Hidden in Plain Sight

BY : ShounenSuki
Category: Digimon > Yaoi - Male/Male
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The slow setting of the sun was already painting the sky a beautiful orange-pink when the sharp sound of the whistle signalled the end of football practice. The boys all rushed to the locker room to grab their stuff, before quickly heading home for a good, relaxing bath and a hearty meal.


One of them wasn’t running as fast, though. On the contrary, Motomiya Daisuke was actually walking quite slowly and almost seemed to be limping. This wasn’t that surprising, though, as he had hurt himself quite badly during a failed attempt to shoot the ball in the goal with a bit too much energy. He had tripped and made a rather nasty smack on the grass, which could be quite hard when you fell on it. Still, it wasn’t the pain Daisuke minded; it was the fact that he had missed the goal. It even didn’t make his team lose, either; it was just that his pride was hurt. He was rather boastful about his football skills, so missing a goal because of his own overexcitement didn’t look good at all.


Still, football practice was over for today and tomorrow he’d get another chance to prove himself, as he had did many, many times before. The thought of this made a weak smile appear on the boy’s face, as he slowly limped into the locker room. All the other boys had already left, leaving the locker room deserted, so it came as a bit of a shock when Daisuke suddenly heard someone clapping behind him.


He quickly turned around, causing pain to shoot through his leg. He instinctively grabbed his leg and kneeled down on the floor to relieve it from the pressure of standing. When he heard snickering, he remembered why he had turned around in the first place and quickly looked up, seeing a very familiar face.

“Taichi-senpai!” the boy called out as he recognised his favourite senpai and hero, Yagami Taichi.

“Hiya Daisuke,” Taichi said cheerfully, squatting down next to him, “You played quite a game today, didn’t ya?”

Daisuke looked away from his senpai with a scowl on his face. “I totally screwed up, you mean.”

Taichi laughed out loud, before ruffling Daisuke’s already messy hair, “C’mon, not every game can be the best you’ve ever played. You really should try to not get hurt, though.”


Daisuke was instantly reminded of his painful leg again. He rubbed it tentatively, before realising this only made it hurt even more. This wasn’t just a bruise he had. Taichi carefully pulled the boy up and made him sit down on one of the benches, before kneeling down in front of him and gently lifting the boy’s painful leg. Daisuke winced as his senpai carefully removed the boy’s shoe and sock, revealing a rather nasty scrape on his shin. Daisuke cringed when he saw it. It was a lot worse than he expected.


Taichi gently put the leg back down and got up, shaking his head. He walked to one of the walls of the locker room, where he found a cabinet with a first aid kit. He quickly grabbed it and took it back to Daisuke, who was trying his best not to look at his wound and failing rather badly. Taichi sat down again, putting the kit on the floor and opening it, before taking out two wooden chopsticks, a wad of cotton wool, and some surgical spirit.

“I’m going to have to clean the wound, Daisuke,” Taichi said gently, but determined. By Daisuke’s reaction to seeing the wound, he figured the boy was probably a pretty troublesome patient.


Daisuke wasn’t reacting as Taichi had expected, though. Instead of complaining or anything, the boy simply nodded. In fact, Daisuke seemed to be smiling a bit, his eyes open wide and sparkling with awe and adoration. Taichi couldn’t help but smile at seeing this. Obviously being cared for by the senpai he so admired far outweighed any fear or pain the boy was feeling. The warm, tingly feeling of pride and gratitude filled Taichi’s chest.


Now extra careful, Taichi went about cleaning Daisuke’s wound. Luckily, it wasn’t really bleeding all that badly, but it had quite some dirt in it. It took a while before Taichi managed to get it clean and he had to use quite a bit of force to get all the dirt out. Still, Daisuke didn’t complain a single time and the most sound he made was some restrained wincing. After a few minutes, the wound was completely clean and Taichi could disinfect it with some iodine, making Daisuke wince even more. At last, he gently put on a bandage before cleaning up the first aid kit and getting up, ruffling Daisuke’s hair again.

“Well done kiddo,” he said, smiling proudly.

Daisuke returned the smile, looking up at his senpai as if he were a hero who had just slain a dragon, “Thanks Taichi-senpai!”


Taichi returned the first aid kit to the cabinet it had been in, while Daisuke carefully put his sock and shoe back on. As Taichi walked back, he grabbed Daisuke’s bag and threw it at the boy while calling out his name. As Daisuke just barely caught it, Taichi waved his hand, motioning for Daisuke to follow him, saying, “Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

Daisuke’s eyes grew wide as he heard what honour he was being bestowed with. He quickly followed Taichi out of the locker rooms, completely forgetting about any pain he was still feeling.


Taichi was mostly silent during their walk together, merely nodding and smiling at everything Daisuke was telling him, and only rarely giving short replies to some of the questions Daisuke actually gave him time to answer. Pretty soon, far too soon for Daisuke’s taste, they reached the entrance of the building where Daisuke and his family lived. As they said goodbye, Daisuke did everything in his power to keep his beloved senpai there for a bit longer, but with no success. After a few minutes of saying goodbye, Taichi walked on, giving Daisuke one last wave with his hand, before turning a corner and disappearing out of sight. It took all of Daisuke’s self-control to not run after him, but he eventually managed to force himself to enter the building and go up to his home where his mum was waiting with his supper.


A few hours later, Daisuke was in his room, sitting on his bed and playing videogames, completely ignoring the homework that was waiting for him on his desk. After having been defeated for the umpteenth time, he all but threw the controller away and fell down on his bed. He closed his eyes, allowing his mind to wander. He thought about all the things he had done recently, up until the football match he played this afternoon. Soon enough, Taichi entered his mind and he thought about how awesome he thought his senpai was and how kind he had been by treating his wound and walking him home.


His daydreaming was interrupted by his mum calling him. Muttering in annoyance, Daisuke got up from his bed and walked to his mum, mindlessly rearranging his hard-on without really noticing he even had one. When he got downstairs, his mum handed him the phone, making Daisuke wonder who on Earth could be calling him. He held the phone to his ear and answered politely, “Hello? Motomiya Daisuke speaking.”

He was quite surprised when he heard Taichi’s voice on the other end of the line, saying, “Daisuke? This is Taichi. Sorry to be calling you this late, but I was wondering something.”

Daisuke couldn’t care less what time of day it was. All he cared about right now was that his senpai had called him. Him! Out of all people he could be calling! He quickly had to derail that train of thought as he heard Taichi continue talking, “I was planning on going to the cinema with Kōshirō tomorrow evening, but he just called me to say he couldn’t come because of some kind of science lecture or something. Any way, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to join me?”


For a moment, the only sound coming from Daisuke was the rapid beating of his heart. Taichi, the great Taichi Kamiya, hero of the football club, was asking him to go out on a d— to go watch a film with him! He almost  squealed with joy, only managing to stop himself from doing so when he realised Taichi was still waiting of an answer. He wasted no more time giving one, all but yelling out, “Of course I do!”

Taichi sounded quite happy when he replied, “Great! Then I’ll pick you up tomorrow after practice, okay?”

Daisuke nodded hard as he answered, “Okay,” before saying goodbye and hanging up.


He had never felt so happy in his life. It seemed as if he could just jump up and fly away. Butterflies were still running amok in his stomach as he asked his mum for permission, which she did without any objections once she heard who was accompanying her son. She gave a motherly smile as she watched Daisuke run back to his room, more cheerful than he had ever been in his life, despite basically always being cheerful in the first place.


Once back in his room, Daisuke quickly picked out his coolest clothes to wear tomorrow, before getting ready for bed far earlier than usual. As he was lying in his bed in the dark, he couldn’t help but stare at the ceiling and imagine how awesome tomorrow was going to be. He was once again hard, but he barely noticed it. There were far more important things to think of right now. It took a long time for him to finally drift asleep.


The next day, football practice didn’t go as well as usual. Daisuke was completely absentminded and preoccupied with his d— film night with Taichi. Once practice was over he quickly ran towards the locker room, hoping to find his senpai there. His hopes were dashed when he found the locker room empty, though. Even when all the other boys had already gathered their things and gone home, Taichi still hadn’t shown up.


Daisuke was about to give up hope when he realised he still hadn’t showered and dressed yet. He quickly undressed and grabbed his shampoo, shower gel, and towel, before heading into the showers adjacent to the locker room.


Neither he nor the other boys usually showered after practice, so he was quite glad to see the showers were actually working and quite clean, if only because of a lack of use. He threw his towel near the entrance, before picking out a shower a bit further away and turning it on. As he stepped under the warm water, he felt some of the tension he had felt all day slowly wash away. He just stood there for a while, relaxing under the spray of the shower, before finally grabbing his shampoo bottle and washing his hair.


Once his hair was clean and smelling of what the bottle claimed to be a “sporty scent,” he grabbed his shower gel and stepped out from under the spray of water, before rubbing a copious amount of it on his chest and stomach. As he lathered himself up, he could feel the rather well-defined muscles of his stomach, arms, and legs. He couldn’t help but be proud of his body; he certainly worked hard enough for it.


Once he got to lathering up his crotch and ass, he found that he was once again very much hard. This wasn’t anything unusual, of course — he always got hard during his showers and baths — but this time he felt far more aroused than normally. As he lathered up his hard-on, he shuddered at how sensitive it was. Without thinking, he slowly started rubbing it more, quickly going over into actual wanking.


After a few minutes, he was panting hard and even moaning a bit, obviously nearing his climax. His relief had to wait, though, as he was abruptly interrupted by Taichi’s voice coming from the doorway, calling out for him. In the corner of his eye, he could see Taichi standing there, so he quickly turned around, hoping his senpai hadn’t seen anything. He sighed of relief when he heard Taichi act as normal as always, implying that he hadn’t caught him doing the dirty.

“Daisuke? Are you still showering?” Taichi asked as he leaned against the doorway, “Hurry up, the film’s gonna start soon.”

Daisuke quickly started rinsing off his body, strategically keeping his back towards his senpai and trying hard to will his hard-on away. “I’ll be right there. I’m almost done,” he replied, his voice breaking slightly with the sudden stress he was under.

“I’ll be waiting in the locker room then,” Taichi replied, before walking away.


Once he heard Taichi’s footsteps grow less and less loud, Daisuke took a quick glance over his shoulder to see if his senpai had really left. When he was sure he had, Daisuke quickly finished showering and all but ran to his towel, drying himself just as quickly. Unfortunately, he was still very hard, if not harder than before, so he tied his towel around his waist in a weak effort to hide it. When he realised his hard-on was easily visible through it, he took the towel off again and simple held it in front of his crotch, hoping Taichi wouldn’t be suspicious.


Taichi was sitting on one of the benches as Daisuke came out of the shower room. He didn’t seem to notice anything odd about Daisuke, much to the boy’s relief. While trying to hide his erection as inconspicuously as possible, Daisuke sat down and quickly started dressing, all the while engaging in mindless small talk with Taichi.


Once he was fully dressed and quite sure his hard-on was no longer clearly visible, he got up and joined Taichi as he walked out of the door. It was already dark as the two boys walked through the streets towards the cinema. Once there, Taichi bought tickets for the two of them, making Daisuke wonder why, if he still had to buy the tickets, he didn’t just wait a few days until Kōshirō could join him. He didn’t really care, though, so he quickly shrugged it off and followed Taichi into the cinema.


Once they were inside, the two boys bought some drinks and popcorn, before making their way to their seats, which Daisuke found out were all the way in the back. This wasn’t all that strange, had it not been for the fact that the cinema wasn’t actually all that full. He didn’t really care, though. He was far too exited because he was actually watching a film with his beloved senpai. Alone. In the dark. With no-one around.


Why did this make him so exited?


He quickly took a sip of his drink, before adjusting his throbbing erection as subtly as he could. The two boys chatted a bit more until the film finally started and the hall went completely dark. It wasn’t until now that Daisuke finally realised that he had no idea what film this even was. It couldn’t be bad if Taichi wanted to see it, though.


As the film went on, Daisuke found that he could barely pay attention to it. He kept glancing at Taichi, and wondering if this d— film night meant they were now real friends. He also wondered why his erection just wouldn’t go away. It actually seemed to be getting worse, even, now throbbing so badly it almost hurt. It certainly couldn’t be ignored any more.


He couldn’t help but glance at Taichi’s crotch, wondering if he ever had this problem. He noticed that Taichi was wearing rather thin, loose slacks. Odd, as it was already quite chilly outside this time of year, especially after dark. Daisuke wondered what would make Taichi pick such cold trousers, when Taichi suddenly spoke to him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Do you like the film so far?”

Daisuke swallowed hard and coughed, trying to regain his composure, “Ehm… yeah! It’s great!”


Taichi gave the boy a strange smile, making Daisuke wonder what he was thinking. For a while, he kept looking at his senpai as he watched the film, before finally trying to pay some attention to the film as well. After a few minutes he realised it was no use, though. He just couldn’t concentrate enough on it to actually follow it.


Then he suddenly heard Taichi quietly trying to get his attention. He leaned towards the older boy, who quietly started whispering to him.

“You have no idea what the film’s about, do you?” He said quietly, snickering a bit.

Daisuke blushed furiously, although it was probably barely visible in the darkness. “No, sorry… I can’t really concentrate…”

Instead of being angry or upset as Daisuke had feared, Taichi simply smiled and answered, “I figured as much. I think you’ve looked at me more than at the screen.”

Daisuke quickly looked away, embarrassed that Taichi had noticed that. It was no wonder then that he was quite surprised when Taichi leaned closer to him with a mischievous grin and asked, “Wanna do something a lot more exiting that any film?”


Daisuke stared at his senpai for a while, wondering what on Earth he could mean with that suggestion. Still, even without knowing any details, it sounded way too tempting for the young boy. He slowly started smiling in excitement, before quickly nodding.


Taichi put his drink and popcorn on the seat next to him, making Daisuke think they were going to get up to leave. Instead, the older boy remained seated and urged Daisuke to put his drink and popcorn away as well. When both their hands were empty, Taichi suddenly placed his hand on Daisuke’s leg, softly squeezing it.


Daisuke stared at his senpai’s hand for a moment, before quietly asking, “W-what are you doing?”

Taichi grinned again, answering, “Making this date more exiting, of course. I told you, didn’t I?”

Daisuke’s stomach was once again occupied by butterflies as he heard Taichi use the ‘date’ word. His attention was quickly drawn back to Taichi’s hand, though, as the older boy slowly moved it up towards Daisuke’s thigh.


“Taichi-senpai, what are you… Why…?” Daisuke stuttered, barely able to form a coherent though, let alone a sentence.

Taichi simply shushed him, even putting his finger against Daisuke’s lips, “Just relax. No-one will see us here. Trust me, it’s gonna be great.”


Daisuke couldn’t deny he trusted Taichi with his life. He managed to relax a bit, allowing Taichi to go on. He removed his hand from Daisuke’s thigh, only to place it firmly on the boy’s crotch, softly rubbing his erection through the fabric of his trousers.

“Have you been hard ever since that shower you took earlier?” Taichi asked, gently squeezing Daisuke’s hard-on.

Daisuke nodded, blushing furiously as he realised Taichi must have seen him wank off back there.

Taichi simply grinned, though, not really caring about Daisuke’s embarrassment, “Well, it’s time to get you off then. You’ve waited long enough for it.”


Before Daisuke could say anything, Taichi opened the fly of his trousers and put his hand in, now rubbing Daisuke’s underwear. By now, Daisuke was getting quite hot and he was panting softly, both scared and exited by what Taichi was doing


Taichi leaned over a bit more, deftly pulling down Daisuke’s trousers until they were resting on his knees. The boy tried to object, but Taichi would have none of it. He merely put his finger on the boy’s lips again and shushed him, all the while continuing to rub the front of his briefs. After a while, he slowly pulled down the front of Daisuke’s briefs, finally revealing the hard cock it was hiding. Using both hands, Taichi quickly pulled down the briefs, giving him unbridled access to the young boy’s cock and balls. In the meanwhile, Daisuke was feeling very uneasy about sitting there in a cinema with his pants and briefs around his knees, revealing his goods for all to see. He had never felt more exited in his life, though. Taichi had been right; this was far more exiting than any film ever.


The young boy watched intently as his senpai slowly started rubbing and stroking his cock, whilst massaging his balls in the meantime. Having been very horny for most of the afternoon and evening already, it didn’t take long for Daisuke to near his climax. He moaned softly and started bucking his hips as the familiar feeling started building up in his groin. With a muffled cry, he came hard and long, not caring anymore who saw it or where he was shooting his load.


When he came to, he saw Taichi grinning at him, holding up his cum-covered hands. After a quick glance at his still stainless shirt, Daisuke realised this meant that his senpai had caught all of his cum in his hands. For a moment, he wondered why Taichi was holding his hands up instead of wiping them clean, until he heard him whisper, “Lick it up.”


Daisuke was hesitant, having never even tasted his own cum before. Sure he had been curious, but for some reason he had never tried it. Still, Taichi had sounded quite insistent and despite having just had an orgasm, Daisuke was still far too horny to think clearly. Without thinking further, Daisuke grabbed one of Taichi’s wrists and started licking his hand clean. The taste was bitter and salty, but not too much to make it taste really gross. After he had finished cleaning one hand, he had gotten used to the taste and had no problem cleaning the other hand as well. He actually found that cleaning his own cum off his senpai’s hands was exiting him even more.


When he was finally done, Taichi wiped his hands dry on the seating of the chair, before ruffling Daisuke’s hair. He smiled proudly as he whispered, “See? Wasn’t that fun?”

Daisuke nodded excitedly, softly saying, “Hell yeah!”


That’s when the boy noticed the large tent in his senpai’s trousers, making him gasp softly at the size of it. He was now beyond curious to how it looked, and luckily he didn’t have to wait long to see it. Taichi quickly opened his fly and pulled down his trousers, revealing that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Suddenly Daisuke realised that Taichi had planned to do this all along, making him feel even more special and proud.


Daisuke quickly turned his attention to his senpai’s cock, though. It was a lot bigger than his, that much was certain. It was throbbing and glistening with precum, and the balls seemed to be easily twice as big as Daisuke’s. Taichi also had a lot more hair, forming a nice bush above the base of his cock, while Daisuke had little more than a small tuft of down.


While Daisuke was mesmerised by the member in front of him, Taichi was a bit less patient. He gently took Daisuke’s hand and placed it on his waiting cock, signalling to Daisuke what was being expected of him. Carefully, Daisuke wrapped his hand around Taichi’s cock. It seemed even bigger in Daisuke’s relatively small hands. Slowly the boy started moving his hand up and down, wanking his senpai off as his other hand found its way to the older boy’s large balls. He gently massaged them, enjoying their size as he kept on wanking, amazed at how hot his senpai’s cock was.


After a while of this, he felt Taichi’s strong hand on his head, gently urging him to bend down. Daisuke obediently did as he was told, soon finding himself facing his senpai’s crotch. He knew what Taichi wanted of him, but it still took Taichi’s insistent order of “Suck it,” before he actually was able to make himself do so.


The first thing he did was give the tip of Taichi’s cock an exploring lick. He could taste the saltiness of the precum coating it. He quickly licked the shaft, making sure he had tasted every square millimetre of it, before going back to the head. This time, he took the entire head in his mouth, forcing him to stretch his jaws a bit beyond his comfort zone. He didn’t care though, as pleasuring his senpai was far more important. He sucked softly as he let his tongue wander, exploring ever nook and crevice, from the piss slit to under the foreskin. He wallowed in the salty flavour of his senpai for a while, until he heard soft moans coming from the older boy.


Hearing just how much his senpai liked what he was doing gave Daisuke a new impetus to try even harder than before. He decided to ignore the licking for now, instead focussing on getting more of that huge, hard cock into his mouth. He lowered his head slowly, finding it far more difficult than he had imagined. He soon got help from Taichi, though, as he laid his hand on Daisuke’s head and gently pushed him even further down.


By the time half the cock was inside his mouth, Daisuke started feeling his gag reflex working up. When Taichi pushed him down a bit further, Daisuke gagged and pushed himself off the cock, breathing heavily and making enough noise for the both of them to start worrying if anyone had heard them.


When they saw they were safe, Daisuke quickly went back to what he was doing, while Taichi started whispering tips and words of encouragement to him. After gagging a few more time — something Taichi actually seemed to find rather exiting, had it not been for the noise it brought along —Daisuke finally managed to get more than three-fourth of Taichi’s cock into his mouth. He could clearly feel the cock starting to enter his throat and it took all his concentration to not choke or gag.


Still, Taichi wasn’t quite satisfied yet, which meant Daisuke wasn’t satisfied either. He wanted to give his senpai the best blowjob ever, which meant he had to get the entire cock inside his mouth, no matter how difficult it was. After gagging one more time, Daisuke got off of his senpai’s cock again and sat up, feeling his drool trickle down his chin and neck.

“Taichi-senpai? Could you help me get it all into my mouth?” Daisuke asked, more seriously than he had ever asked anything before.

Taichi couldn’t help but agree, although the fact that he was already planning on ‘helping’ Daisuke might have had something to do with it.


Daisuke went back to working Taichi’s big member into his mouth, quickly working his way down the three-quarter point. He took a deep breath through his nose, preparing himself to go down even further. He was surprised when he suddenly felt Taichi’s strong hands push him down all the way, though. Daisuke almost panicked as he started gagging and choking on his senpai’s cock, but somehow managed to get himself under control again. Taichi finally let go of his head again, allowing him to pull off a bit. However, before he could pull off all the way, Taichi pushed him down again, plunging his cock deep into Daisuke’s throat. Once again, Daisuke started gagging and choking, but this time he managed to relax himself before he started to panic. Taichi let go again, allowing Daisuke to pull off a bit and regain his breath, before he was once again pushed down all the way.


After a few more tries, Daisuke had finally gotten the hang of deepthroating his senpai’s cock, although he still felt as if he was gagging and choking whenever it went in all the way. It was pretty clear that Taichi only found this more exiting, as the older boy now simply held on to Daisuke’s head and started thrusting his cock in and out, shagging the boy’s mouth.


Daisuke was unable to do much more than suck and use his tongue to try and give his senpai the maximum amount of pleasure and stimulation he could give. His efforts were clearly working out, though, as Taichi soon started panting and moaning softly, his movements become more erratic and desperate. Suddenly, Taichi pushed in deeper than ever before, making Daisuke gag and choke again. He could feel Taichi’s hot cum shoot against the back of his throat, making him feel proud and happy despite his current predicament. Taichi didn’t stay that deep inside Daisuke’s throat for long, though. He quickly pulled a bit back, now shooting his cum all over the boy’s tongue, allowing him to actually taste it.


Daisuke was amazed at how hot the cum was and how much Taichi was shooting into his mouth. It seemed to be at least a dozen times more than what he usually managed to shoot out, and even started to seep out of the corners of his mouth, trickling down his chin. It tasted pretty much the same as his own, although it had a distinctively sweet flavour to it. Daisuke decided it tasted far better, simply because it was his senpai’s.


After what seemed like an eternity, Taichi finally stopped filling up Daisuke’s mouth, allowing the boy to swallow the massive amount of cum he had in his mouth, before licking his senpai’s cocks clean and scooping the last drops from his chin, licking them off his fingers.


Taichi gave the young boy a pride and satisfied smile, before pulling him into a passionate kiss. Daisuke had never kissed before and was overwhelmed by the feeling of Taichi’s strong, yet soft tongue in his mouth. He closed his eyes and tried to kiss back as well as he could, feeling rather overpowered by the older boy. Once they finally broke the kiss, the two boys just smiled at each other for a while. Daisuke was the first to break the silence, softly saying, “That was amazing Taichi-senpai! Amazing, amazing, amazing!”

Taichi ruffled the boy’s hair, whispering, “I knew you’d like it, and by the looks of it, you’re ready for even more.”

Taichi gave Daisuke’s throbbing hard-on a soft squeeze, causing the boy to yelp a bit and blush furiously. Taichi had to do his best to muffle his laughter, having to wait a moment to calm down before he could say, “The film is long from over, you know. There’s plenty more we could do. Would you like to?”

Daisuke nodded excitedly, before suddenly turning serious and asking, “Like what?”

Taichi grinned mischievously, before pulling Daisuke towards him and roughly grabbing the boy’s ass and squeezing it, adding, “Like this, of course.”


Daisuke gasped as he felt Taichi’s hand on his ass. He gasped again when he realised what exactly it was Taichi meant to say with it. For a moment, he doubted whether he wanted to go any further, afraid it might hurt and what it would say about him. The he saw his senpai’s horny grin and couldn’t help but flash one himself. He could lie to himself all he wanted, but he knew he wanted to do anything with his senpai. The pain could never be so much it would outweigh being this close to Taichi. The fact that he would be doing this in a cinema that, although relatively empty, was still filled with enough people that could see them, didn’t even cross his mind. Daisuke looked Taichi straight in the eyes with a determined look and gave a brisk nod, softly adding, “Let’s do it.”


Taichi’s grin grew wider as he quickly let his trousers drop to his ankles, before pulling Daisuke on his lap, causing his trousers and briefs to do the same. For a moment, Taichi held the boy like this, rubbing his still-moist and very much erect cock between the cheeks of his ass. Daisuke shivered as he felt the large member rub against him, surprised at how enormous it suddenly felt. Still, he was determined to go all the way, as evident by his bouncing, throbbing cock. He answered Taichi’s rubbing by moving his hips, causing his ass to rub against the cock. Taichi in return put his index and middle fingers into Daisuke’s mouth, gently moving them around as if fingering it. Daisuke couldn’t help but moan as he was again reminded of the blowjob he had just given Taichi.


After a while of this, Taichi gently pushed Daisuke forward, making him lean against the back of the chair in front of him. This gave Taichi perfect access to the boy’s waiting asshole. He took the fingers out of Daisuke’s mouth again and firmly pressed them against the boy’s asshole, slowly pushing them in. For a moment, a sharp pain surged through Daisuke’s body, but he bit his lip and tried to relax. It didn’t take long for the pain to subside, allowing the boy to focus on the sensation of his senpai’s fingers moving around in his ass.


Taichi made sure he loosened up the boy’s tight asshole. He had brought some lube with him, just in case, and even a condom, but he was too lazy to grab it and he thought doing it like this was far hotter. He was certain Daisuke would agree, judging by the boy’s muffled moans. Still, it would mean he had to prepare him as much as he could, not that he minded that or anything. He played around with Daisuke’s asshole for a bit, teasing and exploring it. He even managed to locate the boy’s prostate, causing the boy to give a surprised yelp that was obviously loud enough to be heard by the other people in the hall, as some of them started shushed them to be quiet.


After fingering Daisuke for a while, Daisuke pulled out his fingers and took hold of his cock, finding it still moist from before and glistening with fresh precum. He carefully positioned it, before placing his hand on Daisuke’s hip and slowly lowering the boy on his cock. In the dim light of the cinema screen, Taichi could just barely see Daisuke’s pained expression, but as long as the boy wasn’t saying anything, he wasn’t stopping.


He was moving as slowly as he could, drawing on every ounce of self-control he had. He didn’t want to actually hurt Daisuke or damage him, nor did he want Daisuke to scream, which would definitely lead to them being discovered. Doing it in public like this was hot and all, but being discovered would just be troublesome.


After a few minutes, Taichi had finally worked his entire cock into Daisuke’s ass, allowing the boy to once again sit on his senpai’s lap. Daisuke could feel the tickling of Taichi’s pubes against his ass, but that was nothing compared to the sensation of being completely filled with his cock. Daisuke felt as if he was going to burst or split in two, but he also felt closer to his senpai than he had ever dreamt possible. For a moment, the two boys sat motionless, both adjusting to their situations.


Taichi could no longer contain himself. He moved his hips backwards, pulling out a bit, before roughly thrusting in again. Daisuke yelped in surprised, but managed to muffle his sounds in time. Taichi couldn’t care less any more, though. He placed both hands on Daisuke’s hips and started moving them up and down, moving his own his in unison. Daisuke could do little more than muffle his cries as his senpai shagged his ass with the sexual energy only a teenage boy could possess.


For a while, Taichi just shagged and shagged, trying out different speeds and depths, teasing Daisuke by pulling out almost all the way, before thrusting in as deep as he could again. A few times, he pulled out completely, admiring the gaping hole his cock left behind. At one point, he actually made Daisuke do the work for him, Sitting back and relaxing as he saw and felt the boy move up and down and work his hips, doing his very best to make his senpai feel as good as possible.


He shagged the young boy for almost fifteen minutes, doing his utmost best to drag the experience out as long as he could. Eventually, though, he could feel his orgasm building up, signalling both the best part and the end of the fun. He gave Daisuke a quick kiss in the neck, before grabbing the boy’s rock-hard cock and wanking it with abandon. In the meantime, he sped up his own shagging to the max, ramming the boy’s ass like it was the end of the world.


Daisuke was the first to cum, unable to take the intensity of the moment any longer. He let out a cry as he shot his the biggest load of his life into Taichi’s waiting hands. Feeling Daisuke’s ass contract with orgasmic spasms pushed Taichi over the edge as well, and he shot his load deep into Daisuke’s ass, filling him to the brim with hot cum.


The boys collapsed back onto the chair, panting heavily while still wallowing in the afterglow of their intense orgasms. Once he regained his ability to move again, Taichi brought his cum-covered hands to Daisuke’s lips, who instinctively started licking them clean. They sat there for a while, trying to catch their breath and regain their energy, until Taichi’s cock had finally become soft enough to plop out of Daisuke’s ass, causing the boy to leak a bit of cum.


Once he had caught his breath again, Taichi kissed Daisuke passionately, this time being kissed back with a lot more confidence. Then he gently pushed the boy off his lap and onto his knees. He took the boys head in his hands and gently moved it towards his crotch, making it clear to Daisuke what he was supposed to do. He carefully licked Taichi’s cock clean, amazed that it had been in his ass barely a minute ago. Once it was clean, Taichi pulled up his trousers, making Daisuke follow his example.


They sat back in their chairs, finishing their drinks and popcorn and waiting for the film to finally end. Daisuke had almost fallen asleep by that time, completely exhausted by the events of that evening. When the credits started rolling, Taichi shook Daisuke to make sure he was awake, and both boys quickly made their way out of the cinema. Once they were a safe distance away, they both started laughing and giggling like crazy, amazed that they had managed to do all that without being caught.


After they had regained their composure, they slowly started walking down the street, Taichi putting his arm around Daisuke’s shoulders and pulling the boy close. Once they had reached the building where Daisuke lived, Taichi pulled him into a dark corner and kissed him one more time, roughly massaging the boy’s ass, making sure he could clearly feel the wet spot caused by Taichi’s cum in his briefs. When they broke the kiss, the two boys said goodbye, before Daisuke finally walked away towards the entrance.


Just as he was about to enter, however, he heard Taichi call out his name and turned around. Taichi had already started walking away, but had turned around one last time to wave and say one last thing, “Again tomorrow?”

Daisuke waved back energetically, calling out, “Yeah!”

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