Duck Sauce

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Title: Duck Sauce

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Ryou/Shinya/Atsushi

Summery: A snarky comment from Ryou makes Shinya a very lucky duck.


AN- It's been quite some time since I have posted here at What better way to come back than to post my first threesome fic, ne?

"I hear 'duck sauce' is pretty good," Ryou said off-handedly.

Shinya paused in the middle of his math problem, but did not raise his head. He could feel the elder Kisarazu twin's eyes on him, could practically hear the smirk on those supple little lips.

'Just ignore him, da ne,' Shinya thought to himself, 'he's just tryin' to get your goat, da ne.' Whatever THAT meant.

"Ry, do you really have to pick on him like that?" the younger twin asked.

"Not my fault that he makes it so easy," Ryou replied, fingering the not so perfectly perforated edge of his ripped out notebook page. He rolled a piece of it up and flicked it at the duck lying across Atsushi's bed.

Shinya felt it connect with the side of his head. It didn't hurt, but it kind of reminded him of when Yuuta had flicked a pea at him in annoyance during dinner the other night.

Atsushi sighed in exasperation, watching his brother roll up another piece and flick it at Shinya's head with a grin.

Shinya's left eye twitched. He really tried to get along with Ryou for Atsushi's sake, but the elder twin made it so difficult! Shinya hadn't failed to catch the tone in that 'duck sauce' comment either, and thinking on it brought a blush to his cheeks. He remained diligent to his algebra though, not raising his eyes from his text book.

"You ever have duck sauce, Yanagisawa?"

"Can't say I have, da ne," Shinya muttered.

"Ry! C'mon, stop."

"But I'm having fun!"

The whining made Shinya want to weave his fingers into those long, silky, black tresses… and yank really hard! His eye twitched again.

"At least let him finish his homework."

"He's ignoring me anyways."

'Well I'm TRYIN' to at least!'

Shinya scribbled at his paper. Focus. Ignore Ryou and focus. He became so absorbed in his work that he didn't notice Ryou slide off the other bed. He didn't notice the older crawl over to where the other was sitting on the floor reading. He didn't notice the long haired boy placing tender kisses on his brother's neck. Until Atsushi all but squeaked.

"Ry! What are you DOING!?"

Shinya's head shot up, eyes wide and locking on the twins. Ryou had his hand between Atsushi's legs, his playful gaze and grin aimed directly at Shinya.

"That got his attention."

Shinya broke eye contact with Ryou  to look at Atsushi. The younger's lips were parted slightly, deep scarlet covering his cheeks. But strangely, he made no effort to push his brother away. Ryou's fingers curled slightly, cupping Atsushi's clothed member, and the short haired boy let out a soft gasp.

Shinya swallowed hard, feeling all the blood drain from his face to head south.

Ryou continued to rub Atsushi through his sleep pants, feeling his brother harden under his firm yet gentle caresses. He watched Shinya closely, gauging the duck's reactions.

Shinya's mouth was hanging open like a beached fish, his eyes darting back and forth between Ryou's hand and Atsushi's face. The duck's tongue darted out, licking over dry lips.

'So, he thinks Atsushi's sexy huh?' The thought sent a spark of jealously through Ryou. How DARE that damned duck think that way about HIS Atsushi! But then again, watching Yanagisawa with his feathers ruffled like this was quite amusing. Let's have some fun.

Ryou slipped his hand inside his brother's pants and the cute little red boxers that Atsushi was wearing, wrapping his fingers around Atsushi's member and pulling it free from its confines.

"Nn! Ry!" Atsushi gasped.

Shinya all but forgot how to breathe. Every fantasy of Atsushi he had ever had, unspoken of course, couldn't even begin to compare to what he was seeing now.

Atsushi brought his hand up to his mouth and bit down on his fist to stifle his moans. Ryou wouldn't have that though, and he swatted his brother's hand away.

"We have the house to ourselves so you can be as loud as you want."

Atsushi's cheeks reddened further and he let out a rather throaty moan. Shinya licked his lips again. The noises Atsushi was making were doing nothing to help the ache that had built in his groin, and he shifted uncomfortably.

Ryou noticed the movement and grinned. The duck was getting restless. He let go of Atsushi's member, and the younger moaned and bucked his hips wantonly at the loss. A low groan came from Atsushi's bed.

'Just the reaction I was looking for.'

Ryou was probably the only one in the room who still had his head on straight, although he was painfully hard from all the fun he was having. His brother was just so damn cute and animal cruelty was much more fun than he had realized.

He stood, then reached for his, now jello-like brother, and pulled the other boy to his feet. He pretty much had to carry Atsushi to the bed and he all but threw him down next to Shinya.

"Sit up Yanagisawa."

Shinya obeyed without question, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and shifting from lying on his stomach to sitting Indian style. Ryou wasted no time attacking Shinya's lips and reaching between the duck's legs. Atsushi wouldn't be left out, and he attached his lips to the back of Shinya's neck. Ryou broke the kiss with a small giggle.

"Well, aren't you a lucky duck? Da..," he squeezed Shinya for effect, "Ne?"

Shinya moaned quite loudly. All brain functions had ceased, and he was currently thinking with the other head. Damn Ryou! Damn him to hell! Shinya couldn't help but arch into his touch though, and he cursed under his breath.

Ryou smirked. He was a little shocked at how easy it was to manipulate the duck, although he assumed that part of it was due to the fact that he was identical to Atsushi.  And the duck was obviously infatuated with his younger twin. That other part was that Yanagisawa was a normal, horny teenage boy.

Ryou's thought process on the matter was cut short as Shinya laced his fingers into long, black hair and all but attacked Ryou's lips. The duck was actually a pretty damn good kisser. Who would've thought?

Atsushi reached around and covered his brother's hand with his own. The twins tightened their grip and Shinya growled down Ryou's throat. Shinya pulled lightly on Ryou's hair, tilting the slightly smaller boy's head back to dominate the kiss. Ryou let out a gasp into the duck's mouth. The hair pulling actually felt good. Damn him! There's no WAY that stupid duck could be…

"Sexy…" Atsushi muttered between nibbles on Shinya's neck.

Ryou groaned. Damn Atsushi for being able to read his mind.

Shinya decided to be bold and used his free hand to cup the bulge in Ryou's sleep pants, pulling again on the long, silky strands.

Damn that duck for being so good! Ryou shoved Shinya away, the other two boys crying out in surprise as they both fell backwards, Atsushi falling into the headboard, Shinya falling into Atsushi.

Ryou grabbed the duck's shorts and yanked them down to reveal…

"Duck boxers. Why am I NOT surprised?"

Atsushi giggled into Shinya's neck at Ryou's comment.

Shinya just lay there, anticipating Ryou's next move. And the next move was getting rid of those humorous boxer shorts. Shinya sprang free and Ryou was a little more than pleasantly surprised at the size of him.

"Not bad for an annoying duck."

Atsushi moaned at the sight and licked his lips, running his hands up Shinya's tank top to tease at semi-hardened nipples.

Ryou had other plans, and he bent down to take the brunette into his mouth. Shinya cried out, arching back into Atsushi. Now THERE was a good use for that snarky little mouth!

"Oh God!"

Ryou paused.

"It's Ryou, thanks."

Then he quickly went back to what he was doing. He hated to admit it, but the damn duck actually tasted pretty good. Salty and maybe a little sweet, and Ryou wondered in the back of his mind if this was what actual DUCK tasted like. The thought made him giggle around his mouthful and the vibrations sent the other boy over the edge.

Shinya shot off without warning, arching back into Atsushi, wanting more of the heat around him.

Ryou sat back with a bitter pout, but seeing the half embarrassed, half mortified look on the mallard's face replaced that put with a look of amusement.

"Well that was fast," he commented with a lick of his lips.

"No fair, Ry!"

Atsushi was a little bit miffed that his brother was having all the fun while he was sitting here with a perfectly screwable duckie pressing painfully into his crotch. No fair at all!

Ryou instantly felt bad. The last thing he wanted was to see his precious brother upset. He leaned down close to the younger's face, the duck's eyes following the movement.

"Wanna taste?"

Ryou didn't even let Atsushi reply, closing the gap and pressing their lips together, what was left of Shinya's fluids passing between them.

Shinya's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

'They're SHARING me!?' That had him instantly hard again.

The twins pulled away from one another. Atsushi's eyes were half lidded, while Ryou had a smirk on his face.

"Told ya duck sauce was pretty good."

Shinya snorted. Snarky little bastard.

Ryou caught the noise and turned his head.

"Like that?"

Oh yeah? Two could play at that game.

"All but that duck sauce comment, da ne."

The duck was challenging him now huh?

"Say what you want, but THIS doesn't lie," with that, Ryou grasped length for effect, "Besides, you're crushing Atsushi."

"Dun mind…"

"He sounds comfortable, da ne," Shinya snuggled deeper into Atsushi's embrace, the other boy's hardness pressing into his back.

"Well too bad. He needs to come and frankly, I wanna fuck ya too."

Okay THAT was a little unexpected. Two sets of eyes locked on Ryou, one surprised at the crass language, the other a little shocked at the admission itself. Did Ryou just say that?

Ryou grabbed Shinya by the shirt, which was a miracle that he was still wearing the damn thing, and yanked him off of his brother. Atsushi whined a little at the loss, but just lay there all hard and panting and pretty. The other two ravaged him with their eyes, drinking in the sight.

Shinya was the first to act, laying across Atsushi to delve his tongue into the younger twin's mouth. Oh how he had wanted this! Atsushi tasted so much better then he had EVER imagined!

Ryou watched, half pissed at how ignored he had suddenly become, and half in awe at how much Atsushi was enjoying the attention that Shinya was giving him. Ryou wanted nothing more than to see his brother happy, and even though the duck annoyed him to no end, and even though he wanted to keep Atsushi to himself, he just KNEW that THIS was how it was supposed to be. It made his heart ache, but if Atsushi was happy…

But who really cared about that right now? The tempting sight of duck tail in his face wiped all sadness from his mind. Atsushi was squirming as he and Shinya were trying to remove his pajama bottoms without breaking their lip lock. And failing miserably.

Ryou smiled the first warm and genuine smile he had given all night. His brother was usually so patient. It was amusing to see him flustered. The elder twin reached down to help them along, and once the article was removed, it was tossed to the other side of the room, instantly forgotten.

Ryou grasped Shinya's hips, pulling him up off of Atsushi only a little, then ran his tongue over Shinya's entrance. THAT got the duck's attention.

"Oh God!"

"I told you. It's Ryou."

Atsushi giggled, but reached up to pull Shinya back down to him.

"Just let us love you, Duckie," he whispered before pulling the brunette into another kiss.

Ryou continued stretching and preparing Shinya with his tongue, holding the duck's hips to keep him still. He stopped only for a moment to coat his fingers with saliva, then went back to the ring of muscle before him. He reached between the two boys under him to slide his fingers inside of Atsushi. The younger twin moaned, arching his body at the painful pleasure that shot up his spine.

When Ryou was pleased with his work, he pulled away, the other two making protesting noises at the loss. He hooked his arms under Shinya's, pulling him up off of Atsushi.

"Look at him," he whispered into the brunette's ear, "he wants you," that was punctuated by a soft moan from Atsushi, "Why don't you give him what he wants?"

Shinya grabbed Atsushi's hips, lifting him slightly and sliding into him slowly. Atsushi's eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth opened, but no sound escaped. Shinya was lost as well. So tight! It took all his will power to keep from pounding the boy right into the mattress. Yeah, THAT would go well with the over-protective big brother hovering over his shoulder.

Ryou watched his brother's reactions. If that damned duck hurt him then so help him… But no signs of pain seemed to be present. If there was pain, Atsushi was doing a damn good job hiding it.

Once Shinya was seated to the hilt, Ryou grabbed his hips.

"Hold still," was all the warning Shinya got before Ryou began to fill him up.

BOTH of them?! Shinya was having a hard time containing himself with just ONE!

Soon Ryou was completely inside as well and the three of them just held still for a moment.

Shinya really WAS a lucky duck!

Ryou being the more impatient of the twins was the first to move. He pulled almost all the way out before pressing back in hard, his actions causing Shinya to push deep into Atsushi. To hell with this slow shit! He pulled out again and pushed back in again, faster this time, already beginning to set the pace between them. He pressed his chest to Shinya's back, and began to thrust even faster and harder.

Atsushi's arms went around both boys over him, coming to rest on Ryou's shoulders. The three of them had found their rhythm and went with it, their bodies rocking in time with one another. Their moans and pants were a symphony of their sex.

Shinya was sure he would be the first to go with Atsushi sheathing him and Ryou inside of him. Never in a million years would he have ever dreamed that he would be sandwiched between the beautiful Kisarazu twins. The tension was building in his stomach, and when he snapped he wouldn't be able to stop it. He would come hard.

Atsushi, however, was the first to reach the peak, his orgasm hitting him like a ton of bricks. It set off a chain reaction, his walls clamping down onto Shinya, sending him over the edge as well. Ryou kept going for a few more moments, but every one of his thrusts forced Shinya into Atsushi's still quivering body, which in turn sent more spasms of pleasure through Shinya as well. Finally, Ryou snapped as well, and with a "Fuck yeah!" filled Shinya with hot cum. The three of them collapsed, panting hard, their heavy breathing the only sound in the other wise quiet room.

Ryou was the first to break the semi-silence when he suddenly burst into laughter.

"What's so funny Ry?"

"It's just…  I never thought I'd fuck a duck."

At that, Atsushi starting laughing as well. Shinya huffed.

"You both suck, da ne."

"Yeah I sucked a duck too."

Atsushi laughed harder, and Shinya couldn't help but laugh too. Once the laughter had subsided, Atsushi groaned.

"I'm sticky."

The other two nodded their agreement, and the unanimous decision for a shower was made. The shower was filled with giggles, kisses and playful touches, and once clean, the three collapsed on Ryou's bed. None of them really felt like changing Atsushi's sheets at the moment.

The younger twin snuggled into one side of Shinya's chest and fell instantly into a blissful slumber. Ryou rested his head on the other side and placed his hand over Atsushi's, interlacing their fingers over Shinya's heart. Shinya was the first to speak.

"I thought you hated me," he said in a low tone.

"You annoy the hell outta me, and I never wanted to see him with anyone else," Ryou replied. There was a pause. "But… I can see that he really likes you. You're all he talks about when he comes home on the weekends. He told me that you help ease the pain of not having me around. I guess I'm grateful of that."

"But you still hate me."

"I do not. Stupid duck."

Shinya grinned, "Does that mean you want another helping of duck sauce?"

Ryou giggled.

"Stupid duck. Maybe later."


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