settled on him. He was an older man sitting in a wheel chair dressed in black shoes, checkered pants and jacket, white shirt, and tie. He had a scowling look, which was normal for him - and the cigar. Aino Minako’s emotions were trying to fit herself back into the tightness of the plug-suit.

The director’s voice was not as hushed; the cigar had fallen to the ground and the monocle from his eyes. He used words that went out of fashion when he claimed to be a prisoner or a guard in Austerlitz - way, he was pissed off.

Aino Ace decided to blank out most of the words centering only on the main points - the Live-Action had been canceled, the money that the director put in was gone, and that would have to go home immediately.

The director did not even hang up, he just tossed the phone on the ground, pulled out the Mauser and fired at it, “This is my answer prick!”

They were blanks.

“Who put blanks in my gun? Who was the asshole that put blanks in my gun?”

The director shouted, “Muramasa, get me a fucking hit-man! I will kill them! They can’t do this to me! I want them killed! I want their children killed! Their wives killed! I want them wiped out! How dare those pricks do that to me! People’s Choice Award, a Tony for my production of Three Penny Opera, the only man alive who swept Cauns with a snuff-film - they even suggested nominating it for the best cartoon…”

Muramasa was the one who replaced the blanks, he kept telling him about the old man’s age and ulcer. It was better than having the old man killing someone. Muramasa brought out a cigar, lit it, and presented it for the old man…

“Find me a hit-man, Muramasa. They can’t do this to me!”

He petted the Mauser clutching the lit cigar in his mouth loving its taste, “Remember that bad American actor. You know the one that eats the scenery and only does re-makes where the original is so much better than the re-make?”

Aino Minako finally accepted the offer of a coat from Ace.

Her face flustered red. Her eyes were only on what she was wearing - she felt so exposed next to Ace. It was a lucky thing that Artemis was in her hotel room; her thoughts fell to the white feline. The cat would clearly object how she was dressed…

In addition, how she felt next to the shorthaired blonde-haired woman. She clutched the coat tight trying to not to admit her feelings for this man, who would later turn out to be an enemy…

“So which bad actor is he talking about? There are so many…”

Aino Ace asked her. He tenderly placed his hand on her shoulder. He twitched, half of him wanted to grope the beauty in red and the other half-wanted to comfort her - she had just lost a job.

“Remember him, Muramasa?”

“Yes, sir,” a nod, “a typical American pricks. Canadians are so much useful. However, there are still problems with the dubs and the needless editing… Just take one look at the Siban-Disney dub version; it makes you thank God for DIC.”

“Yea, yea,” the old man nodded petting his gun, “All it took was pistol-whipping the bastard … All it took was a beat-down by one cripple to teach him… how else did I get my Oscar?”

Muramasa nodded. He had the headache of keeping the ham of an actor from filing a lawsuit. Thanks to the old man, he knew more members of the yakusa and law-field than one really should...

“Well, then,” the old man smiled, “Hand me that script. Hand me a pen. I shall teach them all. When I shoot the first frame, I always finish it.”

The coat slipped off Minako’s back, Asuka has returned to the forefront.

She had forgotten this about the same director that stared her as “Sailor V,” he may be a jerk but a jerk worth working for. This is what she liked about him, he never gave up, and he had already written his epitaph as, “The shot. Did you get it? Good, cut, print, that’s a wrap.”

“How sir?”

Muramasa handed him a pen and the script.

He quickly wrote across the papers...

Minako was on edge, this was one reason she liked him.

“How can he could change things on a whim like this,” the actor playing Shinji asked drinking another cappuccino, “Isn‘t job done with?”

“No wonder they called him the “raving Midas.”

“Raving Midas? What kind of a name is that?”

“You know the story of King Midas, everything he touches turns to silver. It is the same with him, everything he touches is silver,” Minako decided to add to the gossip, “He could take Artemis playing with string and make it an Emmy Award Winning Series on Fox.”

“I know, I know, I remember at one party that I attended, “an older crewmate whispered back about the old man as he wrote, “He was explaining a Fellini film. Right there next to the caviar was Fellini himself with a smile; he was the only man in the world other than Fellini that actually got it.”


The old man dropped the pen, “Everybody, you are still on the clock. You are now under my employment. There is a new plot.”

“What is it, sir?”

“Plot-what-plot,” he replied, “Porn without a point.”

He gestured to the blonde-haired woman and Ace, “Miss Aino, take up your spot. You there, Koaru, tease her a bit. Cameras roll; keep the sun as much as you can. I want the picture perfect.”

Ace did as he was told; he had no idea what the director was talking about...

The teasing went on for a bit, he hated every word he spat out… Seeing her like this before him he wanted - he wanted just to be alone with her without all the nonsense of Moon Kingdoms and Dark Kingdoms …

“Now, Asuka, stop growling and make love to him.”

A shook of fear crossed him, Aino Ace. He waved his hands trying to reawaken his Minako; there was only a craving look in the blonde-haired woman’s eyes. He turned to run…
A smile crossed Minako's face, she pouncde on some white-haired person like a cat. Minako’s gloved hands was ripping away the shirt…

Exposing his defined chest to the world of the camera.

Placing butterfly kisses on his left half of face, his neck, his chest…

Her tongue followed in the same places and across the crests of his lips. Ami was doing the same unknowingly copying her friend on the set...

Accepting them, the white-haired male was rubbing his hands over her curves taking in every feeling of the red fabric…

The male's fingers moved downwards so they could lick their breasts.

The fingers crested the stomach.

Aino Ace had begun to un-zip the plug-suit with his other hand rested on her stomach…

He played with her belly button…

The girl kissed him, the hands moved further down. Aino Ace’s hands moved to remove the plug-suit with one hand and the other to rest on her camel-toe…
Aino Ace only had one hand to tender her back while he was already there at the glory of the camel-toe…

They male looked at their respective women, and then a finger slipped in. The red fabric stretched inside feeling so good inside of Minako. It was a tight fight for him, due to the fabric and the exposed nature of the woman before him…

A second finger dared to make a foray.



The blonde screamed as the fingers played their keys, their ministrations worked with each movement like a concerto...

Aino Ace headed for the G-spot, he heard humans had it and wanted to find it - just in order to keep his beautiful blonde fighting his every advance like this….

Minako was ready to cry - Aino Ace had found the G-spot.

The soft red fabric was rubbing right against it was working Minako to the edge of her lust. It really did not matter which one was with Aino Ace - Minako or the part she was playing, he just wanted this here and now…

Consumed by her lust, the blonde-haired woman tore off Ace’s pants exposing his bells-and-cherries to the camera. Surrounded by white pubic hair, his bells-and-cherries stood like a six-and-one-half inch-tall airport caught in a snowstorm.

Fighting him, the blonde-haired woman on the TV was rolled over…
The left side of her no longer restrained by the red fabric, the other half nicely embracing her figure as Minako was laid flat on her front.

The blonde-haired woman face choked finding her face deep in the dirt, her buttocks raised in protest against Aino Ace, shouting in German several insults staying in character.

The white-haired male despite protests and fighting, lay on top of her and inserts his love-weapon from the rear…

He smiled, laying on Minako. The six-and-one-half weapon probed the fabric inside her womb…

“Oh, oh, oh! Uh-uh-uh!”

The weapon made their sheaths their home, flicking up and down like a samurai giving a threat to some passing enemy with his katana - bearing up a couple inches only to slide back in.

“…it is so big… So nice… I feel…”

She squealed gripping Kenji tight. Laying there on her legs with him on top of her, she squealed in delight. Despite the size-difference, the same one had been inside of the woman she desired. Her eyes welled up with thoughts of him…


Minako gripped Ace tight despite the fabric robbing her of his pre-cum actually emptying into her birth canal. Sighing out a scream, her back arched back giving him a chance to grasp at her breasts steadying his every thrust from behind. Still, she would show him every meaning of her future title, “Sailor Venus, Scout of Love.”

“Oh, oh, oh! Uh-uh-uh!”

According to some obscure sex manuals, Aino had Minako in a position known for “the method balances the elements in their bodies and increases the production of bone marrow.”

Not the girl cared about such obscure nonsense; they were only set on accepting every drop that was spilling into their canal.

The white-haired male focused only on his woman…

Before the flames come, the author actually likes Asuka and is an Asuka / Shinji / Asuka fan - Asuka being dominating on Shinji / Shinji accepting it / then it reversed where she is submissive to him. So there. The description is more from Aino Ace‘s Point-of-View.

There is a worse dub than the DIC dub, made by Siban or Disney. Look it up on the net, a music video was to be the set-up for a whole series that would not even have one word of the original work. Lucky thing is only the music video remains. One warning, it is filmed like some feminine hygiene / hair-care commercial, Sailor Jupiter is in a wheelchair, they are all multi-cultural, and not one of them Japanese! I saw it and I wanted to burn out my retinas with a soldering iron even a week later! Just trust me on this, okay.

Author‘s note, I actually did take a film appreciation course in college. The teacher decided to skip over Fellini, not even accredited 40-year-old college professors can explain Fellini!

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