Sparks Fly

BY : NicoleRayne
Category: Wei▀ Kreuz > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Weiss Kreuz, nor any of the characters from it. I am not making any money from writing this fic.

Title: Sparks Fly = Arc One - Schwarz: Assembly Required

Pairing: Crawford/Farfarello, Schuldich/Nagi

Rating: PG but will be 18A

Genre: drama, eventual yaoi

Type: chaptered

Year it was written: 2011

Summary: "I need a team. Crawford decided." While seeking immortality, the Elders of Estet fail to see their most presious Talent slipping away. Crawford was more than happy to follow Estet in it's plans for world manipulation. But when they set their sights on immortality, Crawford wants out. **This story will revolve around the relationship between the members of Schwarz so it's more drama-based than action-based.**



Sparks Fly

Arc One – Schwarz: Assembly Required



            That was Estet’s new goal. They had been content to manipulate and rule the world from the shadows but that didn’t seem to satisfy them anymore. So they had turned to immortality.

            A foolish idea.

            They should have been content with their current goal instead of something so common. Everyone was seeking immortality in a way. Everyone was concerned with the clock and it’s ticking hands counting down to their deaths. Aging, mostly. Turning back time.

            I need a team. Crawford decided.

            The second that thought formed in his mind, his precognition flared. It sent him brief flashes of the future. The more distant images were blurred and only a second long. More recent visions tended to be longer and played like a mini movie, lasting several minutes.

            Crawford saw split-second images: a man with long orange hair mumbling German words, a dark haired boy cowering in an alley with bodies around him, and last was an albino covered in scars.

            Ninety percent of what he would see was set in stone, unchangeable. But that remaining ten...

            He was sitting in the small waiting room just outside the Elder’s chamber. He had requested an audience with them. Of course, the American already knew what was going to happen and the outcome of the meeting. He could taste victory.

            The large wooden double doors opened.

            It was time.


            Convincing the three Elders of Estet to let him form a team was easy. Crawford didn’t need to see their answer to know it. After telling them how beneficial it would be to them for him to have a team, they sent him away to discuss amongst themselves.

            He knew how their discussion would go. They’d figure out if they could afford to have the precognitive away from the institution. He was already considered a single Talent unit and got sent out on various jobs, mostly playing bodyguard to political figures. But those jobs kept him away for weeks, maybe months, at best. A team was usually away for years on end. Being the strongest precognitive Estet had, they would be cautious about letting him go. But they believed they could trust him. And as long as he continued to watch Estet from whatever country he may be in, there would be no problems.

            Estet was built like a school. A giant, secluded building with residential areas surrounding it for graduates who were ordered to remain on grounds and teams that were called back for whatever reason. New jobs, reassessment, and so on.

            Crawford made his way to his room, and started packing what he needed. There was no point in waiting on their decision. According to his visions, he needed to be in Germany. Before he left, he would have to convince the Elders to give his jobs in that country while he searched for an orange haired youth. He knew from that second long image that what he’d seen of the German man that that was several years into the future. He would be much too young when Crawford found him.

            His precognition flared. He stopped packing and waited by his desk.

            The phone rang.

            A smirk formed on his face as he answers. “Crawford.”





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