Flesh is the Law

BY : NothingsXSorrow
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Re-Written Version (very different from the original)


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Authors Note:Strapped was originally written for a request for Anon Kink, because of that I was confined within not only the parameters of the request but also by length. A few ideas that had occurred to me as I working on were left out. I hope develop and explore these and other ideas in Flesh is the Law.

Suck It Bitch

"Suck it bitch."

Mello groaned as the words slipped past Matties moistened lips, the authoritative tone going straight to his groin and making his already dripping cock twitch. Nasty, dirty, degrading all this and more came to mind as he flexed his wrists in the ropes that bound them behind his back. He was kneeling on carpet, the synthetic fibers digging into his knees. He was wearing a simple leather collar with a leash attached to the D ring.

Mattie: his friend, lover, and the only person ever allowed to him such a state held onto the other end of the chain leash. She was nude, the nipples of her perky breasts hardening from the combination of the chill and the sexual arousal of having the blonds nude body before her in a position of complete submission.

Mello fervently eyed the icy blue silicon penis that adorned the leather harness on her pelvis. The very one that he just been commanded to perform fellatio upon. The tip of his tongue snaked out, wetting his lips, hooded eyes now darting up to look at his mistress.

"What the fuck." She grabbed a hand full of blond hair forcing his lips to the tip. "Do you need a written invitation? I said suck it"

His tongue snaked out again, this time licking around the head before trailing along the underside following to where it was connected to leather. Matties breath hitched as he quickly dipped lower for a taste of her before that talented tongue of his quickly went back bathing the dildo from tip to base and back again.

Mello chanced a glance up her body, tongue flicking against her clit one last time before allowing his lips to close around the head, the finger tangled in his hair tugging almost painfully as her hips began to rock slightly. He met her hooded gaze briefly before his own eyes slid shut and he took more of the seven inch phallus into his mouth.

Watching the cock disappear slowly between those perfect lips nearly had Mattie cumming. The sight of her man sucking dick, even a fake one, heightening her arousal. In the past they had spoken about it, Mello's bisexuality and some of his exploits with the same gender.

She had lain there with her own fingers buried deep in her pussy as he related how much he loved giving head. A swallower , preferring his partners to empty their load into his eager mouth. He also related how he enjoyed being bottom, having his ass stretched as he was fucked into the mattress from behind. Cum slut, that crude term could be easily used to describe her Mello.

Mattie had noticed over time, that where as with women Mello was dominate and rough in his handling, with men he was submissive and almost seemed craved abuse. She had watched his hand pumping his length as he confessed a liking to bondage and some light sadomasochism. The confession having come about because he had chosen to share one particularly explicit exploit that had involved he and two other men. He had been bound, slapped and fucked by one as he sucked the other off.

In the here and now Mattie was getting to witness his oral talent. The way his cheeks and throat moved as he swallowed more of the dildo, his eyes darkening and hooded as he would occasionally glance up at her. She easily found herself longing to possess the real thing. She wanted to feel the tip of her dick hitting off the back of his throat as his muscles contracted around. She wanted him to milk her dry, to swallow her seed as she fucked his willing mouth. Alas, nature had been cruel, instead giving her a different set of anatomy.

"Yeah, that's it baby, suck me" The words slipped breathlessly "Fuck Mel's, you are so sexy with a cock in your mouth."

Mello's cock was achingly hard now, his hips thrusting air seeking any friction. He silently cursed himself for allowing her to bind his wrists, partly because of the desire to touch himself but more importantly he longed to bury his fingers in her, to feel the muscles tighten around them as he got her off.

He whimpered around the rigid organ as his eyes pleaded with her. Glancing down, she smirked "Not yet, little puppy dog."

Despite of her words the dildo slid from his mouth, a thin trail of saliva leading from his lips to the tip. Before she could scold him for his disobedience those devilish lips and clever tongue began their assault at the sensitive area that lay between her thighs.

"Oh Fuck, Mel's..So close..fuck." her hands slipped to his shoulders seeking purchase as her knees threatened buckle. With a hitch of her breath followed by a soft moan, her muscles spasm around his tongue. She was only minutely aware of the blonds ragged breathing and the splash of liquid warmth against her leg as he followed her over the edge.

"Holy.. shit... Mel's" She managed between heavy breaths after she came down from her own sexual euphoria. Mello having stopped his oral ministrations was now leaned against her, his forehead resting against her thigh. His own breathing was still ragged. "Did you just come?"

He snorted tiredly in answer as he shifted against her, blue eyes looking into her green. A grin began to form as his gaze traveled to where his semen was dripping down her leg.

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