A Few Of My Favorite Things

BY : AnkhAscendant
Category: Rurouni Kenshin > Yaoi - Male/Male
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A Few Of My Favorite Things
CHAPTER: oneshot
Ascendant ( setosgirl0 / neferseti0 )
DATE: 10-17-09
Rurouni Kenshin
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Rurouni Kenshin, or
make any money from it.
PAIRINGS: Saitou X Aoshi
WARNINGS: no warnings
OCs: none
WORDS: 1339
SUMMARY: Aoshi and Saitou have a conversation
regarding their relationship.
NOTES: This story really isn't worth
reading. It's just a long scene or semi-IC fluff that I wanted to
write. It fulfills the writing prompt ( http://yaoigirl.com/?p=373
) “a love affair”.

* * *

A Few Of My
Favorite Things

"I love you, you know."

Aoshi glanced over his shoulder, blue eyes vaguely curious, then
rolled onto his back and looked at him. The mattress was warmed by
their combined body heat, and felt good on his bare skin. "You
don't love anything but killing."

"I know." Saitou rested his chin on his hand and
contemplated him with a small smirk. "I just wanted to see the
look on your face."

Aoshi regarded him blankly.

"That's the one."

"You amuse yourself, don't you?"

"Well, you're not going to do it for me." Saitou's long
body stretched out again beside him, and he leaned over to kiss him

Aoshi kissed him back, letting the backs of his fingers run over
Saitou's arm, following the curve of his hard muscles, sculpted by
who knew how many years of swordplay and physical training. There
were definitely some things about the policeman he found 'amusing',

"To be fair, I don't love slaughtering innocents,"
Saitou pointed out, resting his chin on his arm folded beneath him,
looking at him. "Sober, anyway. I prefer to only kill for

"I approve." Aoshi lazily let his fingers continue to
wander over his arm.

"I'm glad I meet your standards." The policeman's voice
was dry. "But you're a very bad influence."


"You make me want to kill things with you. I love watching
you cut people down."

Aoshi gave him his blank look again.

"I like it, a lot," Saitou corrected with a twitch of his
lips reminiscent of a small smile. "There are a lot of things
about this I like, a lot."


"That isn't one of them. You need a new vocabulary."


"And to speak in more than one syllable."


"You bastard."

"Aa." Aoshi wasn't smiling - of course he wasn't, that
wasn't something he did - but he was obviously amused. If they could
amuse themselves at each other's expense, it was a good arrangement.
"What were you going to say that you 'like, a lot'?"

"You've made me reconsider." Saitou lit a cigarette and
offered him one, which he declined without a word. "You're an

"Aa," he agreed; Saitou gave him an annoyed look, and he
reconsidered leaving it at that. "I'm surprised you don't like

"I do," he admitted. "I get so tired of seeing
nothing but nice people and criminals."


"Stop that or I'm going to cut you."

"Cut me and lose a hand," he promised. "How I talk
is not going to change."

"I know." He smiled a litte. "You wouldn't be the
same if you'd change for people."


"You know what I meant. Asshole."

"Aa." Aoshi turned onto his stomach beside him.

Saitou put a hand on his shoulder and nudged him back. "Stop
that, you're hiding your scars."

He obliged, staying on his side and looking at him, letting his
lover look at him. "I have scars everywhere. Something else you
like, I take it."

"A lot," Saitou agreed. He held his cigarette in his
lips and let his fingers slide down his chest, lingering on the scars
over his heart. Being scar tissue, Aoshi couldn't feel it very well,
but he knew where his hand was. That scar fascinated the bloodthirsty
wolf in Saitou. "You haven't told me about this one yet."

"No," he agreed, resting his head on his crooked arm and
watching Saitou's face.

"It must have almost killed you."

"Aa. They. That's three different wounds."

"Three different fights?"


"I can't imagine that. You're too good to get stabbed in the

"I am still alive," he pointed out. "Cut, not
stabbed. I have not always been as good as I am... They're all dead,"
he added as an afterthought.

"Of course they are," Saitou agreed, as though it were
no question. At least he had confidence in him.

"My scars and my personality." Aoshi watched Saitou's
fascinated eyes. The man was disturbed, he decided, but that wasn't
really surprising. There was actually a certain appeal in that...
"What else is there that you like so much?"

"Watch yourself, Aoshi, you're fishing for compliments like a

"I'm curious." He fell silent and let his eyes wander
appreciatively down Saitou's chest. The wolf had a few scars of his
own, and they decorated the lean muscle very nicely... he wasn't as
fascinated by them as Saitou was, but he could see how he could be.
They had stories to tell, and kept any expanse of skin from being

Not that he would ever be bored looking at Saitou's body. Flat
planes of muscle and hard angles of bone... That was a body he could
easily and contentedly contemplate for hours before even looking at
the scars.

"Hm..." Saitou let him look at him a moment longer
before he rolled to his stomach and drew his eyes back to his face.
"I enjoy fucking you quite a lot."

His eyebrows rose slightly. "And?" he prompted.

"And what?" Saitou asked innocently, grinning around his

He plucked the cigarette from Saitou's mouth. "And?" he
repeated, holding it hostage above their heads.

"And I like being fucked by you just a little bit less."
He smirked and reached for the cigarette again.

Aoshi pulled it out of his reach and leaned over him, planting his
hand on the other side of Saitou's lean body. "I'll help you
learn to appreciate it..." he murmured, and started kissing his
neck slowly.

"Or you could just be more accommodating..." Saitou
nudged his chin up and kissed him, teeth pulling at his lip and
obviously taking control. Despite the harsh taste of cigarettes, he
didn't resist the probing tongue; that was just so very Saitou. He
let his hand run up the policeman's back and admire the lines of his

"Okashira." Omasu's voice from outside the door
interrupted his exploration. "You wanted to be told when it was
six o'clock...?"

He pulled away from Saitou, forcing him to let the kiss go. "Thank
you," he told her, his hand on Saitou's chest to hold him back.
"Time for you to get to work."

"So it is." He plucked the cigarette from his fingers
and put it back in his mouth. "We'll continue this discussion
later. Maybe you can tell me what you like."

He rolled to his feet, and Aoshi sat with his head on his hand,
admiring his body. "I like that."

Saitou gave him a small smirk. "I'd say that's obvious."
His body disappeared into his uniform; though it looked good on him,
it didn't look good with clothes as without, in his opinion. "I'd
say even they know out there."

"Of course they do," he agreed dismissively, pushing
himself up now that there was no longer a show for him. "Except
for Misao, they know everything. They are born and trained spies."
He folded the futon seemingly carelessly but perfectly and gabbed his

"Except for Misao?"

"She blinds herself to a lot of things. Don't let her kill
you too thoroughly when she figures it out."

"How sweet, you care." Saitou grabbed his obi and pulled
him close; he had to pulled the cigarette out of Saitou's mouth
before he kissed him again, his hand lightly resting on his precious
katana. He didn't let him have as much control as he liked this time,
taunting him with it.

"I think you're toying with me..." Saitou nipped at his
jaw, none too gently. "You want to get put through the floor
before I go."

"I think you don't have time." He placed the cigarette
back in Saitou's mouth and nudged him toward the door.

Saitou shook his head. "You're a cruel man, Shinomori. One of
these days..."

"Aa. Come back tonight." He stood in the doorway,
watching the cop's form. He left without looking back, his step quick
and nothing in his attitude or carriage seeming abnormal.

There was something, he knew, that he too loved here...

But it would ruin their game to let Saitou know that.


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