Monkey and Kappa

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Monkey and Kappa

Gojyo lit another cigarette, cursing when he saw it was his last. He crumbled up the empty pack, then tossed it in the small waste basket across the room. It was still raining even now, and he didn't feel like trudging out again to get more. He looked to Goku who was gazing out the window with a gloomy expression. Hell, it was enough to even make him feel depressed.

"You're too quiet, monkey. What's the problem?"

"Will Hakkai be okay? He seemed upset when we left him."

"Sure, he'll be alright. Sanzo will work out any doubts he's having." He shifted on the bed to flick ashes in the tray. His knees twinged to remind him of his recent injuries. It wasn't enough to bother him much. Hakkai's chi had helped, and he said in a few days any soreness should disappear. He didn't make a sound of complaint, but Goku was watching him more closely. "What?"

"How are your knees?"

"No problems, I've had plenty worse. All of us have."

"Yeah." He looked back outside, going silent again.

Gojyo relaxed back on the bed, blowing smoke rings. As far as entertainment went, that's all he had. No women, no booze, no mahjong to pass the time. Total and complete boredom at it's highest. It made him wonder how Sanzo could stand life in the temple. He looked at Goku and grunted soft. Even his silence was boring the hell out of him. Absently he leaned and felt along the floor until he found one of his boots and threw it at the unsuspecting monkey's back. The projectile bounced off of him comically. Goku's body swayed slightly with the force of the unexpected attack, and he was already turning with a pissed off look on his face by the time the boot thudded to the floor.

"What the hell was that for, dumb ass?!"

"I'm bored." Gojyo couldn't stop the surge of gusting laughter that shook his body.

"Idiot, kappa!" He grabbed up the boot and threw it, the direction too well aimed to avoid. If his eyes hadn't been watering, he may have been able to knock the hard leather aside, but unfortunately it landed square on his nose. Laughter turned to a sharp curse and a hiss of surprised pain.

"Fuck, that hurt!" He cupped his nose and glared at Goku, who's mood had turned from pissed to smug in an instant.

"That's what you deserve."

"You little.." He stopped when he realized his cigarette had dropped from his hand to the mattress. The blanket was already starting to smoke with the heat of the ash and he batted at it frantically. "Fuck!"

"Just pick it up, stupid!"

"You made me drop it!" He snatched it up between his fingers then patted the bed to stop the coiling smoke. The smell of burnt cotton filled his nose, and it made his eyes water more.

"It's your fault. You started it, like always." Goku crossed his arms and glared at him with agitation.

"Aw, dammit." Gojyo was too focused on the ruined remains of his cigarette to notice. "It was my last one too." He tossed it in the ashtray, then looked at the small burn hole. "Great, something for Sanzo to get pissed about."

"Why did you start it?" Goku insisted.

"Told ya, I was bored."

"Not a very good reason."

"Yeah, well, that's all I got." He gingerly touched the bridge of his nose again. The pain was already fading and it didn't feel like there was any major damage. "You could have broken my nose, monkey."

"Asked for it," Goku muttered and sat on the bed.

Gojyo continued to rub his nose until the throbbing became bearable. Now he was bored, sore, and denied his last smoke. He was worried about Hakkai too, but there was no use in talking about it. He knew that things would clear up, just like the rain. Goku still had that sad and thoughtful expression on his face. Gojyo watched him until the monkey acknowledged he was being stared at.


"Stop being so down. You know it's more annoying than when you're stuffing your face or talking too much."

"Shut up," he said softly, then sighed. "Sorry, guess I'm thinking about the future too much. I wonder if we'll ever make it all the way to the west."

"We'll make it. No sense in worrying about things that haven't happened yet."

"Yeah, guess you're right." Goku picked at his shirt sleeve. "I'm bored too."

"Thought so," Gojyo chuckled.



"I just figured I'd ask you, since you're a pervert.."

"Hey, what the hell..?!"

"Well, you are." Goku looked at him innocently with no malicious intent.

The usual anger he got from the monkey's smart mouth evaporated when he saw how serious he was. With everything going on, the kid must be confused. His master and a close friend were in a relationship now that was fast and unexpected. He shifted on the bed more to face him and relaxed. Couldn't hurt to talk about it, if that was in fact the case.

"Okay, shoot. What did you want to talk about?"

"Well, this morning when I went to get them up for breakfast, Hakkai got all flustered."

"What? Was he upset you woke them? I would figure Sanzo for that."

"No, not that. I saw a pair of handcuffs on the bed and Hakkai looked embarrassed and kinda just hid them away."

Gojyo blinked, took in what Goku was saying, then burst out laughing. That wasn't what he was expecting to hear at all. Goku frowned a bit and watched him laughing at something he didn't find remotely funny. Gojyo only laughed harder at his confusion and held his stomach when it started to ache.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Oh...shit...that's too rich.." he gasped, taking in a breath to laugh more, falling sideways on the bed. He couldn't have laughed any harder unless he was having his ribs tickled.

"What were the handcuffs for?"

"Holy shit, it hurts.." His body trembled and shook with laughter. Goku yanked his hair hard in frustration. "Fucking ouch! Don't do that!"

"Then answer me. And why is it so funny?"

"Well, sounds to me like your master is a pervert too." Gojyo sat back up, still chuckling, but the fit was passing.

"What do you mean?"

"Bondage, monkey."


Gojyo took his time to explain the term with as much detail as possible. Goku's expression changed so many times that Gojyo lost count. He listened intently without interruption, nodding here and there. Gojyo was so engrossed with the conversation that the talk changed to the whole physical joining that two people could have together. He knew Goku wasn't oblivious about sex, but he had doubts as to how far his knowledge went. He had grown up in a temple full of celibate monks, except Sanzo apparently. He was so enthused with the talk that he forgot he was bored.

"So, how does it work with two men then?" Goku asked when Gojyo stopped talking.

"Different sleeping bag, same cozy feeling," he said with a smirk.


"Ass. Dick. Insert. Want me to draw a picture, monkey?"



Goku sighed and shook his head. "Sounds uncomfortable to me."

"I wouldn't know, never fucked a guy." He went to grab for his cigarettes before he remembered he didn't have anymore. "Dammit."

"You wanted to with Hakkai, didn't you?"

"That's...none of your business."

"Well, it was pretty obvious the way you were acting."

"Look, that's a private thing between us grown men, so shut up about it."

Goku folded his arms and frowned. "Fine, treat me like a kid. I was just going to say I was sorry about it."

Gojyo looked closer at him. "Sorry for what?"

"That you didn't get Hakkai. I know how close you two are, is all."

Gojyo wanted to yell and be mad at him for even speaking about his private life, but he just didn't have the heart to. He went for the phantom pack of smokes again, sighed, then scratched his head. Goku fell silent and was picking at his shirt sleeve again. Maybe he could head out for some smokes after all. The air in the room felt too thick now for his taste. He went to get up, but stopped when Goku looked at him with big eyes.

"You all are lucky really. I mean, Sanzo and Hakkai have each other now, and you, well, you get your pick of pretty women every time we stop somewhere."

"I'm good, but not all that lucky. We travel so hard and fast most times I barely have time to make a pass at the pretty women you're talking about."

"Yeah, I guess." Goku shifted on the bed and kicked his legs softly. "It's just, I think it must be nice to have that kind of comfort after a day like today."

Gojyo nodded, getting his meaning fully. He had to admit to himself that he was still feeling a bit of jealousy. Not that the two were together now, but because they had that opportunity to be together whenever they wanted the pleasure of human contact. The women he took to his bed always left him physically satisfied, but that emotional connection was never there. He never really cared for that anyway, until Hakkai, but look what happened with that.

"If you're feeling stressed, you can always jerk off, monkey. I do when I have to."

"Pervert!" His cheeks flushed, and he looked away.

"What, don't tell me you've never gotten yourself off?"

"I have, but you don't just go talking about it like that."

"Why not? We're big boys....well, I am anyway."

"Shut up!" Goku yelled. Gojyo got a pillow in the face, and he growled, tossing it aside as he leaped at him. Goku was ready for it and rolled once he was over him and the two tumbled hard on the floor. Gojyo got the worst of it as he landed on his back and the air was pushed from his lungs. He hissed, grabbing at Goku's hands that were tight in his hair. They were both able and strong fighters, but for some reason that Gojyo could not comprehend, they always wrestled like children when they got into one of their brawls.

"You started it, I was just trying to be helpful, monkey!" He pushed against the floor with his foot to try getting an advantage and tried to roll Goku's smaller form over while trying to get his hair loose from fisted hands. The kid was quick, and just used the momentum to land Gojyo right onto his back again. "Let go of my hair, and stop fighting like a bitch!"

"Stop being such a cocky asshole!"

"You little snot nosed brat! I can back up my cockiness," he panted hard, arching his body to knock Goku off. Goku pressed hard and tightened his hold when he was nearly disengaged. Gojyo grabbed at his wrists instead, thinking he'd be willing to lose a few strands of hair if it would get the monkey to let go. Goku hissed when he squeezed, and shifted harder atop him in a struggle.

"That hurts!"

"Then let go of my hair, dammit!" Gojyo arched again and became aware that his loins were throbbing, and not in the bad way. He stilled, loosened his grip and swallowed heavy. "Goku, get off me, okay?" His voice was soft enough that it got Goku's attention fast and he released his hold quickly.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt your knees?" He actually lost his fight and looked concerned.

Gods, how can he not feel it? He had a massive erection, and the flesh was pushing so hard to the inside of his pants that it felt constricting. Maybe it was all the sex talk that caused it. That had to be it, and it had been a long time since he'd been laid. He lay there trying to rationalize his arousal as Goku stayed where he was, looking at him with those big golden brown eyes.

"No, I'm fine. Just get up, okay?" Goku shifted and unintentionally rubbed against the throbbing appendage. Gojyo groaned before he could stop the needy sound. Goku stilled again and looked back to him, then his eyes became more clear and round with awareness. Gojyo waited, hoping he would just move and act like nothing had happened so he could get in the shower and take care of the problem on his own.

Goku blushed. "Does it feel good?" He made a slight rocking motion, and Gojyo bit his lip to stop the approving sound. "It's okay." He took one of Gojyo's hands and shamelessly put it to his groin. Gojyo licked his lips and rubbed over Goku's hard length through rough cloth, in awe that he was just as aroused.

"You're bold for a virgin."

"Yeah, I'm a virgin, but I'm not an innocent flower either." His cheeks were still flushed, but he didn't look embarrassed in the least.

"Yeah." Gojyo absently kept rubbing Goku's erection, feeling dazed. What the hell am I doing?! He jerked his hand back like he'd touched fire and sat up more. "Joke's over, get up."


"Get up...., and stop rubbing my dick!" Goku's hand froze, but didn't move.

"Oh, I get it, you can't handle me," Goku said, staying straddled over the shocked redhead. "You can only get women that don't really know what you're all about, huh?"

"What's this bullshit, monkey?!" Goku smiled, sitting comfortably above him with a challenging look. "Oh, you little shit. Don't you dare try to get smug with me. I could eat you for breakfast and leave you a quivering mess."

"Prove it then, or are you just all talk?"


"Scared of Sanzo?"

"That's it!" He yanked Goku forward and cut off his snide remarks with a kiss, pushing his tongue forcefully between his lips. He expected Goku to lose his cool, but he rolled his tongue around his, a bit sloppy, but he got the idea enough to make Gojyo groan. What am I getting myself into? They had fought for their lives, were holed up in this inn, he was out of smokes, he was bored to shit, and dammit, he was horny. Fuck it, time to leave worry and doubt behind.

Goku's hips shifted again and their groins brushed snug together with the motion. Gojyo delved his tongue deeper, tasting and exploring his mouth until Goku made a soft needy sound. He pulled back, panted soft and looked into Goku's eyes. He was searching for any regret or unease, but he saw none of that. The young man was breathing heavy, looking like a lusty virgin with a dirty curiosity. Fuck, he was hot.

Gojyo didn't speak as he leaned back in and kissed along his jaw to his neck, his lips savoring Goku's soft skin. He was satisfied with the shiver he induced, and it urged him to take more. He licked the curve of his earlobe, then nibbled the flesh soft. His hands went to Goku's back when his smaller body rocked, dry humping against him with the need of a wild hormone filled teen. Going slow would be a challenge with Goku's, I need it now, body language.

"Ease up or you're gonna end up creaming your pants."

"Shut up, kappa. I'm not that pathetic." Goku growled low, but his hips kept going on their own accord.

"Then," he started and grabbed his hips, rolling quick to put Goku beneath him, "stop trying to fuck the inside of your pants."

"But it feels good." He squirmed, but Gojyo held his hips still.

"Relax." Gojyo slid his hands back up, only when Goku stopped wiggling around. He pushed under his shirt, feeling over slim, tight muscle. His own cock throbbed to remind him of his own need, but he was experienced enough to ignore the insistent jerking. He grabbed the shirt and pulled up to slide it off Goku. The young man eased up enough to make the job easier, and he tossed the shirt aside. His nipples were taunt and pointed with arousal. His fingers brushed and tugged over the hard nubs, causing Goku to squirm again.

"What are you doing?"

"It's called foreplay. Lay back and enjoy it," he purred soft and leans over, licking around one, then sucking the tight flesh into him mouth. Goku moaned and whimpered beneath him, gripping his hair hard. Gojyo didn't mind the hold this time, because it was the grip of a pleased partner. He toyed the other nipple with deft fingers, rolling the other soft between his teeth. The monkey was so responsive to the toying it was enough to make him want to come in his own pants listening to his soft voice.

Goku arched, hips going again with renewed vigor. Gojyo pinned them again with a warning growl, licking down to his stomach, tongue dipping in his navel. His stomach muscle trembled against his mouth, and he heard his breath pick up in pitch. Gojyo couldn't deny Goku's his eagerness. It had been much the same way his first time with a woman, and he had been a few years younger at that. He'd have to relieve the pressure if he wanted Goku to relax more.

Gojyo worked open his pants and tugged them down over his slim hips to release his erection. The hard muscle bobbed free and was already leaking clear at the tip. Goku looked down to watch him, face slightly pink, but still lust filled and wanting. Nothing like jumping into the pool head first. Difference was, he hated water, but loved sex. He smirked slightly, then took Goku's cock into his mouth.

Goku moaned, hips arching up fast to get deeper. Gojyo's hands eased some of his thrusting, rubbing his hips soft as he took his organ in. He could taste the slight salty essence of his pre-cum, but it wasn't unpleasant. Goku's sounds were already increasing, and he was having a hard time keeping him still. Gojyo gave in, swallowing as much as he could and sucked while he waited for the eruption. Goku arched hard and moaned right before he felt a hot shot of seed hit the back of his throat. He coughed around him, not expecting so much. He swallowed, pulled off and wiped the rest from his mouth and chin, half glaring at Goku.

"Damn, monkey. I think you tried to drown me there." He swallowed, moving his tongue around in his mouth to catch any essence that lingered.

"Knew you couldn't handle me."


"You heard me." Goku sat up, resting his hands on the floor and stared back in challenge. His cock was still half hard after his climax, his hair messy, and a slight sweat coated his chest.

Gojyo's face burned. "Oh, you've had it now. I'm gonna fuck that smart mouth right off you." He stood and pulled Goku up by his arm to push him on the bed.

"You can try." Goku kicked his pants the rest of the way off and watched him, his expression not changing.

"Little bastard," He sneered, pulling his own clothes off and throwing them aside angrily. He'd never been so pissed off and turned on at the same time. It felt strange, but erotic and exhilarating as well.

"Stop talking and get to it, kappa." Goku slid back on the bed more, spreading out in a tempting display.

Gojyo said nothing, but growled soft, easing up over his body and glaring down at him. It seemed sex between them was going to be almost as volatile as everything else was with them. Goku brushed along his erection, down to his balls to caress with a warm hand. Gojyo couldn't suppress the pleasant shiver that went through his limbs, or the soft throb of his cock. He kissed Goku hard before he could make another snide remark. Their bodies pressed and Goku's legs entwined with his as if it were a familiar act.

Goku was now sated enough that he wasn't rocking his hips like before, but Gojyo could already feel him getting fully hard again. His own erection pulsed for attention the longer they kissed and explored each other with lurid touches. Gods, he wanted to fuck the hell out of him, but Gojyo knew he'd have to be a bit gentle since Goku was new to this. He spread Goku's legs more with his knees and smirked. When an important detail came to mind, his smirk faltered into a frown.

"Oh, this is fucked up," he hissed, hovered above Goku.

"What's wrong?"

"We don't have any lube, monkey."


"So? It'll hurt if we don't."

"Can't we just work around it?"

"It's your ass."

"Can't you just use saliva?"

"If you were experienced maybe, but you've never done this before."

Goku sighed and pushed Gojyo off, then slipped off the bed to go in the bathroom. Gojyo bit back a disappointed curse and groaned, looking down at his untouched cock. He could have at least jerked me off.

"Will this work?"

"Huh?" Gojyo looked over and saw the bottle of lotion in his hand.

"Or do you have another excuse to wuss out on me, kappa?"

"WHAT?!" Goku stood waiting, bottle clutched in his hand. "Get your ass back on the bed, monkey!" Goku smirked and tossed him the bottle and jumped back up, laying back in his previous spot. "Wuss? Hell no, you didn't just say that to me," he said, squirting lotion over his palm to spread over his cock.

"Just fuck me already."

"Damn, you're a mouthy shit." Gojyo grunted and spread Goku's legs more. He looked at his small puckered entrance and it made his cock throb again for a nice tight place. He pressed lotion covered fingers to his anus and rolled them around softly before he pushed. There was a bit of resistance at first, but the tip of his finger slid in with enough pressure. He went further until his forefinger was fully in. He felt so hot, and tighter than any woman he had ever had. "Holy fuck," he muttered when Goku raised his hip with impatience and rocked against his hand.


Gojyo could have said something smart, but he was too enthralled with the feel of him, and the way his body moved. He added a finger with little difficulty and thrust them deep. He rolled them and experimented, pressing and rubbing inside him to watch his reactions. Goku's eyes were closed, his lips parted with a low steady moan while Gojyo's fingers played and stretched. He never would have even imagined he'd want to fuck Goku. Right now he wanted to pound him into the bed until he couldn't anymore.

"Fuck me," Goku groaned in frustration. "Show me if you're as good as you claim to be."

"You're gonna eat those words." Gojyo pulled his fingers free and edged closer, grabbing the shaft of his slick cock to guide himself. Goku raised his knees and spread wider for him when the head pressed to his prepared opening. He slide in slow until his balls touched against Goku's ass. "Oh..fuck.." He groaned, unable to speak another word when Goku urged him to move with nails dug in his back.

"Fuck me!" Goku's voice cracked and he moaned deep, rocking his hips when Gojyo was able to start thrusting. He moved in a steady rhythm, holding his upper body over Goku's. His cock was hugged and squeezed tight with each stroke, the heat of his body testing his endurance. Damn if he was going to come first and give the monkey something to gloat about. Gojyo shifted, grabbing Goku's bobbing cock to stroke in time with his rough thrusts. Goku's head when back, his face a soft picture of lust. He nearly looked undone with the pleasure.

"Come on, monkey. Let go for me," Gojyo panted the words, groaning each time he hit bottom against his prostate.

"Harder, kappa!" Goku's back arched and his ass raised higher off the bed to grind against his groin in earnest.

"Bossy..little..ahhh!" Gojyo wasted no more words and slammed harder, shaking the bed hard enough to bump rhythmic against the wall. His hand tightened around the hard flesh of Goku's cock and he felt the wet drip of his pre-cum against his palm. He had him at the brink, in total control. Goku wasn't even making demands now, just groaning each time he slammed against him. Gojyo smirked, blinking a bead of sweat that rolled in his eyes and growling. "Come, damn you!"

Goku cried out, spending hot over his hand and against his stomach. His body shook and his tunnel gripped hard around Gojyo's cock. Gojyo yelled when he was clutched like a vise, climaxing in a few more strokes. His hips kept working until he was drained. He panted for breath, covered in sweat, lotion and seed. His hair stuck to his skin and his body ached from the workout. All in all it felt fucking amazing.

"Good job, kappa," Goku panted and smiled, face flushed and covered with a light sweat.

"Damn right, monkey." He was softening in him, but he didn't want to move quite yet so he lay lightly against his body. What the hell? Might as well enjoy every part of it. Goku seemed to agree when his arms went around to hold against him.

"That was cool."

Gojyo chuckled. "Yeah, that was pretty sweet." They lay there, used bodies resting as one. Goku's hands moved to his hair to gently comb his fingers through it. Gojyo closed his eyes to enjoy the relaxing sensation, and contemplate what was going to happen after this.

"Can we keep doing this, Gojyo? I like it a lot."

"Hell yes, we can, Goku." He smiled against his neck. Leave it to the monkey to have such a simple and logic take on it. "I have one condition though."


"Let's keep this between us, okay?"


"You have to ask? I don't want Sanzo spending lead in me."

"Yeah, maybe that would be a good idea for a while anyway."

"Forever would be preferable, monkey." They both laughed soft in the dim light of the room, the odd pair clinging to each other in the afterglow, neither knowing just how soon their secret would be out.

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