Hear Me Now

BY : Naru-Chan
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Chapter 1 - The Rain


"Shit, stop treating me like I'm fucking sick you damn bitch!" Sanzo yelled, thrashing out at Goku, sending the contents of the table to the floor.

"Sanzo! Sanzo what's wrong with you? You're not acting like yourself a-and it's starting to scare me!"

"Step down, Goku. It's only going to make his mood worse." Said Hakkai as he stood against the door frame of the hotel room they were staying in.

"Damn it, I told you to get the fuck out!"

After that he ran out of the hotel, ignoring the cries of Hakkai and Goyjo yelling at him to come back. There was no way he was going to stick around if Sanzo didn't even want him there in the first place. He found himself near a waterfall the next thing he knew with tears streaming down his face he punched the ground. "Damn it, the fuck does he want from me?!"

"You'd be much better off if you left him, you know." A soft chuckle emitted from the War Prince's throat as he stepped out of the shadows from the forest. He stared at the brunette with his golden-blue eyes as he stared at him.

His eyes widened when he heard the God's voice. "H-Homura...Bastard, I swear I'll kill you." He said and jumped back, putting up his fists as though he were ready to start a fight with him.

It wasn't like he had planned this or anything, oh, no, it was quite surprising to find The Monkey King standing outside of a waterfall with tears running down his face. It must have been Sanzo's fault, the bastard, who made his monkey cry like that. The rain pierced his skin as he stood next to the waterfall, trying to figure out what he would do.

Of course Sanzo had to have noticed the way he was scooting closer to him when they were forced to sleep together. No matter how abusive Sanzo could get, Goku could never bring himself to leave his side. The monk had saved him from the darkness and there was nothing that he could have done to repay him for that.

The least he could do was be by his side to protect him in return, it was all he could do to offer the monk for saving him the way that he did. When he called out to him again the one whom had answered him wasn't Sanzo. It was someone else. Someone he had seen before but to his surprise it was Homura who had answered him and not Sanzo.

What the hell was he even doing here out in the rain? "I could ask you the same question." He heard the god say and gasped when he was kicked in the stomach, falling to the ground, unconscious.

He woke up after what seemed to be over an hour after he had been knocked out near the waterfall. He found himself in a dungeon-like room with his hands chained to the walls. His eyes widened when he couldn't pull himself off of the walls with his own strength. He struggled to get free, but nothing seemed to work, nothing seemed to be able to get him down from the wall he had been chained to.

"I wouldn't bother if I were you. Those chains were made by the gods themselves, nothing will be able to break them." He heard a voice say and looked up to see the god smirking at him.

The brunette glared at the War God and attempted to pull himself away from the chains that confined him to the wall. "You asshole! Let me go, damn you!"

"Not likely."

"What did you just say?!" Goku struggled against the wall and Homura pushed him against it with such force that could have shattered his arm if he wanted.

"You listen to me, dear Son Goku, you are at my mercy now so be quiet and I might spare you."

"Sanzo will come for me...I'm sure of it."

"Still blubering about that pathetic monk?" He chuckled as he grasped Goku's chin in his hand, smirking at him as his golden-blue eyes narrowed down at him. "You're so entertaining."

A lot more entertaining than Heaven, that's for sure.

Goku growled. "You! Don't you ever say anything bad about Sanzo!" He yelled tearing himself away from Homura's grasp.

"And what has he ever done for you my friend? Except cause you misery? Hm? I'd like to know what makes you so fond of that ass."

Goku's eyes narrowed. "He saved me.." He thought, thinking back to his time in the prison of darkness where he was to wait through all eternity.

He saved me from the darkness.

He then heard the god laughing at him, but why? He didn't see what was so funny about his reason for following Sanzo. "Haven't you figured it out yet? That Sanzo priest only lives for himself. What could you ever possibly see in someone like that?" He asked and grabbed Goku's chin, forcing his lips against the brunette's.

The rain pounded on the windows of the castle and Goku's attention turned to it after Homura parted from the kiss. Rain always did put Sanzo in a bad mood, no wonder he was so upset when he tried to pester him about it. He just wanted to be left alone, and he kept bugging him about it.

Homura stepped back and smirked as he looked at the chimp before him; having him here in the castle stroked his ego more than it should have, but it couldn't be helped. Seeing the Monkey King chained to the wall like a wild animal made him smirk. How he could have managed to chain down in such a way made his groin twitch in anticipation.

He would have to get straight to the point, then, if he was to get anything out of this. Goku obviously seemed like he didn't know what was going on or why he was even here to begin with. Homura cupped the brunette's cheek in his palm causing the younger boy to tense up in his grasp. It seemed that the boy hadn't warmed up to him yet, but he would change that very soon.

Unlocking the shackles on his arms and legs, Homura allowed Goku to fall to the ground as he was released from his shackles. He smirked as he watched Goku get to his feet and glare at him. "What do you want, huh?" He asked as he rubbed his wrist with his hand; the hold of the shakles had caused his skin to bruise.

"Serve me. Serve me and forget about that monk friend of yours and you shall be granted immortality." He said and crossed his arms over his chest. "Will you take this opportunity and join the gods, Son Goku?"

"I'd rather die!"

Homura sighed. "Very well then, Son Goku." He said and turned around, preparing to leave the room when his shoulder was grabbed.

"Wait! Y-you can't just leave me here!"

"Oh, I can't? Then will you join me? Join me and rule all things with the gods, Goku. It is your destiny to serve me."

He reached out his hand and smirked as Goku reached out for it and grabbed him as they walked out of the dungeon together. Finally, finally he had Son Goku in his grasp. He had many plans for the monkey and he was going to use him to rip Sanzo's heart into shreds.

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