King of MolMol

BY : Saiga
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King of Molmol

Chapter 1 - The Request

Keitaro groaned slightly as he woke up. Reaching out he groped for his glasses before they were suddenly placed on his face. Blinking in surprise he saw Su’s grinning face inches away from his. Looking down he noticed that she is wrapped up in his covers and laying on his chest.

‘No wonder it was hard to breathe’ he thought. “Hello Su-chan.” He said tiredly.

“Morning Kei-kun!” she said happily.

“What can I do for you Su-chan?”

“Wellll there was this teensy weensy favour I need your help with.” She smiled as she gently drew shapes on his chest with her index finger, looking coyly at him.

“And what favour is that?” he asked suspiciously. Sitting up Su slid down to his lap and his eyes went wide when the covers fell off of her. Sitting on his lap Su was completely naked. Her small breasts stood out proudly from her 14 year old chest, her tiny nipples standing erect. Travelling down her body his eyes absorbed every curve, every crevice of her lithe frame, etching it into his mind. Looking past her smooth tanned stomach to the space between her legs Keitaro saw a small patch of blond hair above her mound, giving him an unobstructed view of her hairless slit. Looking at it her slit seemed to gleam slightly in the sunlight drifting into the room through his slightly open curtain.

“S-Su-chan! W-what are you doing?!” he hissed. Prior experience had taught him that screaming when he saw a naked girl often lead to a beating. Su just smiled and said sweetly. “I told you, I want to ask you a favour.”

“I mean why aren’t you wearing any clothes!”

Her smile never changed. “Well Kitsune said that if you wanted a favour from a man the easiest way to get it is to show some skin, so I thought that if I showed you all my skin then you defiantly would say yes! You like?” she grinned as she arched her back, pushing her breasts further out. Keitaro’s eyes bulged out.

“S-Su-chan! You shouldn’t do that!”

Su pouted, giving him her biggest puppy dog eyes ever “Why? Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

Keitaro sighed. She always got him with that. All she had to do was give him that look and he was wrapped around her little finger. “Of course I think you are pretty Su-chan but that’s not-”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about!” she told him as she wrapped her arms around Keitaro and rubbed herself against him.

“S-Su-chan Stop that!” he cried. Su ignored him and continued as she was doing. “Huh? What’s this hard thing I’m sitting on?” rocking her hips back and forth, Su rubbed her nude crotch against his groin.

“Ah Su-chan don’t do that!” he said to her, trying to suppress a groan of pleasure, but not doing a very good job of it.

“Hey, it’s getting harder!” she said as she sped up her movements. “It’s getting bigger too!”

“Ah, W-What was the favour that you wanted.” He panted, hoping to distract her.

“Oh,” Su stopped and said. “Well me and Amalla-nee were telling our mums about you and they want to meet you.”


“Well they want to see what kind of person I’m living with.” She explained

Keitaro sighed as he calmed down slightly “Is that all? So is your mum going to come and visit?”

“Wellll not exactly. You see moms are very important and so can’t really travel and so you need to come to Molmol.”

“Su-chan I can’t just drop everything and leave for another country. Besides I don’t have any money.”

“Ohhhhh, but you just travelled around Japan.” She pouted.

“Yes and because of that I have no money.” He reasoned with her.

“If that’s the only problem then don’t worry. Mums will send a jet for us.”

“Su-chan it’s not that simple…”

“Why not?!” she cried as she began to rub their groins together. Keitaro groaned at the renewed sensation.

“Ahhhhh, OK, OK Su-chan I’ll go, just stop.” He grunted.

“You promise?” she asked as she continued to rub herself more vigorously against him.

“Yes! Yes! I promise!” he said approaching his limit.

“Great!” Su grinned as she jumped up and kissed him.

“MMMMM!” Keitaro cried. As he opened his mouth to talk Su slipped her tongue into his mouth, caressing his tongue with hers and exploring his mouth. Keitaro grabbed her by the hips and pushed her back. Looking at him the girl giggled.

“Did you like that?”

Choosing his words carefully as to not upset her he tells Su “Yes I did but -”

“Good!” she leaned up and placed her arms on his shoulder. Their faces level she rubbed her nose against his and extended her long tongue to lick his lips.

“S-Su-chan you shouldn’t do that!”

“Why not?” she licked his lips again, slipping between them she ran her tongue along his teeth.

“Because it’s indecent!” he cried.

“This coming from the guy groping my butt?” she grinned lewdly at him.

“Huh?” he asked. Looking past her he sees that his hands were indeed on her ass and he was unconsciously rubbing her. “S-Sorry!” he cried as he quickly let go of her.

Su just grinned and pressed her body against his and whispered into his ear “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.” her voice sent shivers down his spine all the way to his already swollen dick.

Lowering her hands she placed them on his groin and gently rubbed back and forth while she leaned in close and slowly licked his cheek. “mmmm, you taste yummy.” She breathed softly sending another jolt to his groin.

“S-Su-chan…” he panted.

“Yes Kei-kun?” she whispered huskily into his ear.

“Y-you, you have to stop this.” He managed to grunt out.

“Do I have to?” she pouted.

“Y-yes…” he groaned.

“If you’re sure.” She said as she stopped rubbing but gave him a quick squeeze. “So you still gonna come?” she asked.

“I promised didn’t I?” he said resignedly.

“Yay!” she cheered as she leaped up but this time she grabbed onto his head and rubbed her breasts against his face. “mmmm Kei-kun your skin feels soooo good!”

Keitaro just sat stock still as she rubbed against him. When she stopped Keitaro looked up and saw her smile past her breasts. “Thank you, Kei-kun. If all goes well then we can stay together forever!”

“What do you mean?” his voice muffled by her chest. Su just smiled and kissed his forehead. “Nothing Kei-kun, we are gonna leave tomorrow morning before sunrise so make sure to be packed by then ok?” Standing up she holds his head in place and so his face ran along her body until she was upright and his nose was resting in her pubic hair.

Keitaro eyes bulged out in surprise. Taking a breath Keitaro inhaled her sent. He could detect traces of soap and sweat but also something he couldn’t identify. Breathing in deeply, when Keitaro licked his dry lips his tongue brushed against Su. His eyes widening at the sudden addition of a strange new flavour, Keitaro extended his tongue in the hope of getting another taste and acting on instinct alone, he lightly licked Su’s small quim.

Su giggled and moaned slightly as his tongue tickled her. “mmmm is that tasty Kei-kun?” She asked.

Keitaro stopped in mid-lick, his tongue resting on her lower lips when Su’s voice broke the spell and he realised what he was doing. Pulling his head away he started to apologise. “S-Su-chan, I-I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have done that!”

Su squatted down, her feet on either side of him and knees pointing outwards, she pouted at him “Your right, Kei-kun you shouldn’t have done that. I was just starting to enjoy myself.” Leaning forward Su pressed her body against his and lightly bit his neck.

“Ah! Su-chan stop!” he grabbed her hips again and pushed her back. Su just grinned. “That’s what you get for being naughty.” She leaned in gave him a quick kiss. “You’re groping me again.” She giggled.

Keitaro looked and quickly moved his hands away. Su smiled. “You’ve been very naughty haven’t you? I think you need to make it up to me.”

“W-what do you want?” he asked hoping that it wouldn’t involve something that would wake up the other girls.

“mmmm” she tapped her chin thoughtfully “What do I want? Mmmmm I want…. A kiss!”

“A Kiss?” he asked.

“A Kiss.” She smiled.

“OK…” he leaned forward and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “Happy now?”

“What was that?” she pouted “This is a kiss!” she grabbed his head and pulled their mouths together and invaded with her tongue. Keitaro knew that Su wouldn’t be happy unless he responded so he slipped his tongue into her mouth and gently stroked her hips. Su slid her hand down his chest until she was able to rub him again.

Keitaro moaned into Su’s mouth as her small hand began to massage his erection. He pulled her small frame close to him and ran his hands along her back, before cupping her ass. Keitaro marvelled at how soft and warm she felt against his body and moaned louder when her hand moved faster. Just as her ministrations were about to bring about the desired effect Su removed her hand and broke the kiss.

“S-Su-chan…” he almost begged.

“mmmmm that was delicious” she moaned as she licked her lips. Looking behind her she grinned. “You really like my butt don’t you?” she asked but Keitaro was in no condition to answer. “That was lovely Kei-kun; we have to do that again soon.” Lovingly petting the tent in his trousers she pulled him to her breasts again and gave him another kiss on the forehead. Standing up she dragged his face along her body again only this time she rested his nose below her hair and on her slit. She allowed him to inhale her smell but pulled away when he extended his tongue to have another taste. When he looked up in confusion she smiled down at him and stroked his hair. “Now, now Kei-kun, don’t be greedy. Otherwise you won’t want to eat at breakfast.” Turning, she wiggled her pert well shaped ass in front of his face before walking towards his door. Sliding it open she turned and winked at him. “See ya at breakfast, Kei-kun.” Before disappearing.

Keitaro just stared at the door for a minute before the haze lifted from his eyes and he came to his senses. Her scent still lingered in his nostrils and when he reached up he found that the end of his nose was slightly damp. Wiping away the drool from the side of his mouth, he looked down and saw the wet patch on his tented trousers where his pre-cum had escaped. Sighing he pulled his pyjama trousers down and took a hold off his cock. Laying back down he started to pump his hand up and down when the board above his room opened and Naru poked her head down the hole.

“What’s all this noise you’re making! Some people are trying to sleep!” She yelled at him. Her eyes focusing, she turns bright red when she sees what’s in his hand. “What are you doing this early in the morning!” she jumped down the hole, landed on his stomach and punched him in the face.

Hinata Sou Dining Room

“You’re What?!” Naru screamed.

“He’s coming to Molmol with me!” Su explained happily as set sat on Keitaro’s shoulder with her legs wrapped around his neck.

“But why?” Naru moaned.

“ ‘cos my mums want to meet him.” She said.

“So you’re just going to drop everything and run off?” she turned on Keitaro who sighed.

“I already made her a promise.”

“Yep so nothing you say is going to change it.” Su told them happily.

“But Su-chan he’s a pervert, you wouldn’t be safe if you travel alone with him.” Motoko told her.

“You guys can come if you can afford it.” she smiled happily knowing that none of them could. Leaning over his head she tells Keitaro “Come on Kei-kun, sit down I’m hungry!” obeying her command Keitaro took a seat in between Kitsune and his sister, who was currently glaring at the tanned girl for being so close to her brother. When Su unfolded her legs Kitsune grinned widely at the bite mark.

“oooo Kei-kun is that a hicky? Have you and turtle girl been having some late night fun?” she asked with a wink.

“No it was just Su-chan messing around this morning when she asked me about going with her.”

“That’s right I gave him my love mark.” Su told everyone happily as she held her cheeks.

“WHAT!” Naru yelled. Standing up she throws a punch at him only to be caught by Motoko.

“What are you doing Motoko-chan! You heard what Su-chan said, he molested her!”

“Yes, I did. I also can see that Su-chan is still sitting on his shoulders. What would have happened to her if your punch had hit?” Motoko pointed out.

“Oh, right.” Naru mumbled.

Taking Su off his shoulders Keitaro said to her “Thanks Motoko-chan.” She just ignored him. Once Su was out of the way Motoko turned to Naru.

“You may continue, Naru-sempai.” Keitaro blinked in surprise as Naru cracked her knuckles “Huh?”

“PERVERT!” she screamed as she punched him through the wall.

“I still don’t see why you’re going.” Naru huffed. They were in her room and Keitaro was trying to reason with her.

“All I know is that Su and her sister Amalla told their mum about me and now she wants to meet me.”

“So you just go running off to some far off country without even thinking of the rest of us.”

“I had too.” He told her.


“Because Su-chan might not be allowed to live here anymore. And this place isn’t exactly rolling in money, we can’t afford to lose a tenant and I don’t want to lose a friend.”

“Why can’t you afford to lose a tenant?”

“Do you know how much it costs to keep this place running? What with all the repairs? Shinobu-chan cooks and cleans and Mutsumi works at the tea shop instead of paying rent, I can’t remember when the last time Kitsune gave me money instead of the other way round and me and Kanako don’t pay to live here. So only you, Motoko-chan and Su-chan’s family regularly pay rent.”

“Alright but what makes you think that she wouldn’t be allowed to stay here?” she snapped at him.

“It was something Su-chan said when she asked me to go with her. She said that if all goes well we can stay together forever. When I asked her about it she tried to play it off as nothing but I think she was saying that if her mother doesn’t approve of me that she wouldn’t be allowed to stay with us.”

“hmmm, I suppose that makes sense. I mean I wouldn’t want my daughter living with a guy that I’d never met. Especially if she has been told some of your past… exploits.” she said giving him a look. Keitaro sighed. “Well just as long as you don’t try to do anything perverted to her it should be fine.” She warned him as she walked over to the door to show him out.

“I wouldn’t do anything like that. I’m not a pervert.” He said. As he walked towards her he tripped over his own shadow and grabbed onto the nearest thing, which happened to be the waist band of Naru’s skirt. Looking up he saw that he also took her panties down with her skirt. He could see her slit below her neatly trimmed pubic hair; her puffy lower lips seemed to part slightly and glisten with moisture. Keitaro unconsciously licked his lips and looked up, stopping for a moment to stare at her heaving breasts he saw her red face. With tears in her eyes she balled up her fist and yelled “PERVERT!” and punched him out her room.

“I still don’t understand why you have to go Onii-chan.” Kanako pouted as she watched her brother pack.

Keitaro sighed “I’ve just been through this with Naru-san and I’ve just told you why I have to go. What don’t you understand?”

“I just don’t trust her. That whole story seems shady to me.”

“I’ll be fine. Su-chan would never intentionally hurt me.” He reassured his sister.

Kanako thought for a moment “Then you won’t mind me coming along with you then.”

“Can you afford it?”

“I can ask Granny to lend me enough to come with you.”

“Are you sure that you can get in contact with her? Besides I need you to stay to look after this place.” He told her as he stopped packing and walked over to her.

Kanako blushed “You need me? Why?”

“Because I need someone who I can trust looking after this place. Aunty is busy down at the tea shop, Naru is… mad at me, the last time Motoko had control over what others did she made everyone eat like a samurai and got rid of all Kitsune’s sake, I can’t trust Kitsune not to turn this place into a betting shop, it’s unfair to ask Shinobu to run this place with her being so young and Mutsumi is… well Mutsumi so you’re the only one that I feel is capable of running this place.” Keitaro wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek. “Just so long as you don’t try and drive everyone out again OK?”

Kanako melted into his arms. Nuzzling into his chest she smiled happily. “OK Onii-chan, I’ll make you proud.”

Keitaro smiled and ran his hand through her hair. “I know you will Kana-chan, now can you help me pack?”

“Sure Onii-chan.” She smiled as she inhaled as much of his scent as possible. “Um, Onii-chan, would you mind if I slept here with you tonight?” she asks blushing deeply.

“If you want” he shrugs “But why?”

“Well I don’t know how long you are going to be gone. I just want to spend the night with you. You know like we used to when we were kids?” she replied looking up at with slightly worried eyes.

Keitaro nodded “OK then, you can sleep with me.” He smiled and kissed her forehead. “Now come on I have to finish getting packed.”

“Sure Onii-chan, what do you need next?”

Looking through his half packed suitcase he says “Um, I think I need some shoes, I have a spare pair in the closet over.”

“I’ll get them.” She smiled and opened the closet, kneeling down on her hands and knees she searched.

Keitaro had gone over to his drawers to get a couple of shirts and when he turned back, he saw Kanako’s incredibly short skirt had ridden up completely and was showing off her thong clad ass waving back and forth. Keitaro couldn’t help but stare at her pale, toned legs leading up to her firm rear. Keitaro realised that he was staring at her when he noticed drool dripping out of his mouth. Wiping away the saliva he says “er, *ahem* Kana-chan you really should wear longer skirts.” To himself he thought ‘Since when does she wear thongs? Not that she doesn’t look good in them…’ Keitaro mentally slapped himself for thinking things like that about his sister.

Kanako turned and looked at him in confusion before realising that her ass was exposed and that her brother’s trousers were slightly tented. Grinning she backed up out of the closet, shaking her hips a bit more than necessary, with a pair of shoes in her hand. “Why Onii-chan? Don’t you like it?” she gave a quick spin as she approached, causing it to flip up and slightly reveal her panties. She grinned as she saw his trousers twitch.

Taking the shoes from her he places them in the suitcase and says to her “It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just I don’t like the of my little sister wearing such a short skirt and being so careless.”

Kanako smiled and wrapped her arms around him. “You know I can take care of myself Onii-chan, any man who would even think about taking advantage of me would get a lot more than he bargained for. Besides I’m only careless around you.” she rested her head on his chest.

“What do you mean?” he asked confused.

“You are the only man I’ve ever trusted and besides Granny you are the only person I’ve ever trusted.”

“You can’t mean that, can you?”

Kanako nodded her head, rubbing against his chest. “I do. You have been the nicest person in the world to me and I know that you would never hurt me. The only time I feel safe and can relax is around you because I know that you would always look after me.” Pressing close to him Kanako could feel his erection pressed up against her hip and she closed her eyes in complete bliss and relaxation.

Keitaro wrapped one arm around her waist and ran his hand through her hair. Keitaro looked down at her content face with worried eyes. He never realised how closed off his sister was. Thinking back he couldn’t remember any friends that Kanako had. Keitaro resolved himself to help his sister come out of her shell more when he got back from Su’s homeland, but in the meantime he would do whatever it took to ensure that she would keep smiling like that. Cupping her chin he gently stroked her cheek with his thumb.

“Hey, Kana-chan? How about when I get back you move into here with me?”

Kanako’s head shot up “Really? You want me to live with you?”

“Yea, I mean you were away for so long with Granny, I feel that you’re a completely different person now. I always thought of you as my cute little sister who loved to follow me around but now you’ve grown up to be such a strong and beautiful woman it seems like I hardly know you. I’ve missed out on a lot of your life and I feel like I’ve neglected you since you’ve been here. I promise that once this whole thing with Su-chan is over I’ll spend time with you and we can get to know each other better, OK? Besides when we were kids you always used to get so lonely when you slept at night you ended up sleeping with me.” He smiled.

Kanako looked up in shock. While it wasn’t the declaration of love she was ultimately aiming for it was a major step forward. After all he had just said that he thinks of her as a beautiful woman. Giving him a wide smile she leaped up and wrapped her arms and legs around him forcing Keitaro to hold onto her ass to stop her falling off. “Thank you Onii-chan, I’d love to stay with you.” she whispered into his ear. Removing one hand Keitaro stroked her hair and smiled. He loved her smile and wished she would show it to more people.

“I’m glad Kana-chan. You can move your stuff in while I’m away. You can make over the room however you want OK?” he whispers back to her.

“Yes, Onii-chan.” She buried her head into his neck and inhaled deeply.

“Great, now come on. I need to finish packing.” He kissed her cheek.

“OK Onii-chan.” She pulled back and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “What else do you need?”

“You ready for bed Kana-chan?” Keitaro asked as he rolled out his futon.

“Nearly Onii-chan.” She said as she brushed her hair.

Walking over to her he wraps his arms around her neck. “Hurry up, I need to wake up early tomorrow.” He complained to her. Kanako smiled, put her brush down and stood up. Undoing the sash of her silk nightgown she dropped it to the floor. Keitaro’s eyes went wide as he looked at the naked reflection of his sister in the mirror. He saw that her pink nipples were standing at attention on top of her small pale breasts. His eyes drifted down of their own accord and his mouth dried up as he noticed that she didn’t have a single hair on her pussy.

“K-Kanako-chan what are you doing?”

“hmm? Oh this? I usually sleep in the nude. Didn’t you know?” he shook his head. Turning around she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against him. “Well this is just one of the things you haven’t learned about me yet.” She smiled sweetly. “Well there will be plenty of time to get to know each other once you return.”

“Yea-yea I guess you’re right.” He said as he placed his hands on the small of her back.

“Don’t you ever sleep in the nude Onii-chan?” she asked, closing her eyes as she rested her head on his chest.

“N-no I don’t.” he said trying to control his erection but not having much luck.

Kanako smiled as she felt him poking her slit though his pyjama bottoms. “Why don’t you try it tonight? You might enjoy it.” 

“I-I don’t think that would be a good idea Kana-chan.”

“Why not?” she pouted and her eyes welling up.

‘Damn, why does everyone know that I can’t say no to them when they show me that face’. he cursed internally as he sighed. “Alright Kana-chan you win.”

Kanako had already unbuttoned his shirt when he gave her permission. Pulling it off, she threw it on the floor. Running her hands down his chest she knelt down and smiled up at him. Grabbing a hold of his waistband, she pulled the elastic over his erect dick and down his ankles. Making him step out of them her eyes were glued to his groin, committing every crease, every vein to memory. She smiled as the tip spat out a drop of pre-cum. Sliding up his body she pressed against him and groaned slightly as her slit rubbed against his dick. “So? Does it feel good to be naked?”

“Y-yea.” Keitaro nodded She couldn’t possibly be this naïve! She must realise what she’s doing! he thought but when he saw her happy innocent smile he wasn’t too sure.

“You ready for bed, Onii-chan?” Keitaro just nodded. “Great!” pulling him to the futon, she laid him down and straddled his waist. She smiled as she felt his cock press into her ass crack until he was almost penetrating her anus. “Onii-chan, can I ask you for a favour?” she said as she placed her hands on his shoulders and pressed her chest against his.

“S-Sure.” He replied, holding onto her hips.

Kanako rubbed his chest with her index finger and asked “Could you hold me like you used when we were kids?”

Keitaro blinked at the strange request. “Sure Kana-chan.”

Smiling she rolled off him and laid on her side. Keitaro turned and wrapped her arms around her slim body. Kanako smiled and lightly kissed him on the lips. “Love you Onii-chan.”

“Love you too Kana-chan” he stroked her back. Kanako turned around and thrust her small rear back into his hips, opened her legs, trapped his swollen cock between them and pressed it up against her moist lips. “Kanako-chan!”

Kanako turned her head and gave him that innocent smile “Yes, Onii-chan?”

“N-nothing Kana-chan, good night.”

“Goodnight, Onii-chan, here hold me tighter.” She pulled his arms tightly across her breast, her nipples scraping against arms. Keitaro resigned himself to having a sleepless night, sighing he rests his nose in her hair and inhales her smell. ‘How does she expect me to get to sleep like this!’ Sighing again he gently stoked her side. ‘Well if she’s happy I guess that’s all that matters.’ he thought as he tried to drifted off to sleep. 

Keitaro was shaken awake. Opening his eyes his glasses were once again shoved on his face to reveal Su smiling at him. “Morning Kei-kun we have to go soon.” She whispered. Groaning Keitaro slipped out from holding his sister. Quietly standing up he notices the big grin on Su’s face.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking that this is such a wonderful way to be greeted in the morning.” She leered. Keitaro frowned in confusion before he noticed that Su wasn’t looking at his face. Following her line of sight he found his half erect cock pointing at Su. Blushing he quickly covered him genitals with his hands “S-Sorry Su-chan.”

Su just walked up to him and pulled his hands away “Now now Kei-kun you don’t need to be shy.” His cock twitched under Su’s watchful eyes much to her amusement. “Such a pretty thing you have. Is this what I was sitting on? You should have told me.” She pouted. His dick continued to grow as he looked at her beautiful pouting lips. It didn’t help that she occasionally licked her lips very slowly while staring at him.

“ooo it’s getting bigger.” She cooed softly as she leaned in. Releasing one of his hands Su runs her finger up along the underside of his shaft and tickled his head. Keitaro groaned as a small spurt of pre-cum was expelled from his tip. Su smiled and gathered up the liquid on her finger before bringing it to her mouth and sucking it off. “mmmm this is tasty Kei-kun, how come you never gave me this before.” She pouted cutely.

“S-Su-chan…” he moaned.

“Oh well you’ll just have to share more with me later, now hurry up and dressed.” Su smiled.

“O-Ok… um could you leave?” he asked.

“Do I have to?” she pouted. “OK, I’ll wait for you down stairs.” She smiled as she gave his cock a loving caress and a quick squeeze before walking out the room.

Keitaro sighed and started to get dressed. Once he was dressed he turned back to Kanako. The girl had curled up into a ball. Smiling at her he kissed her on the cheek and stroked her hair. The girl smiled in her sleep and mumbled “Onii-chan”.

Pulling out a sheet of paper and left her a note saying:

Dear Kanako-chan

Sorry I couldn’t say goodbye to you but you looked too cute to wake up. I’ll see you again as soon as I’ve finished this whole business with Su-chan’s family. Say goodbye to everyone and look after this place for me.


your Onii-chan

Tucking the covers tightly around her he gave her another small kiss before standing up and walking out the room. 

Living Room

“Hiya Kei-kun!” Su-cheered.

“shhh Su-chan, you’ll wake everyone up. Are you ready to go?”

“Yep!” she smiled.

“OK then get your coat on and we’ll get going.” He told her as he put on his own coat.

“I don’t need a coat Kei-kun.” She grinned at him.

Keitaro looked at her sceptically. She was wearing her customised school uniform which showed off her bellybutton and a lot of her legs due to her very short skirt. “Are you sure Su-chan? It’s quiet cold out.”

Su just grinned and leaped at him. Hugging him tightly she smiled. “See, you can keep me warm. Now zip up and let’s go!”

Keitaro raised an eyebrow. “Oh? And who is going to carry our bags?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something.” She said as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Sighing her pulled up the zipper and encased them in his jacket. Su squirmed comfortably in his embrace. Picking up their suitcases he headed out the door and down the stairs. Halfway down something occurred to him. “Hey Su-chan, how are we going to get to the airport? The trams won’t be running yet and there won’t be any cabs around.”

“Don’t worry I’ve taken care of it.” she smiled.

Keitaro raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Reaching the bottom of the steps he is greeted by a man standing in front of a limo. “Su-sama?”

Su crawled around to Keitaro’s back and poked her head through the top next to his. “Yep that’s me!” she said happily. “And this is Keitaro. He’s my assistant and body warmer.” She rubbed her cheek against his.

The man bowed low “It is an honour to meet you, Su-sama. I have been sent to take you to the airport. If you would please take a seat we will be on our way.” He told her as he opened the rear door.

Su smiled and dug her heals into Keitaro’s side spurring him on. The chauffeur took the bags from Keitaro as he entered the vehicle. Su slid around to the front again and nuzzled into his neck. “Su-chan, why are we taking a limo to the airport?”

“Mums sent him.” She said casually. “They also have a jet waiting for us.”

“She must be quite rich to do all this.”

Su shrugged. “I guess.” She said.

“Why is she going through all this trouble?”

“ ‘coz mums want to meet you, Kei-kun!” she pushed their lips together and slipped her tongue into his mouth.

“MMMMM! Su-chan stop! You can’t do that in public!”

“Then I can do it in private?” she asked sweetly.

“If you must.” He grumbled.

“Great!” pulling out an arm she pushes a button on the roof of the car and a glass partition rose in between the driver and them. “There, now that we’re alone…” She grinned and rubbed her nose against his. “What do you think we should do?” 

Arriving at the airport Keitaro stepped out the car with a very red face and several new bite marks on his neck. They were greeted by a group of people wearing business suits. An older, balding man stood out from the group. “Su-sama? I am Sorata Muon I run this airport. It is an honour to meet you.” he bowed low.

“Yea yea yea, hurry up. The sooner you shut up the sooner we can leave.” Su said irritably.

“Of course Su-sama.” The old man smiled the way only management can smile at someone whose parents could make life very difficult for him. “If you come this way we shall take your bags and get your… friend here through security.”

“No, we shall go straight to our jet.” Su stated.

“With all due respect Su-sama he needs to get all his details checked out before he is allowed to leave from our airport.” He smiled kindly in a way that indicated he was talking to a simpleton.

“With all due respect, what you say is irrelevant.” She said with all the arrogance of someone who knew how much power she had and how to use it. Pulling an arm free she let a document unfold “This is my proof of diplomatic immunity. It means that I do not have to waste my time with such trivialities. It also grants immunity to those in my entourage. Keitaro here is my assistant and bodyguard. Now unless you wish me to call home and tell them how displeased I am with you, you will take us straight to our jet. ”

“Y-yes of course Su-sama, my deepest apologies. P-please come this way.” He bowed low.

Su just huffed and kicked her heels, urging Keitaro forward. “Hey, Su-chan? What was all that about?”

“He was just being a silly bureaucrat. Never mind about him.” She dismissed the topic.

“Is it really alright to do this?”

“Of course it is Kei-kun.” She rubbed her cheek against his.

“What about all that stuff about diplomatic immunity?”

“What about it?”

“Well, do we really have it?”

“Yep! I told you that mums was important didn’t I?”

“Yeah but I didn’t think you had this much influence.”

“Fu Fu Fu, silly Kei-kun. You should know better than to underestimate me.”

“True, but what was all this about me being your assistant and bodyguard?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well you always do something when I ask you don’t you?” she asks sweetly.

Reviewing past experience he nodded. “Well that makes you my assistant.”

“And the bodyguard part?”

“Well I can’t think of anyone who would be better at protecting me than someone indestructible!” she said happily.

Keitaro just shook his head as they arrived at the stairs up to the plane. Sorata turned and bowed to them. “I hope you have a good flight Su-sama.”

“It’s about time.” She sniffed.

“I apologise for the delay.” He said still bowing.

“Whatever, you may go now.” She dismissed him with a yawn.

Walking up the stairs, they enter the plain. “Wow, this place is amazing.” Keitaro mentioned.

“Yep, and it’s all ours!” she grinned as she pulled down his zipper and jumped off him.

“Is it really alright for us to fly in this?”

“Of course it is my family owns it.” she told him as she lead him through the plane.

“Why’s there a bed in here, Su-chan?” he asked her, looking suspiciously at the large double bed.

“Well in order to be able to fly right away, we have to leave very early in the morning. And since it’s still early the bed is so people can get to sleep.”

“I see.”

“Yep, now come on.” She pushed him onto the bed and laid on top of him.

“S-Su-chan what are you doing!” he cried.

“Sleeping of course.” She smiled as she snuggled into his chest. “You should get some sleep too. It will be a while until we land.” She said as she drifted off to sleep.

Not given much choice in the matter Keitaro wrapped his arms around the girl and fell asleep.

“Wake up Kei-kun. We’re going to be landing soon.” A voice woke him up. Blinking away the sleep it took him a moment to realise that he was staring at the cabin ceiling. Turning to the source of the voice and his eye’s went wide. By the side of the bed he saw Su’s naked ass waving back and forth. Keitaro stared at her tanned rear for a moment before he realised what he was doing.

“W-what are you doing, Su-chan?”

“I’m getting changed of course, you don’t expect me to return home in my school uniform do you?” she turned away from the drawer she was riffling through and straddled his chest. “Or maybe you want me to stay naked?” she grabbed his head pulled him to her pussy.

Keitaro’s eyes went wide as his senses were assaulted. Her smell hung in his nose, her taste coating his tongue, her soft thighs stroking his cheeks, his eyes glued to the blond hair in front of his face and his ears rung with sounds of her soft moans. Su rubbed against him for a moment longer before he realised what was happening and he grabbed her hips to push her back. “S-Su-chan!”

“Oh I’m sorry Kei-kun.” She stroked his hair. “I forgot that you had a thing for my butt.” Turning she wiggled her ass in his face. Keitaro just stared at the shaking rear-end, his hands still on her hips slid down to stroke it. Su moaned slightly as she unbuttoned his trousers, unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard cock. Smiling she said “mmmm you must really like my butt.” Gently blowing on it she giggled as it twitched and spat out a drop of pre-cum. Extending her tongue she licked up the salty fluid. Keitaro groaned at the new sensation as more spilled out of his tip. Grinning she said “mmmmm that’s so yummy Kei-kun. Make sure you give me lots more ok?”

Coming to his senses he grabs her hips again and pushed her off him. Su looked at him confused “What’s wrong Kei-kun?”

“Su-chan we shouldn’t do that.” He panted.

Su’s eyes welled up with tears and she pouted. “Why? Don’t you love Su?”

“Su-chan…” he tried to calm her down. Crawling towards him she sat on his lap and wrapped her arms and legs around his chest.

“Su-chan loves Kei-kun, don’t you love Su too?” her lower lip quivering.

Keitaro sighed and gently stroked her back “Of course I love you Su-chan, but we still shouldn’t do things like that.”

“ohhhh but I like doing this! I love being naked with Keitaro. I love feeling you pressed up against me. It makes me feel so good here.” She pulled his hand so that it cupped her sex.

“I-I know you do Su-chan but you’re only 14 years old. You shouldn’t be doing things like that yet.”

“But Su love’s Keitaro.” She repeated.

“And I love you too but we can’t do things like that OK?” he reasoned with her.

“OK, Su will be good. Do you still love Su?”

“Of course I do.” He stroked her hair.

“Yay!” she instantly changed her persona and kissed him on the lips.

“Su you just said that you would be good!” he cried as he backed away.

“But if Su can’t do other things with Kei-kun why can’t we kiss?”

Keitaro sighed. It was a small concession but more than he expected to get away with “OK Su-chan you can still kiss me, but only when we’re alone OK?”

She smiled sweetly and grabbed the back of his head; pulling him into a kiss she stuck her tongue in his mouth. Keitaro reluctantly responded with his own tongue, his hands stroking her back and gently brushing against her ass. The pair moaned into each other’s mouths before Keitaro broke the kiss. “O-OK Su-chan I think you should get dressed now.”

“OK Kei-kun.” She sighed happily as she slipped off his lap. Seeing the current state of his cock she reached out and gave him a loving squeeze. “So cute!”

“Su-chan you said that you’d behave.” He grunted.

“I know, but I just wanted one more squeeze.” She smiled as she put his dick away and carefully zipped him back up. “OK Kei-kun, come help me get dressed.”

“Why do you need my help?”

“You’re my assistant aren’t you? Assist me getting dressed.” She grinned as lead him over to the drawers.

“OK what do you need my help with?”

“Well I need you to help me choose what panties to wear.” She said as she pulled out a pair and showed it to him. Keitaro stared at the skimpy underwear, his mind imagining Su wearing it. Su forced him to sit on the floor in front of the drawers and slipped on the revealing panties. Su spun around and bent forward. “So? What do you think of this one?”

Keitaro licked his dry lips. “It, er, it looks good on you.”

Su smiled and lowered her panties. Dropping them on his head she said “You hold on to this for now. We have a lot more to try on.”

Su then modelled each and every pair of panties that were in the drawers. Keitaro watched in wide eyed amazement. He never realised that there were so many different styles of panties and it seemed that Su owned at least one of every type. From G-strings to boyshorts, from bikinis to cotton print panties Su had them all and was not shy about discussing their charms with Keitaro. After trying on every pair she removed a few and tried them all on again this time giving Keitaro a different set of poses. Narrowing down the choices, Keitaro ended up holding three, a pair of crotchless panties, a G-String which was barely more than two pieces of string and a pair of cotton panties with a bear print on them.

“What do you think of these?” she held out the bear panties.

“T-They’re cute” he stuttered.

“mmmm I’m not sure. Shinobu’s panties are a bit small for me.” She commented.

“T-Those are Shinobu-chan’s?”

“Yep you can tell by the smell!” with that she put the panties over his face, the crotch covering his nose.

Keitaro caught a whiff of the aroma that clung to the panties before pulling them off. “Su-chan, you shouldn’t do that- huh what’s this stain?” he asked looking closely at the crotch.

Su sat on his lap. “Oh that’s just Shinobu juice.”

“S-Shinobu juice!?” he asked shocked.

“Yep. From late at night when she thinks she’s all alone. She has fun all by herself by doing this.” Sliding her hand down her body she begins to rub her pussy. She leans into his neck and mewed happily as she spread open her flower and gently thrust a finger in and out of her little hole.

Keitaro could only watch in amazement at what she was doing I his lap. He couldn’t believe that his innocent little Shinobu could be doing this. In his mind he imagined Shinobu’s blushing face as she squirmed under her own ministrations, making soft moaning sounds in that cute voice of hers. Keitaro was brought back to reality when Su’s groans got louder. Grabbing her hand he said. “S-Su-chan you shouldn’t do that!”

“Why not? Shinobu does it all the time!” she pouted.

Fighting off more mental images of Shinobu and her busy hands he said “T-That may be the case but she does not do it when other people are in the room!”

“OK…” she said sadly. “Any way which of these two do you think is softer?” she rubbed the two panties against his cheeks.

“I-I’m not sure.” He said. As she rubbed closer to his nose he could smell her scent sending another wave of sensations to his already bulging cock.

“mmm I think I’ll go with this one.” She mused as she threw the crotchless panties to the side, leaving her with the G-string. Handing it to Keitaro she laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Keitaro nearly choked on his own tongue when he eyed her exposed moist slit. “W-what are you doing now!?”

“Waiting for you to put them on of course. You’re not doing a very good job at being my assistant.” She smiled as she waved a foot at him. Swallowing, he stood up and hooked her legs through the leg openings. Su closed her legs slightly so that as he lowered her underwear his cheeks brushed against them. Reaching the top of her legs he realised that he would have to lift her ass up himself as the smile she was giving him clearly indicated that she had no intention of doing it for him. Slipping his hands under her butt he lifts and quickly pulled them the rest of the way.

“Thank you Kei-kun.” She smiled as she stood up. Grabbing the sides of the panties she pulled them up so they were swallowed by her pussy lips. Su turned around and showed him that the same was true for her ass cheeks. Wrapping her arms around his neck she shoved her tongue into his mouth. Keitaro moaned and stroked her back. Su was more ambitious used her foot to gently rub his dick.

Keitaro moaned and broke the kiss. Looking into her beautiful green eyes he saw her smile sweetly at him. “Come on Kei-kun you have to finish getting me dressed.” Nodding he allowed her to lead him over to a cupboard and pulled out the clothes she wore when she was in adult form. She made him tie her skirt around her hips and held up her arms so he could slip on her pink top. “D-Don’t you need a bra?” he asked.

“Nope, my boobs aren’t big enough to need one. I think they would be better if they were bigger don’t you?” she arched her back and Keitaro could see almost completely through the thin material, her hard nipples almost making little holes in the fabric.

“I-I think they’re fine” he stared at them.

“Thank you Kei-kun. Come on we better sit down, we’re gonna land soon.” Leading him to a chair she sat him down in a chair and sat on his lap. Grabbing his hands she slipped them under her top to fondle her breasts.


“If you don’t want to hold on to me there you can put your hands somewhere else.” She grinned as she lowered one hand down to the waistband of her skirt. His eyes bulged out and quickly brought the hand back to her breasts.

“No-No it’s fine where they are!”

“Good.” She fastened the seatbelt around them and leaned back happily into his chest. 

Walking down the stairs with Su on his shoulders he asked her.

“Where do we go now Su-chan?”

“You see that helicopter over there? Well we’re gonna take it to where we are going.” She explains.

“We’re taking a helicopter? Why don’t we just take a cab or something?”

“It’s a lot quicker if we take the helicopter. Don’t worry about our bags they’ll be taken to where we’re staying.”

They were met by a group of men in suits and after a brief discussion in Molmolan with them and Su the men bowed and led them to the helicopter. Boarding the helicopter the men bowed and bid them goodbye. As they flew off Keitaro looked out the window and looked out the window in awe.

“Wow, you’re country is really beautiful, Su-chan”

“Fu Fu Fu, I’m glad you approve Kei-kun.” She smiled as she rubbed his crotch. Quickly removing her hand he checks to see if the pilot had seen. Looking back at Su she just winks and smiled sweetly at him. Sighing he just turned to look out the window for the rest of the flight.

“Su-chan, where are we landing?” he asked as they descended.

“The palace of course.” She grinned happily at him.

“Why are we landing at the palace!”

“ ‘cos that’s where mums live!”

“She lives in the palace?” he asks surprised.

“Of course, were else would Queens live?”

“Queen! Wait does that mean that you and Amalla-san are princesses?”

“Didn’t you know?”

“How would I?”

“I thought our natural charm and grace was a giveaway.” She grinned at him.

Shaking his head he let out a sigh while she laughed. As the helicopter touched down the waited for the rotors to stop spinning before they got out. As they walked off the roof of the palace they were greeted by Amalla.

“Hey Kaolla.” Amalla smiled as they hugged each other. “How are you?”

“I’m fine Nee-san, How have you been?” Su asked in a concerned voice.

“I’m fine now that you are here.” She gave her a soft smile. Seeing Keitaro she gave him a large smile and wrapped her arms around his neck. “It’s good to see you again, Kei-kun” she said before sealing their lips together and slipping her tongue in his mouth.

Keitaro’s eyes went wide and all he could do was place his hands on her hips and allow her to do as she wanted. As she broke the kiss she let her tongue run along his lips before smiling at him. “Amalla-san, w-what are you doing? What about Lamba-san?”

Her smile faded slightly at the mention of her husband but she dismissed the topic. “There will be time for talk later but right now Mums have prepared a meal and are waiting to meet you.”

Su and Amalla linked arms with him and lead Keitaro through the palace. Keitaro blushed as their breasts rubbed against him, but the Su sisters seemed to enjoy his discomfort. Entering a dining room he sees two beautiful women. One had long black hair flowing past her waist and seemed to be Japanese, her pale skin reminding Keitaro of Motoko and her sister while the other had shortish blond hair much like Su’s and tanned much like her daughters. Both women looked quite young, no older than late 20’s though to have a daughter as old as Amalla one must have been in her 30’s. Both woman wore similar clothes to Su and Amalla’s in that it was very light and very revealing.

“Kei-kun, allow me to introduce our mothers Queen Asuna Su and Queen Nina Su.” Amalla told him.

Keitaro hastily bowed. “I-It is an honour to meet you your highnesses.”

He heard the royal family laugh at his awkwardness. “Please Kei-kun there is no need for such formality.” Looking up, the blond queen smiled as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. Keitaro’s eyes went wide as the queen pushed her tongue into his mouth. He let out a groan as the queen reached down and rubbed his dick through his trousers. ‘Maybe this is how all the women of this family greet people’ he thought to himself as he moaned into the kiss and rested his hands on her hips. The queen broke the kiss with a soft groan. “Please call me Nina.” She breathed into his ear.

“S-Sure, w-whatever you say.” He stuttered. The queen smiled as she was replaced by the other. “And please call me Asuna.” The black haired queen didn’t give him a chance to respond as she shoved her tongue into his mouth. She was not as subtle as Nina and she slid her hand inside his trousers to directly fondle his cock and balls. Keitaro groaned and pulled her closer to him, his hands squeezing her toned rear. “MMMM very nice.” She groaned as she broke the kiss. “I can see why my daughters like you so much.” She lightly bit his ear.

“W-What do you mean?” he panted.

“Nothing to worry about Kei-kun.” She smiled as she stroked his tip with her thumb making him shiver. Smiling she licked his ear and said “You must be starving Kei-kun, please allow us to feed you.”

“O-Ok.” He stuttered. Both queens pushed their bodies against his and wrapped his arms around their hips while the led him to the table. “We hope you find everything to your satisfaction Kei-kun.” Nina held out some food for him. As he took it the queen slipped her fingers into his mouth and slowly stroked his tongue. Pulling out, she smiled and licked his saliva off her finger. Amalla went a step further. Taking a piece of fruit she ordered him to open his mouth. Placing the fruit in her mouth she kissed him, her tongue pushing the fruit into his. Pulling away she kissed his nose and smiled. Not to be out done Su asked “Do you want a drink, Kei-kun?”

Keitaro could barely nod. Su took a big gulp of water and sealed her lips to his, the liquid flowing into his mouth along with her tongue. Keitaro moaned as she explored his mouth. Asuna was content to press her body against him and slowly stroke his dick.

Finishing the meal, each woman feeding him in their own unique way and Asuna bringing him to the edge of orgasm only to stop her movements and letting him calm down before starting all over again, Nina asked Keitaro “Do you know why we wanted to meet you?” as she rubbed his thigh.

“N-not really, no.” he admitted as Asuna gave him a squeeze. “B-But I think it has something to do with Su-ch- I mean Kaolla-chan being allowed to live in Japan.”

“In a way yes. I think that it would be best to explain everything to you. You met Lamba when he went to Japan yes? And you know that he and Amalla were married yes?” Keitaro nodded. “Well he was the king up to several months ago when he passed away.” Keitaro’s eyes went wide and he turned to Amalla and took her hand in his.

“Amalla-san I’m so sorry. Are you alright?” he asked concerned. Amalla pulled his hand up to her cheek and kissed it lightly. “I am fine now Kei-kun. It was not unexpected so I had time to come to terms with it.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to him?”

“A genetic disease. Due to the closed off gene pool of our island we have many people with genetic weaknesses. It is more prominent in the royal family than the other people of our nation, and is also what clamed our father’s life, the king Lamba succeeded. The disease appears to only be passed on by and affects only the males of our family.” Amalla explained.

“I’m sorry.” Was all Keitaro could think of saying. The women smiled thankfully at him and Asuna squeezed his cock in thanks.

“You are kind, Kei-kun, but do not concern yourself. We have all come to terms with it long ago.”

“So what does all this have to do with me and Kaolla-chan?”

“Due to traditions of our country we need a King. Queens are allowed to run every facet of our country but only if a King is present to give them the authority to do so. That is what allowed the previous king to live so long and why Lamba’s life was so short. Lamba felt that he had something to prove and so shouldered all the reasonability of running the county without our help. The stress aggravated his condition to the point it was fatal. If we do not find a King soon we will start to be challenged by those that want power. It might even get to the point where we are deposed or forced to marry someone who is only after the throne and the power that comes with it. So we want to have a King we know we can trust. That is why we want to ask you to be king.”

Keitaro’s eyes went wide “Me! W-Why would you want me to be King?!”

“Our daughters have told us all about you. They have both taken a liking to you, and we all believe that you would be suitable for the position.”

“But you’ve just met me!”

“Yes, but you have lived with Kaolla for some time now and have met Amalla on multiple occasions and from what they have told us we would have no problem with you being our king.” Asuna said lightly kissing his neck.

“B-but I have no idea how to be a King!”

“You would not have to do anything. We are more than capable of running the country. We just need you to be a figurehead.” Nina told him.

“So to be King I would have to marry into your family right? Who would I be marrying?”

“All of us!” Su said happily.

“W-what do you mean? How could I marry all of you?!”

“Molmol is a polygamist society. You can have as many wives as you want.” Amalla said as she lightly kissed each of his fingers.

“It is!?”

“Yes, years ago when the birth rate fell dramatically the king at the time made it legal for men to take multiple wives. The law was never repealed and it is still legal to do so but it is rarely done now days outside of the royal family. Did you not notice that both myself and Asuna are queens and are Amalla’s and Koalla’s mothers?”

“I-I’ve kind of been distracted.” His eyes glancing down to his crotch where Asuna’s hand was still stroking him.

“I can see that.” Nina smiled and placed her hand on top of his dick. “Asuna, dear, there will be time for that later and I believe Kei-kun should be concentrating on other matters.”

Asuna sighed “I suppose you’re right.” She gave him one more pump, before withdrawing her hand and licking the pre-cum off her fingers and palm.

“But why do you all want to marry me?” he managed to say as he stared at the black haired Queen’s tongue lap up his fluid.

“For the same reason the law was originally put in place. We are the last of the royal family and need heirs. And you are far more likely to get someone pregnant if you are married to all of us rather than just one.” Nina told him.

“Not to mention that it’s been a while since me and Nina has had sex with a man. No offence sweetie but as much as I enjoy what we do together, it’s no substitute to having a man between your legs.” Asuna added as she leaned across Keitaro to stroke her wife’s thigh.

Nina smiled “I understand, I know exactly what you mean.” She leaned in and the two Queens kissed each other.

“So you just want me to sit around and try and give you guy’s babies?” he asked not really believing the situation he was in and fighting off images of the queens together.

“Is that so bad?” Asuna asked sweetly as she broke the kiss. “You will have all the power of a King, you will spend the rest of your life in luxury, having sex whenever you want with beautiful women. Not many men get this offer.”

“I-I’m not sure, I mean I have a lot of responsibilities back home, not to mention the girls…”

“You could just bring all the girls other here and marry them.” Nina smiled.

“I-I could?”

“Of course. You can marry as many women as you want. If you see a woman on the street that you like you could propose to them as long they are not already married. In theory you could marry every woman in Molmol if they said yes.” Asuna told him as she went back to kissing his neck.

“I see…” he swallowed hard as he imagined all his girls naked on a bed, writhing in each other’s arms, begging for him to join them. “I-I’m still not sure…”

“You don’t have to decide right now, Kei-kun. We still have a while before we start to have trouble. We just want to make a pre-emptive strike and prevent anyone making a power play.” Amalla smiled at him.

“It’s been a long day, and I’m sure you must be tired. We can continue this discussion tomorrow when you are feeling more refreshed.” Nina smiled. “Kotomi, please come here.”

A girl of about 16 entered from a side door. She wore the same as the royal family except that her skirt was extremely short, showing off her panties as she walked and that her top only just covered her breasts. Keitaro noted that she wore a collar embossed with the three eyes that marked all of Su’s inventions. The girl knelt in front of them with a smile and bowed low.

“Kotomi, this is Keitaro Urashima the man we told about. He will be in your care during his stay here.” Nina smiled at the girl.

“Yes Mistress.” She smiled at him.

“Kei-kun this is Kotomi, she will look after you. If you need anything just ask her.”

“I will try not to be bothersome.” He smiled at her.

“Do not concern yourself with that Keitaro-sama; it is a slaves duty to see to the needs of their master.”

“You’re a slave?” he asked frowning.

“It does not mean the same to you as it does to us.” Amalla quickly explained. “Household staff are separated into two categories. Servants, who go home every day and receive a pay cheque, and slaves who live in the care of their masters or mistresses. In exchange for room and board they work, just like your Shinobu. They are free to leave the service of their master if they wish but few do.”


“Because slaves are usually people who have nothing, like orphans or the homeless. They are rescued by their masters and generally stay with them until old age as a way of thanking them.” Kotomi explained to him. “The Mistresses took me in when I was a child and I could not imagine a happier life.”

Asuna smiled and crawled towards her slave. “And we couldn’t have asked for a better slave.” The Queen ran her hands up Kotomi’s body to cup her breasts as she leaned in to kiss the girl who eagerly responded in kind. As Asuna slid her hand down to stroke her slaves sex she felt someone grope her butt. Turning she sees Nina running her finger along her ass crack. “Now, Now dear, Kotomi is here to look after Kei-kuns needs not yours. That’s why I’m here.” She smiled.

“Yes, you’re right.” She left Kotomi and gave Nina a quick kiss before straddling Keitaros legs. “My apologies Kei-kun, I hope you can forgive me.”

“D-Don’t worry about it.”

“Thank you, Kei-kun. You’re such a kind man. But if there is anything I can do to make up for it just let me know OK?” She leaned in kissed him deeply. Keitaro could only return the kiss and rest his hands on her hips. “I hope you accept our request. I can feel it in my heart that you would make an excellent king.” She grabbed a hold of his hand and held it to her breast. Keitaro unconsciously squeezed her breast. “MMMMM yes, defiantly an excellent king!” she moaned. As she leaned in for another kiss two tanned arms wrapped around her, one groping her free breast and the other slipping underneath her waistband and rubbing vigorously.

“Now dear, we just said that we would leave Kei-kun in Kotomi’s care didn’t we? And then you go and do something like that, you’re so naughty aren’t?” Nina lightly bit the moaning Queens neck. “Kei-kun, while you are here you will be treated as if you are the king. We wish you to see what you can expect if you accept our offer.”

“MMM yes. Kotomi will show you exactly what it’s like to be king.” Asuna moaned happily. “She is our very best slave, and is very good at serving her masters.” She arched her back as her wife’s fingers invaded her pussy. Keitaro watched as the queen on his lap was fingered, his hand still resting on her breast. Reaching out she grabbed onto his collar and pulled him close “I look forward to spending more time with you later.” She then pulled his mouth to hers and sucked his tongue into her mouth. As she released his mouth Nina leaned over Asuna’s shoulder and said

“We will have an opportunity to get to know each other better later.” She extended her tongue to lick his lips. Keitaro was then flanked by Su and Amalla. “I’m glad you came Kei-kun.” The elder sister said as she pressed her breasts against him.

“We’ll play later OK Kei-kun?” Su smiled and nibbled his neck. The sisters pulled Keitaro out from under the queens who continued to enjoy themselves. Groping his butt they led him over to Kotomi. Petting the kneeling girls head Amalla smiled “We’ll leave him in your capable hands.”

“Yes Mistress.” The slave smiled and nuzzled into the hand. Standing, she held on to his arm.

“Please come this way Keitaro-sama, I will show you to your room.”

“S-sure.” He said as he allowed her to pull him away, his eyes not leaving the queens. Out in the corridor his mind cleared and he was able examine the slave more closely. She had long purple hair reaching halfway down her back, her skin was pale nothing like the native Molmolans, her large round eyes had a tint of violet in them. She had a slim figure and her chest size halfway between Amalla’s and Su’s. Her small hips swayed back and forth as she escorted him through the palace. His eyes eventually fell on the collar around her neck.

“Is everything alright Keitaro-sama?” she smiled up at him.

“Y-yes, um you don’t have to call me sama.”

“Of course I do. The proper way for a slave to address the guests of the people their work for is master but Mistress Amalla told me that you might be uncomfortable with it. But if you want I will be happy to call you Master.”

“N-no, sama is fine.”

Kotomi tilted her head to the side. “Is the fact that I am a slave making you uncomfortable?”

“I’m just not sure if slavery is a good thing, I mean they don’t pay you anything do they? Doesn’t that mean that you can’t leave even if you wanted to?”

“Why would I want to leave? The Mistresses have taken care of me since I was a child. They fed me, clothed me and gave me shelter and they continue to do so. Is it really so much to ask that I work for them after they have done so much for me?”

“But what about what queen Asuna did to you? How long has she been doing that to you?”

“You mean how long have we been intimate?” she asked with a small blush. “For a few years now the Mistresses have let me share their bed.”

“And you’re alright with that?”

“Shouldn’t I be? I love making love to the Mistresses. The things that we do together make me feel so wonderful. They never forced me to do anything nor would they ever punish me if I told them I did not want to make love with them.”

“When you say mistresses, are you including Kaolla-chan and Amalla-san?”

“They have always treated me as if I was a sister. I love them with all my heart and can’t wait until the day I can be a real sister to them.”

“What do you mean?”

“We told you that slaves often work until their old age but when they become too old to work if they have earned it they are treated as if they are part of their masters family.” She smiled.

“And that’s what you want?”

“More than anything.” She fingered the seal on her collar. “And no I have never slept with Mistress Kaolla. But since Master Lamba died I have been sleeping with Mistress Amalla.”

“By sleeping you mean?”

“Mainly holding her while she sleeps, but every once in a while we make love.”

“I-I see…” he said as more images flooded his mind. Looking over her body his eyes rests on her collar. “What about the collar?”

“What about it?”

“Well isn’t it a bit demeaning?”

“Not at all, it’s something to be proud of. It represents the kindness of the Mistresses and my commitment to their family. I do not think I will ever remove this collar.” She ran her fingers along her accessory.

“I see.” Was all he could say.

“You don’t approve?”

“It’s just a bit strange.”

“Really? How does your country help its homeless people?”

“Um well there are support groups for homeless people.” He said weakly. Kotomi just looked at him with a slightly smug smile.

“I see. Your room is here Keitaro-sama.” She stopped in front of a door. Pushing it open she led him through the door and into a lavish room.

“This is where I will be staying?” he asked amazed.

“It does not meet with your approval?” she asked.

“N-No this is fine, it’s just… wow!”

“I’m glad you like it, please come this way.” She led him over to the large bed. “Your bags have yet to arrive but Mistress Amalla asked me to prepare some clothing for you.” she showed him the drawers next to the bed. “Do you wish to sleep now?”

“Er yes, if that’s alright.”

“Mistress already told you that you are to be treated as king. You may do as you wish Keitaro-sama.” She smiled

“Oh, OK I think I will turn in for the night.”

“Very well Keitaro-sama.” Kotomi stepped towards him and started to unbutton his shirt.

“W-What are you doing?” he asked shocked.

“Helping you get undressed of course.” She smiled.

“You don’t have to do that.” He said nervously.

“Nonsense Keitaro-sama, it’s the slave’s duty to serve her master in every way.” She completely undid all his buttons before slipping it off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Pressing her body close to his she ran her hands over his slightly toned chest. “Do you work out Keitaro-sama?” she asked as she lightly brushed one of his nipples.

“N-no not really. It’s just taking care of the inn is a lot of work.” He told her with a dry mouth.

“I see.” She replied, placing gentle kisses on his chest. “Keitaro-sama may I ask you for a favour?”

“S-sure.” He said trying to ignore the beautiful girl pressed up against his body.

“May I call you Master? It’s a lot simpler than saying Keitaro-sama.”

“If you want.” He gasped as her lips kissed his nipple.

“Thank you Master!” Kotomi cried happily as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, her leg coming between his and rubbing his groin. For once Keitaro wasn’t caught by surprise. In the past 24 hours he had been kissed more than in his entire life. That didn’t stop him moaning and running his hands through her hair. Kotomi’s hands slowly slid down his chest to his trousers. There she undid the button and pulled down his fly, letting them drop to the floor with his underwear following. Realising that he was naked Keitaro broke the kiss and covered his erect cock with his hands.

“There is no need for you to cover up Master.” She smiled. “Will this make you feel better?” Kotomi quickly stripped off all her clothes leaving her body open for inspection by Keitaro. He saw her tiny nipples atop her well shaped breasts and the small thatch of purple hair above her pussy. Stepping towards him she pulled his hands away and pressed her body against his, one hand cupping his swollen balls and the other rubbing his shaft.

“mmm Master.” She purred. “Your balls are so heavy and full. Don’t you ever pleasure yourself?”

“I-I don’t usually get a chance to.” He groaned as his hands started to grope her ass.

“And there is no one at your home to take care of your needs?” she lightly sucked on his nipple.

“N-no!” he moaned as she gently squeezed his sac and rolled his balls in her hand.

“Poor Master. You must be so frustrated. Please allow your slave to service you.” Kotomi gently pushed so that Keitaro fell back onto the bed. Crawling between his legs she smiled before engulfing his cock head in her mouth. Keitaro moaned as her tongue lashed his slit encouraging more pre-cum to escape. Letting go of his tip, she kissed up and down his length.

“K-Kotomi-chan!” he panted.

“Shhhhh Master. Just let me take care of you.” she said, running her tongue around his crown, lapping up the flowing pre-cum. Still massaging his balls, Kotomi took the head in her mouth again before lowering herself to his base and sealing her lips tightly around him. Sucking hard she slowly dragged her lips up his shaft where she ran her tongue around his tip before dragging down again. Keitaro’s hands made their way to the slaves hair, pushing her head up and down, trying to make her go faster. Doing as he wanted she increased her speed until he arched his back and erupted in her mouth. Quickly swallowing his salty offering she smiled around his dick as he thrust his hips upwards and released another blast into her awaiting mouth. Once he finished cumming, Kotomi curled her lips over her teeth and clamped down, gently dragging her way up off his tip. “MMMM Master you came so much!” she lightly licked his slit which made his cock twitch. “But your balls are still so full and your cock is still so hard!” she him a quick squeeze. “You’re amazing Master!” she giggled happily as she dipped her head and took his balls in her mouth and gently sucked on them.

“K-Kotomi-chan...” Keitaro groaned as the slaves tongue swirled around his balls.

“Oh my, I do hope we are not interrupting something.” A voice called out. Turning his hazy eyes towards the door they went wide as he saw the whole royal family grinning at him. “What do you say we join them?” Queen Asuna said as her tongue ran along her lips.

“mmmm that sounds like a good idea.” Amalla moaned as she started to remove her clothes. As if taking their cue the other royal ladies started to disrobe. Keitaro’s eyes widened as the four naked women approached him, their hips swaying and breasts bouncing. Even Su and her small bust seemed to bounce as she sauntered up to him. The Su family crawled onto the bed and up to Keitaro, one princess and one queen on each side. “It looks like you are having fun Kei-kun.” Amalla giggled as her hand descended to stroke his wet cock.

“Bad Keitaro! Having a good time without me!” Su scolded him and lightly licked his nipple.

Keitaro was in no fit state to respond. All he could do was gaze at the naked flesh that was on display before him. From Su’s small mounds to Nina’s large firm mammaries, Amalla’s silvery pubic hair above moist slit to Asuna’s pale skin and long silky hair all Keitaro could do was stare and drool.

“mmm I think he like likes what he sees.” Nina grinned as she leaned down and licked the saliva from the corner of his mouth. Keitaro’s eyes followed every bounce and jiggle of her breasts. As her tongue touched his lips his breath hitched. “Nina-san...” he breathed.

“Hey Kotomi, how much cum has he got left?” Asuna asked as she teased him with her breasts, holding them above his mouth and raising them out of his reach when he tried to suckle on them.

Reluctantly releasing his swollen balls she gave them a lick before saying “Master is amazing! Even after he filled my stomach he’s still so big and full.” She grinned. “Here, have a feel Mistress!” Kotomi took a hold of his balls in one hand and proffered them to the dark haired queen.

“Don’t mind if I do!” she grinned. She let Keitaro’s mouth graze one of her nipples before pulling away completely, crawling on all fours, her ass shaking generously as she knew his eyes would be firmly on her rear and the cleft between her legs. And so his eyes were, mesmerised by the sight until Amalla took the queens place.

Reaching out Asuna gently took his sac from the slave and rolled the balls between her fingers. “mmm They are full aren’t they?” she purred as she gave them a quick squeeze. “We’re going to have to do something about this aren’t we?”

“I like the sound of that.” Su cooed. Moving away from his upper body the royals surrounded his dick. Kotomi brought his balls back into her mouth, Amalla straddled the slaves back, her face close to the focus of attention. The two queens laid to the sides facing his swollen cock while Su lay on his chest with everything she had on display to Keitaro. “It’s so cute!” she grinned and gently blew on it.

“I think it’s time to give our little Kaolla her first lesson in pleasing her man.” Nina grinned as she lightly ran her finger over the tip of cock. “This is a penis, also called cock, dick, prick and many other things. This part here is the tip also known as the head. It is the most sensitive part of the cock. Watch.” Slowly extending her tongue, she ran it around the head. Keitaro’s whole body shivered at the sensation and a spurt of pre-cum was expelled from his slit. Smiling she pulled her face back and grabbed the base of his cock, squeezing tightly she pulled her hand upward until it stopped below his tip and pointed it towards her daughter. “This is pre-cum, it acts as a lubricant but also tastes delicious. Have a taste.” Doing as she was told Su took the tip of his cock in her mouth and sucked, coaxing more of the fluid out from him.

“Tastes just as good as last time!” she grinned.

“Oh? Have you and Keitaro been getting up to naughty things?” Asuna giggled.

“Kei-kun let me have a taste on the plane ride here.” Su smiled happily. “And now I get to taste it all the time!”

“Well pre-cum isn’t the only delicious thing that comes out of there.” The dark haired queen smiled.

“There is?” Su asked with amazement in her eyes.

“Uhuh, it’s called sperm or cum. It’s thick, white stuff that’s really sticky and there’s nothing better than your lover blowing his hot creamy load in your mouth, swishing it around before letting it slowly slide down the back of your throat.” She said breathily. Keitaro groaned and his cock twitched at her graphic description.

“oooo I wanna try some of that! How do you make that come out?” Su demanded.

“One thing at a time Kaolla, one thing at a time. Now these,” Asuna reached down and pulled the balls out of the slave who pouted in disappointment. “are his balls.” She gently fondled them. “These are very precious. This is where all that lovely cum is made and must be looked after and shown lots of love. Something that Kotomi has been doing very well.” The queen smiled and petted the girls head. “Take them in your hand but be very gentle.” Su leaned forward, her cheek resting against his prick, and gently held them, slowly turning them over in her hands. Keitaro groaned again at the attention.

“They’re so warm.” Su commented, slowly stroking them. “and soft too.”

“Yes and we’re very lucky that Kei-kun doesn’t have much hair down here so we can see him clearly” Amalla grinned as she took the swollen orbs from her sisters hands and brought them back to the slaves mouth. “Open wide, Kotomi.” She said as she fed the girl his balls. “Now the final thing you are going to learn about today is his shaft.” Amalla continued “In Keitaro’s case we are very lucky as he is quite long and thick. That means it’ll feel great when he enters you.” She moaned as she rubbed her groin against Kotomi’s back. “As for making him feel good, even though the head is the most sensitive part you have to grab a hold of him like this.” She demonstrated by grabbing his member and started to pump her hand up and down. Keitaro groaned again as more pre-cum spilled from his tip, coating Amalla’s hand.

“Look more pre-cum is cumming out!” Su cheered. “ Is his cum gonna come out soon?”

“Soon, but to get the most out of him you have to more than just this. If you suck on his tip while stroking and play with his balls then he will give you lots of cum and it will come out sooner. Since Kotomi is taking care of his balls why don’t you take care of the rest of him?” Amalla smiled at her sister.

Su grinned widely. “That sounds like fun!” she agreed. Taking the cock out of her sisters hand and sealed her lips around the head and sucked hard, her tongue scooping up all of his leaked pre-cum. Giving the dick a squeeze she slowly began to run her hand up and down the erect shaft making his body shudder and groan.

“I think he’s enjoying it.” Nina grinned. “Aren’t you Keitaro?” she looked towards the head of the bed to see Keitaro staring down at them, his eyes wide and mouth agape. Crawling upwards to investigate Nina’s grin grew even wider as she saw that her daughters dripping pussy and tiny asshole were on display.

“Oh my! What a naughty boy you are, peeping at my poor innocent daughter!” she licked her lips “Tell me Kei-kun, what’s your favourite part? Is it her juicy pink pussy?” Nina asked as she raised Su’s hips and spread the girls lower lips, which let a steady stream of Su juice drool out onto his stomach.

“mmm, uh-uh, Kei-kun likes my butt the best!” Su said as she momentarily released his cock before capturing it again.

“Is that true Kei-kun?” Asuna joined her wife “Do you like our little Kaolla’s tight little butthole?” she asked as she spread her daughters cheeks and dipped her forefinger into the pool of juice collecting in his navel before bringing the finger up to Su’s crack to circle her nether entrance and coat the girls small opening. Making sure that he was watching, Asuna slowly pushed her finger into Su’s ass.

Letting out a throaty groan as her anus was invaded for the first time, Keitaro’s cock slipped down Su’s throat, the vibrations that resonated through his cock and the tightness of her throat sending him over the edge. With his first blast going directly down her throat and into her stomach Su pulled back and let his remaining load fill her mouth. Keitaro bucked his hips as his cock spasmed and throbbed in Su’s hot little mouth. As the final spurt left his penis Keitaro collapsed back onto the bed panting, staring up at the ceiling.

Releasing his dick, Su made sure not to let a single drop leave her mouth. Remembering what her mother told her she swished the thick fluid around her mouth before letting it slide down to her stomach.

“It’s so yummy...” she murmured as she sat up and licked her lips.

Amalla leaned forward and hugged her sister. “Congratulations on your first blowjob!” she grinned and lowered her face down to press her lips against her sister’s, her tongue slipping into her mouth, scraping the remaining cum from Su’s mouth.

“So how was it?” Nina asked as she rubbed her daughter’s small chest.

“It was great” Su smiled. “Can I do it again?”

Queen Asuna smiled and kissed her cheek. “Of course you can, but not right now. There are some of us who haven’t tasted him yet.” She purred and leered at his still erect cock. “And it seems that we may get a chance.” She said as she lightly flicked his cock making it sway back and forth. “Does he have much cum left Kotomi?”

Releasing his balls from her mouth the slave smiled. “Master has lots more cum!” she replied happily.

Asuna smiled slowly rubbed his cock “Looks like we get to have some fun after all.” 

“Looks like we finally wore him out.” Nina said as she wiped the cum off her chin and then licked it off her fingers.

“It feels like Master is all out of cum.” Kotomi said sadly as she fondled his balls.

Keitaro was laying on the bed, his eyes closed and his chest still heaving. Each girl had milked his cock until he had filled each of their stomachs twice and then collapsed from exhaustion.

“When can we play with him again?” Su asked as slowly pumped her hand up and down his flaccid cock.

Smiling, Asuna pulled Su onto her lap and hugged her. “I’d leave it at least until tomorrow and then see how much cum he has. I’m sure that he will have lots more cum for us by then.”

“m’key” Su pouted. Asuna smiled and stroked Su’s pussy, making her moan.

“Don’t worry. Your man seems very resilient. We can have more fun tomorrow.” Nina said as she hugged Amalla from behind, cupping her breasts and gently tweaking her nipples.

“We should get some sleep.” Amalla sighed blissfully.

“Can we sleep here with Keitaro?” Su asked with a yawn making the other women laugh.

“Of course we can, where else would we sleep?” Asuna kissed her on her head.

Pulling the covers over Keitaro, Su and Amalla slipped next to him, each hugging one side while the queens hugged their daughters. Even in his unconscious state Keitaro wrapped his arms around the princesses, his hands groping there rears. “He really does like butts doesn’t he?” Amalla grinned and snuggled closer to him.

“If you do not need me anymore I shall retire for the night.” Kotomi smiled.

“Nonsense Kotomi, you can sleep here with us.” Nina objected. “I’m sure Kei-kun will make an excellent pillow.” She patted his chest.

Smiling, Kotomi crawled up his body and laid on top of him, nuzzling into his chest. She felt something hard press against her pussy. “Mistress, Master is getting hard again!”

“So he is.” Nina smiled as nuzzled into Amalla’s neck. “Even though his balls are empty and we made him cum until he passed out he can still get a boner. We really made the right choice with him.”

“mmm my Keitaro is the best.” Su mumbled. “G’Night...”

“Good night sweetie.” Asuna nuzzled into Su’s hair as all the women fell asleep 


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