Long Live

BY : NicoleRayne
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Disclaimer: I do not own Weiss Kreuz or Bleach, nor any of the characters from them. I am not making any money from writing this fic.

Title: Long Live

Pairing: Crawford/Grimmjow, Schuldich/Halibel, Stark/Farfarello, Ulquiorra/Nagi

Rating: PG but will be 18A

Genre: drama, yaoi

Type: chaptered

Year it was written: 2011

Summary: **WK/Bleach crossover** Schwarz knew that when they died they wouldn't end up in Heaven. But they didn't go to Hell either.  After the fall into the sea, after life...death opens a new chapter for our favourite evil team.



Long Live


Crawford POV

            They didn’t know what I had seen. What I had planned. I told them we would fall into the ocean that night. I told Nagi to not use his telekinesis to save us.

            For years we have worked together, becoming more than what anyone would have guessed. We started as a team, a until. And we evolved into a family. A little sharp and jagged around the edges but a family nonetheless.

            None of us will ever admit that out loud though. But we all know it, deep down where our hearts still exist, buried under the dead bodies and blood.

            Which is why I wasn’t surprised when they trusted me. I told them to fall and they did. We fought as the building crumbled around us and they let themselves fall because they trusted my word. They always have. As the leader it was only natural.

            I couldn’t tell them why they had to fall. The “why” I would explain later. They knew this better than I know the future.

            So we fell. The first to go was Nagi. A piece of the building hit him hard in the head. Like I instructed, he didn’t use his telekinesis to stop the blow. Schuldich panicked for a few seconds, feeling the loss on the mental connection we all have through him.

            //Trust me.// I whispered through the bond.

            He was next. He still had Kudou’s wire around his neck. It caught and choked him instantly.

            I searched for Farfarello, knowing his death would be the worst if I didn’t interfere. We hit the water hard and instinct had us fighting to the surface. But Farfarello’s leg got caught between two big pieces of the building and dragged him down. I swam down to reach him and pulled a knife from his vest. He understood my intention and nodded his assent.

            I stabbed him directly through the heart.

            As he sank, I fought back to the surface but I knew I wouldn’t make it. Still, seeing your death, knowing it’s a certainty, you will always try to fight it. My lungs start to burn for air and it doesn’t take long before I allow the seawater to take my life.


            “You know, you could have told us about all this.” Schuldich waves his hand out at the surroundings.

            Schwarz stood together on a hilltop overlooking a scenery from history. It looked like ancient Japan. Even the clothes.

            “It was not necessary at the time.” I shrug absently and start away down the hill.

            “You want to explain now, oh fearless leader?”

            “This place is called Soul Society. In the center is Seireitei. That is where we need to be, for now. After, we will continue on somewhere else. But it all starts there. There are rules and powers to be gained here.”

            “Is there a God?” Farfarello watches me with excitement dancing in his yellow eye.

            “Some people like to think they are. The closest thing this place has to a God is the King. But whoever he is, is unimportant. Becoming the King or God of this place is meaningless. For now, all I want you three to focus on is surviving Seireitei. The rest will come later.”

            Of course, they trust my word.

            They follow me all the way to the center of Soul Society. As we approach two men appear before us. One has brown hair and dark framed glasses perched on the end of his nose. The other has silver-white hair and an eerie smile, fox-like in appearance. They don’t say anything, merely lead us deeper into Seireitei.

            Aizen has been waiting for this day. I had met him years ago during a hollow surveillance in the Living World. With my powers to see into the future, Aizen would become unstoppable in his plans. All he had to do was get me to cooperate. Acting like a good little subordinate to Rosenkreuz and Estet made the alliance easy. Aizen claimed he would give me Soul Society to rule over in exchange for my help.

            I had agreed.

            The only problem, at the time, was Schwarz being alive. But that was solved now. Schwarz is dead and in Soul Society. Aizen would finally be able to get what he desired. It would still take some time. Schwarz needed to learn the ways of the Shinigami and become powerful.

            Power was everything, after all.


Several years later...

            Finally, the day Aizen had been waiting for had come. He and Gin lead us out into an isolated forested area of Soul Society. The four of us were dressed in the typical Shinigami clothes but it really doesn’t suit us. We have more appropriate clothing waiting for us elsewhere.

            “I will open a passage for you to Los Noches. Wait for me there and get things ready.”

            “We will, Aizen-sama.” I bow politely and lead Schwarz through the passage.

            In the hours following, Seireitei would learn of Schwarz’s death. But that would be the least of their worries as everything came crumbling down around them.




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