An inhuman human

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A/N: ok, folks, this is my first Saiyuki fic.

What I really hope for is that I managed to write the guys IC. I can't say it should be too hard, especially with the number of times I have watched anime and read manga, but you never can be that I altered personalities slightly to how I see them. So just let me know if you like the result or not.

Warning: spoilers for manga and anime, language. I took the fight with Hazel and Ukoku from the manga.


With each passing week, battle, unplanned detour Sanzo felt it getting harder for him to keep up with the team. Of course, being the only human of the group it was only natural that his strength, stamina, power, healing and many other aspects were inferior to those of the three idiots traveling with him. Perhaps, the only things that kept him somewhat on par with them were his willpower, stubbornness, arrogance and irritation. Other than that he could feel his body starting to protest more often. The sheer amount of injuries he had suffered during well over a year on the road was ridiculous. It felt sometimes that he was on this journey merely for serving as a piece of meat for different losers to butcher.

Sanzo hated to apply the word to his persona, but he hated to lie to himself even more - saved him from making mistakes: he was much more physically fragile than his companions. All those times that he stood back up with countless amount of wounds - be it facing off Kamisama, Hazel and Ukoku, their latest detour, or some other dumb shit - only his willpower and impossibility of accepting defeat held his legs rooted firmly to the ground. For someone it might have looked like he was immortal, harder to kill than any youkai. But one couldn't be farther form the truth.

Despite the numerous times that Hakkai used his chi to heal his - more often than not fatal - wounds, leaving light and dark scars, those places still hurt from time to time. If they thought that by doing that they could fool the natural process of things, they were morons. While youkai lived longer and had an accelerated healing process, humans were slow to recover ever from simple paper cuts. And now in his 24 years Sanzo could feel that his body would soon meet its limit.

The chi Hakkai used on him didn't get new cells or organs out of thin air. It just forced his body to regenerate faster that it was normal, his own inner energy responding to it, hastening the healing process even more. Admittedly, it saved their time from waiting for weeks and months on end while all the wounds would close and he'd be able to function properly again. But every deep wound, every liter of blood he lost took its toll on his body. It was starting to wear out.

How funny was that? Being the most high-ranking priest, wielding the divine power of the sutra (should have been two sutras, but that wouldn't happen until they reached their destination and survived the battle there), seen as a holy man - no matter that he cursed worse than a sailor on a bad day and was ruthless and cold most of the time - by humans and youkai, the latter wanting to eat him because of some stupid rumor. Seriously, how could eating a person make them immortal? Tch, idiots.

Despite the image the world saw, he was still just a human. A human who needed a gun and a sutra to deal with stronger enemies. A human that couldn't even put a scratch on that War God-wannabe Homura. A human who needed his moronic companions to guard his back; who would have been dead ten times over if not for Hakkai; who in the end couldn't do a damn thing without his weapons. Of course, he could fight better than many humans out there and he had proved it many times, especially when alone with no one to lend a hand to him. But even so he came out worse for the wear, all injured and dragging his feet. Make him face a stronger enemy than an average shit-headed youkai barehanded and what would you get? In the best case scenario, a fatally injured Sanzo; in the worst - an eaten Sanzo.

He snorted derisively to himself. It was true that he became the youngest Sanzo priest in history. But apparently he would die the youngest as well. Perhaps that would only be logical since had never been trained fully to become a Sanzo Priest. No matter how he cherished the memory of his Master - Koumyo Sanzo - he sometimes cursed the man for leaving him so early, without any proper training needed for a Sanzo Priest to be able to protect the sutras and, well, people. Not that he saw the latter as his responsibility. There was no one else left to explain to the child how and what should be done. While his Master was alive, the times were mostly peaceful, so he hadn't seen Koumyo Sanzo in action much.

The fight with the motherfucker Ukoku made it painfully obvious that he lacked the power and proper training. Yes, he could restore Goku's diadem, but aside from that...Ukoku, on the other hand, could erase his existence from the face of the Earth completely, as if there never was a person named Genjo Sanzo. That was just fucking peachy. How was he supposed to fight someone like this?

His adopted father left him with a few teachings and book-knowledge. Strip him off sutra and his banishing gun and he'd be reverted back to the 13-year old child - Kouryuu the River Rat. But then again...maybe not. After all, he had changed quite a bit since that time. He had always been cold and detached, but the death of his Master and the travels for the stolen sutra made the little warmth that he had within him reduce to a small barely flickering light, that even he himself couldn't see most of the time.

Sure, the Gods - that he didn't believe in, mind you, even after he saw Kanzeon Bosatsu, Homura and his lackeys with his own eyes - might have chosen him along with his Master, the mark on his forehead and him not turning into a youkai, since he had definitely killed over a thousand of them, enough proof; but he really doubted their choice. Did they do it just to kill him off as soon as possible? Because it damn well seemed like it. With the way things were going, if he wasn't killed until the end of their journey West, he'd have just a number of years which he would be able to count on one hand, to live before he kicked the bucket.

Of course, his arrogance and stubbornness wouldn't ever let him show any sign of weakness neither in front of enemies, nor friends. Well, he did see the three youkai idiots as his friends, not that he would ever tell them that. Though he guessed they knew it by now, what with going after each of them when in trouble. Tch, he was getting soft.

Anyway, he couldn't afford to show any sign of weakness. If he did then he'd have to live with a killer headache in face of: mother-henning Hakkai, a perverted Kappa that would never let him live it down and, the worst of all, a worried out of his mind monkey. Since Goku was the most attached to him out of them all, the kid - who was actually not a kid, his mind supplied - would adopt this hurt look in those innocent golden eyes of his; keep unnaturally silent and become overly protective and distracted, neglecting his own safety. Yes, he knew Goku and his behavioral patterns better than the boy himself. So, all that combined, the effectiveness of their team would be reduced to unacceptable. And they still had a mission to complete.

So Sanzo kept shouting at them, threatening them, pushing them forward even harder. And he would keep pushing until his body broke and even after that. His willpower wouldn't let him rest until everything was finished. No matter what they thought he was responsible for them all. And despite what he said, he didn't want them to die, especially on his watch. After all, he was the one that made the mistake of letting them in, just because their presence felt familiar for some reason.

He suspected it had something to do with karma and rebirth and those flashbacks he had sometimes: Hakkai with long hair and glasses, Gojyo with a dark spiky mop on his head and military uniform, Goku in broken shackles laughing with those two. After all, it couldn't be just a coincidence that Homura called him Konzen, and the other two Marshal and General. And he knew what Goku was exactly. Damn the stupid reincarnation process. All that he had heard so far caused some pieces of the puzzle fit together, leaving him with some interesting - or not - conclusions.

Goku's voice resounded in his head almost all the time, whether he was happy or sad, angry or hurt. He didn't need to see the monkey to know how he felt. The boy was like an open book for him most of the time. And that connection they shared always led him to the place where the kid - 'a 519 year old man that could snap you in half without a second thought', he had to remind himself - was, if they happened to part ways for some reason. How could Goku see him as his sun, was a question that never left his mind, granted that Sanzo pushed it to the farthest corner possible. Just what the fuck did the boy - the man - see in him that could relate to such a bright source of light?

On one hand it was logical that the monkey would feel indebted to him since Sanzo was the one to free him from the mountain prison. On the other hand, how could he cling to someone that ignored him, hit and shouted at him most of the time? Of course he noticed how the monkey started growing up finally: less naïve, childish, using his brain more often. Perhaps, as he matured he would change his mind and leave him alone when the journey was over.

That would be an ideal solution for them both: Sanzo could have his peace and no monkey to bother him when his body finally gave out; and Goku could have a life of his own, not attached to the monastery and monks that saw him as a pest. He could go and settle in with Hakkai and Gojyo, or on his own, or just travel. He could begin to enjoy, see for himself the positive sides of life. Not that Sanzo had any pleasant experience to talk about. There was always only violence, grief, loneliness and pain.

Then there was Hakkai. While he was officially responsible for the human-turned-youkai, he tried to give the man as much freedom as possible. The worst part of that was that he had been the one to ask for the brunette's life to be spared and handed to him. Was he stupid or what? Sanzo assumed that after their trip to the West, Hakkai would be granted full freedom without needing someone to keep an eye on him. His loyalty during this journey enough proof of his sanity. Still, he didn't understand how the former mass-murderer hadn't snapped at him yet. Well, it was Hakkai's own problem, not his.

And the Kappa. Gojyo didn't owe him anything but still tugged along. Most probably because of his friendship with Hakkai. The two were almost as loyal to each other as the monkey to him. So, in all honesty, instead of tolerating all the abuse and blood and shit, the half-breed could easily turn his back on them and go home to be perverted with the whores that awaited for him. Still, he allowed himself to be pushed forward, used as a fighting machine and a vent for all his frustration.

Hell, if any of them really wanted they could just corner him without a problem and do whatever it was their minds thought of. Of course, he could always shoot them or Makai Tenjou the shit out of them. But that would defeat the purpose of the mission. Without them he had a fat chance of succeeding, having all the youkai population after the sutra and his tired ass. Not to mention God-, Sanzo-wannabes.

In their team he was the smartest link, but the weakest. If he happened to be not around while Goku's limiter was off, the combined efforts of Hakkai in his released form and Gojyo could suppress the Seiten Taisei as long as the diadem was whole.

If it was broken he was the only one that could stop the being from annihilating everyone in his sight. But, well, people - or the stupid monkey himself - usually liked to take it off. No one possesed enough power to fully destroy it, only Goku, when emotionally overwhelmed.

He didn't always have thoughts like that, but having a mind that worked even in his sleep led to many different conclusions. Many of them were kept behind thick walls, hidden until his death. He knew his limits and strengths and weaknesses. And so he kept them hidden. Let the enemies think he was almost immortal and stronger than most of them; let the comrades think he could survive it all and more, with his mind and body intact and continue to move forward effortlessly. He didn't need anyone to know the truth, otherwise it would be fatal for their mission. It was enough that he knew it himself. Though he suspected that Hakkai had some ideas. The bastard was too perceptive for his own good.

There was also another side to the cold shoulder he gave the three morons. Such a decision was made unconsciously, before he had the chance to think about it. Somewhere deep - really deep - in his dark heart, he didn't want them to get attached to him for the time he had left was short. He didn't want anybody to endure the same thing as him when he had lost his Master. Besides Hakkai had already lost his woman, Gojyo his brother and Goku everything and everyone he had before the imprisonment. They didn't need more emotional pain. He wouldn't wish it on anyone.

But those thoughts were buried deep in his mind, forced not to surface. Ever. It was just his subconsciousness that betrayed him. He cursed for a long time when he finally realized that the familiarity he felt towards the morons made him attached to them.

Since then he had no choice but to give the teaching 'Hold Nothing' a new meaning. Perhaps it was the one that his Master had in mind all along. Fuck if he knew.

That's why he would push them, make them angry at him, alert to everything around them, motivate them to fight, be the worst of the bastards that killed without mercy (not that it was far from truth) - just to keep them going, to complete this mission and survive. He didn't speak to the Three Heads more often than necessary to have them die on him. He would find the second sutra so that the dreams would finally stop. If he died soon after that, so be it. At least he'd hopefully stop seeing rain and his Master's blood almost every night.

In the end, all he was - a determined weak human, that had to force his mortal and fragile body to keep up with his superior companions and enemies. As long as he diverted their attention from this fact, they could go on concentrating on what was in front of them and not on meaningless things.


Goku sat in silence by the campfire. Once again, they had to camp outside under the stars. He was strangely quiet, the happenings of the last year since they had left Chang'An finally catching up to him. Really, no wonder Sanzo called him an idiot. He had been blind to the most glaringly obvious thing. His Sun, Genjo Sanzo, was human. Though he couldn't be blamed for forgetting that fact. The man always behaved like nothing could get to him, pretending to be tougher than he really was.

The last fight nearly took Sanzo away from him. Again. When they arrived at the spot where the other Sanzo - though Goku refused to call the man that - tried to kill the blonde, he nearly let Seiten Taisei out. There was blood, Sanzo's blood everywhere. Golden hair painted crimson, pale skin marred with cuts and bruises. He didn't want to think how hurt his Sun was on the inside, how many wounds he couldn't see.

Somehow their time apart before that fight finally made him see that Sanzo was mortal. Of course, even in pain the man didn't show his weakness, snarling and cursing, standing and shooting. But in the end how much more could Sanzo take before it became too much? He remembered when that scorpion woman youkai poisoned him, nearly killing him; Homura almost killing him; the leader in that guarded village almost killing him; Kamisama, Hazel, Ukoku...and most important Seiten Taisei. How many times had his other side tried to kill Sanzo? He wouldn't survive losing his Sun, he knew that with his whole being. And despite that, he hadn't followed the man, but Hazel had.

"Don't think too hard, monkey, or your brain'll melt."

"Shut up, stupid kappa."

A red eye brow rose at the lack of bite in the response. Just as he opened his mouth to taunt Goku even more, a gentle hand landed on his shoulder, stopping him. Hakkai smiled at him and went to sit in front of their smallest companion.

"What's wrong, Goku? Are you thinking about the last fight?"

Golden eyes stared at the fire, not really seeing it. A picture of a bloodied Sanzo refusing to leave his sight.

"No, not really..."

The healer studied Goku's face intently, his smile diminishing.

"It's about Sanzo, isn't it?"

Gojyo plopped down next to Hakkai, snorting.

"Oh come on, what's there to think about the heartless monk? I bet he still thinks he'll be better off without us, the prickly priest. Never mind that we saved his skinny ass."

" know, I...I just realized that Sanzo...he...he's just a human...and we're not, and...and..."

The healer smiled sadly.

"Yes he is. Though I admit it's easy to forget about it."

The red-head quieted down, humor leaving him and also stared at the fire. The leader of their group was resting a bit further from the fire, trying to regain his strength after the last fight with that Raven monk, who wasn't a monk any more.

"You think about how easy it is for him to die?"

Goku shuddered, but nodded.

"He nearly died so many times already. And then...I tried to kill him. I still don't understand why he didn't kill me the first time it happened."

"Because he cares. Sanzo refuses to show it or say out loud, but he cares about you, about us. If he didn't then Gojyo and I would have been dead a long time ago and you would have been imprisoned in the mountain."

"I...I know, but...I tried to kill him, Hakkai!"

"Calm down, dumbass. Just accept it and don't bother. He's not angry at you for turning into Seiten Taisei, it's another part of you after all. We can't pretend it doesn't exist."

"I much more do you think he can take before he...he...before it's over?"

That stilled the other two friends. It was a question they asked themselves quite often, but never out loud for fear of it coming true. Hakkai slumped.

"I...don't know. He's stronger than an average human and his life force is ridiculously strong. It responds violently every time I heal him." He laughed a little. "It's just in Sanzo's style: even nearly dead he refuses help, so I have to force it. If my theory is right, it will drive him forward until the moment he loses his will to live or something like that. That's what makes him stronger than he physically is."

"When I start thinking about it, it confuses me. Even on the verge of death he still keeps going and pushing himself, pretending to be stronger than he is. Why does he need to do this? Doesn't he know we'll help him? And...I'm afraid to know where his limits are."

Gojyo lit another cigarette.

"I think he has already reached and surpassed his limits. No normal human can go on like this. He's pushing himself, because if he stopped then he wouldn't be able to continue. And our Cherry-chan hates to be weak and so he pushes so that neither us nor our enemies can see that he is about to collapse. Though it seems that His Holiness doesn't realize that we know that already."

Hakkai nodded.

"It's really strange that a man as terrifyingly perceptive as Sanzo can't see that. Or maybe he can, but just doesn't want to acknowledge that. To be honest, I am afraid what will happen as we near India. The closer to the enemy, the stronger they will get and then if we reach our final destination...the chances of Sanzo getting injured are getting higher. I don't know for how long his life force and stubbornness can support him."

Golden eyes watered slightly, jaws clenched in agitation.

"I...I can't lose Sanzo. I just can't...I need to get stronger, I need to protect him! Sanzo...I won't lose him."

"You sound like you're in love with the monk."

As silence stretched between the three companions, the pairs of eyes watched the fire dance in the breeze.

"I thought so. You're not the only one, Goku."

Wide golden eyes snapped to the green eyed youkai, staring unblinkingly at him.


The red-head snorted.

"You heard him, stupid monkey. You guys suck. To be in love with the baldie...ew."

Goku glared at the kappa, willing him to combust on spot. Hakkai's smile got wider and voice overly sugary. Gojyo shuddered: this Hakkai was a scary Hakkai.

"Ah, but don't forget to include yourself into our group. You've been after Sanzo since the first time you have seen him."

The knowing look in the green eye told the kappa that denying would get him nowhere. So he just shrugged and grinned at the wide-eyed Goku.

"What can I say? The blonde bimbo is just too sexy for his own good."

"Don't call him that, you perverted roach! He's not one of your women to play around with."

Red and golden clashed in some sort of battle of stubbornness, making Hakkai only sigh. Despite the serious topic they were talking about, the two still managed to behave like children, arguing about the most strange things. Though he had to admit that under those slight insults to Sanzo and the stare contest, there was a battle of wills: two youkai fighting for the right to have the blonde monk. Logically, Goku had more rights on the foul-mouthed man, since they had been together the longest and had a special connection, that he and Gojyo couldn't fully comprehend still.

But then again, he had his own bond with Sanzo: the man willingly taking responsibility for him, without Hakkai asking for it. Besides, the blonde had never really hit him with harissen or tried to shoot him. So that meant something, right? The healer really wanted to hope so though he knew perfectly well it might be that he was the most sane person of the three of them. Or at least, behaved like one, for his past and some dark inner thoughts proved otherwise.

Anyway, as far as Hakkai knew, there wasn't anything between Sanzo and Gojyo. The red-head simply tugged with the group because of them being friends. Though now, as true feelings were finally revealed, he doubted he was the only reason for half-breed's involvement in their journey. Yes, Sanzo was told to take all three of them along, but Gojyo could refuse, but didn't. The two of them always argued to the point of violence and it seemed that the blonde had reserved none of his patience for the red-head: the majority of it going for the journey, the rest for Hakkai and Goku, leaving Gojyo the victim of his explosions. Though there had never been much patience to begin with.

Hakkai didn't doubt Sanzo's words that he would have better travelled alone, leaving them all behind. Not that he was particularly pleased with that statement, but this stubbornness and refusal to get help flowed in the blonde's veins. Still, despite everything he said, the monk returned back for each of them whenever something happened and they split.

Guilt eating at his insides, Hakkai sighed remembering the last part of their journey. They left Sanzo alone. It was one thing when Goku, Gojyo or him separated from the group, because they could handle almost anything. They were strong youkai, while their leader a skilled human with strong will and life force. But still human. And they were moving closer to the enemy territory. Just what in the world had he been thinking leaving the man alone, while knowing how proud he was. He wouldn't leave the man alone again if he could help it.

Hakkai turned his attention back to his companions just in time to see red eyes averting from golden, which focused on him instead. All the questions about how Gojyo could lose a staring contest, especially when it was about domination, vanished into thin air. The two of them could be smarter and more experienced than Goku, despite him being over 500 years old, but he would never relent his position of the strongest.

It was one of the few times when the healer had seen Goku so serious and determined. He could even see and sense Seiten Taisei peeking from beneath, hardening the golden color, thinning out the pupils, darkening his aura. When Hakkai finally tore away his eyes, he felt his lungs burning. He inhaled deeply, calming himself down when he realized that the limiter was still in place and there were no other signs of becoming Great Sage Equaling Heaven . There were not ready to deal with his Sage mode now, especially when Sanzo still rested.

But the intensity in the golden eyes never lessened. From the side Gojyo chuckled.

"No matter what we decide now between ourselves, the one who'll have the final say is the monk."

The healer nodded.

"Yes. But there is also a high possibility of him not choosing any of us. Have you ever seen him with a woman or a man? He hadn't shown interest in anyone. Besides, he has never smelled of sex...I suspect that he hasn't done it before."

The red-head whistled.

"Do you think Cherry-chan has even any interest in sex?"

"It's hard to say, Gojyo. I'm guessing he doesn't even think about it, finding it an unnecessary waste of time."

"Well, waste or not, he has to choose one of us or nothing good will ever come out of it."

Still intently watching the two, Goku interjected.

"What do you mean he has to choose? We can't force him into anything! I'm sure he doesn't even like any of us."

The half-breed shook his head slightly.

"Shows how much you know, monkey. But I guess that's alright what with you spending 500 years in a mountain. You see, he needs to fu~"

"I'll explain." Hakkai interrupted his friend. They didn't need Goku losing it because red-head was being crude. "No mater how the three of us look with limiters on and what we used to be, we are youkai. Three mature, healthy youkai. And we have a person among us that we have strong feelings for. Being close to Sanzo all the time, we cannot ignore our wants and needs, so due to our current nature they are getting stronger. If we could lead separate from him lives, then it wouldn't be a problem, but now we're getting attached more and more, with our basic instincts growing stronger around him.

"I think you've felt it: the incredible urge to protect, to have his attention only on you, to touch him from time to time and many more."

Goku nodded.

"Yeah, I've felt it all since the very beginning when he freed me. I became jealous every time those stupid monks gathered around him, some even tried touching him. But you're right, now they're getting stronger."

"Mhm. Since you know that, you should understand that none of us will last much longer with the current situation. I'm not sure about you, but I'm starting to lose control. So you see, with us three on the verge of losing control, the situation can turn into something very unpleasant unless Sanzo chooses. The longer we drag it out the bigger the possibility of two results: us fighting each other for the right to have him and the winner taking Sanzo for himself, whether he wants it or not; or the chance of us forcing ourselves on Sanzo if he doesn't make a decision in time . It's basic youkai instinct to establish domination."

The Sage blinked troubled at the green-eyed man.

"Does Sanzo know?"

Hakkai scratched his head, laughing nervously.

"I have no idea. I want to hope that he knows since he has been dealing with youkai for a long time, but this information is not something widespread. So we have to talk to him...somehow."

The red-head snorted.

"If he doesn't kill us first. Usually I wouldn't be worried, because no matter what we do he doesn't aim to kill us, but this...I bet this shit is too much for the blondie to tolerate. This time he just might make good on his word and Makai Tenjou our asses."

"He won't do that! No matter what Sanzo says, he would never kill us!"

"I'm glad to hear you're so optimistic, monkey. But just think with your head. What would you do if three guys pushed themselves violently on you? The first thing he may think is that the Minus Wave finally got to us. If we try and talk with him he might shoot us just for mentioning his name and something close to intimate in the same sentence."

"Yes, i'm afraid Gojyo is right. Sanzo will most probably even refuse to listen to us."

Goku hung his head. He could feel how with each passing day his craving for his Sun grew. At first he thought it was mere gratefulness to his saviour, but as days, weeks, months passed by, Goku started noticing Sanzo in different light: how his body moved so sensually without the man realizing it; how when he looked into those bright violet eyes, everything else seemed to disappear; how those golden hair danced in the wind beckoning him to touch it.

Then there were also darker thoughts and wants whispered to him by Seiten Taisei, which obviously wanted to have his Sun too: how the man was so frail that it would take no effort at all to restrain those shapely but thin arms and legs and just take him; how it would be easy to strip Sanzo of gun, sutra and all his clothing and keep him somewhere dark all for himself, so that no one could ever lay their eyes on him.

The brunette knew it was sick and unfair to Sanzo, but the ideas whispered to him by the Sage tempted him so much that it took all of his willpower just to keep them at bay. He wanted to keep the blonde away from everyone, somewhere safe and love him there like no one else could. And it would be so easy to accomplish too. The only thing that stopped him was the thought of Sanzo hating him for doing that. He would never survive his Sun hating him.

He was so twisted for agreeing with his other violent, blood-thirsty half.

"Hey, Hakkai, Gojyo, you think we can...tie him up?"

Three eyes stared at him in disbelief, having problems associating their naïve little - apparently not so naïve and little anymore - companion with such words. One could easily expect them coming from Gojyo's mouth, perhaps even Hakkai's, but not Goku's. The red-head came to his senses first.

"Are you so desperate, eh, monkey?"

The golden-eyed Sage jumped from his seat.

"NO! I just...I thought it was the only way to make Sanzo listen. We have to explain everything to him, so that he knows. I don't want him hating us later."

Everyone was silent for a moment before Hakkai smiled.

"I think that's actually a good idea." Two pairs of wide eyes drilled holes in him. "What? Goku's logic is flawless. That way we can find out if he already knows. If not then we explain the gravity of the situation to him with all possible outcomes."

The half-breed face-palmed.

"You two obviously want to get shot."

His best friend smiled brightly.

"Of course not! Our best chance at escaping any damage and capturing Sanzo easily would be now, while he is still weak. We just have to be careful not to hurt him."

"You're evil, Hakkai-buddy, planning against an injured man..."

"I'm trying to preserve your life, Gojyo, so be a good boy and say thank you."

"Yeah right."

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