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Especially in Purple

It was common knowledge that Mizuki Hajime was constantly searching for a boyfriend. It was also common knowledge, at least to his friends, that Mizuki Hajime had never actually had a boyfriend in his life. They thought that maybe Mizuki was onto something, and his lonely days would be over (therefore, he would spend a lot less time in their rooms obsessing about boys and dates and clothes), when he recruited a naÔve and generally amiable (as long as you didn't mention his older brother) Fuji Yuuta to St. Rudolph's.

Their hopes and dreams for their dear (and somewhat annoying) friend were encouraged when rumors spread that the younger Fuji was making late night trips to Mizuki's room. Hopes and dreams that were dashed when those visits stopped, shortly after Yuuta discovered Mizuki had been trying to destroy his shoulder.

And so, Mizuki was again alone, and spent his days sulking in the rooms of aforementioned friends. Then, one miraculous day, he came back from a session at Seigaku with a smile on his face and a spring in his step, and spent more time in his room trying on different outfits than with his friends. Rumors spread that Mizuki Hajime finally had a boyfriend.

And so it was to some surprise when, one fine afternoon, Yuuta found Mizuki sulking in his room, sitting against the wall with his knees drawn up.

"Mizuki-san," Yuuta asked, "what's wrong?"

"Oh no, nothing I would trouble you with, Yuuta."

Yuuta frowned. That was Mizuki speak for 'ask me what's wrong again or else I'll follow you around pouting and sighing sadly for the rest of the day'. "It's no trouble."

Mizuki pouted and sighed sadly. "Kajimoto said that he likes me too."

Sometimes Yuuta just didn't understand his sempai. "So you told him you like him, and he said he likes you too?"

Mizuki nodded.

"Isn't that a good thing?"

Mizuki shrugged. "At first, when I kept asking him out, and he kept saying yes, I assumed he was just being polite. He's a really polite boy, you know, Kajimoto, in addition to being unbelievably handsome."

"Uh... yeah." Yuuta tried to get Mizuki to speed up. He didn't need a rant about how good-looking Kajimoto was. It wasn't as if he didn't have eyes of his own.

"So I thought I'd make my intentions known, so I told him I liked him. But I don't think he understood me, because right away he said 'I like you, too'."

"Mizuki-san..." Yuuta wasnít sure how to approach this. Maybe it was because no one had ever really liked Mizuki, at least not in the way Mizuki wanted them to, so now when some one did like him he didn't understand what was going on. "Maybe he said that because he likes you."

Mizuki's eyes lit up. "Really?"

Before darkening again.

"But... you know, when Kajimoto was in his first year, he went out with Yukimura."

Yuuta remembered the first time he had seen Yukimura. It was in his last year of elementary school, and his older brother had left a tennis magazine on the hallway table. It was a local one, one that covered junior high teams, and Yukimura had inexplicably been named "Most Beautiful Boy in Japan" on its cover. It was, unfortunately, a bad photo, as Yukimura had been caught unawares while on a shopping trip, and looked like a deer caught in the headlights, albeit a very beautiful one. Saeki had told him later that the Yukimura family went on to file a restraining order against the overzealous photographer who snapped the photo.


"If you dated some one like Yukimura, would you be interested in some one like me?"

Yuuta didn't respond for awhile, until he realized that this was where he was supposed to say something nice. "I think you're cuter than Yukimura, Mizuki-san."

"Oh, you're just trying to cheer me up," Mizuki said, but the way he was suddenly primping and batting his eyelashes meant he believed it. "But then... yesterday, I ran into his teammate, Wakato. Did you know he used to date Kajimoto, too?"

"Uh huh."

"And he called me 'The Purple One', and said he didn't see what Kajimoto saw in me. He said I was feminine and weird."

"He's just jealous, Mizuki-san." Yuuta thought of the boy, and his silly 'Change Over' routine, and the numerous fag hags that followed him around. "He's pretty flamboyant himself, you know."

"But the thing is, I have to go hang out with Kajimoto and his teammates today, and Wakato will be there, and I don't want to be feminine and weird."


"But all of my casual clothes are purple."

"I see."

"Can I borrow some of your clothes?"

Yuuta sighed. Why hadn't Mizuki just asked that in the first place?

Two hours later Mizuki stood in front of the new hamburger restaurant near Kajimoto's school, doing a very good job of pretending he wasn't a little nervous. But then, if it was one thing Mizuki knew, it was posture and pretense. Yuuta's clothes were a little bigger than his own were, but he supposed now he was dressed more like every one else. A t-shirt and jeans, Yuuta had told him, despite his protests that a date required more formal clothing. And so he was dressed casually, in shades of down to Earth brown. It wasn't long until Kajimoto arrived, his friends in tow.

"You look nice," Kajimoto said.

"Really?" Mizuki smiled prettily and twirled around to show off his outfit. Then he caught sight of Wakato and the twins behind Kajimoto, snickering at him, and he stopped. "Better than usual, wouldn't you say?"

"I don't know about that," Kajimoto replied, a statement that left Mizuki staring up aghast at him until he clarified it. "I think you look nice all the time."

"Even in purple?"

"Especially in purple," Kajimoto said. Then he bent down to peck Mizuki on the cheek, before leading both of them inside.


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