Don't Make Me Beg For It.

BY : Bloodysyren
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    As I opened my eyes sleepily, I could feel fingers trailing smoothly down across my shoulders, brushing feather-light across the nape of my neck.  I closed my eyes, relaxing again, not wanting to get up just yet.  I heard a light chuckle from above me as a comfortable weight rested itself along my hips, pushing me into the mattress, my soft cock caught between my thighs.  I could feel it being pressed a little uncomfortably beneath me and I shifted a little, averting a potential crisis.

    The person above me shifted his weight.  I could feel his erect cock poking me in the middle of the back and I smiled.  He kept sliding his hands along my back, pulling the sheets down a little further to expose more of my skin.  His fingertips tickled my ribs as I felt those smooth hands glide along my sides.  I snuggled deeper into the pillow and shifted my arms above my head, sighing contentedly.

     I soon felt moist lips sliding along the back of my neck, making me shiver in excitement.  That sinful mouth found my left ear and nibbled teasingly, making me sigh again, turning my head to the left, exposing more of my throat to that waiting tongue, lapping at my pulse point.  I became aware of those strong hands stripping off the sheet completely and gently cupping my ass playfully, squeezing, as if only to get a rise out of me.  I yelped in surprise and heard a soft, low chuckle.  He always takes me by surprise whenever he does something like this.  Though I shouldn't be surprised, considering the type of person he is; almost an insatiable lust, a strong, sexual personality.  I swear, he could work it into any aspect of our lives together, and knowing him, and knowing my impeccable memory, he probably has.

     I shuddered a little and blushed, feeling my cheeks sting with heat.  He shifted off of me and I yelped when I felt his hand come down across my tender flesh, a sharp crack across my ass with the flat of his hand.  I tried to turn over to reprimand him, but I immediately felt his mouth against my stinging skin, kissing my backside gently, kissing the pain away.  Then, for some reason, and I should have obviously realized this, he did it again, across the other cheek, but instantly kissing the bruised flesh.

    I whimpered a little, but out of fear or desire, I didn't know.  The ridiculous torture continued until I was half dizzy from the light stinging and gentle caresses of his mouth.  Suddenly, I felt his fingers prying my muscles apart, and I let out a gasp of uncertainty as I felt his tongue slide across my entrance.  I flinched, once again trying to get away from the strange sensation, but I put up with it for a little while longer, knowing that everything he did was for my sake and most, if not all of his ideas ended up becoming pleasurable in the end.

    As that warm tongue lapped at my entrance, I shuddered hard and moaned in spite of myself, feeling that coil of heat building in my stomach.  He stroked a hand won my sweaty back and slid his fingers inside of me, nudging the strong muscles apart. Soon I was writhing beneath his searching fingers, begging him to take me. I needed it so badly.

    “Gojyo, please…” I heard myself beg.

    “What is it, baby?”

    “I need you…inside me…” I choked out the last words feeling incredibly embarrassed, but knowing that if I said nothing this agonizing torture would never cease and I would be left to suffer in my agony of desire.  He bent and kissed the nape of my neck tenderly.

    “How do you want it?”

    “Hard, please, take me. I need it….” I was beyond caring how it happened, I just wanted to feel my release. I wanted to feel his hard cock pound into me, those strong hips pushing against my ass, making me moan his name.  He removed his fingers and I pushed my hips up wantonly, begging him to put it in.

    He slid his cock between my cheeks, teasing me. I pushed back again, trying to get the right angle. He pushed hard against me, sliding in just the barest amount, making me shudder.

    “Please…” I asked again, “Do it to me….” I braced myself for that first agonizing thrust that always brought tears to my eyes, but there was nothing. Nothing but the slow deliberate push of his hips into mine, slowly spreading me, preparing me.  Usually when I asked for it hard he drove it into me, making me claw the sheets with the mix of pain and pleasure battling in my gut. But this time he pushed in slow, allowing me to get used to it. He slowly increased the pace, snapping his hips into mine, my breath coming hot and damp against the sheets, my head crushed into the mattress where I was in the throes of desire.

    “Ah….Oh baby, you’re so tight….” He moaned into my back, arms wrapping around my stomach, a hand curling it’s tight digits around my dripping cock. I cursed loudly, biting back a moan of pleasure.  I could feel him pulsing inside of me, his breath tickling the hairs on the back of my neck.  I pushed my hips back, wanting him deeper.

    “Oh, Gojyo! More….More…..Deeper….” He sped up, the hand clutching me between the legs squeezed painfully but I didn’t care. I was rushing towards the cliff’s edge.  He stroked in long hard sweeps, circling his thumb over the slick head at every upward motion. I was going out of my mind.  He bit at my shoulder, feeling his own orgasm fast approaching. We rocked together.  I couldn’t stop the shudder of pleasure that ripped through me as he pinched one of my nipples.

    I let out a cry and arched my back, feeling myself still clutched in his tight fist, spilling over his hand onto the sheets.  All of my muscles clenched and he gasped out my name as he came, collapsing on top of me.  I rested back onto the bed, my stomach making contact with the frigid liquid of my exertions. I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was rest, to bask in the afterglow of passion.  He kissed the back of my neck and rolled off of me with a heavy sigh.

    “That was great..”

    “It sure was, but because you were so mean to me, you get to do the laundry tonight….”

    “Awww, damn it Hakkai.” I smiled at him.

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