Under the Night Sky

BY : yukihime
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25 Ways to Fall in Love Drabble List

Set 01: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

#01: Star gazing

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Under The Night Sky

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She sat on a hill, under blooming cherry trees, overlooking the small town and it's twinkling lights. Long, blonde hair moved with the light breeze that rustled the treetops. The sounds of nature had a calming effect on Usagi. Shifting leaves, chirping crickets, singing birds, she loved it all. But the most important thing that she had was the solitude found here.

Usagi stretched out over the soft grass. Her pale white dress flowered around long, slim legs. Blue eyes stared at the night stars. There was a new moon tonight, so they were brighter than usual. When she saw them above, she felt that the world stretched out before her, everything was endless and dazzling and at the tips of her fingers.

Eyes followed the Milky Way as it spanned the scope of her view before she stilled and found herself staring into deep azure eyes. Startled, Usagi shot up, bringing her knees under her as she turned to see a tall man with black hair smiling down at her.

“I didn't know anyone else knew about this spot,” he spoke, sitting down beside her.

“I'm sorry,” she started.

“Don't be,” he said, cutting her off.

His deep voice caught her attention and she sat staring at him. His sharp features made him incredibly handsome. The black slacks helped to hide his height in the dark but the white dress shirt, with its sleeves rolled to his elbows and top few buttons undone, hinted to her that he was fit. It was hard to tear her eyes from him.

He glanced at her and laughed. “Do I have something on my face?”

She blushed and adverted her eyes to the stars above. “I'm sorry,” she muttered.

“Is that all you can say?” he poked at her with words. She shook her head but didn't reply. He laughed at how shy she was. “My name is Mamoru,” he told the woman beside him.

“I'm Usagi,” she replied.

“Do you often come here?” he asked, following her gaze. The stars were bright as they flickered in space.

“Yeah,” she spoke, nodding a little. “The view is the best from here.”

The tone of her voice and response caught his attention. He looked at her with puzzlement and wonder. The innocence on her face when she was lost in thought made his heart skip. Mamoru couldn't understand why he had never seen her before. He was sure that he would have noticed someone so beautiful before. He shifted to see the lights of his house flickering through the trees behind them before returning his eyes to the dark sky.

They sat in silence, letting the wind whistle around them, staring out into the vast unknown. The sounds of the city were distant and Mamoru felt that they were the only two left as he shifted to stare at the female to his right.

Hair flowed around her shoulders, tickling her cheek. He watched her hand move to catch it before she caught him by surprise and stood. The white fabric whirled around her knees as the breeze shifted. Her hair seemed to bind her as it was whipped back and forth.

“Thank you for the company,” she spoke as she looked down at him, their eyes connecting before she slipped behind the trees.

He stood, not seeing her as he quickly stepped behind the cluster of tree trunks. Mamoru smiled at himself. He would have never thought, not in his wildest dreams, that he could find someone like her under the night sky.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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