Kurz's embarrassment

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Kurz's embarrassment

(AN: Well i decided to write this after i went on the forums here and started to participate in the forum orgy! lol So yea. Now this will be about sex but sadly it doesnt get to that. I dont mean to make fun of a medical condition here but well Kurz just seems to be the guy that is all talk and then screws up. Lol so here it is. Sadly i dont own full metal panic)

Rated: M

It wasTuatha De Danaans second birthday and everyone was having a blast. The ship was currently out on a deserted island, above sea level. All except Kurz, who was on his 5th beer. He was dressed in his normal clothes, a white shirt that showed off his muscles and a pair of tight blue jeans. He was also wearing a pair of black crocs that he picked up from america a year ago. He has been hitting on all the women on the ship and striking out. Usually when the Danaan has a celebration, people hook up. But for some reason all the women have been ingoring Kurz and it was starting to piss him off. So here he sat, drinking his beer and watching everyone else have a good time. He tossed the beer against the wall and was about to go back to his room, when Melissa staggers up to him, smelling like beer. Melissa was wearing a tight red tanktop with a pair of black nylon pants. Her hair was down and in waves. Kurz stared before turning his head to hide his blush. She giggle when she plopped down by Kurz. Kurz watched her, wondering why she was bothering him, when he got the glint in his eye.

'Hm shes drunk and I am drunk. Maybe this is my chance to finally score one with her! Hm I should play it cool. I never know if she is faking being drunk or is she for real. Keep cool kurz'

Kurz turns to Melissa and smiles. Melissa giggles before trying to get a serious look on her face, but it doesnt last long because she starts to giggle and fall backwards. Kurz notices and puts a hand to her back to hold her up. Melissa giggles again.

"So Melissa, what do i owe the pleasure of your company? I hope you are not gonna kick my ass again over what happened with the last mission. I swear i wasnt distracted by the half naked women in the stream by the village" Said Kurz

"No silly willy Kurzy! I just wanted to see why you are being all grumpy over here by yourself? Why arent you dancing with the captain or Kaname?" asks Melissa

"Eh. I just didnt feel like it okay! Now what are you really here for?"

"I just wanted to talk Kurz and see if you wanted to go somewhere with me for a bit. If you dont want to then I guess i will go ask-"

"No its cool. Ill go with you somewhere Melissa. Shall we go?" Asks Kurz as he gets up and holds out his hand for Melissa

Melissa giggles and takes his hand. As Kurz was lifting her up, she lost her footing and bumped into Kurz's chest. Melissa giggles and holds on to dear life thinking that she is gonna fall. Kurz just stands there with a wicked grin on his face.

'Wow she must be drunk as a skunk. She doesnt know that her body is connecting to my body and it is giving me a raging hard on! Mybe i will get lucky tonight!' thought Kurz happily

Kurz shakes his head and looks down at Melissa. Melissa looks up at him and giggles. Kurz gives his famous smile on Melissa. Melissa giggles again and points out the door. Kurz puts his arms around her and starts to walk out of the main room but stops to pick up one of the cases of beer before walking out of the room with Melissa. All the while, Kaname and Souske have been watching the whole scene with wide eyes. Souske took that moment to grab Kaname and twirl her around the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Kurz and Melissa were staggering around the halls looking for the door that would lead him to his room. Melissa had gotten them lost a couple of times already, so Kurz decided to give up going where she wanted to go, and decided that they would go to his room. So as they walked, they drank their beer and tossed the empty cans on the floor not caring if people will trip over them the next morning. When Kurz was sure this was his room, He kicked open the door and brought Melissa in. Melissa took a look around and giggled before turning to Kurz.

"Why Kurz, I didnt know this was your plan! Had i known i would have just stayed there and away from you!" Giggles Melissa

"Well Melissa, I thought that since you were drunk, i would bring you back to my room to rest, seeing as your room is much farther than mine. I dont have anything planned, i promise" Said Kurz with an angel look on his face

Melissa laughs this time and stumbles to Kurz's bed. There she lays down and looks at the wall. Kurz took this time to go into his bag and pull out a condom. He hids it on the right side of the pillow before sitting on the bed. Melissa turns to look back at him and giggles before sitting up. Kurz hands her another beer and opens his. They both drink in silence for a while. The reason was Kurz couldnt figure out how to get Melissa in the mood and Melissa was wondering when he was gonna make a move. After a minute Kurz puts his beer down and turns to Melissa. Melissa giggles and looks down. Kurz lifts up her chin to face him and he gently presses his lips against hers. Melissa gasps and closes her eyes. Kurz closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of Melissa's lips. He pulls back and grins. Melissa opens her eyes and pouts. Kurz grins wilder.

'I know she wants me now that she is pouting! woot im going in for the kill! FINALLY!' Thought Kurz happily

Kurz leans back in and kisses Melissa with more fever. Melissa opens her mouth to moan and at that moment, Kurz slips his tounge into her mouth. Melissa moans and fights back with her own tounge. Kurz then slowly pushed her down to the bed. He coninues to tounge battle Melissa while slowly moving his right hand up her thigh. Melissa moans into Kurz's mouth. Kurz strayed at her thigh, doing circles against her nylon pants. She moans again and arches her back. At that moment, her tanktop lets her breasts spill out so Kurz moves his right hand from her thigh to her right breast. He squeezes the right breast and she arches again.

'Man shes moaning and arching for me! Man am i lukcy!' Thought Kurz

Kurz lifted his lips from hers and just stares at her while he messages Melissa's breast. Melissa moans and arches. Kurz smirks before leaning down and kissing her neck and tweaking her nipple. Melissa just kept moaning. Kurz trailed kisses down her neck to her left breast. There he looked up at Melissa before licking her nipple. Melissa moaned and arched up. Kurz could feel her wetness as he licked and nipped at her breast. Melissa by this time was panting and moaning his name, so he stopped and helped her out of her tanktop. He then went back to licking her left and then her right breast. Melissa was long gone by this time so she pushed Kurz up and helped him out of his shirt, then his pants and his underwear. He did the same and they both lay there, kissing and rubbing up against eachother despite not having anything to hold them back. Having enough of the kissing, Kurz gently pushes Melissa down and searches for the condom. Meanwhile, Melissa was looking at Kurz's dick. It was a clear 8 inches. Her mouth watered as she imagined that big slab of meat inside of her.

'Oh god he better hurry up! I want that big thing in me! I never knew he was that huge! Man i will never make fun of his manhood again.' Thougth Melissa

Kurz found the condom and turned back to Melissa with a grin on his face. He leaned over and kissed her. He was about to pull back and put the condom on when he suddenly shuddered and screamed before falling back. Melissa just lays there, feeling the warm, sticky cum on her stomache with a look of disbelief. Kurz catches his breath and turns to Melissa with a blush on his face. Without a word, Melissa gets up, grabs a washcloth from his clean pile of clothes, whipes herself off and gets dressed. Once dressed, she turns to Kurz and shakes her head before turning around and leaving the room. Kurz just lays there, shocked and embarassed. He should be used to it by now, but he thought that with Melissa it wouldnt happen. Kurz turns to face the wall and starts to cry.

AN: Okay, yes i know it is cruel but eh. Please dont hurt me for this. I know premature ejectulation is not funny at all, but well I thought it would be funny if it happened to Kurz. So once again dont hurt me for this....Thanks)


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