Red Headed Slut

BY : SweetsFaery
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Disclaimer: We do not own Sex Therapist or Weiss Kreuz, the fandom or the characters. We do this for pure fun and not profit.

AN: nothing to say. This was us just playing with two characters that make us drool and wanting to share. This is OLD, and I do mean old. Nearly a year or so.

Aya played by Strailo
Kain played by Sweets

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Turning his collar farther up against the sudden rainstorm, Aya nearly ran for the small stairwell, sighing as soon as he stepped under the eves. Shaking his head, his hair like dried blood against his head, he looked at the open sign of the door with violet eyes and opened the door. He was lanky at first glance. Long limbs moved with a hidden grace that he acquired through years of Katas and fights, through years of long nights running after people to kill them silently. Brushing his hair out of his face, he looked around the dimly lit bar area and smiled softly before slipping out of his jacket and hanging it up on the rack. He was dressed in something that his team mate Yohji would never let him live down if he knew about it. A shirt that barely brushed his waist with long sleeves that feel about his knuckles, a pair of low riding boot cut jeans sitting over a pair of low heeled shoes and bangles on his wrists. He also wore his earring and a small upside down cross belly button ring that glinted against the black ink of the intricate rose vines that wrapped around his waist. Blooms added a soft blush to his skin as thorns dripped red. Humming, he padded over to a stool and sat down, waiting for his friend to make his appearance.

“Fujimiya Aya, it’s been awhile since you were last here.” A soft tenor said clearly in the bar. Short black hair framed a pale face with amber orbs, the soft pink lips stretched in a smile. Kain tilted his head to the side and watched Aya. His body felt warmer as he took in the clothes the redhead wore. When his eyes fell on the upside down cross, like the ones he himself had, he took a small breath fighting back the strong surge of lust the rolled through him like a storm.

“Nearly a year. I’m sorry about that my friend. Some stuff came up and I ended up traveling for a while,” Aya said softly, leaning against the bar, propping his head up on his hands. “You look good. Haven’t changed since the last time I’ve seen you. Still getting laid nearly every night?” he teased, reaching over the bar to pluck a glass up, easily finding the soda tap and pouring himself some right from his seat. “And nothing here has changed. That’s nice to know.”

“Of course, everyone needs a chance to find their true desires at Bar Kain.” The black haired man said with a small smile. “You want a drink or are you here to partake in the services of the bar…again?” The necklace he wore moved slightly as he turned half way to the alcohol, he lights catching the rubies in it turning them the color of Aya’s hair.

Laughing, Aya tilted his head to the side and cocked his soda. “A little of both. We’ve just gotten back into town and…set up shop finally. It’s been a while since I’ve known another’s touch. Hell…the last person I was with was…you,” he mused, sipping his soda before putting it down onto the bar. Stretching, he moaned softly before smiling at his belly ring. “I found this little gem in a Harajuku shop. Worth every yen.”

“Then,” Kain paused to lower his head slightly in his normal greeting and raised his head again, this time the lust was evident in his amber eyes. “Welcome to Bar Kain.” His tone had turned husky instantly as he watched the redhead with a smile still in place.

Smiling and sipping his soda again, Aya’s eyes turned a rich violet with his lust as he crossed his legs and wiggled lightly. “It’s been a long time, Kain. It’s a pleasure to be here,” he hummed, standing up and moving to the small sink to wash his now empty cup, hips swinging.

Kain followed the male, stepping up behind and pressing his body along the others. His length already taking notice of the other male and at half mast as Kain pressed a soft kiss to the redhead’s throat just below his ear. “It’s rather nice to have someone that desires Me.” he whispered huskily as he pushed his body to the others firmly with a small sigh of happiness.

Purring and tilting his head, Aya settled back against Kain’s back, an inch shorter in his heels. “I can’t help but want you. You’re hot and you know just how to make me feel special and not…another customer. It’s nice to feel that you know? Yohji….he’s an idiot and a play boy. Ken is oblivious half the time but somehow ends up with nearly as many bed partners as Yohji and Omi…well he’s involved with someone his age. A boy named Nagi, who used to work against us…” he mused softly. “You’re also a wonderful friend and have been for a long time.”

“Thank you.” The amber eyed male said softly and pressed another kiss to the soft flesh. “Shall we head into my bedroom then?” He wrapped his arms about Aya’s chest and stood up so that they were no longer bowed over the sink. One of his hands strayed down to touch the small upside down cross the other wore, unaware of the fact his ear ring had fallen to rest on Aya’s shoulder as he did so.

“Sounds like a plan,” Aya hummed, drying his hands off before reaching up to gently play with the earring. “I remember the first time I saw this. I thought it was so cool. Of course…you had to wear it in the middle of my shift at the restaurant right? Distract me and make me drool,” he teased, pressing his hips back into the others. He had known the other man since he had been 13, had lost his virginity to the other for that matter. And he knew for a fact that Kain was a natural at what he did.

Kain began walking backwards, the bar layout easy for him to navigate. “Of course, how else would I have gotten your attention?” The darker haired male purred with a small laugh as he moved them to his bedroom. The door was already open and he turned them around so that Aya could pick where he sat on the bed. The bed was large enough to comfortably fit at least three fully grown men, and had in the past.

“You already had my attention,” Aya hummed, moving forward, only pausing to tug off his shoes and put them aside. Sitting down, he smirked and turned around to sit on his knees. “I got it finished,” he cooed, lifting his shirt to show the rest of his tattoo. An upside down cross sat covered in the thorns and flowers on his lower back. “I…always considered the cross something special, so this is what I got,” he said.

Kain could stop the shiver of raw desire that sped through his body at the sight and being told the sign he had always worn was important to another as well. He stepped up to the bed and slipped to his knees next to it, his lips instantly touching the ink. He idly wondered if it was still new enough to be sensitive as he pressed soft kisses to each of the bold lines of ink with a smile on his features the entire time. “Thank you.” He whispered softly before touching his tongue to the ink covered flesh as well.

“Fin…finished it a couple of weeks…ago,” Aya stuttered as he tugged his shirt off, leaving the bangles around his wrists. The gentle caress of tongue and mouth on still sensitive skin sent shivers of pleasure through his body, flushing his skin lightly and darkening the roses. Leaning forward on his hands, he let the other explore the tattoo to his hearts content.

Kain’s petal soft lips and gently teasing tongue traced every bit of the tattoo before he rose to his feet again and moved to kneel behind Aya’s body, melding their forms together once again. “How do you want this, Aya?” His tone was deeper and gravel filled with his lust as he allowed the other’s form to actually touch his won body and not some fake body that belonged to someone else.

Pressing back, Aya moaned happily as his skin touched the others clothes, feeling his warmth. “I want it…like our last time. I want to be screaming all night again, slow and fast, hard and gentle,” he breathed, turning his head to brush the others lips gently. “I want to be called by my name again. I want to be…Ran again. Even if it’s just here.”

Kain moved back from the other and slowly began removing the tops he wore, the soft black velvet vest easily discarded and he unbuttoned the white shirt under it with a soft smile at the redhead. “You have never been Aya to me, she was completely different. Ran, you know that all you ever have to do is ask me and I will try to comply.” He said softly as the white shirt slid down his lean but well muscled arms to hit the ground and he kneeled on the bed again, pressing another kiss to the tattoo.

Smiling and turning around, Ran smiled softly, his eyes softening and losing the edge that had stayed in them for so long. “It has been much to long, Kain. I missed you and I’m sorry I could only send you small post cards,” he said quietly slipping into the others lap. Brushing the man’s hair out of his face, he couldn’t be happier that Esset had never found his friend and occasional lover with his talent for turning into others.

“It doesn’t matter, this last year doesn’t matter, all that matters right now is this, is us. Remember where you are Ran, Bar Kain; allow me to release you from your worries and pain.” The black haired male said as he moved up and slid his right hand around Ran’s waist to his pants and began working at the fastenings with his long fingers while his left held him supported so that he could take the redhead’s mouth in a sweet kiss.

Moaning quietly and pressing close, Ran pressed tightly against the other, shivering as the long fingers teased over his skin, occasionally brushing the belly ring. It too was still relatively new, having been put in 2 months before. It was rather erotic and arousing to feel so sensitive and new to his friends touch. Sighing in pleasure, he moved one hand to cup the others groin lightly, moaning as he felt Kain’s length twitch at his touch. He couldn’t wait to feel it once more.

Kain’s hips rocked into the redhead’s palm slightly and he gave a small moan into the kiss as he finally got the others pants unfastened. He easily slipped the pants down to Ran’s knees where they stayed from their position. “Ran, how do you want to do this? From behind, the front? What do you want from me, Red?” he asked softly, using an old childhood nickname for the other.

Shivering at the nickname, Ran rolled his hips. “From the back, like this. I want to sit in your lap and bounce. I remember just how good it felt, how deep you got,” he moaned, rolling his hips before slipping off of Kain’s lap to remove his pants and socks. Tossing them aside, he leant back on his hands, legs splayed as he looked at his friend with a sultry smile. “Now…we can’t really do much of anything with you still in your pants. And I want to taste you again.”

Kain gave an odd little smile and ducked his head slowly to the right and watched Ran. “So, Red, you want me to strip myself or you wanna help me?” he purred, using the nickname again to see if it had the same affect. “You sure you don’t want me behind you pounding into you so hard you can barely breathe again?”

“Oh I want that. But if I remember correctly you had stamina that could put the best sex fiend out there to shame,” Aya purred, shifting onto his hands and knees. Crawling over to the other man, he worked on getting the buckle and pants undone, making sure that his hands pressed and teased Kain’s cock as his lips found a spot he knew would make the other growl for him.

“Your point?” Kain purred as his head lolled slightly to the right to rest on his own shoulder, the upside down cross hanging along his neck, the black and red accenting his pale skin. He took the comment as a compliment and bucked his hips into the hand on his groin before he let out a growl worthy of a canine.

“Means I can taste and then get fucked silly,” Ran teased, nipping the spot before kissing his way down the others chest. Stopping, he lapped at a dark nipple as he pulled the pants down finally, exposing Kain’s hips and groin. Tweaking the other nipple with a hand, he nibbled on the one he had been lapping at, feeling it bud. He was rather enjoying tasting the other again.

Kain arched his back, pushing his chest closer to Aya with a moan as his head dropped back revealing the pale column of his throat. “You never were satisfied with one go were you Red?” Kain teased even as his length twitched in anticipation. The dark haired male couldn’t believe how badly he wanted the other, how bad he wanted to be wanted as he was.

“Nope. Not when it came to you,” Aya purred against the nipple, leaving it with one last lick. Moving lower, he nipped at the others navel before laving it slowly. He could feel Kain’s prick rub at his chin and smirked lightly. Shifting his head slightly, he swiped at the tip with his tongue and purred at the first taste of his lover.

Kain’s hips bucked slightly, a small gasp falling from his rose pink lips and his amber eyes narrowed as he stared at the ceiling panting. “Kami, Ran…please.” He whined softly as he moved his head so he could look at the redhead floating near his cock. His amber eyes were narrowed as always in pleasure as he watched the other.

Purring softly, Aya opened his mouth as his eyes rolled up to look Kain in the eye and slid forward, taking the other deep. Give pleasure orally had been the first thing he had learned from Kain and had enjoyed practicing it as often as he could. He still shocked the others each time he ate a Popsicle or did something else that showed that he had no gag reflex left. Humming, he sucked lightly around the length in his mouth.

“Ran!” Kain gasped softly as he felt the heat surround his length and his hips bucked. He fought to still them before remembering that the other had enjoyed it the last time he had lost it. A long fingered hand slid into the soft red locks and wrapped into the strands of hair as he slowly moved his hips back and then pressed them forward again.

Moaning lowly as the other drew his length out, Ran planted his hands on the bed and let the other control the thrusts. It always felt so good to feel the thick length sliding in and out, to feel the weight on his tongue. Wriggling said muscle, he swallowed each time Kain pressed inwards, squeezing the head tightly.

The darker haired male moaned again and let out a canine worthy growl as the other tightened around the tip of his engorged member. His hand tightened in Ran’s hair and his thrusts sped up slightly. “Kami, Red, you really are against my reputation of stamina aren’t you?” The owner of Bar Kain had a reputation for always being able to hold out until the other had come.

Smirking in his head, Ran swallowed again before sucking hard as the other pulled out. He knew that he was the only one to ever make Kain lose control, make the other man cum without wanting or meaning to. It was what made him different from Kain’s customers and something that he would never tell anyone.

The amber eyed man stared into deep soled violet ones and couldn’t hold back anymore. “Ran, I’m…” He groaned as a warning as he fought not to choke the other by thrusting to hard as he released. He felt as if he were floating and smiled softly, remembering that the redhead was the only one able to give him that.

Swallowing everything he got, making sure to pull back so he could taste, Ran moaned happily. Slowly pulling off of the other, he lapped up what he missed, being careful of the sensitive prick before sitting up and sharing the taste in a deep kiss. He loved kissing the other, loved sharing their tastes. He couldn’t help but shiver each time they did it.

Kain let out another growl at his own flavor, he’d never really enjoyed it but his lover seemed to so he had no problem allowing the other do so. Hs tongue swept into the others mouth, cleaning away all traces of his own seed and he moaned as Ran’s flavor returned. He pulled away after a while and smiled softly at Ran, one hand reaching out to caress the other’s still hard length. “So, you want me to return the favor or you ready for me to take you? Make you scream again.”

“Make me scream again,” Aya moaned, sliding into the others lap, smiling softly at the other man. They each had their kinks and balanced them out rather well. Pressing into the hand, his own slithered down and gently rubbed the tip of Kain’s cock, teasing it slowly back into hardness without causing the other pain. “I can feel your mouth later…after we’ve had a round,” he hummed softly, lapping at the others lips.

The dark haired male chuckled and nodded, a hand reaching up to the head rest and he opened the small cubby there to pull out a bottle of cherry scented lube. He opened the bottle and poured some onto one hand, instantly spreading the others cheeks apart and rubbing his middle finger across the other’s entrance slowly. “Sounds like a plan to me, Ran.”

Taking in the soft scent of cherry, Ran moaned happily at the memories. He had never really liked any other scents when it came to times between them and the cherry lube held many fond memories for him. Pressing his face into Kain’s neck, the small male rolled his hips back into the teasing finger. He had played, but toys and his own fingers just weren’t as satisfying as another person and no one had interested him enough while he had been gone.

The dark haired male couldn’t help the almost smirk that appeared on his features as the other moaned. He flicked the finger across the opening, just teasing the muscles. Finally, Kain slowly applied pressure behind his finger, allowing it to sink into the others body. “Next time, please don’t wait so long.”

“I’ll try not to,” Ran panted, shivering harshly. “I’m here for good now. Not gonna go anywhere unless it’s a short trip. Can come to see you often again,” he said, leaning back as the other slowly slipped into him, spreading him open in a most delicious way. “I missed you, my friend, in all ways possible.”

“I know, and you should know you weren’t the only one.” Kain whispered as he started wiggling and pumping his finger in the male. “Ran,” He said softly as he pressed a kiss to the flesh just behind his ear, enjoying being this close to the red haired male again.

Sighing in pleasure as his hips moved in time with the finger, Ran slid his fingers through dark hair, pushing it back just to feel it fall through his fingers. He loved the touches, loved the time he got to play with the other and just be free. Kain was everything he could ever want in a permanent lover, despite the fact that he was a Sex Therapist, but he was just too scared of telling the other.

Kain nuzzled the other as he moved his finger about; he finally pressed a second against the muscles. “Tell me when you’re ready for this one, love.” The sex therapist flushed when the term of endearment slipped from his mouth.

Smiling and pressing a kiss to Kain’s neck, Ran nodded as he said “I’m ready.” Pressing back, he made sure his body was relaxed and ready to take in the other. He was so aroused, just wanting his lover, wanting to feel the other, even if it was just his fingers. “Add another finger.”

Kain applied pressure slowly, forcing his finger into the other male. He pressed another kiss behind the redhead’s ear softly as he murmured softly. “Don’t hurt yourself, just remember I’ll never leave you, you are the one I need…don’t you know?” His voice kept lowering and rising as though he wasn’t sure he wanted the assassin to hear him. “I crave you and only you.”

“Kain,” Ran breathed out, his eyes turning a dusky violet in his pleasure at the feeling of another finger and hearing the words. Leaning up, he kissed the other slowly, trying to convey all the emotions he couldn’t say into it, moaning as the long fingers brushed over his sweet spot just right.

Kain continuously moved his fingers, finally starting to spread them to stretch the muscles. From personal experience he knew it was uncomfortable and thus almost always had a finger against the others prostate. When the blood haired male kissed him he moaned, able to suddenly feel the others emotions, and for the first time regretted being a therapist.

Rolling his hips back, Ran pulled away and stroked a hand over the others cheek. “I don’t…care what you do…I’m not so good myself,” he panted quietly as the bigger man tormented the nub of nerves. “You are…Kain…to me…always was….always will be,” he moaned, letting his head drop back as the fingers pressed firmly on his prostate.

“I know.” The Bartender said calmly, even though he was sure the other would be able to see through the half lie. He did know the other did love him not matter what, it didn’t mean he didn’t regret his living. It made a true relationship impossible; he made a living sleeping with people. And he refused to truly start a relationship because he had some morals, ones that told him not to betray the one he was with.

“One day…I can wait,” Ran promised, smiling and pressing a kiss to the others cheek, before nuzzling close with a whine, wanting more. He would wait for the other, for the day that he wished to start on a new path. Until then, he’d take spending time with Kain, with being the only bed partner that the other had that could make him lose control. Until then he’d take getting fucked silly quite happily.

Kain nodded slowly and kissed Ran softly, sweetly as though he was the most important thing in the universe. He placed a third finger at the others entrance, waiting for a sign of approval before continuing. His amber eyes were closed as he kissed the other, just reveling in the gentleness of it.

Pressing back into the fingers and up into the kiss, Ran sighed happily, eyes fluttering shut as he moaned contently. He loved the fact that he was the one who saw the genuinely sweet man who was under the surface. He loved that and the fact that Kain could read him so well as the finger pressed in lightly.

Kain’s fingers easily manipulated the muscles into relaxing as he kissed the other. “Red, just a little bit more and then I will make you hoarse with all your screaming.” The amber eyed male whispered softly against Ran’s lips, the words a soft promise.

“Gods yes,” Ran moaned, eyes opening slightly, a glint of purple shining through red lashes. He knew he would have to switch duties but could care less about that. He was going to get screwed senseless and then was going to screw the other senseless and then cuddle up to the other and bask in his warmth.

Kain pressed a fourth finger to the redhead’s entrance. “You want this? Or are you still as stupid and stubborn as before?” He asked with a glint of humor in his voice as he spoke against the others soft lips.

“Very funny,” Ran moaned and pressed back into the finger. “I want the fourth finger. It’s been so very long…and you’re still hung like the proverbial horse,” he teased, reaching down to encircle the others prick, his finger just barely touching at the base. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been taken, so I need the extra. And I was only stupid and stubborn before because we were having sex nearly every week.”

Kain smiled more broadly and spread the three fingers already in the man and slid the fourth in smoothly. “Yes, we were weren’t we?” his amber eyes were open once again, and glinting with amusement and showed he was teasing.

“Oh quite,” Ran gasped, tightening around the invading fingers before relaxing, going slightly cross eyed with the added burn. “I swore half the time I wasn’t walking right,” he gasped and rocked into the fingers with a moan. “Had to do some pretty fast thinking to make excuses. Not that I’m ashamed…but I like having you to myself when it comes to the other 3.”

“I doubt Yohji would be interested in me, especially since everyone sees me as just a seme unless they’ve been to the bar and seen me as a uke. Omi and Ken I’m not so sure about though.” Kain said, his mind going through his lover’s friends and his face turned serious for a moment as he thought about it.

“Omi is dating Nagi, like I said, and Ken….he doesn’t distinguish between male and female. It’s all good as long as their fun,” Ran panted, and pressed back. “I just don’t want the play boy hitting on you. I’d have to castrate him and put him on opening duty. I’d get all pouty to,” he teased, nipping the others lip. “Though, I’m tempted to say fuck it and drag you back to show you all the fun things I bought.”

“That sounds rather tempting, but for now I think that we both need to cum so hard that we cant see straight.” The darker haired male purred as he moved his fingers. “You almost ready for the main event?” He asked softly, his free hand grabbing the lube once again.

“Beyond ready,” Ran moaned as the fingers slipped out. “Want me on my hands and knees? Ass in the air ready to take you in?” he asked, nearly purring as he stole the lube from Kain. Pouring a bit onto his hands, he reached down to slick the other cock slowly. He had always been addicted to touching any part of Kain, especially his prick or hair.

Another canine worthy growl fell from Kain as the image of the other on his knees flashed through his mind. “Knees, hands, now.” The other snarled unable to form a true sentence with all the lust traveling through him and the word echoing in his skull. need, need, need.

Smirking, Ran slid off of Kain’s lap and easily moved into a comfortable position, hands reaching forward as his hips raised up and his legs spread wide for the other. Wiggling his hips, he moaned softly as he watched the bobbing length between Kain’s thighs, knowing he’d soon be taken once more.

Kain moved up behind Aya with the feline grace he was known for, his lust had always just enhanced the fluidity of his movements. He moved up and over the other, his chest to the man’s back firmly as he positioned his cock. “Red, how fast.” He muttered before arching his back and kissing the tattoo softly again.

“Fast. I want to be feeling it even after we finish,” Ran growled, pressing back into the others body, looking at him with dark eyes. He could feel the head pressing, wanting to press in deep and couldn’t wait to feel the other splitting him in half, making him drip a little from his own length. “Fuck me fast and hard. Remind me how good it is between us.”

Kain gave another of the animalistic snarls that only Ran was allowed to know about and thrust forward. His powerful hips drove him to the hilt in one go along with a harsh groan of pleasure. His hand, resting on the bed sheets, tightened, almost tearing the soft cloth.

Screaming in pleasured pain, Ran pressed back and panted harshly, eyes clamped shut as his own hands tore at the pillows. He was stretched, filled to the brim and gods did it feel good. He wondered how he could have lived without the other opening him up in such a way. Even holding still, Kain’s prick still twitched inside of him, making him moan and squeeze the other lightly.

Kain let out a growl and bucked his hips forward slightly. “Ran.” The word was a groan of pleasure as he lay his own body along the redhead’s. He panted and his length twitched as he fought not to move.

“Oh gods, it’s so good,” Ran panted, tossing his head back against Kain’s shoulder, rolling his hips. “Move. It doesn’t hurt,” he moaned, letting his head drop, his earring and belly ring dangling as he enjoyed the feeling of Kain’s chest sliding and pressing against his sensitive tattoo.

The upside down cross of his ear ring fell against the redhead’s cheek. The cold metal of the matching necklace set on Ran’s back as he started to move. He slowly withdrew from the other before moving forward just as slowly.

Moaning and growling softly in pleasure, Ran moved with the other man, his eyes half shut in pleasure. “Ah, Kain,” he mewled lightly, enjoying the slow friction and push and pull of the other. He was loving the fact that he could feel the tightly coiled passion just under Kain’s surface, knowing it was him that drew it out.

Kain heard the others mewl and couldn’t help but speed up slightly, his control slipping as it always did around the red head. A dark growl fell from him as he buried his face in Aya’s shoulder to try to calm himself. His panting was heavy as he fought his own body not to hurt the younger male.

Rocking his hips back hard, Aya screamed Kain’s name again, somehow mangling it in his pleasure. The head of the others prick stroked and prodded at the nub of nerves, sending jolts of delightful pleasure racing through his body, his toes curling as his fingers dug into the pillows. “Faster, please,” he begged softly.

“I’ll hurt you.” Kain’s lust roughened voice said as calmly as possible. Even as he said it he couldn’t stop the way his hips sped up in appliance with the request. He pressed his lips behind the others ear again as he moved over him.

“You never have before,” Aya gasped, tightening around the other a few times as the other moved faster. Rocking and moving with the other, he dragged one of Kain’s hands to his stomach, sliding it over his skin, smoothing over his belly ring. “Just…need to be touched…caressed…taken,” he groaned.

Kain’s hand twitched against the other’s stomach, wiggling the belly ring slightly and ducked his head to kiss the others neck softly as he ran feather soft fingers along the smooth flesh of Ran’s stomach. “Ran, careful…before we were together every couple days at the least.” He mouthed the others neck softly, placing open mouthed kisses on the soft flesh.

“I know. I just want to be touched,” Ran panted, letting his hand drop back to the pillows, allowing the bigger man control on how fast they moved. His hair started to turn into a dried blood color, slicking with sweat as beads of it slicked the rest of his body. The sheer heat between them made him leak even more, knowing that he wouldn’t ever be cold with the other.

Kain moved ever faster, more of his hidden strength appearing. He was slowly driving the other along the bed as he moved behind him. His hand ran softly along the soft skin of the redhead’s chest and stomach. His open kisses traced up and down the long column of Ran’s neck slowly.

Soft sounds escaped with every thrust, his body trembling at the intensity. Slapping his hand against the headboard, he stopped his movements forward, rocking instead and staying in one spot. Spreading his legs a bit more, he let himself drop forward to take the other deeper into his body. At the rate he was going, he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Kain felt the others movements and smiled against the soft flesh of his throat. His thrusts gained even more power, and he moved a little so that he hit the other’s prostate with each one. His hand slid down Ran’s body, just ghosting along smooth skin until it came till his length. He wrapped a loose fist around it and stroked opposite his thrusts.

Choking on his air, Rye shuddered and shoved backwards with a whimper. He was going to be driven right over the edge of sanity and he couldn’t wait for it. “Kain….” He panted, starting to chant the others name before screaming loudly as he came over the others hand and the sheets. He shuddering and jerked as his climax was extended with each thrust.

Kain felt the others muscles spasm around him and let out another one of his harsh snarls. He bit at the others shoulder, just hard enough to leave a bruise that would be visible for several days. He was able to fit anyone’s desires, but he suddenly craved the other to take him as well, claim him as his and his alone once again, but his fears bubbled up and he kept silent. He let out small growls through his teeth as he released into the other, his hips bucking erratically.

Gasping and mewling out a soft ‘yes’ as he was marked, Aya reached up with his hand, holding himself up with the one on the headboard and cradled the others head to his neck. He was accepting the other, knowing just what the bite meant. He had said he would wait until Kain was ready and he would. He would always wait for the other man, his body, soul and heart was the others in all ways. The flood of heat in him was just another mark that he proudly wore.

Kain panted against the others neck as he came down from his high before pulling his head away. “Sorry, Ran…I didn’t mean to bite you.” He whispered, still partially afraid that if he spoke his own desires would slip free.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all,” Ran panted, sounding and looking dazed. “I rather like it. Gonna have to forgo the orange sweater for a while,” he said, smiling sweetly as he turned his head to lay a soft kiss on the others lips. “I meant what I said. I’ll wait for you. I’ll also always be here for you.”

Kain nodded and opened his mouth, planning on thanking the redhead for his kindness. “Claim me.” he flushed as he registered his own words and closed his eyes, embarrassment flooding him at not being able to control himself.

“Any time. Let me catch my breath first and then I can add a mark to your neck and make sure you’re walking funny to,” Ran promised, mewling in disappointment as the other slipped out of him. “And no feeling embarrassed around me. I’m the only one who lets you be you and I love the fact.”

“Then let me feel embarrassed.” Kain said softly, his amber eyes still partially hidden. “With all my training, and the fact I have learned how to become aroused near anyone I should be able to control my mouth.” He ran a hand through his dark hair and leaned forward, kissing his lover softly.

“Fine,” Ran hummed, flipping over finally and settling on his back under the other. “I’ll let you feel embarrassed. I know you though, especially since we’ve known each other for so long. I’m proud to see this part of you, knowing just who you are under the work mask,” he said, reaching up to stroke his lovers cheek softly.

Kain leaned into the soft touch and nuzzled the others palm. “Thank you, Red.” He turned his head, pressing a soft brushing kiss against the other’s hand with a smile. “So, how do you want me? You want me to ride you? Or you want to take me like I did you? Or maybe watching my face as you slide into me?”

“I want to watch you but I don’t think I can take you with you on the bottom,” Ran hummed, his cock already stirring at the idea of taking his lover. Slicking his fingers once more, he reached behind Kain, scooting down a bit and sliding his finger over the others pucker slowly. “I can remember when I first topped you. I was so nervous that you had to take over for a bit. You ended up screaming yourself hoarse by the time we were done.”

“Shall we see how sore we can make my throat again?” Kain asked softly and pushed back against the others finger with a small growl. “Get me ready so I can ride you.” Something Kain never told anyone, not even Ran, was that while yes he could get off with anyone, when he took on another person’s form it was nowhere near as good as when in his own form. Changing apparently desensitized him.

Smiling and sliding a finger into his lover, crooking in a very familiar way, pressing down on his lover’s sweet spot, rubbing the nerves gently. “Ah, yes, lets,” he purred, his eyes smoldering as his prick twitched and continued to harden. He loved playing with his lover, making sure to pleasure the other the way he liked it. Ran loved knowing that he knew Kain’s hot spots, knew what made him hard and want more.

The darker male’s head dropped backwards and he let out harsh snarl, his body rigid as the other abused his prostate. “Kami, Ran careful or you’ll have to get me hard again.” He rocked back against the other’s finger after he calmed himself slightly and let out a groan of pleasure as he raised his head, his amber eyes locked onto the violet ones of his lover, his pupils taking up most of the color.

“But that’s what I want,” Ran purred, pumping his fingers in and out a few times before teasing a second finger in slowly with each thrust. “I want you hard and leaking again so I can tease your hardness until you squeeze tight around me as you come,” he continued, finally rubbing his fingers firmly over the bundle of nerves in his lover again. His eyes snapped and crackled with his own pleasure.

“Better be careful or I’ll be riding you while you're covered with cooling cum.” The sex therapist said calmly as he leaned close to kiss the other chastely, rubbing his hard length against Aya’s strong stomach with a moan. “Please…you wont hurt me…I had a customer yesterday. Add another one.” He pushed back against the fingers and gave another of his harsh snarls.

Sliding a finger into his lovers’ body, he pressed firmly once more again before spreading his fingers. “I like feeling you clenching around my fingers…reminds me of how it feels when you clench around my cock,” he teased, thrusting his fingers, spreading and twisting, making sure the other was open enough to slid into properly. “Just tell me when and I’ll replace my fingers.”

“Kami…I need you, please Red. Now, just lay back and let me take you in, let me scream as I ride you.” Kain pushed against Ran’s chest, as though trying to make him drop back to he could finally be filled with what he wanted.

Laying back and removing his fingers, Ran put his hands onto Kain’s hips, pulling him forward slightly. “Then ride me, Kain,” he moaned, his eyes falling half shut as he brought his legs up so that his feet laid flat on the bed and provided his lover a way to lean against if he needed it. “Take me into your body.”

Kain took a deep breath and reached behind him to align Ran's length so he didn’t hurt himself. He allowed his body to drop down slightly, the other’s head breaching him and he paused, he may have had someone only the night before but he wasn’t as big as the redhead. The dark amber eyes shut and Kain dropped his head back to hide his face from the other as he forced his body to relax and slid down a bit more.

Reaching down, he stroked lightly over Kain’s erection to help him relax, just moving as he stroked the skin of Kain’s hip. “Relax. No rush,” he panted out, his eyes wide as he watched the other slid down over him. “That’s its, Kain. Slowly now. Let’s enjoy this,” he moaned, his head dropping back onto the pillow.

Kain let out one of his animalistic snarls and raised up slightly before dropping farther, this time a strangled moan came from him as the tip of the others length brushed his prostate. “Kami, Ran!” he cried out as he rocked slightly just for the added stimulation against his pleasure center.

Rolling his hips lightly before putting his hand onto Kain’s hips, Ran lifted the other man up and pulled him up and then back down over his length, the tight heat around his cock making him moan. “Gods, you’re so…hot, tight,” Ran mewled, rolling his hips with each thrust, eyes sultry and dark as he nibbled the side of his lips.

Kain allowed his body to slid completely down the others length finally and his back arched as he let out an almost scream that made his throat sting slightly. He started panting and began to rotate his hips, just moving in slow circles on the others member. A steady stream of moans, growls and snarls fell from him as he did so, his body leaning against the other’s thighs.

Groaning and letting his head arch into the pillow, his toes curling as the vice grip tightened even more around him. “Kain,” he moaned his voice a whine of pleasure as his cock started to leak lightly. “Please. Need you to move,” he panted, lifting the other up before dropping him back down, hips rising to meet him and thrust deeper.

Kain let out a full scream, his head thrown back as the other thrust up to meet him as gravity pulled him down. He tightened the muscles in his legs and pushed his body up; as he moved upward he relaxed the muscles in his rear. He smirked as he tightened the muscles around the other’s hard length and relaxed his muscles, allowing his body to be brought down almost completely by the force of gravity.

Moaning and growling lightly, Ran started to move with the other, his hips arching upwards to meet his lover, sliding in deep and pressing on Kain’s sweet spot just right. Panting softly, unable to catch his breath as he moved, Ran’s hands tightened on his lover’s hips, helping him to move up and down. Each driving thrust made the bigger male bounce a bit, once more the sound of skin on skin filling the air.

Kain sped his movements, feeling himself nearing completion and let out a strangled growl as he fought not to let out another scream that would leave his throat raw for at least a couple of days. He moved himself swiftly, his muscles tightening and relaxing around Ran’s length. “Ran!”

“That’s it,” Ran panted, his eyes slitting as the tightness squeezed him, making it nearly impossible to move. Thrusting, he moaned, and pounded hard upwards. “Not…gonna…gods…gonna cum…” he growled, continuing to pound as his hands wrapped around the others prick once more.

At the others touch to his length he let out another scream like the last as his head dropped back as he came. His muscles tightened around Ran’s length as he released, surprising himself as he did so. “RAN! Kami!”

Smirking and shoving one last time into his lover, Ran shuddered and spilled into his lover, his toes curling. Moaning and filling Kain with his cum, the red head slowly relaxed, tugging the dark haired man down, his arms wrapping around the other as they came down off of their climaxes.

Kain lay over the other panting heavily as he came down from the high. He finally decided to try to speak. “Ra…” His voice broke and he winced against the others chest before settling for just laying on the other with a content smile on his face.

“We’ll get water in a bit,” Ran husked, his own voice rough as he nuzzled the others hair. “Sounds like you’re going to be sucking on lozenges again,” he teased, feeling remarkably smug, even as his limp prick slid out of his lovers’ slick entrance. “And a nice hot bath for both of us. Still have the giant tub?” he asked, his eyes closing.

Kain opted out of speaking and hurting his voice more and nodded. A sudden thought passed through his mind and he wondered if their old silent communication would work. He raised a hand and began slowly tracing out letters on the others arm. Of course, why would I get rid of it?

Smiling and tracing his own answer down Kain’s back, Aya snickered lightly. Break your voice did I? Sorry. If I can stand up after the bath, I’ll make you some of that tea you like, he silently promised, nuzzling the dark hair some more, completely enjoying the cuddling time they had.

Kain smiled and nuzzled the other’s throat slightly before pressing a kiss to the soft flesh. Didn’t break it, just sprained it. the other teased, quoting from their past when Ran had insisted that he hadn’t broke his ankle when he fell.

Rolling his eyes and snickering again, Ran nosed against the soft hair again and reached down to grope the other before replying. I wonder where you got that from. The sarcasm was evident, even in traced words as he shifted them onto their sides. Bath? Then…maybe order out and watch a movie?

Keep that up, and it’ll be another go before the bath. Kain traced as he kissed the others neck again softly. Let’s go, I keep the bath filled with hot water.

Good. Sex later, Ran stated, sliding out of bed and standing up with a wince. Balancing on his feet, he wiggled lightly. “Well, I feel well used and abused,” he hummed, his eyes sparkling at the other man and reaching out to offer his lover his hand.

Kain narrowed his eyes at the others comment and reached up as though to take the hand but instead traced a word on the palm first. Ass. He rolled and sat up, and gave a small wince before standing.

“And this is new?” Ran hummed, smiling as his other hand moved to massage Kain’s lower back lightly before tugging him into the bathroom. Smiling, he easily found a few candles that he knew Kain preferred and lit them with a match. “Come on luv. Let’s take a hot bath.”

Kain nodded and stepped into the bath, a small sigh coming from him as he submerged himself in the heated water. He looked at the other, his amber eyes soft and loving, as he beckoned the other to the bath as well.

Smiling and stepping into the bath, putting one candle on a specialized ledge, he slipped down to settle against Kain with a sigh of pleasure. “Ah, this…is nice. A small travel trailer does not let you be comfortable, for either sleep or showering. Much less a bath,” he hummed, laying his head on the man’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around Kain’s waist.

Kain’s hand rose to write on the others skin once again. Stay here then…there’s enough room…sides I don’t really use my bedroom for customers so it’s fine. he then lay his palm flat against the redhead’s upper arm and just leaned against the side of the tub with a soft smile.

Smiling, Ran nodded and nuzzled close to him with a sigh. He was quite content in staying put. He’d call them later to make sure that they knew he was fine and would be there the next afternoon. Humming, he closed his eyes and relaxed. “I’ll order dinner, my treat. I don’t think either of us could cook at this moment,” he said, just floating on his enjoyment of the moment.

Kain nodded and nuzzled the soft red hair for a few moments before pushing the other up. His hand reached over h to the edge of the tub to grab his shampoo. Pouring some one the redhead’s hair he began their baths.

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