Sinfully Sweet Frustration

BY : D-Chan
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing nor any of its characters. This story is completely Fiction and isn't canon in anyway and is based upon a RP character of mine from a Hellsing RPG. Now enjoy]

It was a late night in the Manor where the Hellsing's lived, Derek Stevenson, newly named Derek Hellsing was researching madly for something anything to help his sister, Integra Wingate Fairbrooks Hellsing, out. He had already figured out from old Vampire stories and the Bram Stroker Novel, Dracula, that there were several ways to kill them, silver bullets, Blessed objects, and the old staple, a Steak to the heart, but one thing that the Med Student saw that was surprising was the name of a plant that had always came up in his search, Wolfsbane. It was something he knew about in his studies in college, poisons, he knew how to do blood tests, detect poisons, but a bit more studying would be needed to actually make something tangable from the plant. As of right now he couldn't let up, his sister saw him as a burden to the organization and he knew it. He was going to prove otherwise.
In the basement however the Police Girl was thinking about something else. Earlier that evening before her Master's Master called Seras into her office. She was nervous at the sudden call into Integra's office, it wasn't often that she was called in let alone with out the No-Life King standing beside her.

"Do you know why I have called you in here?" asked the platinum blonde woman behind the desk holding her hand folded over her mouth as her elbows are set on the table. Seras shooked her head gulping a bit not knowing what Integra had called her in for, had she done something wrong? If so why wasn't her Master scolding her? "You know that Mr. Stevenson..."

"Your half-brother?" asked Seras then gulped having interupted the older hellsing.

Integra only closed her eyes for a moment and then continued, "Yes... Him... While it has been hard for me to accept him as a Hellsing. I can not deny that he... is infact at least half of my father's blood... And as such should be protected. Poice girl..." she trailed off.

Seras stood straight up and nodded with a salute, "Y-yes, Mum?" she asked awaiting her order.

"From this point forward you are assigned to Derek as his protecter... Keep him from harm at all costs." said the Hellsing before raising a brow, "Is that clear?" she asked seeing the surprised expression on Seras' face, "What... Is that a problem?" she asked.

The Police Girl only shook her head and saluted again, "N-no... I'll do as you say." she said.


Seras didn't understand Integra's reasoning behind making her Derek's guardian, from her speech she got the feeling that her Master's Master had done it just to secure what little hope that the Hellsing family had at an hier if or when she died.

"But... Thats not like her at all." said the Police girl, "Could she actually be getting attached to Derek?" she asked looking at the lid of her coffin. "If that's so... then... It would be even more important to protect him... I guess." she said sighing as she pushed the lid open and was met with almost the same complete darkness that was inside that soily box.

After a bit she stood up and started to roam the halls of the manor. Tonight it seemed really quiet, The night guards weren't even making noise. It was almost peaceful for once instead of the everyday threat of attack from the Vatican Section XIII or other forces unknown, just silence. It was almost un-nerving.

In her aimless wandering around the building she stoped infront of Derek's door and looked at it for a bit jus tilting her head. She had remembered in the first weeks he was here. When Integra brought her to her room and gave her the Bram Stroker's Dracula novel. That same day Derek had started to research something that would help his sister. Derek has asked when he saw her if he could borrow the book she was given. When he spoke she had blushed a bit, he had a kind voice the kindest she had heard in a long while after coming to Hellsing and from a supposed Hellsing himself.

After that thought she found herself blushing outside of the thought as well as inside and shook her head, "Why did I do that.... " she asked her self with a small sigh looking at the door again her ear twitching slightly. As she leaned in to the door she heard the clicking of computer keys and a slight sigh from the younger hellsing. He was still awake it seemed even though it was well past Midnight.

She found herself wanting to knock on the door but hesitated not wanting to bother Derek if he was working on something, but her want soon over came her hesitation as she knocked on the door three times. There was a creak from the chair inside as well as a "Who could be..." from the other side of the door though muffled.

The door creaked open slightly a emerald green eye peeping out of the crack half open then fully opened when he saw who it was, "Oh... Seras what are you doing here?" he asked in a curious tone.

Seras paused for a moment before answering him slightly nervous, "I..." she said pausing then continuing. "I thought I heard you still awake and wondered why you were... .I am sorry if I disturbed you." she said half afraid he was mad at her like some others would be around here or at least annoyed.

Derek, however, just chuckled and said in a soft tone, "You don't have to be sorry with me Seras. I am not my sister nor your master." he said obviously not knowing about Integra's orders to Seras. "Do you want to come in? I wouldn't mind a little company. It has been lonely tonight. No guards or anything." he said having noticed the lack of boot steps outside his room.

Seras thought about it nervously for a moment before nodding and coming into the room. The room wasn't too big it was one of the guest rooms that consisted of a Dresser, Table-Desk, single twin bed, night stand and the lamp on the night stand. After Seras was in the room Derek closed the door behind her and sat down at the Desk again typing on the computer again, "Why don't you sit down on the bed? I am just doing some research." he said.

Seras nodded and then blinked, "Still?" she asked looking over his shoulder and seeing what he was working on seeing several pages on wolfbane and several other vampiric weakness's. Derek didn't say much but only nodded and chuckled. "But..." she continued, "Shouldn't you get some rest? You have all day tomorrow to do this... " she said before looking over at him.

Derek only shook his head not looking at the Fledging vampire, "No..." he stated quietly, "I need to get this research done... I can't rest until I can prove I am worth something to Integra." he said with a determination in his voice and the same determination in those bright green eyes of his.

Seras could see it a bit now, the Hellsing blood, if anything that stubborn attitude reminded her of her Master's Master, how she stuck with what she said dispite the consequences. She just looked at him for a moment, him and those light emerald green eyes of his shining with the computer screen light. Her heart would have pounded if it still had a beat that was able to pound as a blush appeared over her face again. With out thinking one of her pale cool hands turned Derek's head towards her and gave him a soft yet deep kiss making the young Hellsing's eyes go wide for a moment then slowly his eyes softened and he gave in to the kiss soon kissing the fledgling back.

After a bit more of that sinfully sweet moment they both drew back and looked at each others his light green eyes looking deep into her baby blue ones. With out a word Derek stood up and backed her up to the bed and sat her down as he sat down beside her drawing her into another kiss her letting out a soft moan from the sensation on her lips. Soon the young womans hands moved to the bottom of Derek's black long sleeve shirt and pulled it off revealing a normal physice underneath, but it was to her liking at the moment. Derek then started on Seras uniform unbuttoning each button as his lips kissed and teased the vampire's pale skin making those blue's flash red for a moment as she let out a sensual moan those fangs of hers growing a bit.

Seras looked down at Derek's neck and suddenly got an urge, that terrible urge. Derek's jugular was exposed to her it was so tempting just to bite. Slowly she licked her lips thinking of how wonderful that could taste she could almost smell it running though his veins. She had never been so tempted. Not since Integra had cut her finger and presented that virgin blood to her, her own blood no less.

Then a sickening sound came from inside of her mind, a dark chuckle then a voice, "Its right there Police girl... So close. Just one little nick of his neck and your servitude to me would be over..." said her master inside of her head. Had he known the entire time? Had he been watching her? Prehaps he was watching Derek when she came in. So many thoughts raced through her head, what if Integra found out? Those thoughts over whelmed the young womand as she pushed Derek off who was confused about the entire thing.

"Seras.. Whats wrong?" he asked in an almost concerned tone just sitting on the bed those green eyes peering at her.

Seras just pulled her uniform closed and started for the door and looked back with a sad experession, "I... I just can't..." she said before storming out of the room, leaving Derek wondering what had happened, and going back into her room and locking her self in while her Master just sat amused in his chair as usual.

"An interesting turn of events... Very very interesting..." he said as he stared off into the darkness.

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