Half Sick Of Shadows

BY : GreatBishopHazel
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::Author’s note: This is an alternate universe fic involving Hazel and Gat being childhood friends. It’s alternate universe to the extreme, so basically it just has the characters and the setting but a different situation…This is my first non-crack Saiyuki fic in a long time and I’ve never really written a proper one, so it might not be all that good. Also, the smut is terrible, I know, but that’s pretty much because this is a first sexual experience scene, it’s not going to be epic and hot, it’s basically just two friends trying to experiment for the first time, For the fact that he’s seventeen, almost an adult, I’m going to insinuate that Gat has done this before, while Hazel, being only twelve, has not. I’m aware not all seventeen year olds have had sex, but I’m saying Gat has. I’ve babbled and bugged you enough, you’ll judge it how you’ll judge it, hope you enjoy it.::
“Are you sure about this, Hazel?” Gat said softly to his young friend, dark black eyes looking into pale blue ones as he knelt on the younger boy’s bed across from him, one rough hand rested on Hazel’s pale face, his thumb rubbing his blushing cheek gently. Gat was seventeen years old, Hazel was only twelve, so Gat wanted to make very sure the kid was ready and wanted this.
“’Course I’m sure, Gat, I wouldn’ta asked ya if I wasn’t…We just gotta be quiet or Ukoku will hear an’ get mad.” Hazel replied confidently, nodding his head with certainty. Gat looked like he was going to ask again just to be absolutely sure when Hazel frowned and kissed him hard on the mouth to show he meant his offer. It was Gat’s turn to blush; surprised his young friend was this eager.
“Alright, but it’ll hurt for a while the first time…”Gat warned him.
“I can take it.” Hazel winked. “Let’s get to it!”
Gat nodded and gently placed a hand on either side of Hazel’s face, pulling him close and pressing his dark lips to Hazel’s pale ones. He gently pushed Hazel down onto the bed and continued kissing him, his tongue sliding into the younger boy’s mouth. As he kissed Hazel, he rubbed his leg gently, sliding his hand up Hazel’s thigh and over to the front of his pants to unbutton them and then unzip them.
Impatient with how slowly Gat was moving, Hazel shoved the bigger boy off of him and with all the strength in his little body, tackled Gat so now he was beneath Hazel. “Y’all gotta work for what ya want, buddy.” Hazel giggled coyly, kissing Gat playfully on the lips, then kissing down his chin, his neck, unbuttoning his shirt as he kissed down his chest and stomach, then undoing his pants and taking them down. “Now it’s my turn ta impress y’all.” He purred, reaching into his friend’s underwear and slowly beginning to jerk his cock to wake it up a bit. When it began to strain against the fabric, Hazel pulled it down removing Gat’s pants and underwear entirely and then returning to crotch level to slowly run his soft pink tongue over Gat’s long, hard cock as he gripped the shaft and began to jerk it as he licked the tip.
Gat let out a sharp gasp, pressing his large hand to the back of Hazel’s head, stroking his silky silver hair. He gently coaxed the younger male to take his cock into his mouth and suck gently on it, Hazel took it slowly and carefully as he’d never done this before. Always ambitious and eager to prove himself, Hazel took Gat too far into his mouth, gagging slightly. Gat gently pushed Hazel back. “It’s okay if you can’t take it all; you don’t have to prove anything to me.” The young gunslinger smiled reassuringly. “It doesn’t mean you’re weak if you can’t fit it all in, it’s your first time.”
“But I want ya ta feel good.” Hazel frowned, looking ashamed. Then he smiled a bit. “Well, alright, but I’ll fit it all eventually, I’ll practice an’ practice till I’m th’ best there is.”
Gat laughed softly. “Just promise not to practice with anyone else, I might get jealous.”
“I promise.” Hazel nodded, smiling lovingly at Gat.
Gat returned the loving look and sat up pulling Hazel into his arms and kissing him passionately, sliding his tongue into his mouth and holding him up. “Hazel…This is the last chance to back out…Are you sure you want this?” Gat looked seriously into Hazel’s pretty blue eyes.
“I ain’t backin’ out! If I’m gonna lose my virginity, it’s gonna be ta you, Gat, an’ I’m runnin’ outta time, people’re lookin’ at me different now I’m almost a teenager an’…an’…well…it ain’t important, jus’ take me.” Hazel frowned.
Gat nodded and lowered Hazel down onto his cock, gently and slowly pushing into him. Tears welled in Hazel’s eyes and he bit his lip till it bled. Gat stopped and began to pull out, concerned, but Hazel shook his head. “Keep goin’, I wanna be with ya, Gat.”
Gat nodded, appreciating Hazel’s bravery and persistence. He began slowly lifting Hazel up and pushing him down, going slowly and softly, letting him get used it, then when Hazel seemed prepared, Gat began bouncing him up and down harder and faster, then he stopped, pulled Hazel off of him and laid him down on the bed, lifting his legs over his hips and thrusting into him, leaning over him to kiss him, trying to keep him quiet so Hazel’s guardian, Ukoku, wouldn’t hear them. Ukoku already disliked Gat, it was common knowledge, except, apparently, to Hazel, that Ukoku wanted the boy for himself.
Gat’s stamina was pretty good, he lasted a fairly long time and finally he released inside his young love, feeling in his heart that they were one now. “I’ll never let anyone hurt you. No matter what, I’ll always protect you, even if I die, I’ll come back just to keep you safe.”
“Much obliged, Gat…An’ I’ll never let ya die…Not as long as I got this.” Hazel grinned, taking a pendant out from under his shirt.
“What’s that, Hazel?” Gat asked.
“It’s th’ last thing my master left me ‘fore he died an’ left me with Ukoku.” Hazel smiled sadly. “It’s a revival pendant an’ it can revive anyone ‘s long as it’s got souls ta power it.”
“Anyway, let’s try something different now…” Gat said, running his hand down Hazel’s slender form and taking his pants off. He gently gripped Hazel’s cock and began to jerk it slowly and gently, then he jerked it harder and faster, squeezing and rubbing as he did. Hazel tossed back his head, panting, eyes closed and mouth open slightly in pleasure. Finally, inexperienced as he was, he came quite quickly, covering Gat’s hand in warm, sticky seed. Hazel smiled brightly and leaned down, licking it off like a kitten, smiling coyly up at Gat.
“Y’all’re amazin’, Gat. I don’t think I could ever settle fer someone else.” Hazel purred, snuggling close to Gat and closing his eyes, falling asleep.

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