Pair 46: Not Bad at All

BY : NekoJounouchiAKAJams
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Prince of Tennis 100 Pairings Challenge

Title: Not bad at all

Pair: #46 Kurobane Harukaze/Yanagisawa Shinya

Rating: R for language and naughty yaoi lime-ness

"You know, I could snap your skinny ass like a twig!"

"Oh I know, da ne. That's why I'd rather stay on your good side, da ne."

"Behind me is my good side?"

"It is from where I'm standin', da ne."

"Are you comin' onto me, Yanagisawa?"

"Well I know a nice ass when I see it, da ne."

Kurobane laughed. These flirty little exchanges had been going on most of the day, and even though he didn't really know Shinya that well, he was actually enjoying the interaction. Harukaze actually felt a little bad for the other boy. Atsushi, Shinya's obvious crush and reason for being in Chiba in the first place, had been ignoring him most of the day in favor of Ryou. Not that he could really blame Atsushi. The two were brothers after all. But in Shinya's defense, Atsushi didn't have to COMPLETELY ignore him. So Harukaze did the nice thing and started chatting with the other boy. He learned that even though his voice was a bit grating at times, Shinya was actually a nice guy. He was funny and somewhat smart. Not a genius, but not completely stupid as his voice would lead one to believe.

The two of them had slipped away from the others, and before they knew it, they had walked several kilometers down the beach, just flirting and chatting away. The others, who all looked like ants when Harukaze and Shinya glanced back, didn't seem to notice that they were gone. Or didn't really care. Either way, it was probably safe to say that nobody was going to come looking for them any time soon.

Harukaze plopped down in the sand. Shinya followed suit, dropping down beside him and stretching out his legs. Starting at the toes, Harukaze let his eyes drift up Shinya's body. He took in the toned legs up to the cut off shorts. The broad, average chest and above average arms. Shinya's body was slight but still well built from tennis. Harukaze's eyes then came to Shinya's face. The lips made him think of a duck's bill, and he mentally laughed a little. But he could imaging those lips being quite kissable. Then came the little slightly upturned nose. Then the eyes. Deep brown with a hint of playfulness, but if one knew what to look for, one could find other things hidden within. Next was the brown hair, purposely flopped carelessly over one eye, a precisely placed mess, and when the sun hit it just right, Harukaze could see little shimmers of copper. Shinya was actually surprisingly...



Harukaze could have made an excuse and shrugged it off at that point, but instead he decided to roll with it. He reached up to run his fingers through Shinya's hair, which was silky under his touch.

"You're very pretty, Yanagisawa."

Shinya turned a brilliant shade of red.


Harukaze leaned in, his lips brushing the shell of Shinya's ear.

"You. Are. Pretty," he punctuated the statement with a soft bite to the lobe.

Shinya was beside himself.

"Are you takin' advantage of me, da ne?"

Harukaze grinned.

"Well, I know a nice ass when I see it," another bite, "da ne."

Shinya's shorts had been getting tight, but Kurobane turning his own comment around on him like that, coupled with the taller boy making a nice little snack out of his ear, had him squirming uncomfortably.

"Should we really be doin' this, da ne?"

By "we" he really meant "you."

"I don't see a problem with it," Harukaze reached between Shinya's legs, feeling the hardness that had formed there, "and apparently you don't either."

Shinya knew he should try to stop this. Why wouldn't his damned body listen. Oh right. Hormones. He leaned into Kurobane's chest, his hand wandering to the other boy's thigh. He THOUGHT he was going to try and push the other boy away, but when he turned, his lips were captured and that whole plan went out the window. So much for thinking.

Shinya tasted pretty nice. Not bad at all. Harukaze was at a loss, wondering how Atsushi could just IGNORE him like that. This wonderful, good looking guy, just BEGGING Atsushi for attention, only to be shot down. Harukaze was pretty sure Ryou had a little something to do with it. Jealous, over-protective brother and all.

He teased Shinya's lips with his tongue, and Shinya submissively parted his lips, granting access. Harukaze wasted no time darting inside to explore. Hmm, burger flavor. Must've been lunch. His hand gently massaged Shinya through his shorts.

Shinya's mind was reeling. That hand. That insistent tongue. Damned Kurobane! This felt too good. Harukaze started getting grabby, and before Shinya knew it, he was pulled to straddle the other boy's lap. Bare chests pressed together and clothed erections collided. Tongues battled, hands wandered and grabbed. Shinya couldn't help it, and he started riding the other boy.

Harukaze groaned into Shinya's mouth, his hands gripping Shinya's hips possessively. Yanagisawa could be pretty sexy when he wanted to. Shinya was lost. The friction felt so good. His stomach was tightening, and he knew he wasn't going to last. Harukaze broke the kiss to latch his teeth onto Shinya's neck, and that was the other boy's undoing.

Shinya came with a sharp cry, his body jerking in Harukaze's lap. Shinya's convulsing, and the sexy noise he made set Harukaze off, and he came as well, clutching Shinya close to his body with a low moan. The two sat there for a moment, sweating and panting. Until Harukaze laughed.

"So funny, da ne?"

"Sorry Yanagisawa, I don't usually LUNGE at people like that."

Shinya rested his head on Harukaze's shoulder.

"Nnn, s'ok," his voice had dropped an octave and had lost it's annoying tone. That sounded kinda nice.

They sat there a moment longer, bonding without words. Until Harukaze laughed again.

"Now what, da ne?"

"My shorts are kinda wet."

Shinya snorted a little giggle, and it almost reminded Harukaze of Davide for a second.

"Mine too," Shinya stood, offering his hand to the other, "we can't let everyone else see that, da ne."

Harukaze accepted the offered hand.

"Hmm..." he thought out loud, "we can't have that now can we?"

He suddenly threw Shinya over his shoulder. The shorter gave a surprised yelp.

"The hell you doin', da ne?!"

"We gotta get cleaned up."

"Oh you are NOT throwin' me in the ocean, da ne!"

Harukaze waded out to about waist deep, (enough to hide the evidence) and threw Shinya into the water. Shinya came back to the surface, coughing and sputtering, death glaring the other boy, his hair plastered to his forehead.

"The hell'd ya do THAT for, da ne?!"

"Well at least they won't know about the little mess you made, "Harukaze grinned, "or we could'a just told 'em that ya peed your pants."


Shinya grinned in spite of himself. He felt closer to Kurobane now. Maybe some time he would ask the other to help him win over Atsushi. But right now, he was content to kick some water in the big jerk's face, grinning like an idiot.

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