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You were running through the forest as fast as you could. It was night and every noise that could scare you did. You saw some light up ahead and ran toward it. ‘Please be a house. Please be a house.’ You thought as you heard a twig snap behind you. You began to run faster as you noticed the light getting closer. You heard a wolf howl and you turned around to see if it was following you; bad idea. You weren’t watching where you were going and inevitably tripped over a root that was sticking out of the ground. You fell on back as looked up at the creature that you were sure would bring your death. The wolf lunged at you with breakneck speed. You screamed and closed your eyes waiting for impact. Nothing. You opened them to see someone standing over you with brown hair.

You watched as he fought off the wolf and looked up at him when he turned to you. “Hey. Are you ok?” He asked reaching his hand out to you. “Ye… yeah. I’m uh… I’m fine.” You stated as he pulled you to your feet. “I’m Yoh.” He said shaking your hand. “Mina.” You replied. “So what are you doing out here all alone?” He asked sounding almost brotherly. “I was taking a walk and I got lost.” You said feeling embarrassed. “You were walking in the woods” He asked with a confused tone. “Uh huh. Is that weird?” You asked feeling stupid now. “No. Just… by the way you were running from that wolf you’d be the last person I’d expect to find in the woods.” He replied. “What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying I’m a chicken?” You asked feeling slightly offended. “No. I…”

“Good. Because I’m not a chicken, now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my hotel room.” You lied. You hadn’t had money since you ran away from home about three years ago. You had been living in a tent outside of the city, and to be honest you were scared half to death every night. You turned around to hear a snarl from an unknown creature. You ran back to Yoh as fast as your legs could carry you; Hiding behind his back. “On second thought, I don’t think I should be traveling till morning. Can I stay with you?” You asked with fear evident in your plead. “Uhh… sure. Follow me.” He said leading the way to the house he shared with Anna. “I’m home.” Yoh yelled in to the darkness. “Oh. What was that sou… Who is this?” A woman with shoulder length blonde hair asked. “This is Mina. That noise you heard was a wolf and it tried to attack her.” He said trying to calm down the blonde. “Oh. I’m Anna, Yohs fiancé.” She said outstretching her hand. “Well… You already know my name.” You stated with a smile. “Who’s this?” You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard another voice join the party in the living room. “This is Mina. She was about to get attacked by a wolf when I found her in the woods.” Yoh replied. “Why were you in the woods?” You heard another voice ask. “Ahh!” You screamed as yet another voice chimed in. You went and stood by Yoh where there weren’t that many people. “ok everybody this is Mina. Mina this is…”

“Hey whats up!! I’m horohoro!” You stepped back as a boy with blue hair and brown eyes jumped for joy. You hated loud noises; you could never understand how someone could be so hyper. He stuck his hand out for you to shake. You smiled wearily as you shook his hand. “This is Rio.” Yoh said in a calming voice. “Hello gorgeous.” Rio said in an accent you couldn’t quite place. “This is Ren.” He said pointing to a boy with a gravity defying spike on the back of his head. He nodded his head in acknowledgement. “And finally this is Lyserg.” He said pointing to a kid who looked about the same age as you. “Yeah don’t be fooled by his appearance he is actually a guy.” Horohoro said with a smile on his face and one arm wrapped around Lysergs shoulders. “Ok calm down Horohoro. Mina is going to be staying with us for tonight. Ok.” Yoh said taking control of the situation. “Well you certainly can’t sleep in those dirty clothes.” You heard Anna say with a hint of a smile in her tone. “Come with me I’ll let you borrow some of my pajamas and show you where the shower is.” She said beckoning you to follow her. “Here, these should fit you.” She said holding up a pair of pajamas. “TMNT?” You asked shocked that she would have something so boyish. “Hey, I like them thank you.” She said with a smile.

You stood inside the bathroom looking in the mirror. You couldn’t remember the last time you were able to look in a mirror; and frankly you were glad, you looked like one of those starving kids in a third-world country. You adjusted the temperature of the water to your liking and stepped behind the curtain. You looked at your washrag, it had been a while since you’ve been in an actual shower, you normally took baths in the lake next to your tent. You let the water cascade down your body reliving all of the stress you had. You could feel yourself relaxing; your stress melding with the water and washing down the drain. You washed up and changed feeling refreshed. You were able to use a hair dryer for the first time in ages and it felt good. You ran your hands through your neatly brushed hair and walked out of the bathroom and right into someone; knocking you to the floor.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” You heard a sweet voice say. You looked up and smiled. “It’s ok uummm…” You couldn’t remember that kids name for the life of you. “Lyserg.” He said. “That’s right. I’m sorry I’m really bad with names.” You said with a smile; rubbing the back of your head. “It’s ok, at least you don’t think I’m a girl.” He said smiling back at you. ‘So Lyserg really is a guy? Gee I thought Horohoro was just joking around.’ You thought with an anime sweat drop. “Right... because you’re really a boy. Not a girl.” You said putting on a fake smile. “You thought I was a girl at first didn’t you?” He asked sounding slightly aggravated. “Kinda.” You said looking at the floor. “I hate it when people mistake me for a girl! Do I really look that feminine!?! I don’t think so and neither does Chloe!” He said practically yelling at you. You stepped back and put your head down feeling ashamed and slightly scared. “What’s with all the yelling?” You heard Yoh asked trying to break up whatever fight was happening out in the hall. “Nothing. I was just saying goodnight to Mina.” And with that he walked away without a word.

Morning came all too soon. You couldn’t remember the last time you slept on a bed, let alone one as comfortable as this. You woke up at 10am and stayed in bed until the clock slowly reached 11am. You stood up and went to find Anna to see if she had washed your clothes so you could go back to your “house”. “Hey!” You were sure you could have reached the ceiling with the height you jumped. You turned around to see Horohoro standing behind you with his hands behind his back and an apologetic face. “Hehe Sorry.” He stated looking at you with a smile on his face. “It’s cool.” You said trying to play it off. “Where ya goin?” He asked with a smile still plastered on his face. “To find my clothes, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m in TMNT pajamas.” You said with a bit of sarcasm and smile on your face. He smiled back at you and put his arm around your shoulder. “So after you get dressed, you wanna go hang out?” He asked as he tightened his grip on your shoulder. “Uhh… Sure.” You said with a smile and you headed down the hall with Horohoro at your side trying to find Anna.

You had changed into your normal attire and it felt kinda weird. The oversized baggy jeans and two sizes too big t-shirt didn’t hug you the way the pajamas did. You stepped out and looked at Horohoro who had a slight devious smile on his face. “Come on.” He said grabbing you by the wrist and pulling you outside. “Where are we going!?!” You yelled to him trying to catch up with him. “We gotta go train with Yoh.” He yelled back not slowing down. “What!!” You yelled as you stopped causing him to be yanked back. “What’s the hold up? We’re gonna be late!” He said trying to pull you again. “I’ve never trained before in my life.” You said feeling nervous. “Oh. It’s cool you can just watch. Now c’mon!” He said as he ran forward not wanting to waste any time. “Hey!! Wait I… I don’t even know where I’m going! Are you even listening to me!?! Horohoro!” You yelled as you ran trying to keep up with him.

“She’s been hanging like that for past hour.” You heard Horohoro say as you watched them run past you again. You had been hanging upside down from the same tree branch for the past hour and frankly you enjoyed it. You enjoyed the feeling of the blood rushing to your head, it made you feel like you were free. Your mom always yelled at you for hanging upside down. She always said that the blood would rush to your head and cause brain damage. You knew it wasn’t true but you complied anyway. Your mom was a Registered Nurse and your father was a lawyer. You had everything you wanted when you were younger. You had a perfect family. You loved the school you went to and your parents stayed home a lot when they didn’t have to work. Then one night they had the day off together. They decided that they wanted a family night. They buckled you in and went to one of those high end expensive restaurants. You had a bad feeling that night but brushed it off. You loved it when they took you places. You were on your way home that night and it was raining. A truck driver lost control of the wheel and hit your mom’s side with so much force. You woke up in the hospital. When you asked where your parents were, the doctor’s face went pale. “We need to talk.” Was all the doctor had to say before you broke down. The police placed you in a foster home. You couldn’t stand it and thus you ran from home. You had been fifteen at the time.

You felt a slight breeze as if someone was fanning you. “Mina!” You jumped as your legs let go of the branch you had been hanging on. “Are you ok Mina?” You heard Lysergs voice ask. “Yea I’m cool. Don’t worry I broke the fall with my face.” You said looking up at him with a look that said ‘did you seriously just ask that?’ He smirked at you and turned around to walk away. “Hey! Don’t I get a sorry or something!?!” You asked him in an angry voice. “Nope.” He said walking away. “I really hate that man.” You said to no one in particular.

You were at their house watching t.v. with Horohoro. ‘I remember all the times daddy and I would watch cartoons on Saturday morning before he went to work.’ You couldn’t help but think of the past. You missed your family and you knew you couldn’t stay there. “Ok. Well I think it’s about time for me to go.” You said as you stood up. “Man… do ya have to? You should just like move in here and be my girlfriend.” He said wrapping an arm around your waist. You blushed and looked away to see Lyserg standing in the doorway… and he looked pissed. ‘Wonder what got his panties in a knot.’ You thought as you turned back to horohoro. “Hmmmm….” You smiled at the thought of being his girlfriend. “Ok… though I probably won’t move in here I’ll still be yours.” You said with a big grin on your face. You were to busy with him to even realize the stomping sound resonating from the kitchen as Lyserg made his way to his room, clearly pissed. “Fine… then let me walk you home.” Your smile dropped. ‘Oh god what if he doesn’t want me anymore because I live in a tent? I can’t let him see my home, he’d think I’m nuts. Oh you’ve really done it this time Mina.’ You thought to yourself in a panic. “Is everything ok? Did I say something?” He asked in a worried tone. “No… no it’s… it’s nothing.” You said as you looked down suddenly finding the carpet interesting. ‘Oh well he might as well know. He’d find out sooner or later anyways.’ You thought as you continued to weigh the consequences. “Alright… If you’re walking me home then we had better get there by dark… I’m afraid of the dark.” You said as he grabbed your hand so you can lead him. ‘Here goes nothing.’

“WHA!!!... You live here!! No…. No no no no no no no no. This is no place for my woman to stay.” He said making you blush a million shades of red. “I’ve lived here for the past three years.” You said as you secretly hoped he would still want you after finding out you have nothing. “And now you can come live with us.” He said pointing toward the house with a smile. “But I don’t think…” “Naw it’ll be cool. The gang likes you.” He said trying to convince you. “Yea everyone but Lyserg.” You said with a scowl. “Naw he likes you, he just doesn’t take kind to new people that’s all.” He said still trying to plea with you. “Ugh… fine but you get to carry my stuff.” You said pointing to him. “Why do I have to carry it?” “Because I’m a lady.” You said giving a simplistic answer.

“Hey guys guess what!” You heard Horohoro scream as he bounded through the door. You saw everyone gather in the living room with confused looks. “What?” Rio asked before he turned toward you and winked. “Stop flirting with my girlfriend!” Horohoro said obviously mad. “Why would a beautiful girl like her date you?” You heard Rio ask. “Because he’s sweet and funny and fun to be around.” You answered and you noticed his jaw hit the floor as you stated all the great things about your new boyfriend, though you failed to notice the anger that was evident on Lysergs posture and face. “Anyways… Mina is gonna stay with us forever!” He said obviously happy. “Is this ok with your family?” Anna asked not taking too kindly to the thought. “I umm… I don’t have a family.” You said looking down in sadness and noticed the shocked and slightly sympathetic look on Anna’s face. “Neither do we.” Anna said in a sad tone. “See! You’ll fit right in here.” Horohoro said with a smile. You smiled back shyly. “Come on, let’s go put your things in your new room!” Horohoro exclaimed making you jump slightly. He grabbed your wrist and led you to the room that held the most comfortable bed you had slept in.

You had been living there for the past three months and everything was going great, sorta. You and Horohoro had broke up, you decided it would be better if you two were friends, and you and Lyserg were at each other’s throats constantly. Though, to be honest you were starting to fall for him.

“I swear he hates me.” You said as you flipped through channels on the television. “Nah he doesn’t hate you. He probably just wants you to notice him. Don’t you girls always say that if a guy picks on you that means he likes you?” Yoh said as he watched the channels change. He reached over and snatched the remote from your hands and put it on spongebob. “Ha! As if Lyserg would like me. No I’m pretty sure he hates me.” You said as you focused on watching Squidward treat Spongebob and Patrick the same way Lyserg treated you. “Well… You should go talk to him.” Yoh said as he laughed as the cartoon. “Why so he can slam the door in my face?” You asked looking over at Yoh. He looked back with a ‘go do it… for me’ look. “Ugh! Fine! I’ll go talk to him, but I won’t like it.” You said standing up. You looked to Yoh for advice constantly. He was like your big brother, or maybe like a father figure, unlike that bitch of a fiancé of his.

You stood outside Lysergs door and swallowed whatever pride you once had. You knocked and waited… and waited… and just for fun you waited some more. “Fuck it.” You said out loud to yourself as you slid open the door. “Lyserg!?!” You yelled into the darkness of his room. You flipped on the light to reveal the room vacant. ‘I wonder what he hides in here.’ You thought as you came across a book that looked similar to a diary. ‘Lyserg keeps a diary? He is gay.’ You joked to yourself. You opened it up to a random page and began reading.

‘January 14, 2010

I got to see Mina today. She was as beautiful as a flower with the essence of an angel. The light shone down on her as if it were telling me to make my move but I couldn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to ask her out so I just mocked her again. I over-heard her and Yoh talking the other day, she thinks I hate her. On the contrary, I’m head over heels in love with her. I don’t know what to do. Should I go talk to her? I don’t know. What if I make a fool of myself. What if I stutter or worse what if she doesn’t feel the same. I wanna know what Horohoro did to get her for two months all to himself. I wish I could have her to myself, to be able to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her. I remember just a few weeks ago, we were fighting and she called me gay. I wanted to grab her and kiss her right there to prove her wrong but I didn’t I just fanned the flames of our dying relationship. Do we even have a relationship? I doubt it. I don’t think she’ll ever like me. Ha… maybe I should let her read my diary then she would understand everything. I… I just want to be with her but my fear is holding me back. Oh well, I guess I’m not destined to be happy. Well I’m off to bed.

You stood there both shocked and angry. Shocked at the fact that he actually does like you and angry at the fact that he didn’t have to guts to tell you. “Mina!?! What are you doing in my room!?! And why ar…” You couldn’t believe what you had just done. Your lips tingled at the touch of his. You opened your eyes and noticed his were closed as he enjoyed the kiss. You broke for air and smiled at him. “What was that for?” He asked panting. “I didn’t mean to but I found your diary and I ummm… I was curious so I opened it and read it. I can’t believe you love me.” You stopped talking for a second to take a breath considering you had said that all in one shot. “Wait… You read my diary?” He asked. “Ummm… Yes.” You looked down in shame, you knew you shouldn’t have. It was wrong to go snooping in someone else’s things. “I’m sorry Lyserg, I just…” He cut you off this time as he slammed his lips on yours. You smiled into the kiss. You broke the kiss though he didn’t wanna stop.

He began kissing down your neck nipping and sucking in every spot he could. You moaned as he reached your sweet spot right in the middle of your neck. You pulled him with you as you made your way to the bed. He slipped off your shirt and threw it to some random place in the room. He reached behind you and unclasped your bra. The back of your legs hit the bed and you both fell backwards. He quickly jumped off of you leaving you untouched and cold.

You looked up confused and saw him lock the door and then go to his dresser. He came back holding a necklace with a rose pendant on it. You smiled at him. “I’ve been wanting to give this to you for some time now and I never worked up the courage.” He said as he blushed slightly. You smiled and moved your hair as he clasped it together. The chain was long and the rose fell a little above your breasts. You smiled at him and kissed him. “I love you Lyserg. I always have.” You said smiling. He smiled back a little shocked. He kissed you again and you laid back pulling him on top of you.

He kissed down your neck again and began to suck on your right nipple while playing with the left. You moaned which caused him to smirk and suck a little harder. You arched you back and he let go of your nipple which made you groan in displeasure. He smirked up at you and kissed down your stomach till he reached the hem if your pants. He looked up at you as if asking permission. You smiled at him and nodded. He unbuttoned and unzipped your pants slowly which caused you to groan and try and edge him on. “Stop teasing me.” You whined. He smirked and pulled them and you underwear off. He spread your legs apart and slipped a finger inside of you. You moaned as he thrust his finger in and out of you soon another finger was added then another. You moaned as you felt yourself nearing your climax. “Oh god Lyserg I’m gonna cum.” You said feeling yourself getting closer. He pulled his fingers out of you then replaced them with his tongue. You wrapped your fingers in his hair as you came in his mouth. He pulled back and licked his lips then his fingers as he devoured ever last drop. You smiled as you flipped both of you over and kissed down his chest before you began to tease him.

You took his pants and boxers off in one slick motion and looked as his dick. It was a lot bigger than you had imagined and you imagined it to be pretty big. You looked up at him and smirked before you licked the tip sliding your tongue down the shaft. You smirked wider as you heard him moan. You licked back up his shaft before taking as much of him in your mouth as you could handle. He moaned as he thrust his hips up causing you to gag slightly but you regained your posture and held his hips down as you bobbed your head up and down. He coiled his fingers in your hair as he tried to thrust upwards again. You could tell that he was about to cum. You smiled at the thought and bobbed your head up and down faster earning some deliciously sounding moans and groans. “Oh god yes” He said as he came in your mouth.

He flipped you back over and positioned himself. He looked down at you with a sympathetic look. “This is going to hurt, but the pain won’t last long… I promise.” You smiled up at him giving him the go ahead. He smiled back before he thrust himself into in one quick motion. You grabbed the sheets as your knuckles turned white. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in being gentle. The pain raged on. He thrust into you a few more times. You moaned as the pain slowly seeped into pleasure as you began to move your hips along with his to create more pleasure. He moaned and thrust in faster, which caused you to wrap your arms and legs around him. “Oh yes… Lyserg faster, harder, deeper.” You moaned to him as he complied with your pleas. You arched your back as you felt yourself nearing another climax. “Oh god… Lyserg.” You moaned his name as you came. He smirked and began to thrust harder into you. You could hear the bed hit the wall as he began to move faster. You could feel yourself nearing yet another climax as was he. “Mina… Oh… Yes Mina.” You smiled as you heard your name leave his lips in pleasure. You dug your nails into his back just enough to where it wouldn’t hurt him as you came again. He thrust into you a couple more times before he came as well.

You smiled at him as he bent down and kissed your lips pulling out of you while he did. You curled up next to him as he wrapped his arms around you protectively. “Mina… I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you before. I love you with all of my heart. I really do. Will you be mine?” You looked up at him with a smile. “Of course I will.” You said as you snuggled up closer to him. “So does this mean we won’t fight anymore?” He asked you jokingly. “Nah… This makes up friends/enemies.” You joked with a smile. “Ha. I love you.” He said as he pulled you closer. You smiled up at him. “I love you too… Frienenemy.”

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