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Disclaimer: I do not own Kaikan Phrase or anything related to it and I in no way profit from the writing of this story

A/N: Hey there! I just watched this anime and thought it
was amazing, well until Aine showed up and Sakuya
turned weird, but found there was hardly any yaoi
fanfiction based off of it – I mean come on – have you seen the guys in this
anime? So I decided to write my own.

This is a Sakuya/Atsuro
pairing, and will eventually have male/male smex, so
if you don’t like, don’t read.

Warnings: blood; maybe gore; yaoi;

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything relating to Kaikan Phrase, I just wanted to play about with Sakuya. :3




He watched her reach out,
blood dribbling down her chin as he wrenched the blade free, wiping it clean
with a cloth before replacing it in a sheath hidden inside his boot. The cloth
was folded and tucked inside his leather jacket.

She coughed, choking on the
blood filling her lungs, and dropping to her knees. Tilting his head slightly,
he ripped the necklace from her throat, the force sending her crashing into the

Gloved hands picked up a
sparkly clutch bag, removed all the cash and placed it gently on the ground
next to her, spreading some of the contents out around it; as if the woman had
scrabbled through it. He flipped open her cell phone and manipulating her hand,
dialled 119 before dropping both and standing to his full height.

Walking towards the end of
the alley, he pulled out his own phone, pressing a number on speed dial. A
click sounded as he lifted the device to his ear.

“It’s done.” He stated, not
waiting for a greeting.

“Good. How?”
A gravelly, computer-generated voice replied.

A smirk appeared on the young man’s face as
he entered a hotel lobby, nodding to some of the staff as he headed to the

“Payment has been
completed.” There was a pause before the voice continued. “Another has been scheduled;
details of the exchange will be mailed to you.” The young man leaned on the
back wall of the elevator as he rose to the top floor.

“Understood.” The phone was
clicked closed and hidden away as the doors opened. He moved through the bar
and lounge to the locker room in the back, getting changed from his usual tight
leather street-wear into a smart jacket and trousers.

He went to return to the
main room, but paused as he saw the owner waiting for him, with a wad of paper.

“What do you think,
Sakuya-kun?” The older man asked as the younger flicked through the music

“It’s good; it should draw
some more people, owner.” The man sighed in relief as he took the music sheets

“Well, get to work then,
most of these customers have been waiting to hear you.” The owner jokingly

Sakuya smirked as he made
his way to the piano and began to play.  


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