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Seras clapped along with the song. Pip sing could well enough. It was a drunken merry tune. Happy, happy, happy. The forest around was cold and wet, but here warmth and closeness held sway. The velvet sensation of belonging and peace was intoxicating. A few cheers for her to dance. She giggled and jumped to her feet.


Seras swayed badly to the song, dancing as awkwardly as she was innocent. Expansive, she felt out, reaching into their minds, to see what kind of dance they wanted to see. She moved and swayed as she saw in their minds. She didn't think, only acted. It was warm. Their attention caressed her skin. Was that a hand that touched her calf. No, the wind on this still night, must be. They were gentlemen Seras giggled. As in their minds, she was caressed and massaged as she danced.


No sharp thoughts to cut her, no judging on how she looked. Just a quiet, hungry appreciation. Her smile molded her face, every laugh and quick exclamation made the air warmer and thick. She liked this, this happy and close feeling. She liked the thoughts in the Geeses's heads that worshiped her. She wanted this feeling of belonging to go on forever.


Seras watched their minds and whispered to them. To be close, to be hers and for her to be theirs. She wanted affection, adoration and devotion and to give them in return. The perfume of the night relaxed each and time past as a syrup might.


She thought they had moved closer. The wind must have picked up as those silent touches increased. Her legs trembled under the so hot night, but the men still wanted to see her move, to see her body dance. Seras breathed in the smoldering air, letting it heat her insides, her skin was hot and sweat beaded on her.


She moaned as strong hands massaged her gently. A moment later she realized she'd stopped dancing. Their thoughts, their desires closer and more intimate. She was tired, she must have been for they held her up and rubbed her muscles.


It was perfect, her siren song drew them in. She dove through their minds. Shivers of bliss in the emotion she bathed in. Warm and all-encompassing she wished those desires out. Joy in each touch and kiss given. Friendly and passionate in turn. They touched where she wished to be touched. She wanted to be touched where they wanted to touch. Her powers stretched out mingling with their minds. New feelings altering her as she made the men caress her. Her thoughts darkened, visions of sex and fornication.


Pip, she wanted Pip. She wanted him to be first. She had to have him to take her in all the ways a man could have a woman. Hands massaged her breasts, caressed her arms and legs. He parted the sea of people. They brought her up and spread her legs. Her sex quailed. She was exposed. Only a thin layer of cloth shielded her. It would be removed soon and then Pip's spear would impale her.


He kissed her. Pleasure hit her so hard it was pain. Seras felt her legs wrap around him. His tongue darted out and dueled with hers. There bodies rocked together. His fingers massaged her head. He ground against her. Seras moaned in ecstasy, her body trying to envelop him. A fog grew in her brain and feelings. More, more more, Pip would know what. She bade him on. To do what she desired of him. To fulfill this unnameable need. The fog drifted over her and her world was nothing more than this perfect instant. Held by love and soft pleasure Seras .


The moment receded and time achingly returned. Seras moved slowly. Flush with contentment she tried to kiss and touch Pip, but he was energized from the moment. He made her moan as his lips and tongue caressed her neck and her too slow mouth. She plopped into his consciousness. Needing to give him the feelings that she had. The things he dreamed of doing with her. The midnight fantasies when she was far away.


There were so many. Too many for them to do now, but some later. Some she could and would do with him now. He made it hard for her to concentrate on the things he wanted most of all. A half-formed idea in his head, stolen her attention. Her taking Pip in her mouth, licking, sucking, pleasuring him until he released. It alien to her. A stray thought that could never have amused her.


She wanted to taste him. To have him and make him quiver. Her will, their action twisted her about. The zipper on Pip's trousers was in front of her nose. A motion, (hers his?) and he popped free. A short sigh and Seras licked it. It tasted like Pip. She traced the edge of the head with her tongue and he jerked away. A hiss of excitement escaping. She lunged and caught him. Taking him in and refusing to let him get away this time. The guttural moans and noises he made pushed her on. She wanted this, for Pip to feel as she did.


She felt his fingers drift down her body, thrilling, exhilarating her. So slowly they crept down her and found her entrance. Delicately he stroked. Seras tensed at the new sensation. Powerful, intimate, so unlike the forceful pleasure of his lips. The feeling spread out, dulled all sensation. All but the ecstasy.


His massage of her sex increased. Pip rubbed her clit. A shock of pleasure. Her tongue twitched faster. His finger parted and stroked her labia. Seras toes curled. Her head was vacant save for the sensation he gave her. Dimly she could feel the bliss she gave him, but he'd shoved it away. She was confused, she wanted him to feel good. She started to suck on him harder when Pip pushed his fingers in her.


Seras gasped. Her sex melted at his intrusion. Skillfully his finger worked. Her body moved at his touch. He rubbed her folds and Seras mewled in ecstasy. Her tongue moved of its own accord and continued its patterns. Pip drew lazy circles from her sex to her bum. Then he pushed in there too. She quivered under the feeling. His finger moved in and out of her. She could no longer control herself as every part of her being moved the way he dictated.


His thumb ran a circle around her clit and she bounced. He thrust in and her tongue ran up and down. Out and she bobbed her head. The pleasure flowed out from her center. Numb, she could slip into it as she felt Pip's body readied for his own orgasm. Liquid euphoria dripped down and everything faded again. Slowly it ebbed away. Seras returned to herself. Something salty in her mouth. For a pale moment she thought she'd but him. But it didn't feel the same. She swallowed it and started again. Still drifting in the afterglow the sudden pleasure bent him in half.


Seras felt the tension he used to contain it. She redouble her efforts. She would make him feel all that he'd given her. He squeezed her, crushing his teeth together. A shard of a memory glimmered. Seras ran her tongue over the ridge of his head. He pressed harder. Ecstasy overwhelming him. Pip tried to squirm away. Seras held him by thought, helpless as she.


She continued. His euphoria barely contained by his will. She was relentless, determined to have him utterly. Her tongue and mouth danced, his cries giving the music. The tempo was inexorable and Pip twisted to Seras's rhythm. He thrust lightly into her, unable to control himself. All the things she made him feel gently pushed away his resistance, and he gave in. Seras drank deep of him, happy.


The world twisted up again. A smirk played on Seras's lips. Thrilled to see what she had done to him. Pip still panted and gasped, slowly catching up with his heart and her. She could feel his seed in her. That strange taste of him and half of a new life.


Her panties were gone. Had she removed them? Were the ever there? The questions ran away. Pip was at her entrance. Running along her lips. Waiting, teasing. She moaned, the little waves of pleasure numbing her mind. Casually he nudged into her. A sigh as she was filled. Achingly the moment lasted. Their bodies melding together. The feelings surged throughout her. The maelstrom building across every nerve. She moved to take him along with her. She tasted his moans, saw his pleasure.


His lips on her neck, her arms holding him close, his body in hers. Their hips rolled together. Eagerly trying to please the other. The silent cacophony and endless sensation their only companion. She moaned and he grunted. The motions becoming more violent. The storm, the song pitched higher. Insensate they both crashed together. One need to make the other feel like the same bliss.


Seras fell into it farther and farther. Dimly she heard Pip's groans. A shiver coated her body. He was close. She tightened as he swelled. Her cries were louder. Her head was empty and filled with light. The everything overwhelmed her. A moment before the world went away she heard Pip call out her name. A sharp warmness. Seras felt him release. His last few moans. She drifted through his thoughts, his fantasies. She wanted to be thought off closely. To be in his mind always. To be desired.


She was moved, (did she arch herself?) and Pip aligned himself once more. He was gentle, it felt weird. He flowed, back and forth into and out of her. The strangeness made it hard to enjoy and easy to relax into. He was tired and didn't move as much. His kisses on her body were not fiery. Pip made the slower movements deeper, to try and please her. Sweat dripped from his arms. The exertion winning the battle. Seras undulated and clenched to please him more. Her movements growing stronger as Pip tired.


Finally Pip gasped and released for the last time. He dropped to the ground. Other thoughts, different needs, warped desire surfaced in her mind. Seras felt for the other men. They stroked her, tweaked her body and inflamed her senses. Seras grasped them. Running her fingers along their shafts. One went into her mouth. She didn't remember when. Heat and warmth all around her. The pleasure boiled and submerged her. She felt two others enter her and start thrusting. A squeal rose from her throat. She heard the sounds the men made while she caressed them.


Her coos and gasps of pleasure increased. The thoughts and fantasies of the men were frenzied. She reached out and engulfed them. Her body molding to their sex. The one in her mouth released and she swallowed his seed. A brief moment of cold and emptiness before he was replaced. Teasingly she licked at him. His bliss, her own fun. Seras took in the head and softly suckled at it. He twitched and released early, overwhelmed.


She felt hot breathe a second before two Geese took her nipples into their mouths. She jumped, transfixed on the thrill. Their tongues danced and played across her breasts. Seras moaned loudly at their ministrations. Hands joined in their sensual assault. They made her twisted and writhe. Electric touches and burning nerves took away the world.


No thoughts, Feelings paraded down Seras's brain. The ecstasy tossed her about. Hands over her body. The motions and thrusts of her fellow soldiers. She stopped thinking. Only desire in her mind. Fantasies and dreams bounded in her mind. Release, release, release. The world exploded into white, and Seras ceased to be.


She awoke first, unsure of the time. The Wild Geese lie around her. She knew somehow that they would sleep for a while yet. A tiny, happy smile crossed her lips.


I'll need to do this again sometime.


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