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This is set right after the OVA series ends. Fam and Ihrie have left Lyle, Miguel and Rasha at Reon to rebuild the kingdom while continuing their journey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ruin Explorers

Prologue: The Aftermath

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two women, on horses, rode the rolling hills toward the nearest port. One eager to continue the quest and one saddened at their departure from a new friend.

The dark-tanned female possessed short blonde hair and golden eyes, which darted impatiently toward her companion. Her pointed ears and bushy tail were the only signs of her uniqueness, and most described her as being squirrel-like.

Her friend, however, was getting very tired of the constant glances in her direction. Her long black hair flowed in the wind as she heeled the horse to fasten their pace. In the light, hints of blue could be seen as it flickered off the red chest-plate she wore. Her blue eyes darted back as she spoke, “Hurry up, will ya!?”

With a sigh, the woman urged her horse forward. If one looked for more than a fleeting moment, the eye could see that both were magic users. As she caught up, Fam voiced her question. “Ihrie, do you think Lyle will be okay?”

The woman gazed at the sunset and the colors that it produced. Varieties of pinks, yellows, purples, and blues; it brought back foggy memories that remained out of her reach. “I’m sure he will be, Fam. Lyle can make it own his own, he did it before we came along, right? Besides, he has his people to help him.”

Fam didn't reply and they fell into silence again, riding for as long as the setting sun would permit. The two women sat up camp before dusk near a small brook outside of the port city Elleon. Ihrie went to catch a couple of fish while Fam gathered some edible berries.

The younger woman was preparing the fire when her partner came into the inner camp. Ihrie laid three fish down on the make-shift stump, using leaves Fam had set as a buffer between the fish and lumber. Before long, she had them roasting over the small flame. Fam used half the berries as a sauce while the others were left whole for a snack later in the night.

They ate in comfortable silence before retiring to their rolled-out blankets. Ihrie tucked her hands under her head as she stared into the night sky. The stars twinkled back at her. She sighed and rolled onto her side, looking at Fam as she lay sprawled across her pallet before falling asleep.

Ihrie woke to the noises Fam was making. Although she was trying to be quiet, the woman sat up and stretched, glancing over to see that her companion had acquired a few eggs. She briefly wondered where Fam had found them before the woman caught her movement.

“Ihrie, look what I found,” she spoke cheerfully as she angled the small skillet for the woman to see.

She only smiled as she stood. “They look great. I'm going to go wash up,” she said before turning and heading toward the small stream. The nightmare is always the same – her master casting a curse on her, preventing Ihrie from ever using magic to her full potential. She sighed as she glanced over the horizon. The gentle downward slope of the land felt familiar but the sorceress shrugged it off as she stood. They needed to find passage off this island.

By lunch, Ihrie had booked them both a one-way trip back to the mainland. And, although they had a good breakfast, they treated themselves to a decent tavern for food and drink. Fam settled herself across from her partner on the wooden bench, grabbing the menu in anticipation.

“Just don't go overboard, Fam,” Ihrie reminder her. “One good meal won't hurt us if you can restrain yourself.” She glared at the woman before glancing at her own menu. She sure as hell didn't want any seafood, seeing as how that was her future for the next week. She lost focus on the words and her mind wandered to last night's dream. Fam's voice brought her out of her thoughts.

“Come on little doggie,” Fam said, trying to coax the small dog closer. “If you talk, I can hear you. I'm Wiccan," she said, rambling again.

The woman only received a 'woof' in return. Ihrie smiled.

“Fam,” she began, the woman stiffened, hearing the warning in her tone, “are you done torturing that dog?”

“But Ihrie, I'm not torturing the doggie,” she simply stated before turning her attention back to the animal.

The waitress approached them and the women order their food. Fam sat and played with the masterless canine while Ihrie was inside her head trying to figure out why she was having the dreams again. Within a half hour, the food was in front of the duo. Fam was drooling and Ihrie managed to hide her expression when the girl dug in.

Ihrie ordered another pint of ale when a tall man stopped by their table. Fam, who was holding the last of her chicken leg above the animal, was even caught off guard. So much so that the dog was rewarded the benefits.

“Excuse me,” he spoke, only loud enough for them to hear, “are you Ihrie, the ruin explorer?”

Ihrie slightly turned her face toward him, glancing the man over. “Who wants to know?” she asked. He was as well-built as he was tall. Jet black hair, cropped short, and deep blue eyes adorned him. He gave the impression of a refined soldier, especially by the looks of his well-kept, very ornate, black and gold armor. Ihrie assumed he was well-educated and mannered from his polite intrusion. One thing was for sure, he wasn't a commoner like she or Fam were.

Fam sat still, only moving when the dog came back for seconds. “The dog wants to come along, Ihrie,” she said laughing when the animal began licking her face. Ihrie growled.

The man laughed, looking relieved. “So you are Ihrie. I'm glad I was able to find you. I wish to travel with you,” he said smiling.

“I'm sorry, but I just met you and-” she began.

“I don't take no's,” he cut her off. “I won't be in your way, I just want to travel with you.”

“Why would someone like you want to travel with people like us?” she asked, eying him suspiciously.

“I have my own reasons but it is a requirement to complete my training,” he replied smoothly. “And I can bring some muscle to your group.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In another part of the world, a tall, brunette man was posing in the middle of a gang of bandits on the outskirts of Reon. His cold aqua eyes sparkled with excitement as he drew his lengthy sword. He motioned for one of them to approach him.

“Come at me with all you've got. You can not defeat me, I am Miguel. I have bested more than a hundred cavalrymen,” he exclaimed. The men glanced to the others beside them before charging. However, the man finished them with a few swings.

“Are you finished?” his female companion shouted at him. She was a beauty with her blonde hair and blue eyes, especially when it was coupled with her petite frame. “I want to hurry back,” she said with a flick of her hair.

“You never let me have my fun, Rasha,” he complained as he climbed his horse. “Lyle sent me out to take care of the bandits.”

“Don't refer to him so informally!” she scolded as she pushed her horse forward.

Miguel sighed and just followed her. It was useless to argue with her. The minute she got it into her head to stay and 'help', Miguel knew they would be staying for a period. But, truthfully, he found that it hadn't bothered him that much.

The ride to the outskirts of the town that surrounded the castle was short and Miguel spotted Lyle on the overlooking hill.

The young king stood on a small grassy knoll that overlooked Reon and it's current reconstruction. The castle was being repaired and would be done in a few short weeks. The people were rejoicing at his return, and they would hold the coronation ceremony once the major work was completed.

Lyle sighed, his chestnut brown hair waving in the gentle breeze. After all he had worked so hard for, he couldn't muster up the slightest bit of joy, or even contentment, at how well things turned out for him. The problem was that he couldn't get that woman out of his mind. He turned, letting his blue eyes scan the area for any sign of a disturbance but only met with peace.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The towns around Reon had suffered devastating blows from Trumbull’s madness. But they were surely, if slowly, coming back. The crops returned as the hardships lessened when the prince had landed a victory of defeat over the mad man. With the restoration orders for half the kingdom, jobs were readily available, especially in places like this. Seraon was full of potential.

And in this small neighboring village, a few miles south of Reon, sat a middle-aged man sat with a dog in the town's cheapest tavern. He was dressed respectively, fine clothing with little wear-and-tear. But the other patrons kept their distance because of his constant soft babbling.

Galuff only continued to mumble about the recent loss in his last travels. When a female slipped into the stool beside him. He glanced up, suddenly wary when he could not see her features under the cloak. “Are you looking to buy or sell, miss?” he asked softly.

There was a long pause before she spoke. “I am in need of some information, merchant.”

“Information?” he replied dumbfounded. “Then what can I do for you?” It was getting more suspicious by the second.

“I understand that you can find out a great deal more about this woman,” she replied, setting a folded piece of paper down in front of him.

Galuff glanced around before plucking it up and flipping it open to read a familiar name. He quickly re-folded it and slipped it into his pocket. “What's your interest?” he asked, taking a long drink of the watered down ale.

“I am willing to pay you a great deal of money.” His eyes darted to hers. “And your travel expenses.”

“What kind of information are you looking for?”

“Everything. Come to this address at three,” she ordered as she dropped another paper beside him before moving out the door.

He watched her disappear before finishing the cup off. He shook his head and called for another. It looked like he wasn't going to get to relax. He sighed heavily. He only wanted to be away from the chaos that revolved around them and their ridiculous hunt.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elleon – pronounced Ill-e-on


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