Catching a Lover

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Title: Catching a Lover
Contest/Club: Drawn From a Hat
Fandom: Weiss Kruez
Pairing Number: 8
Pairing: Nagi/Aya
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He supposed he shouldn’t have been really surprised. He knew that Kritiker wouldn’t have lasted with Eszett falling so easily. But then again, he had been surprised at how intertwined the two had been. Even Oracle, or as he was called often by them now, Crawford, hadn’t seen it happening.

As soon as the two fractions had fallen, their main teams had called off their feud. Though they really hadn’t expected that when Weiss had moved and opened a new shop, along with four small apartments that Schwarz would be the ones to answer the ad.

After everything had been worked out, including the fact that Farfarellos insanity had been an act for the most part, which was to help to keep his true abilities hidden, an ace in the hole if you would. Schuldig was still annoying but had agreed to keep his mind tricks to when they had a mission. Nagi and Omi had finished high school and were going to college while Crawford managed the business side of things.

Yohji and Ken did what they usually did but with a bit of a twist to their lives.

But it was Aya, otherwise known as Ran, that had surprised them the most.

Originally, they had thought that he had been near 20 years of age when he had joined but he had been in fact barely 17 and had just turned 18 after the fall of Eszett and Kritiker. It had come out when Omi had to fix Ayas computer and found his various documentations on it. He had quickly found the other males ID and confirmed that Aya was indeed 18 years old and going to an online college.

Aya had been rather embarrassed about the whole deal. He had told them why he and Kritiker had lied about his age, mostly because he had not been able to care for his sister if they hadn’t.

At the moment, he had the second floor, the only communal floor out of the 6, to himself. He was curled up on the couch, looking out the window as he contemplated his life so far. Before he had joined Weiss, before he had lost his family, he had dated a guy. It had only lasted until they had slept together though, about 6 months total.

Aya hadn’t missed the getting together, much less the dating and sex. At least until Ken and Yohji had gotten together.

Sighing, the red head put his book aside finally and rested his head onto his hand, tapping long fingers against his lips. He wondered why he was alone now that he could actually date. Granted, he hadn’t wasn’t very interested in the whole dating thing, but was more interested in the companionship.

Running a hand through his hair, he stretched out on the couch, letting his head rest on the arm, ignoring the sound of the door opening. It was more then likely Nagi coming home from his half day. Aya knew that the others would either be out or working in the shop for the rest of the day.

Looking over after hearing a soft thump, he snickered at seeing Nagis school bag on the arm chair nearby. Twisting his head, he saw the smaller male pour something into a cup, more than likely soda or juice.

“Hello, Nagi-san,” Aya greeted, smiling with the other flashed him a smile. Watching Nagi put the bottle away, Aya flipped back onto his stomach and rested his head on his arms. He had always liked how Nagi had moved, sleek and graceful, much like the cats that Weiss were still named after.

Nagi flopped down onto the chair with a huff, causing the red head to snicker lightly into his arms, eyes bright with mirth.

“Long day with the idiotic wind bag?” Aya asked quietly. He knew that Nagis classes for the day were both with a guy who talked about certain aspects of history as never happening in his book. Not to mention that he seemed to have a thing against Aya and Nagi, both due to something that neither cared about.

Schuldig told them it was because Aya was pretty in an exotic way, Nagi was pretty in a more traditional way and the ass wanted them both. The two had shuddered and tried to say away from him for the most part.

“Ugh. He wanted you and me to work together on a project with him. Said it would take months of long hours,” Nagi snorted, his dark eyes glittering in disdain.

“What did you tell him?” Aya asked, his legs swinging upwards, crossing at the ankles and swaying back and forth.

“I told him that it would probably not happen for various reasons,” Nagi replied, sipping his drink. Rolling his eyes, the small man curled his legs up onto the chair.

“He asked for the reasons, didn’t he?” Aya asked, smirking at the groan he got in return.

“Oh yeah, did he. I told him that we have a flower shop to run and different shifts, nothing solid,” Nagi told him, taking another sip of the liquid before reaching over and playing with one of Ayas ear tails. Just running his fingers through the soft hair, Nagi watched the violet eyes slide shut as he hummed quietly in pleasure.

The red head, now that he let it, enjoyed being touched and the others took great pleasure in playing with the soft, blood colored hair. Nagi, Schuldig and Crawford the most.

Nagi figured that he would have to talk to his lover and Schuldig about the loneliness in Ayas eyes.

Aya on the other hand was letting himself enjoy the touches and forgetting about said loneliness for a short time.

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