Unexpected But Not Unpleasant Surprises

BY : Farenkai
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Unexpected But Not Unpleasant Surprises
by Farenkai

Uo sighed as she looked out of the window of her one-bedroom apartment. It was midday but it was so dark and cloudy it looked like it was night time. Rain was gently falling from the skies and the overall view from her window was rather depressing. She sighed again as she walked back to her tiny desk where she had her homework spread out. She stared at her homework for a couple of seconds but she couldn't be fucked doing it so she picked up her phone and dialed Tohru. She paused for a second and hung up as she remembered that Tohru had gone with Shigure, Hatori, Yuki and Kyo to their lake side holiday home.

'Shit. Oh well looks like it's just me and Hana then' she thought

She dialed Hana's number and waited. A smooth and calm voice answered on the other end:


'Hey Hana, how's it hangin'?'

'oh hello Uo I'm fine. what are you doing?'

'I'm was trying to do some homework but it's so boooring! Do you wana come over and stay the night?'

'Sure, that sounds lovely. I'll bring some snacks.'

'Awesome, so I'll see you in what?...about an hour?'

'yes, see you then.'

Hana put the phone down and wandered back upstairs to pack some clothes and pull her sleeping bag down from the closet. As she packed her large black T-shirt that she slept in, she thought about how much she missed Tohru. Since Tohru had moved in with the Sohma family Hana and Uo had only occasionally seen Tohru outside of school.

Once she had finished packing she took her backpack and glided downstairs. Placing the backpack by the front door she found a piece of paper and wrote a note to her parent who had gone out to lunch with some friends. She locked up the house and picked up her bag as she walked out the front door. It was a fifty minute walk to Uo's apartment building, not including the fifteen minutes she took picking out snacks at the local store.

Uo was dozing on the couch with the TV blaring when she heard a knock on the door. She jumped up and swung the door open to reveal a pretty girl with long dark hair arranged in a plait. She was obviously struggling to hold the many plastic bags filled with snacks and her backpack and a black umbrella.

'Hey there!' said Uo as she grabbed a couple of the plastic bags 'You sure took your time.'

Hana smiled 'I couldn't decide what snacks to buy...'

"So you bought them all.' finished Uo

Uo couldn't help laughing. She always found it funny that such a strange Gothic-like girl could be so obsessed with snacks.

'oh no' Hana said calmly


'I forgot to bring my sleeping bag.'

'Oh is that all. You can share the bed with me?'

'So, wanna watch a movie?' asked Uo as she dumped some snacks onto the coffee table. 'I borrowed a whole bunch last night.'

Hana sat down next to Uo on the couch. 'Sure, what did you get?'

They decided on Bridget Jone's Diary and settled down to watch it. After plenty of laughing and a truck load of snacks the movie finished and they spent the rest of the afternoon playing cards, helping each other with a bit of homework, watching a few more movies and just sitting around talking and gossiping. At about 8 o'clock they wandered down the street to pick up some takeaway and took it back to Uo's place to eat. After dinner Uo brought out a bottle of vodka and announced that they were playing cards again but this time with shots of vodka as punishment for the loser. Hana just smiled and said:


They were both evenly matched and equally tipsy when they decided to call it quits and go to bed.

'I think I'm a bit drunk.' said Uo as she stumbled down the hall to her room.

'Me too' said Hana as she followed Uo into her room.

Uo slid her long white skirt down her equally long legs, stepped out of it and threw it in the corner. She looked over and noticed that Hana, in her drunken state, was struggling to reach the zip at the back of her black frilly dress.

'Want a hand?'

'Yes, please.'

Uo also struggled with the zip due to drunken, shaky hands but finally managed to slide the zip all the way down to the small of Hana's back. Uo noticed how smooth Hana's back was and couldn't stop herself from touching and sliding her fingers along Hana's spine. Hana shivered but otherwise ignored Uo and continued to undress.

Uo walked back to her wardrobe and pulled out an old, extra-large grey T shirt. She pulled off the tight blue T-shirt off she was currently wearing leaving her in just her white bra and panties. She glanced back again at Hana who had already stepped out of her black dress and was in the process of unclasping her equally black bra at the back. Uo had a side-on view of Hana as she slid her black bra off her shoulders and down her arms to reveal a pair of beautiful, round breasts. Uo had never noticed before but she admitted to herself that Hana had a beautiful body. Full round breasts, small tight bum covered in black panties, nice flat tummy and slim shapely legs.

Hana looked up at Uo and noticed that she was staring at her. Hana blushed and turned around and pulled on her black sleeping T-shirt. She then undid her braid so that her long shiny her flowed ar and and past her shoulders. Hana hung up her dress on a coat hanger, and wearing just her black T-shirt and black panties underneath crawled into Uo's bed. She lay on her back and tilted her head to one side so she could watch Uo. Uo was near the foot of the bed wearing only white panties and Hana watched her as she threw her white bra into the clothes bin and pulled a large grey T-shirt over her head. Uo turned her head towards the bed and smiled then turned back to chuck some more stuff into the clothes bin. Finally Uo staggered to the bed and slid in next to Hana and turned off the bedside light.

'Night Hana.'


Uo was trying to sleep but flashes of Hana's body kept popping up in her mind. She had an overwhelming urge to touch that body. Hana sighed next to her. Uo turned her body so that she was lying on her side facing Hana. She could easily see Hana's face, since the moonlight was quite bright, and could see that she was also still awake.

Hana heard Uo moving and turned her head to see that Uo had turned onto her side. Seeing that Uo was awake Hana also turned onto her side so that she faced Uo. They looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity when suddenly Uo leaned forward brushed Hana's lips with her own. When Uo didn't feel Hana pull away she kissed Hana's lips again and continued to put light feathery kisses onto Hana's lips. Hana started to softly kiss back which encouraged Uo who slipped the tip of her tongue out and licked Hana's top lip between kisses. After this gained even more of a response from Hana Uo became more adventurous with her tongue and slowly began to explore Hana's mouth with it. In response to this Hana began exploring Uo's tongue with her tongue.

The two girls lay there giving each other little kisses followed by more sensuous kisses involving their tongues followed again by little kisses and this pattern continued for some time. Uo then put her hand on Hana's shoulder and pushed her over onto her back. With lips still locked onto one another Uo slid Hana's T-shirt up until just under her breasts and lightly ran her fingertips back and forth over Hana's stomach. Hana began to squirm because it felt so good but didn't dare break away from the magical kiss.

Finally Uo pulled away from the kiss and they both looked at each other gasping for breath. Uo looked down at Hana's T-shirt and decided it should come off and slid it over Hana's head and threw it onto the floor. Uo gazed and Hana's beautiful breasts causing Hana to blush but Uo didn't notice as she lowered her mouth to the closest breast and lightly kissed the nipple. Hana closed her eyes and her mouth parted in a silent moan. Uo continued to gently kiss, suck and lick that nipple while her hand slid up Hana's hip, then waist and rips until it came to rest on Hana's other breast. Once there the hand started to caress the breast and occasionally twist and tug the nipple. Hana was over wit with these sensations and was on the verge of an orgasm but Uo could sense this and pulled away from those beautiful breasts. A dazed Hana opened her eyes to see what happened, and saw Uo crawling backwards, while trailing light kisses down her tummy. Hana giggled as the kisses tickled her tummy and Uo looked up at Hana's face and smiled. She had never heard Hana giggle before and it sounded so cute and sexy.

Uo continued the kisses until she reached the black fabric of Hana's panties. Uo paused for a second then hooked a finger in either side of the panties and very slowly and deliberately slid them off of Hana's hips. When she had pulled the panties to about mid thigh she looked up to the area of skin which they had covered and gasped in surprise because she found that Hanna had absolutely no hair and was as smooth as a baby. Uo was well aware that girls shaved and waxed their pubic hair until they were silky smooth because she was one of those girls but she had no idea that Hana did it also. At the sound of Uo gasping Hana blushed again and stared up at the ceiling as her panties slid down past her calves and pulled off her feet destined to join her T-shirt on the floor.

Hana was lying completely naked on her back and she raised her head to watch as Uo, who was now straddling her, crossed her arms in front of herself then pull her grey T-shirt up and over her head. As Uo's breasts bounced free and she threw the T-shirt over her shoulder Hana reached up and took a breast into each hand gently caressed them while at times twisting the nipples the same way Uo had done to her. Uo who was not expecting this gasped softly and lay her hands on her own thighs and bent her head back so as to relax while enjoying this attention.

After a while Uo got off of Hana and stretched out along side her and began giving her sensual kisses again. Hana brought her hand up to cup the back of Uo's head and started to caress her golden hair. While distracting Hana with her mouth Uo trailed her free hand slowly down Hana's stomach until she reached the smooth crevice of Hana's vagina. With gentle prodding she was able to slightly spread Hana's legs giving enough room for her fingers to gain access. The moment Uo's fingers touched those virgin lips Hana gave a loud moan into Uo's mouth. Uo's fingers started to massage those lips in a circular motion and could feel the moisture starting to escape the lips. Her thumb found an erect clitoris causing Hana to squirm violently. With her thumb still gently rubbing the clitoris Uo positioned her index and middle finger at the entrance of Hana's vagina. Sensing this Hana became very still until Uo slid her fingers in as far as they would go. At that moment Hana arched her back and screamed softly into Uo's mouth and Uo smiled. Uo pulled her fingers out slightly then pushed them back in. She continued to fuck Hana with her fingers and Hana's resumed squirming violently. Uo pulled away from the kiss gasping for air and watched Hana's face as she continued to finger fuck her. Hana could feel a pressure building in her lower tummy. The feeling of two fingers inside of her and a thumb caressing her clitoris was too much for her and the pressure inside of her burst. Uo felt the walls clamp down hard on her fingers and juices poured over her hand. Hana clasped a hand over her mouth in the nick of time as she screamed with pleasure, unfortunately the hand did little mask the scream and Uo had no doubt the neighbors heard.

Hana was trembling so hard and breathing so fast and deeply she didn't notice Uo pull her fingers out. Hana had never felt something so extreme yet so good before in her life. After a few minutes she was able to gather her thoughts. She realized that she had been terribly selfish and just lain there while Uo did all the work. Hana got up on her knees then sat down between her feet and Uo laughed because she was sitting like a little girl in pre-school. Hana had a shy smile on when she urged Uo on her back. Uo complied and smiled for she knew that it was her turn. Hana was unsure as to what to do so she started with something simple: kissing. She kissed Uo's lips like Uo had kissed hers but then moved lower and kissed and sucked on Uo's neck while Uo closed her eyes and concentrated on how good it felt. Moving lower still she kissed, sucked and licked her way slowly and sensuously between Uo's breasts, down her stomach, past her bellybutton until she realized she was kissing cotton fabric. Hana pushed her hands under Uo bum and cupped a cheek in each hand and gently squeezed, then lifted slightly so that Uo's hips were slightly off the mattress. Through the fabric of Uo's panties Hana kissed Uo's lips. Uo's moan was only slightly loader than a whisper but it increased in volume as Hana used her tongue to put even more pressure on that sensitive area. Hana got up on her knees between Uo's legs and with a hand on both of Uo's knees closed her legs. Hana then slipped the panties down over thighs, calves and finally feet. Hana put a hand on both of Uo's ankles and slowly and seductively slid her hands up Uo's calves, along the back of Uo's knees then around to her thigh. When Hana's hands had reached Uo's hipbone they stopped and came back down unti they were on thighs again. Hana's hands then slid into the center so that each palm was against an inner thigh and then ever so gently she pried Uo's legs apart again.

Hana gazed upon Uo vulva, thinking that it looked yummy. She lowered her head and gently pressed her lips against Uo's lips. Uo gasped. Again she kissed but this time she pushed her lips harder in so that when she opened her mouth Uo's lips opened up too exposing her wet core. Once Uo's vagina had been spread Hana slowly dipped her tongue into Uo's soft depths. Uo had to bite her knuckle to keep from screaming but she placed one hand on Hana's head urging her to continue. Hana did continue, she kissed and licked and explored the sensitive region until she found Uo's clit. When Hana's tongue first made contact Uo couldn't be fucked controlling herself and moaned out loud. Hana slid two fingers into Uo's slick passage and slowly pumped them in and out while kissing and licking her clit. Uo now had both hands on Hana's head. After only a few minutes of this Uo couldn't stand it and came so hard her back felt like it had broken after arching it so high off the mattress.

Hana felt Uo's body shudder so much the bed shook and only after all was still and quiet did Hana slip her fingers out and crawl back up to be face to face to Uo. Uo had her eyes closed and when she opened them she noticed that Hana was snuggled up to her gently trailing her fingertips across Uo's tummy. Uo smiled and sighed; content. She cupped Hana's chin with her thumb and finger and lifted her head so that they were face to face. Uo kissed Hana softly then their hands slowly started explored each others bodies while they kissed until they were so exhausted they fell asleep in each others arms.

The End

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