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AN: well i decided to write this. it will be a one shot so there will be no other chapters. This might go along with a Full metal panic doujinshi i saw on a certain site a while back. If you wanna know the site. message me. lol So enjoy. Oh and i will try to update the karaoke fanfic. :D so just wait and see. Oh and this will be in Souskes Point of view. Lets hope i can do this..lol

Rated: M for smut smut smut

I hear a weird sound coming from Kanames apartment. I have heard it before because it was usually after midnight when i heard it. I look at the clock now and i notice that it is 8pm. I take a sip of my coffee and try to finish my recent accident report before i heard something vibrating...i turned the volume up. I sit and wonder what the heck that noise is. I take another sip and almost choke when i hear my name being called. I turned the volume up once more and listen.

"Souske...mmmmm...more souske...please...ohhhh"

I sit there stunned wondering what the heck is she doing. I listen somemore and then i bearly hear her again. I sigh and go back to finishing up that accident report before i hear her scream. Now I jumped up realy fast and i almost got strangled because i forgot to take off the headphones. I run out the door with my glock and i run to Kanames house, slam down the door, run into her room and completly shut down. There before me was not someone being killed, But a beautiful women..who was naked. I completly shut down..


"Damn it Souske! Why are you here?" Asks Kaname as she covers up.


"Cant you speak? Well why are you here? Speak or else you are gonna get hit" Said Kaname as she reaches for her paper fan.

I start to sweat. Not only did i catch her naked, but now she is gonna hit me if i dont speak. I clear my throat and stand straight.

"I was filling out reports at 0800 when i heard a scream of some kind coming from your apartment so i came over here to see if you was in danger. I am sorry Kaname but i heard you." I said

I stand straight not looking at her. I didnt want to look at her at the moment because if i did, i would be unable to control myself. I knew after a couple of months ago in Hong Kong that she wasnt just my 'duty' anymore. But something more. When we got back, I just sat in my room for a while thinking about Kaname. After thinking for a while and going to get a dictonary and reading up on love, I realized that i did indeed love her. My train of thought went away once i heard a snicker coming from the bed.

"So you heard me huh? what exactly did you hear?" Kaname asked


"No really what did you hear?"

"Uh i heard something vibrating, some moaning and then a scream. Are you sure you are alright Kaname?"

"Yea Souske. And just how did you hear me?" Akss Kaname


"Souske! were you listening to me! did you bug my apartment agian?" Asked Kaname


"Darn it! what have i told you about bugging my apartment!" Yelled a very pissed off Kaname

I looked back at her and noticed that the blanket fell from her form and she was naked again. I turned away. Kaname then looked down and then back at me and smirked. I gulped.

'Oh this is bad..shes smirking'

"Oh Souske..."

"Uhh yes Kaname

"Come here and i will show you what i was doing" Kaname said sexly


Kaname forgot about her blanket and walked towards me. I stood still, not looking at her. She comes close to me and i could smell something different about her. She grins evily at me while she slowl drags me back to the bed. Once i sit down, she comes close to me. I gulp.

"You know Souske, it isnt nice to listen in to someone who is pleasuring themselves." Said Kaname

"Pleasuring themselves? is that what you was doing?" I dumbly asked

"Yes silly. Do you not know anything about pleasure?" Asked Kaname


"Ill take that as a no." Said Kaname as she kissed me.

My eyes went wide at the pleasure coming from her soft lips. I knew at that moment that all the blood went to a certain part of my lower reigons. I close my eyes as the kiss deepens. I suddenly feel the wind at my back and then softness. I open my eyes to see Kaname on top of me. Whatever blood i had left, made my cheeks red. Her cheeks were red too but not as bad. She leans over and kisses me again as she unbottons my shirts. Once my shirt was unbottened, she stopped kissing me and started to caress my chest. I groaned. She smirked and lowered her face down to one of my nipples and she flicked it with her tounge. I groaned again. She stopped, and started to undo my pants. I put my hands over hers.

"Kaname we should stop..i Uhhh dont have anything for...protection..." I stuttered

Kaname smirks.

"Its okay Souske. A while back, Melissa had me go on birth control pills. I have been on them every day...so no worries." Said Kaname

"Ohhh okay but.." I said

"No buts..it will be fine Souske. Trust me." Said Kaname

I nodded. Kaname gave me a kiss before going back to my pants. Once she lowered them, my lil guy stood up and saluted. I blushed even more. Kaname comes back up and kissed me..While we are kissing, she gently grabs my penis and starts to stroke it. I groan and lift up my hips. I never felt this sensation before and it was taking its toll on me.

"Kaname...i uhh i think im gonna..." I stuttered

"Oh well we cant have that. " Said Kaname as she shifted on the bed.

Before i knew it, she had me in her mouth. I groaned and tried not to lift up my hips but i couldnt help it. It was just so hot. Now i know what the guys were bragging about when they say that women look so hot giving them head. I groaned again. Before i could explode, she let me go. I groaned at the sudden hit of cold air. She smirks and comes back up to kiss me. While we were kissing, i felt her shift again and i looked up to see her towering over my cock. She broke the kiss and looked at me. I stared at her for a second before she impailed herself on me. We both groaned at the same time. I could feel her inside me and it felt good. She waited a couple of minutes before she got off and then implailed herself on me again. I just laid there while she rode me. I was too stunned by her beauty to do anything. After a while i started to feel something building inside of me.

"Kaname...im getting...getting...oh god...getting ready to...to...explode.." I stuttered.

"Then come Souske...just...oh god..come with me baby...ohhh yess...come with me..." Said Kaname as she rode me harder

I screamed her name and blacked out...

I woke up again to the moon shining in her room. I tried to move but found out that she was pinned down by Kaname. I just laid there looking at the moon. I suddenly saw her shift. She looks at me and smirks

"So did you like that Souske?" Asked Kaname

"Yes i did. but i still dont understand why you was doing it by yourself." I said

"Oh well then i guess you need more explaining" Said Kaname before she kissed me

And once again she was on me, explaining all through the night.

AN: i hope you all liked this. I used some bits and pieces from different ppl. lol as i said, this is a one shot! So no next chapter.

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