Sugar Cane

BY : 11
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Disclaimer: I do not own Gravitation. I make no money from this.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gravitation.

Sugar Cane
By 11

Chapter 01

Clear skies and soft wind, the shade the bug oak provided was perfect for a just before class time nap, while listening to the radio.

Shuichi Shindou, 14 years old and in his second year of junior high school. The latest song from Nittle Grasper came to its high peaked end with a blast of techno mixed with guitar sounds from the synth keyboard master, Tohma Seguchi. But it would never be argued any other way that the vocalist Ryuchi Sakuma was the best part of the entire band Nittle Grasper, and Shuichi’s idol.

*“That was Nittle Grasper with Yuutsu na Seven Days!”* the radio host announces, *“And now we are very lucky today to have an actual live interview with the actual band who wrote that song… I kid you not people, we have right here on the air, right now, Nittle Grasper and Ryuchi Sakuma!”*

“What?” Shuichi said his eyes opening from his nap in disbelief.

*“Yo!”* came the slightly audio voice of what was unmistakably the same voice heard in both song and on TV specials only accessed by cable. Ryuchi Sakuma.

*“So to start the interview I gotta ask you Sakuma-san, did you ever think when you were younger that this was where you were going to be in the next few years of your life?”*

*“Absolutely. When Tohma and I first got started was in Junior High and we definitely had an idea of where we were going.”*

*“We had started with just the idea for our band, just a script of lyrics and we pulled together some of our friends to help us set up our presentation for school things and later restaurants and other gigs.”*

*“After that we finally got together with a producing company to help us distribute our stuff. It did surprise us I think in how popular we got, though.”*

That’s amazing… Ryuchi-san is so cool! Shuichi thought as he listened to the rest of the interview with interest. Ryuchi and Nittle Grasper had only started out in junior high school and with their popularity and success many groups in high school and junior high who loved music had taken to try forming their own bands. Shuichi himself had made several lyrics for songs with tunes on his own. If only he had someone to play the guitar. However at Fukuro Junior High School the only half decent guitarist at the school was in another band with another boy led by Taki Aizawa, with their startup band called ASK.

Shuichi sighed when the school bell rang nearly right after the interview on the radio ended. He grabbed his backpack sitting next to him and rushed in with the rest of the crowd to get to class.

“Hey Shindou-kun! You pulled an all nighter last night again didn’t you?”

Shuichi had just slid into his seat at homeroom when he looked up from his desk to see three familiar girls. “Oh hey, Nanami-san, what’s up?” Shuichi asked cheerfully.

“You got bags under your eyes, what were you doing up last night? You’ll never be able to stay awake till six period, and your face looks worse than what I’m saying at the moment, bonehead.” Nanami told him somewhat irritably.

Without the presence of older sisters or strong mothers in the lives of quite a few of the boys a lot of the girls in the school took to scolding the boys when they were up late or didn’t study. They did this almost as much as when they did well give them a clap on the back and say ‘good job’.

Though a few of the boys had come to wonder sometimes if the girls also did it as an excuse to talk to their crushes.

“Shuichi! Don’t you remember we have a math test today! And let me guess, you stayed up at night in the first place just to work on your keyboard, like you always do.” Nanami said putting her hands on her hips and glaring at him more irritated than actually angry.

“Ah… gomen, Nanami-san,” Shuichi said offering a smile. Nanami shook her head at him and sighed, knowing that nothing any of them said or did would make much difference to him.

His keyboard and music was practically his life, even before Nittle Grasper and Ryuchi became his idol.

“Well just don’t do it again, and next time you do stay up try studying a bit instead, please? You need to keep your average up, otherwise you won’t pass into next year.” Nanami told him as the girls continued to the next desk.

“Okay everyone, please take your seats,” the teacher said as she walked into the classroom, soon quieted by the scholars words.

“Now first off today before we begin class, we have some very exciting news.” The teacher said with a small smile. “We have a new transfer student from Yomata. Everyone please welcome Hiroshi Nakano. Nakano-san, you may come in now.”

The door drew back and a boy stepped into the room. He looked to be in about his second or maybe even third year of Junior High. He had long reddish brown hair and blue eyes. He looked around the room and nodded to his peers.

Hiroshi Nakano… he’s cute.

“So Hiroshi, do you want to tell us anything about yourself?” the teacher asked amiably. The boy looked at her.

“Not really.” He answered with a shrug.

“Well then, I guess you can take a seat… the spot right behind Kiho-san is empty.” The teacher said pointing to the empty seat.

The boy took his seat and the class started.


“Hey Nakano-san! Wanna play b-ball? We need another guy, come on!” a group of the boys yelled from the court at the free for all part of P.E.

“I’ll pass!” Hiroshi called back, none too cheerily.

“Hi, Nakano-san. I’m Megumi, and this is Taimi and Jouni.” A girl said her little group approaching him at the bleachers.

“So you don’t like b-ball that much?” Taimi asked as the girls took a seat.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Hiroshi answered.

“Well, then what kinds of things do you like?” Megumi asked with a smile.

“Being alone?” Hiroshi said as he got up and walked off.

“He was rude.” Jouni commented.

“He’s a loner. That’s so awesome, wish I knew why and stuff…” Megumi said with a sigh.


“Shuichi! You got a 65 for goodness sake! How can you possibly be happy about this!” Nanami asked Shuichi over by the chain fence that separated the tennis team that the girls were on from the b-ball area where the boys played.

“Well it’s better than what I got last time, it’s not so bad…” Shuichi said rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Hey! I think they called me to put me in the game, gotta go!”

“Shuichi!” Nanami called after him, but he had already dashed off. “They never put you in the game, geez, he’s such a slacker.”


Nanami could lay off it, just for a few days, like make a schedule and nag me only every other day or something. Once a week even. Shuichi thought as he washed his hands at the sinks behind the gymnasium.

Looking up in the mirror he saw a young boy with pink hair and purple eyes a slight frame and Nanami wasn’t kidding, the dark rings beneath his eyes made him look almost like a corpse.

He took some water and splashed it in his face, it didn’t help much but it got rid of a lot of the more darkened areas.

The quiet strumming or guitar strings he could barely hear drifted from somewhere nearby outside the gymnasium. It could be one of the ask members but that guy never practiced unless the others were there and they were preparing for a show.

Curious, Shuichi followed the sound, it got louder as he came closer to the source and when he finally found it he was pretty surprised to see the new guy, Hiroshi Nakano strumming away a few tunes on the guitar, probably even his own.

He was good at it, the song was even and unbroken the chords flowed together perfectly. It was obvious he had trained a whole lot to learn to play that good. Shuichi just stood and watched listening. The song came to an end and when Hiroshi looked up, Shuichi had to snap out of his daze.

“That was really great, you like a guitar a lot huh?” Shuichi said with a grin.

Hiroshi put the guitar back in it’s carrier. “Whatever gave you that idea?” he asked.
“Well you just looked so into the song you were playing, and it’s obvious you’ve had to have been taking lessons for a long time to get that good.” Shuichi said.

“Oh? That’s nice.” Hiroshi said as he got up and started walking off.

“Hey! Your name was Nakano, wasn’t it? So can you play any song if you have the music? Or only by ear or something?” Shuichi asked running to catch up with him.

“Or something.” Hiroshi said. “Don’t follow me, kid! Just go away, okay!” Hiroshi told him icily as he walked away. Shuichi looked after him.

I have to get him to help me start a band. I definitely saw that he likes playing guitar, all this’ll take is a lot of persuasion. Shuichi thought with a grin.


Shuichi waited as patiently as he ever had in his life for the end of school and then dashed out following, close but not too close to be seen, Hiroshi Nakano.

Soon they reached a bike shop and Hiro went inside Shuichi hid behind the rack of bikes waiting for Hiroshi to come back out, and when he did it’d be a surprise attack. Well not really attack but you get the idea, right?

Hiroshi exited the store and stopped looking over towards the bikes with a frown.

“Fool. You really think you hide really well? That hair of yours is almost a ‘you see me’ neon sign. Idiot.” Hiroshi scolded. Shuichi stood up from his not so not obvious hiding place and looked over at Hiroshi.

“If you knew I was following you why didn’t you say something?” Shuichi asked almost annoyed with having worked out his plan only to be foiled.

“I just did.” Hiroshi told him as he started walking off again.

“Hey hold on!” Shuichi called after him as he stumbled to get around the bikes on his way after Hiroshi and managed to trip the bikes over in the process.

“You hooligans! What do you think you’re doing!” the angry shop owner yelled as he ran outside. Both the boys were forced to run from the angry shop keeper.


“Why did you do something so stupid as that?” Hiroshi asked as soon as he’d caught his breath from the mad dash. “That guy is really touchy about his merchandise, the bikes.”

“Yeah well how was I supposed to know? I’ve never been there before. Besides I need to talk to you, whether you want to listen or not.” Shuichi told the older boy obstinately.

“Yeah? And what was so important you had to try to make me a criminal to do so?” Hiroshi asked sarcastically.

“That wasn’t my fault. I didn’t mean to.” Shuichi sulked. “But your guitar playing is really good. I liked it a lot.”

“Okay, so what do you want? You just wanted to tell me I’m good? That’s it?” Hiroshi asked. Shuichi shook his head.

“No. I want you to help me start a band.” Shuichi told him.

“Tch. A guitar player isn’t all it takes to start a band. You need lyrics, good lyrics and a good tune to go with the lyrics as well as music.” Hiroshi told him.

“I know that. I have lyrics and tunes and even some music, I’m missing another member though and a guitarist. My computer and keyboards can’t do guitar sounds.” Shuichi explained.

Hiroshi looked at Shuichi for a minute before glancing across the street at a restaurant. “Wanna sit and have something to drink while we talk then?”

“Sure.” Shuichi agreed.


“So what exactly are your lyrics?” Hiroshi asked as they got their drinks and were currently seated at a table. Shuichi took out the folded paper from his pockets.

“Well this is one of them, it’s not incredibly good yet but I’m working on making it better.” Shuichi said after a moment.

“It’s called Shining… it may sound a little kiddish kinda but one, I wrote it on a sugar high and two, as I said before I’m still working on it.” Shuichi said.

“So this is your first rough draft?” Hiroshi asked after a minute.

“Yes.” Shuichi answered awaiting the verdict.

“It’s pretty good for the first time, it doesn’t sound so much kiddish really as much as free spirited and incredibly joyful.” Hiroshi said handing the paper back. “How does the tune go.”

“Um… sort of like,” Shuichi started them hummed a little bit before breaking off after humming the first two verses. “If you want I can bring a tape to school tomorrow and you can get a better idea of it.”

“Sure.” Hiroshi said with a nod. “I can do that.”

“Do you think you’ll be able to help me start a band or do you think you need more time.” Shuichi asked hoping he could ask now and not offend the older boy into being mean and rejecting the idea again.

“Nah. This sounds fun. Why not.” Hiroshi said with a shrug. “I’m in.”



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So… how was it? Ah! -dodges heavy object being thrown at her- Yes I am aware there wasn’t any Yaoi in this chapter but there will be later, I promise… much later but it’ll be there… (I hope…)

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