Hold Your Head Up High

BY : DemonLascivious
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Akira raced through the streets of Toshima, gasping for breath and staring through the harsh downpour saturating him to the bone with cold dampness. He paused only long enough to glance around him in the three-way split of the roads, dilapidated buildings staring at him with empty eyes all around. There wasn't time enough to think over which way he was facing and which way he needed to be heading, there was only a split second to keep his feet moving. In the end he'd ended up at a dead end and, though thankful for the breather, his heart began beating in overtime. The soft splash of footsteps in rain puddles sounded from behind him and though the constant slosh of rain should have been louder, the fear inside him had focused solely on that single reoccurring sound.


The light haired man turned to face his pursuer, refusing to give the other the satisfaction of seeing him flee any longer, and drew his weapon. As the footsteps came closer the figure that stepped into view was almost twice as tall as he was and three times his muscle mass. But despite that, Akira wasn't daunted. In fact he was eager to begin the fight. He'd been wanting a chance to blow off some of the anger he held within himself.


As the man came forward Akira lunged for him, landing several hard punches to the beasts stomach and leaping upwards to kick the mans face and use it as leverage to push himself away. The only good that did was stall him for a few seconds before he kept coming. His eyes went wide when the brute simply grinned and cornered him between the chained door of the run down building behind him and his own massive size. Great, he'd cornered himself and nothing he did to this man fazed him. He tried to dodge as the mans large callused hand shot out at him, intending to close around his throat but the brute managed to catch the hood of his jacket and throw him back against the building. Seconds after that same hand closed around his throat and nearly crushed his windpipe. Choking and gasping for breath, Akira clawed at the mans wrist and succeeded in breaking open his vein bulging from beneath the skin. Not even that fazed him.


The Bl@aster former champion felt true fear creeping into his body, almost rivaling that of the fear he'd felt when losing Keisuke. Still he wouldn't give up, he had to get free and kill Shiki to avenge his best friend. He kicked and kicked at the beasts stomach, managing to shove him backwards a centimeter. As his oxygen began to dwindle he tried harder, furiously pummeling the man in the face and kicking him anywhere within reach. It all seemed useless, not even drawing blood from the others nose or lips and certainly not making him flinch whenever the heel of his shoe met with his groin. This was the end. Akira's last thought as he faded into the darkness was that he'd failed Keisuke. That single thought drew tears to his eyes and in one last effort he lifted a shaking hand and slapped the big brute lightly. Only that seemed to have done the trick and the grip slackened completely, dropping him to the ground as he fought to breath.



Akira's attention skyrocketed as he heard the familiar term slither through the dead end alley in a voice that would always haunt him. Slowly he fought to stand, pressing his weakened arms against the ground only to have his entire body shake and collapse back down into the muddy ground. His first full breath was a lung full of water and every cough made his body scream in protest. Then the footsteps sounded again. He struggled even harder only to have his efforts rewarded with a hand tangled in his hair and once again he was thrown into the chained door. Opening his eyes he found himself staring into those ruby eyes that had given him so many nightmares since coming to Toshima.



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