Somewhat Damaged

BY : Xasus
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Title: Somewhat Damaged

Author: Xasus

Pairing: Yohji/Aya

Warnings: Male/male, sexual situations, edge-play, S&M, Dark, Emotional

Summary: In the throes of his agony, Aya is desperate for a solution to his inner turmoil.  (I apologize for my awful summary)


A/N: This story I’m having take place somewhere between Weiss Kreuz and Gluhen… (I don’t really care for Gluhen but that doesn’t really matter at this point). Sorry if this story is a bit drawn out. I wanted to put as much emotion into it as I can because I really see both of these characters having the potential to be very deep emotional beings… Well they are but even more so if they were to get together… But you’ll see what I mean when you read. Enjoy!


P.S. There isn’t a lot of dialogue in this, sorry! But it’s supposed to be able to stand alone without much talking.




Sleep; he didn’t need it. It was something that only brought about anguish and pain and Aya would have rather spent the night captured and tortured than sleep. It was difficult to stay awake however when he was so exhausted, the pale redhead having just returned with the rest of Weiss from their latest mission. The mission was successful obviously or else they wouldn’t have returned at all but it was a bitter sweet victory.


They had apprehended and destroyed their target, but an innocent died in the process. He tried to save her, images of his sister the only thing occupying his mind as he desperately clung to the deceased child, trying to revive her but it was all for naught. She was beyond anyone’s reach forever and he felt retched, not for himself, but for the little girl’s parents who would have to go for the rest of their lives without their daughter…


It had taken all of the rest of Weiss to get him to let go and realize the truth. Usually the swordsman would have accepted it as an unfortunate but necessary outcome for them to succeed but this time, this time it had been different.


 In the end, it had been Yohji’s voice that had been able to bring him out of his trance like state. The blonde always had a way of calming him down somehow.


Aya sighed as he turned the page in his book, not even recognizing the words anymore. His vision was swimming at this point; a sign that he was reaching his limit for sleep deprivation. But he couldn’t, not now when the incident was so fresh in his mind. He needed to occupy himself with something else, something to help him release his despair. Not knowing any other alternative, he stood, placing his book gently on the bedside table before making his way quietly out of his room and padding down the hall until he reached a familiar door.


He had frequented Yohji’s bed quite a few times; he wouldn’t say they were lovers or anything of that sort. Of course they had feelings for each other but that was a very dangerous road to travel. Admitting feelings of anything other than lust could compromise so much and both knew that it wasn’t a smart risk to take. But sometimes Aya needed it, was so desperate for another; someone to eradicate the feelings in his icy heart, even if only for a few moments. He couldn’t go to anyone else for this… it had to be Yohji, there was no one else that understood him the way Yohji did.


The amethyst eyed redhead didn’t bother to knock, he was sure that Yohji was expecting him sooner or later. It was inevitable after tough missions. Opening the door quietly, he made his way into the blonde’s room immediately spotting the man casually sitting by the windows edge, smoke curling off of the end of a cigarette as Yohji took a drag.


The blonde glanced over at his door being opened and gave a sad smile in Aya’s direction. It wasn’t a smile out of pity or anything of the sort; just a silent communication of understanding between them. He took one last drag of his cigarette before putting it out in the small ashtray on the window sill before standing.


“Couldn’t sleep?” He always asked that; even though he already knew the answer. What could he say; he was just one for conversation.


The pale man shook his head and moved further into the room. He stood there looking a bit lost and hating himself for feeling so vulnerable in the other’s presence. Yohji had an air about him that was commanding in some way, yet not so. Aya couldn’t even begin to explain it, only that he craved it more often than he’d like to admit.


Yohji took it upon himself to move close to the swordsman. Aya looked like he was about ready to change his mind and bolt. This always happened but the blonde always won out in the end, being able to convince the redhead to stay.


Once he reached Aya, he gently placed both hands on the man’s shoulders before sliding them gently down the pale assassin’s bare arms, feeling the slightest of shivers course through the swordsman. “Anything I can do?” he asked in a quiet, almost seductive voice.


Aya looked away from those intense green eyes, they always seemed to be able to draw him in and he hated showing his weaknesses, even to Yohji whom he had shared many things with, including some of his emotions. But he nodded nonetheless, knowing that the blonde would know exactly what he needed.


Running his hands along the hem of Aya’s tight black shirt, Yohji lifted the material a bit so he could touch that soft pale skin that he loved so much. Being with Aya was amazing, much better than his usual conquests he had since given up ever since the redhead had been coming to his bed almost nightly now. With his hands on Aya’s waist, Yohji led him to the bed before the blond sat; bringing the swordsman down onto his lap so the other was straddling his thighs.


He lifted a hand to caress a pale cheek before speaking once more. “Tell me Ayan… I need to know how far we’re going tonight.”


Aya let out a shaky breath, gripping Yohji’s biceps to keep himself grounded. “I need it all…”


All. That was a powerful word in Yohji’s mind. It hadn’t been that bad for the last few missions but ‘all’ usually required potentially dangerous territory. Not that the blonde was worried about hurting the redhead. He was skilled enough with what was needed for tonight. But he was worried about the methods in which Aya felt he had to deal with his emotions. Sex would not be enough tonight.


He nodded nonetheless and pulled the pale man down to press his lips to the other man’s maneuvering so that he had Aya laying on his back underneath him. Yohji never broke the kiss as he brought his tongue into play, slipping it into the willing mouth, feeling Aya press up into the kiss and respond with a need that the blonde relished.


Aya felt his body heat up at the sensual touches he was receiving from the blonde. He knew he would get what he needed but he wasn’t objecting to being cared for either. Not too long ago, he would have been adverse to such actions. Caring for someone was useless to him then. But now, now he welcomed it for what it was; comfort, and the opportunity to forget, even for just a moment.


Pulling back from the kiss, Yohji could see the faint blush that littered the pale face beneath him. He always thought that Aya looked so sexy with a blush to his cheeks. It was a very good look on him. With one last press of lips, he stood and headed over to his dresser, pulling out one of the drawers.


The pale man knew what was coming next and he removed his tight shirt in preparation, settling back on the bed so he was fully resting on the surface. He glanced across the room just making out the slim figure of Yohji in the darkness. He had to admit that the man had a nice body; he figured he had a thing for lanky men…


The blonde made his way back to the bed and slid next to the violet eyed man before laying beside him and setting his items down on the bedside table before wrapping his arms around the half naked swordsman.


“Talk to me Ayan… It seemed to help last time.” He ran his fingers lightly through red hair as he leaned in to gently touch the soft lips that were just begging to be kissed.


Amethyst eyes locked on green and Aya had the overwhelming urge to do just that. To just talk to the man. Of course he wanted what would come after but he did recognize the fact that Yohji was a very good listener and probably the best person to unload all of his problems on.


“I let my emotions get in the way… It was really hard this time Yohji.” Aya couldn’t help but scoot closer to the man beside him, letting the blonde’s arms tighten around him. “I couldn’t get Aya-chan out of my head. Seeing that girl laying there. All I could see was Aya-chan in her place…”


“I know… But I wouldn’t have expected anything less. We’re not robots who don’t have any feelings or desires. But Aya… saving her wasn’t part of the mission.”


“I know. That’s what made it even harder. To think that Persia would be willing to sacrifice this girl just to accomplish what Krittiker wants.” The redhead looked away then, ashamed of himself for questioning Krittiker and Persia, even though he hated them with a passion at the moment. “Please Yohji… I just want it to go away.”


Yohji knew that the conversation was over at that point. There was no way to make Aya talk if the man didn’t want to talk. He had learned that the hard way when they had first started warming each other’s beds.


“Ok.” He sat up and straddles Aya’s thighs before picking up the items he had retrieved earlier and placing them on the bed next to the redheads arm. “Lift your arms up.”


Aya did as instructed and his body thrummed with withheld tension when he felt the soft silk of black scarves being tied around his wrist, connecting them to the headboard of Yohji’s bed. There was something about being restrained that heightened the release for the swordsman. It made him feel like he could let go and he knew that the blonde man above him wouldn’t judge him for that.


Green eyes looked down at the pale body displayed underneath him and had to take a moment to appreciate the sight. He loved looking at Aya, the pale skin being one of the main things he loved most about the redhead. Yohji took a moment to run his hands along the expanse of the hard stomach and chest, noticing how Aya’s breathing had already increased with anticipation. After his exploration, he slid off of the other so that he could remove those sinfully tight pans the swordsman wore during missions. They were still stained with blood and the blonde had to wonder why Aya hadn’t changed out of them yet. Usually the quiet violet eyed man changed his soiled clothing the moment they arrived home.


Aya shivered as he was exposed to the night air. He was already hard in anticipation of what was to come and he looked away from Yohji, a faint blush staining his cheeks. He still wasn’t used to being so exposed in front of another person, no matter how many times Yohji had seen him.


The blonde smiled in amusement at the redhead’s embarrassment before removing his own pants and climbing back onto the bed, settling himself between Aya’s spread legs.


“Don’t be ashamed of your body Ayan, you’re beautiful.” Yohji ran his hands lightly over the pale thighs that were resting on his own before he leaned forward to kiss the man, never being able to get enough of the pale lips.


Amethyst eyes looked away once more as even more heat rushed to his face. He really hated when Yohji said things like that… He didn’t think his body was anything special. “If you say so.”


Yohji frowned before taking Aya’s chin in his hand and forcing the man to look at him. “I do say so. You, Ran Fujimiya are beautiful, inside and out.” He knew it sounded sappy and cliché, but he was man who could proudly say that he could pull of sappy and cliché and actually mean it. And he did mean it. It was as close as he was ever going to get to admit his true feelings for the redhead. He knew that he probably would eventually. If they didn’t die and actually made it out of Krittiker and Weiss that is. That was a highly doubtful concept but he could dream…


Amethyst met green once more and Aya just nodded. It was easier just to agree with the stubborn assassin.


Smiling triumphantly, knowing full well that Aya was just doing it to appease him but not really caring, he released the pale man’s chin and picked up an unopened sterile cleansing wipe. He looked over the man’s body, trying to find a good place to sterilize the skin before he moved on to other things. It was easier to get the safety measures out of the way first before he was too lost in the act to think about disinfecting. Zoning in on a patch of white just below Aya’s right nipple, Yohji ripped open the package and unwrapped the square to its full size and wiped down the spot thoroughly before throwing the used towel over the side of the bed to be picked up later before picking up another unopened disinfecting wipe.


Aya’s erection never wilted once during the routine preparations, knowing what was to come. He felt himself tense a little as the coolness of the cloth hit his skin but the redhead relaxed immediately afterward. He wrapped his legs around Yohji’s waist, needing to feel even closer to the man above him.


The blonde assassin kissed the swordsman again before picking up the small scalpel he had gotten from its sterile packaging which was safely hidden in his drawer. He had never told Aya how he had gotten them, but when the redhead had first come to Yohji with the need to feel through pain, he made sure he was able to deliver. He hadn’t considered cutting at first until the swordsman had specifically requested it, surprising Yohji somewhat but at the same time he figured it shouldn’t have been that surprising. Aya’s level of anguish could not be conquered even for a moment with a simple case of BDSM play. No, the blonde figured he’d have to bring out the heavy artillery and knew that nothing less than edge-play in some form would do it for the quiet redhead.


Yohji quickly but thoroughly wipe down the small blade with the wipe before setting the scalpel down atop of the wipe on the bed to be retrieved later. He always gave the pleasure first; the pain came during the act.


Aya was able to see the blade glisten in the moonlight as Yohji had cleaned it and a spark of adrenaline coursed through him. He was ready, god was he ready. He wanted to feel the pleasure Yohji could give him as well as the sweet pain. He desperately wanted to say something in this tense moment just before everything began to unravel for him. But he knew that no words would come, they would eventually, but not yet.


“Don’t forget to breathe, love.” were Yohji’s final words before he began to trail light kisses down a pale neck, occasionally sucking on the light skin, easily creating small discolorations here and there. His lips, tongue, and teeth traveled down the man’s chest, paying special attention to the already erect nipples, scraping his teeth against them then soothing the sharp sting with his tongue.


The pale swordsman let out a slow exhale as pleasure assaulted him. Already his mind was starting to fog with lust and desire and he let it take over, needing to feel lost but knowing that Yohji would be able to catch him at any time. His body shook as he felt the blonde’s lips travel further down until they finally reached his now rock hard cock. The two assassins hadn’t been with each other for too long and Aya had never had another before Yohji so it was still a bit overwhelming at times, like at that moment when he felt the intense heat of the blonde’s mouth surround his erection. Aya let out a low quiet moan, always apprehensive of Omi or Ken hearing them.


The green eyed man let himself get lost in the taste of Aya’s sex as he slid his mouth further down that delicious cock. He loved the taste of the pale assassin and he could never get enough of tasting any part of the man’s body. He let his tongue slide over the sensitive head that was already leaking precum earning another quiet moan from the redhead. He knew eventually Aya would get so lost in the pleasure that he would forget about being quiet, those were the moments he loved the most; to see his Aya so lost in passion…


The blonde continued his traveling of the other’s body, not wanting to linger too long in one place. His tongue made its way down over the tight balls, pausing there to pay some attention to the almost perfectly round orbs before venturing lower, spreading Aya’s creamy white cheeks and laving his tongue directly over the redhead’s quivering entrance.


The pale swordsman gasped in surprise and his face heated up incredibly at such an intimate touch. He hadn’t been expecting that and it was the first time Yohji had ever done anything like it. He had to admit that it felt extremely good but he wasn’t really sure how to feel about the act.


He forgot his conflicting emotions when he felt a slick tongue enter him and he moaned just a bit louder than he had been previously.


Yohji made sure to let Aya feel everything he had to offer with his tongue before pulling away with one last lick. He had not meant to go that far but that ass was just too tempting to pass up. Judging from the pale man’s reaction, he figured that Aya had thoroughly enjoyed the treatment. The blonde kissed his way back up the redhead’s body before he eventually found the panting lips once more and kissed him with such need that it made his own head spin. God Aya could do amazing things to him without even trying.


Aya moaned into the kiss, his hips moving against Yohji’s in pure need. He was ready to cum already but he desperately wanted to hold it back, not wanting it to be over just yet.


“I can’t hold on much longer…” he said quietly, letting his lust filled amethyst eyes meet Yohji’s equally lust filled green ones.


“I know baby. Don’t worry; I’ll give you what you want.” Yohji reached over to grab the tube of lube he had set down earlier and coated his fingers in the slippery substance. Just as he was bringing those fingers to rub over Aya’s entrance, he picked up the scalpel. His eyes met deep violet and he received a small nod before he was drawing a thin line down the side of the swordsman’s chest with the sharp implement as he thrust two fingers into the clenching tightness.


Aya tried to hold back his scream as the pain and pleasure mixed beautifully and he came hard all over his toned abs. Only Yohji could do this for him and it felt amazing. Instantly the dark thoughts and anguish he struggled with on a daily basis were gone and only desire and want clouded his mind. He pushed back against the fingers now pounding into him but tried not to move too much. He could already feel the small rivulets of blood sliding along his skin.


Yohji could do nothing but stare at the gorgeous body underneath him. While he would have just been content with the sex, he also found that giving Aya the pain that he desperately needed was just as hot. Seeing the reaction and the instant climax from the redhead made his cock that much harder and he slowly pulled his fingers free of the clenching ass before he leaned over the shaking body, devouring Aya’s mouth like he was going to die without it.


Aya panted against the blonde’s mouth and shoved his tongue against Yohji’s both twining together in a sensual dance that the two were now familiar with. The pale swordsman felt the sting of the cut start to seep through the intense pleasure of his climax but he didn’t let it bother him. He moaned at the feel of Yohji against him and couldn’t wait to have the man’s cock filling him.


He felt the tears start to slide down his cheeks, a result of his intense emotional release. A sob escaped him before he could stop it and he felt Yohji gently kiss both of his cheeks, getting rid of any traces of his tears. “Please…” was all he could say at that moment. It was all he could ever say when he was in that state.


“Of course my love… anything.” Yohji slowly began to slide his erection into Aya’s prepared opening. He still felt a bit of resistance since his cock was definitely bigger than two fingers but he knew the pale man would be alright. Once he was fully sheathed within the warm body, he opened one last disinfecting wipe to clean off the blood from the pale chest and to disinfect the cut. He heard the sharp inhale from the man beneath him as the alcohol connected with the thin line of parted flesh. Leaning down, the blonde placed kisses anywhere he could reach on that porcelain skin and eventually reached the redhead’s mouth once more. Then he began to move.


Aya let himself get lost in the intimate moment between them as he let moans escape his throat. He loved the slow yet powerful thrusts that Yohji always delivered. Somehow, it made the act feel that much more intimate and intense. The pale man wrapped his legs around the blonde’s waist, trying to get as close as he could, meeting the other’s thrusts each time, Yohji being able to hit prostate every inward stroke, heightening the pleasure tenfold.


Green fixed on violet as the two men mentally poured their souls into each other. Lord knew Yohji needed this as well. Ever since being with Aya, casual sex seemed empty and meaningless to him. Gone were the nights where he would have a different man or woman, coming home drunk with one of them and locking himself up in his room until morning. He realized now that he had been looking for what he needed in the wrong places. It had been right in front of him all along and he was just too self absorbed to even realize it. Yeah, he was an idiot to the highest degree. But he was sure going to make up for it now that he had his swordsman.


The blonde noticed the renewed erection Aya was sporting and began to stroke the length as he felt himself reaching the end. He moaned as he untied the redhead’s arms, lifting Aya into an upright position in his lap. He held the man close, still stroking that deliciously hard length and moaning with a frenzied passion into the pale neck.


Draping his now aching arms over Yohji’s shoulders, Aya held on for dear life as he was continuously pounded into by the blonde’s cock. He felt his second orgasm approaching quickly and he searched out the delicious lips that belonged to the man underneath him and practically devoured them as his orgasm hit, his scream muffled by the searing kiss.


Feeling the tightening of Aya’s muscles around his cock, Yohji couldn’t hold it anymore and came with a loud groan. He sat there, his hips sporadically jerking as his orgasm hit him full force and he couldn’t stop his shaking. He held Aya to him, a precious thing that he felt would be lost forever if he let go.


Both men were breathing hard but eventually came down from their ecstasy, both looking at each other with understanding and the knowledge that even though they couldn’t say the words out loud, each of them knew what the other wanted to say…


The blonde assassin was the first to move as he lay Aya back down on the soft bed. The cut had started to bleed once more and Yohji picked up the extra wipe he had brought just in case and gently cleaned the wound before applying some gauze and medical tape to the redhead’s chest, all the while not being able to keep his lips off of that creamy white skin.


The violet eyed swordsman was still trying to get his breath back. He was pretty sure that it was the most intense they’d ever manage to be during one of their couplings and he felt completely exhausted but a million times better. Maybe not one hundred percent, he knew that would never happen, but at least he could contemplate sleep now…


After cleaning up himself and the gorgeous man laying on his bed, Yohji lay next to Aya, pulling the warm comforter over them “Feel better?” he asked as he ran the back of his hand over a pale cheek.


Aya merely nodded and couldn’t help but move closer to the blonde. He discovered in the time he had been with Yohji that he liked cuddling after sex. Something he would never admit to but that didn’t stop him from doing it. He rested his head lightly on the green eyed assassin’s chest as he felt himself drifting off finally. “Thank you…”


The blonde sighed in contentment as he pulled Aya that much closer. “No thanks necessary, Kitten. You know I’m always here for you.” He knew the last part had fallen on deaf ears. The redhead had already fallen asleep. Yohji shook his head in slight amusement and wondered not for the first time how he could be so lucky as to get even the slightest bit of positive attention from the amazing man resting in his arms. He didn’t dwell on it for long though, not really looking for an explanation and just accepted it for what it was.


“Until next time, Ayan.” he muttered before drifting off to sleep himself, just in time for the rising sun.




A/N: Ok… Holy shit I actually wrote a non-Naruto fic???? Unheard of!!! All joking aside I REALLY enjoyed writing this. I don’t know, I just... really love these two together and I just you know… had to write this for some odd reason. It was a strange urge and I had to get it down like NOW…


So yeah, I know its dark and all that but come on, Weiss Kreuz is a pretty dark series. Anyway, hope you enjoyed and you’ll most likely be seeing more Yohji/Aya in the future. I’m not giving up Naruto though and you’ll definitely be seeing my continuing stories up too!


Feel free to comment!




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