Fragmented Wishes

BY : Alexis Tenko
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Disclaimer: Well, you should all know that I do not own Sailor Moon, or the concept of the characters, but I do own my character Alexis Tenko / Sailor Rogue Star. With all of that I do not claim any monetary gains either.


Chapter 1: Lost Hope


Author’s Notes: This story is written as an AU (Alternate Universe)/ AD (Alternate Dimension) fanfic with a character that I created. I apologize in advance if it seems that Seiya and Haruka are not totally in character, but this *IS* an Alternate Universe / Alternate Dimension type fic…  It seems that I like the Haruka/Seiya pairing so much so that I used them as the parents for my character. This story is the introduction of my character that I created. As always, remember to R&R. I hope you enjoy ^_^



A young blonde sat in her room, a heavy sigh escaped her as she looked up through her large bedroom window to the rich blue sky. It was the eve of her 14th birthday and she wasn’t happy about the letter she had received from her idol father. The letter stated that he had been booked for another concert to commemorate his return to the spotlight. The young blonde had known that her father wouldn’t be coming, but she had had a small amount of hope. The only good thing that the letter had said was that her uncles would be coming to see her.


There was a soft knock on the door before it was opened. The young blonde didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. When she did turn she found that her aqua haired mother was already standing by her bed.


“Alex…” Michiru said softly, “is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”


A low growl escaped the young woman on the bed before she shook her head, “Not unless you can bring my father here…” she bit her tongue to keep her anger from finishing the sentence with an unpleasant statement.


Michiru sat next to her daughter and quickly brought her into a warm hug, “Don’t worry so much. Your father loves you.”


“If he did, why is he not here right now telling me that himself?” the blonde asked as she started to sob into her mother’s shoulder.


“He would if he could, I promise.” The older woman said softly.


“Alex, it’s time to start getting ready.” A taller blonde woman stated from the door.


“H-hai…” the blonde stated after she composed herself and stood.


After the older blonde saw the hurt look on the young girl’s face she looked to her partner and received a small nod from the aqua haired woman in return. She sighed softly and looked to the floor with her fists clenched in frustration. She had begged that Seiya come to visit her at least once, but he kept making excuses as to why he couldn’t see his own daughter. The tall blonde sighed and looked back to where her daughter and her partner still stood. She let a small smile play on her face as she knew she had been blessed with a beautiful daughter and a wonderful family of friends to help raise her. Her partner was a wonderful mother as well and she loved the aqua haired woman for taking the child as her own without question.


“Alex, if you don’t want to start getting ready yet, you do not have to.” Haruka stated to the girl.


Alex shook her head and looked towards the blonde still in her bedroom door, “No… I want to. I had asked Mako-mama to let me bake with her when she made my cake.”


Haruka chuckled, “Then we shouldn’t keep her waiting. She is a very busy woman being the head chef of the palace.”


Alex gave a small nod, “Right.”


The three walked through the large hallways of the palace of Crystal Tokyo, the two women trying to make their daughter feel better. When the young blonde smelled the kitchen she felt her spirits lift instantly. Makoto always knew what to say to make her feel better and today was no different as the young girl walked into the large kitchen.


“Mako-mama, I’m here!” the girl called, hoping the tall brunette would hear her.


“Ah, Alex.” Makoto smiled at the girl when she walked into view, “I have been expecting you. What do you want to work on first?”


“My cake!” the girl laughed, her earlier sadness forgotten momentarily.


“Alright then, let’s get started.” The brunette chuckled, “We will need the cake pans and you know where the cooking oil would be.”


“Hai!” the girl’s voice was lost in the kitchen behind the various cooking instruments.


Makoto turned to her good friends who still stood just inside the door, “She has been looking forward to this.”


“Yes she has.” Michiru laughed softly.


“Mako-chan,” Haruka stated quietly, “Watch her please…? She recently got a letter from Seiya telling her that he won’t be able to make her party again this year.”


A low sigh escaped the younger brunette, “He is lucky I don’t know where he is. I would give him a piece of my mind right now.”


“No need to go that far, Mako-chan,” the aqua haired woman stated, a small smile formed on her face to let the tall brunette know she had thought the same at one point, “It would be nice to have him visit her for once, but we can’t force him to. Yaten-san and Taiki-san should be coming to visit her. Alex has always enjoyed the company of her uncles.”


“Then I hope they arrive soon. She would at least be able to talk to them.” The brunette stated before starting to turn, “Anyway, my little apprentice and I have a cake to bake. I will send her to Ami-chan for her studies after we are done.”


Both of the outer senshi nodded and said goodbye before leaving the kitchen.

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