Darling Koyomi

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Here’s a little one-shot I thought up a while back. I thought that Lisa and Koyomi would look cute as a couple and this is the result of that. Takes place in an alternate universe where Koyomi ended up with Miharu when they got transported to Yukinari’s house.

Darling Koyomi

The alarm clock went off in Lisa Fukuyama’s room. Reaching out from underneath her blankets, the young blonde shut the annoying device off. Letting out a yawn she got up and stretched. She went to her private bathroom and turned on the shower as well as her radio. Her usual station began to read off the horoscopes as she undressed and got under the hot water.

‘Now for today’s horoscope. First is Aries: IF you go out, trouble will appear. Why not just stay home and relax? All the Taureses out there tomorrow will be terrible. Just give up and take it easy. You Gemini will have it easy at work thanks to someone else’s mistake. Next, Cancer: If you put a yellow vase in a west-facing window, your luck with money will surge! NOT! As if. Next up, you lucky Leo girls. Your keywords are purple hair, bandaged hand and scared. Go out there and find your soul mate!’

In the shower, Lisa paused halfway through washing her hair. The horoscope the radio had just given her making her think.

“Soul mate?”

Continuing to ponder her horoscope, Lisa finished washing up and got out of the shower. After dressing in her school uniform and eating a quick breakfast she left, wanting to take her time walking rather than riding in the limo. As she walked, she went over what she heard on the radio again.

“Purple hair, a bandaged hand and scared? My soul mate is going to be scared of me? That doesn’t make any sense. Why would my soul mate be afraid of me? No, maybe they’ll be afraid of something else. But what?”

Arriving at the school she was pulled from her train of thoughts but an all too familiar sight. Her brother, Kazuharu Fukuyama, was hitting on some random girl…again. Lisa was disgusted by her sibling’s actions but looked to see what sort of brainless bimbo was falling for his egocentric attempt at charm this time.

Lisa’s eyes widened at the sight of the girl in her brother’s grasp. She was about her age, had purple hair and similar colored eyes. Her left hand was slightly bandaged, and most of all, she looked scared of Kazuharu. Downright terrified to be more precise. Time seemed to slow to a stop as Lisa absorbed what was happening.

“My soul mate. That’s my soul mate and…” The blonde clenched her fist and glared in the direction of the two. “My big brother is harassing my soul mate! Hayate…Kosame!”

Her two bodyguards appeared out of nowhere. Lisa pointed at her brother and uttered a simple order to them. Get him out of her sight. They happily obeyed, going over and prying him off of the poor, petrified girl who was on the verge of crying. The girl seemed relieved to have the blonde boy being taken away, although she did seem just as afraid of Hayate as she was Kazuharu. Once they were gone, Lisa approached the girl.

“Are you alright? He didn’t hurt you did he?”

Koyomi shook her head, her eyes still wide and full of fear. For a second, Lisa thought that maybe she was afraid of her as well, but then she noticed where the other girl was looking. Koyomi was warily eying each and every boy that was walking past.

‘Boys, she’s afraid of boys. And my brother was practically all over her. Poor little thing.’

Lisa couldn’t help but feel guilty for what had happened and gave the girl a formal bow. “I’m so sorry. That boy was my brother and he’s a shameless womanizer. I hope he didn’t do anything to you.”

“T-that was your brother?”

“Not by choice. I’m Lisa. Lisa Fukuyama. And you are?”

“K-Koyomi. Koyomi Hare Nanaka.”

Lisa smiled, “Nice to meet you Koyomi-chan. Um, I can’t help but notice you aren’t in a school uniform. You don’t go to school here?”

Koyomi shook her head, “No. I was just bringing my friend her lunch. She left it at home this morning so I came here to give it to her. But when I turned to leave…I…he…”

The girl started to look upset, resulting in Lisa feeling a pang in her heart. As well as a surge of hatred to her brother who was the cause of Koyomi’s current suffering. She had finally found her soul mate and it was painfully obvious that her older sibling was going to be an obstacle between them. Something that she’d figure out later, right now she had other matters to attend to.

“I understand. Please don’t worry. He won’t be bugging you again anytime soon and if you like I can see to it he leaves you alone.”

“You’d do that for me?”

Lisa blushed and smiled, “Of course, I feel bad that he was upsetting you so much. In fact, would you like to spend the day with me at the mansion? Kazuharu will be stuck in school all day so he can’t bother you for a while at least.”

“Thank you, but…don’t you need to go to school as well?”

“I can afford to skip one day, besides I need to make sure that when Kazuharu does come home that he doesn’t bother you. So what do you say? I promise you won’t regret it.”

Koyomi hesitated a moment but then agreed. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt like she could trust Lisa, despite her being the little sister of the man that terrified her. Lisa called home on her cell phone and had a limo come to lick them up. Koyomi found the transportation quite enjoyable, passing time by talking with the blonde girl and learning more about her. When they arrived at the mansion, Lisa escorted Koyomi to her private quarters, which to the girl’s surprise consisted of an entire floor in the east wing.

Lisa showed her around, ending the tour in her bedroom. Koyomi was in awe of all the occult items in her room. The bookshelf was filled with ancient tomes and various supernatural texts. Lisa sat down on her bed, patting the spot beside her. Koyomi sat next to the girl, still looking about the room.

“I’ve never seen anything like this back on Serin.”

“What’s Serin?”

“Oh, it’s where I’m from. It’s a world that has hardly any men in it. The population is almost entirely female.” Lisa raised an eyebrow, Koyomi blushing and fiddling with her fingers “I know it must sound ridiculous, but it’s true.”

“I’m not saying it isn’t. With my hobby in black magic, I’ve seen whole other realms of existence so what you’re saying doesn’t sound all that strange to me. But how does the population procreate with so few men?”

“Since there aren’t many men, they usually marry several woman and impregnates them all. Otherwise, women settle down with each other and have to bear their own children together.”

“Wait, women where you’re from can make each other pregnant? How does that work?”

Koyomi blushed, “I don’t really know how it works exactly, but it requires them to use a form of magic that sort of, allows one woman to initiate pregnancy in the other. It’s almost the same as when a man and woman have a child.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.” In her mind, Lisa was already imagining what it would be like to have Koyomi’s child, or for Koyomi to have hers. Then again, why shouldn’t they both have each other’s children? A blush came to the blonde’s face as she thought of the two of them pregnant together. She snapped out of her own thoughts, recalling that she had the girl over as a guest.

“I’m sorry, how rude of me. Would you like anything? Tea perhaps?”

She snapped her fingers and Hayate entered the room, bowing in front of Lisa. “Yes Mistress Lisa?”

“Prepare some tea for my guest and myself.”

“Of course, I’ll have it for you momentarily.”

He left and Lisa turned to Koyomi, about to ask her more about where she was from when she saw how tense the girl was. Remembering the fear of men she had, Lisa felt a bit guilty for not thinking about that. She placed her hand on Koyomi’s reassuringly.

“You don’t need to be afraid of him Koyomi-chan. He wouldn’t do anything to you unless I ordered him to. And I wouldn’t do that. Please relax.”

Koyomi managed to do as Lisa asked, but that was only until Hayate returned with the tea. The girl tensed up again and took her cup from Hayate with shaky hands. Lisa had Hayate back off, the man unaware of the affect he was having on her guest. Koyomi managed to steady her hands and take a sip of her tea. The hot drink helped to soothe her nerves. Starting to grow calm again, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When her eyes were closed, it was easier for her to accept that there was a man in the same room. After all since she couldn’t see him, it was almost like he wasn’t there. Sadly her theory had a minor flaw, she could still hear him. Especially when his voice came from right in front of her.

“Is there something wrong?”

Koyomi opened her eyes to find he was standing right in front of her. The shock of seeing him so close to her made Koyomi squeak in surprise and spill her tea all over herself. Lisa glared at her male body guard, barely able to keep herself from striking him.

“Hayate, you idiot! Look what you did to my poor darling Koyomi!” She helped the shaken girl to her feet, escorting her to the bathroom. “Clean up the mess and have Kosame take your place. You can take a break until my brother gets home.”

“Yes Mistress Lisa.”

He set about the task given to him and Lisa shut the bathroom door behind her. Turning back to Koyomi she bowed formally to the girl.

“I’m so sorry Koyomi-chan. I shouldn’t have had Hayate around you with your fear of men. I hope he didn’t scare you too much.” She straightened back up and saw that the other girl was still edgy. Lisa felt a pang of guilt and pulled Koyomi into her arms, holding her lovingly. “You poor baby, you look so upset. Don’t worry; I know just the thing to make you feel better. But first we should get you out of these clothes.”

Lisa proceeded to remove the stained clothing off of Koyomi. Koyomi complied, not liking the feel of the still hot tea on her. Lisa set the girl’s clothes aside and had Kosame take them to have them washed. She then had Koyomi stand in the tub and got a bucket filled with different bottles and a washcloth. Taking the contents of the bucket out and setting them on the floor, she filled it with warm water from the tub and set it down. Lastly, she removed her school shirt, leaving her only in her bra from the waist up.

“Now just relax and let me wash you up.”

Koyomi blushed and covered her naked body with her hands, “W-what?”

“You’ll see. These are all herbal lotions and body washes that I make and use myself. They’ll cleanse you body and soul, I guarantee it.”

Lisa soaked the washcloth in the bucket and grabbed one of the bottles. Squirting a pink substance from it onto the cloth, she lathered it up and began washing Koyomi’s body. Starting with her arms and legs, she then moved onto the girl’s back side and shoulders, sensually massaging the girl as she washed her. Koyomi cooed at the feeling, finding it both soothing and enjoyable.

After finishing up Koyomi’s backside, Lisa had her turn around so she could wash her front. Lisa tenderly washed the girl’s face, gently caressing it with the washcloth. From there she moved down to her neck and then to her torso. Koyomi blushed fiercely as the blonde girl washed her breasts, managing to use it as an excuse to fondle them a little.

With each passing second, Lisa found herself growing more and more infatuated with the other girl. She committed each and every inch of Koyomi’s body to memory, noting every curve and what spots she was most sensitive in. Soon she finished washing the rest of Koyomi’s abdomen, leaving only one part of her body left to be washed: her privates.

Blushing, Lisa had Koyomi spread her legs a little and started to wash the girl’s quim. Koyomi closed her eyes and blushed under the attention. She let out soft mewls with each movement of Lisa’s hand. The cute noises encouraged Lisa to keep fondling the other girl’s groin and without thinking about it, she had dropped the washcloth and was teasing Koyomi’s flower with her fingers only.

Koyomi let out a small whimper. “L-Lisa, what are you doing?!”

Lisa stopped and pulled her hand away, looking ashamed for what she did. “I’m sorry! I…I just couldn’t help myself. You’re so attractive and I just…” She hesitated and looked down at her feet, unable to keep looking at the other girl. “I think that you’re my soul mate and even since I met you I’ve been falling for you. I’m so sorry for taking advantage of you just now. I was trying to do nasty, naughty things to you. I guess that makes me no better than my brother.”

Koyomi absorbed what the other girl had said and then placed her hand under Lisa’s chin and tilted it back so that she was looking at her again. She blushed and gave the blonde a small smile.

“That isn’t true. You’re much better than your brother. You aren’t a man.”

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to Lisa’s in a chaste kiss. Lisa returned the gesture instantly, wrapping her arms around the nude girl and pulling her close. Koyomi pulled out of the kiss, blushing. Lisa smirked and leaned back in to rejoin their lips. She slid her tongue into Koyomi’s mouth, catching her off guard. Placing her hand on the back of Koyomi’s head, Lisa deepened the kiss even further. Koyomi moaned softly and brought her own tongue to meet Lisa’s. The two organs wrapped around each other, wrestling for dominance over the other. In the end Lisa’s won and the girls had to part for air. As they caught their breath, Koyomi stepped out of the tub and allowed Lisa to dry her off with a towel. Lisa then removed the rest of her clothes.

“Let’s go to my bed, we’ll be more comfortable there.”

Lisa took the other girl’s hand and brought her to the bed. They climbed onto it and Lisa pulled Koyomi into her lap. The two exchanged a series of quick, chaste kisses; wrapping their arms around one another and pressing their upper bodies together. Lisa reached down and grabbed Koyomi’s butt, giving it a firm squeeze. The girl tensed a bit at the touch, but the relaxed again and resumed kissing the blonde.

Koyomi had to pull out of the kiss and take a moment to breathe. While she did that, Lisa moved down to her neck, gently biting and sucking on it. She moved Koyomi back a little and placed one of her hands between the girl’s thighs. Koyomi cooed and reached over to return the favor to Lisa. She bit down on her lip while she played with the blonde’s pussy while said girl toyed with her own. Lisa stuck a finger inside of Koyomi and pumped it in and out, using her thumb to stimulate her clit. The girl seemed much more confident in what she was doing than Koyomi was and as a result brought the girl to orgasm quicker. She felt Koyomi’s love tunnel clench tightly around her finger as she came.

While her orgasm subsided, Koyomi worked harder at playing with Lisa’s flower, wanting to grant her release as well. Lisa smiled at the other girl’s enthusiasm and allowed her to play with her until she came as well. Koyomi pulled her hand away, her fingers coated in Lisa’s honey. Acting without thinking, she stuck them in her mouth and sucked them clean, enjoying the taste.

Lisa watched the other girl while she sucked her fingers and decided to try it for herself. She brought her own finger, still slick with Koyomi’s juices, and sucked on it. When she finished Lisa pulled Koyomi in for another kiss, tasting herself on the girl’s lips. While they engaged in the lip lock, Lisa positioned herself so her legs entangled with Koyomi’s, pressing their crotches together. She moved her hips, rubbing against the other girl and earning a moan. Lisa continued her movements; Koyomi picking up on it and moving her own hips with the other girl. They started to move in a rhythm, their quims sliding over one another and their clits rubbing together. It didn’t take long for them to cum together, moaning into each other’s mouths as their love juices mixed together.

They ended the kiss, panting for air, but their hips kept moving. Lisa and Koyomi rubbed against each other until they had each orgasmed another two times, moaning aloud in lust. Their bodies glistened in sweat as the euphoria of their orgasms faded. Finally tiring out, they laid down and exchanged quick, tender kisses.

Koyomi looked into Lisa’s eyes, seeing pure adoration in them. Adoration that she could tell was meant for her. She smiled and let out a happy sigh.

“I could get used to this.”

Lisa giggled, “You had better. I’m definitely not letting you go now. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re my soul mate. I love you darling Koyomi. And I’ll do anything to make you happy. Speaking of which, Kosame!”

The female body guard entered the room, giving a quick bow to Lisa. Koyomi blushed, “Was she out there the whole time!?”

“It’s her job darling, but don’t worry. It was only her, Hayate is still out on his break” Lisa turned to Kosame, “I want you to keep an eye on Koyomi whenever I have her over here and ensure that my brother doesn’t touch so much as a hair on her head.”

“Yes mistress Lisa.”

“Also I don’t want my brother disturbing us when we’re alone. I don’t care what you do, just keep him out of my room when I’m being intimate with my girlfriend. Understood?”

“Of course mistress.”

Lisa dismissed Kosame and turned back to Koyomi, “There, now you can come over any time you want and won’t have to worry about Kazuharu. He won’t be able to get near you, let alone try anything.”

“Really?” Lisa nodded, smiling. Koyomi smiled as well and wrapped her arms around Lisa tight. “Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better. B-but, maybe it would just be better if I moved in with you? So I don’t have to worry about him when I’m not visiting you?”

Lisa’s smile grew and she kissed Koyomi full on the lips. “That would make me so happy! Of course you can move in; it’ll be so nice to share my bed with you every night. I can’t wait!”

Koyomi giggled, “You already have me in your bed silly!”

“You’re right, now the only question is what to do with you next.” Lisa climbed on top of the other girl, licking her lips while she smirked down at her. “I hope you’re ready for more, because I ‘m taking you whether you are or not.”

She kissed Koyomi again, the other girl wrapping her arms around her. The two resumed the act of love making, enjoying every moment of it. After all, they had a good few hours left until school got out and that meant no Kazuharu to interrupt them.


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