My Heart Belongs to You

BY : LadyAlex
Category: Hellsing > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or any of the characters and I do not make any profit from these writings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing or any of the characters and I do not make any profit from these writings.

Pairings: Seras/Walter, Integra/Alucard

Warnings: M/F, AU, angst, romance, will have sex in later chapters!! Spoilers for manga volume 10!!

Summary: 10 years after the final battle, and Seras is still affected by Walter’s death. Will she ever get over it? Or will she be heartbroken forever? Someone shows up…is it Walter? Or Alucard? Read to find out!! Kinda cruddy summary, but please R&R!!!

This is my first Hellsing fic, so please! Let me know how I did! XD Takes place in the mangaverse!!

Chapter 1-Heartbroken

‘I still don’t understand why you did it…Walter…’ Seras thought as she wandered through the halls of the Hellsing building. ‘This place…is so quiet…since you’ve been gone.’ She found herself wandering into Walter’s old room like she had done so many times before. She moved over and dropped face down onto the bed, trying to smell the scent that had faded long ago. “Even though you betrayed us…I still meant what I said…” She whispered as bloody tears fell from her eyes, staining the pillow she was laying on. “I was so glad to have met you, and was thankful for everything you did for me. But also…” Seras quieted abruptly as she heard the familiar footsteps of Integra in the hallway, the door was opened and she heard the other woman enter the room and sit next to her on the bed.

“Seras,” Integra said softly, brushing her hand gently over her hair. “Walter…was a good friend of mine. I know how you feel, but it’s been 10 years since then. Why do you still let this affect you so much?” Seras sat up, pushing Integra’s hand away and brushing the bloody tears off her face.

“I just…can’t…forget him, there’s no way I can.” She whispered, looking away from her master’s face.

“I can’t forget him either, yet I’m not as sad as I was when he first died. I know that’s not the reason. Tell me why you’re still this upset. Please Seras?” Integra asked, seeing it would take pleading to get her to talk.

“I…fell in love with him…” Seras confessed, looking at her master. “In all that time we spent together. But I was too afraid to tell him, and now…it’s way too late.” She frowned as she heard footsteps outside, lifting her head she saw a tall dark figure standing in the doorway. It felt like her undead heart beat inside her chest. “W…Walter?” Seras questioned softly, trembling as she stood and moved slowly towards the figure. Integra stood as well, shock radiating off her.

“Ah…Lady Integra…Seras,” He started, moving farther into the light. His face looking the same as before his vampiric transformation. “It’s so wonderful…to see you again!” He smiled crookedly, clasping his hands behind his back…


Muahahaha!! I love evil cliffys!! Don’t worry though! I will get the next chapter up soon, let me know what you think of this one!! XD

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