Chain of Command

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Story: The Chain of Command

Chapter 1

“Stars, hide your fires;

Let not light see my black and deep desires.”

William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Yahiko looked back at the man assaulting his young body with reckless abandon. Senses too young to have learnt what to like, were forced to respond to the rough caresses of this boy-man with the character of Evil on his back.

“S-sano,” Yahiko groaned, shinai-calloused hands fisting the dirt on the ground, pride and stubbornness no longer available in the face of such pleasure and pain and belonging.

“Shut up,” Sanosuke grunted, head thrown back as he pounded into the young ass in front of him.

Yahiko shut up. If ever there was a time he listened to the orders of another human being, while being pounded into the ground under the taller, stronger man was it.

“H-Harder,” he managed to gasp out, mind teetering on the edge of pleasure and pain and oblivion.

Sanosuke laughed breathlessly, beads of sweat sliding down his forehead and chest and onto the slick, naked body beneath him. The bandages around his waist scraped the tender skin of the prone boy’s body roughly, leaving angry red burns but he did not care. White jacket fell around them both carelessly as Sanosuke indulged in this careless pleasure that Yahiko was too young to know to deny him.

Chocolate brown eyes opened and fixed intently on the tortured, flushed face of the still-innocent boy beneath him. Sanosuke’s cock swelled as Yahiko shuddered under the onslaught, arms and knees threatening to give out under the weight and force of the older man on top of him.

The boy grunted as he was filled even more deeply with the older boy’s cock, body handled carelessly with the sole purpose of giving the assailant pleasure.  Sometimes, the raw strength that came from handling a zanbatou could be a disadvantage…at least it was to Yahiko.

He winced as a particularly impatient movement twisted his hip, straining the muscles there uncomfortably, for once putting up a fight against the manhandler.

“S-stop, Sano,” he gasped and Sanosuke’s eyes grew wilder. The 19 year old, young and vigorous and energetic, craved excitement that only sex and fights could bring. There were no fights for him to get into at the moment. Yahiko’s body would have to do to provide him with the required entertainment.

The Shinai fallen next to the samurai-in-training was picked up and Sano withdrew his cock from the confines of the fine, tight ass in front of him. The large appendage throbbed, angry at being deprived of it’s warm haven. Clear, sticky liquid leaked from the swollen head and dripped onto Yahiko’s back.

Yahiko screamed as the cock was replaced by the shinai, thrust in without least regard for his body or for his pleasure.

“A sheath, that’s all you are,” Sanosuke murmured, eyes glazed and glittering sadistically, thrusting the piece of wood further into the boy, dangerously rough.

Yahiko tried to get up, tried to turn around to fight the onslaught but the breath was knocked out of his lungs as Sanosuke’s full weight landed on his back as the older man sat down, using his body as a seat while he continued to thrust the weapon in and out of the tight young ass in front of him.

Chest and face ground into the dirt as Sanosuke wriggled his ass to settle himself more comfortably on top of his prey.

The bamboo shinai weighed nothing in the hands of Zanza, used to the inhumanly heavy Zanbatou. A grin lit up his face as he watched the rough shinai disappear in the puckered asshole over and over again, the boy beneath him bucking every time he drove it in.

Then the rough bindings, the swollen ridges on the shinai scratched his prostate sharply, harshly and Yahiko almost sobbed with pleasure and pain. Sanosuke glanced over his shoulder at the young face, twisted in pleasure and pain, soaked with tears and his grin widened. The shinai was twisted inside its sheath, cruelly grinding the boy’s vulnerable prostate. Yahiko bucked and twisted like a wild horse, making Sanosuke buck on his back, the older man’s still aroused penis bobbing with the movement.

 Sanosuke laughed.

The shinai was wrenched out of him, bloody and wet. The bamboo made a satisfying sound as it smacked against Yahiko’s bared ass. Yahiko bucked under him and Sanosuke grinned, enjoying the child struggling under his weight.

“Do you want to come?” Sanosuke asked, voice rough and harsh from lust and sadistic pleasure.

Yahiko closed his eyes, humiliated at what would come next.

“Yes,” he answered. “Yes, please….make me cum.”

Sanosuke grinned, reaching in his pants lying on the ground next to them and removed his old, unwashed dirty underwear.

“This one’s three days old,” he told yahiko, holding out the garment in front of his face. “I came in it yesterday, when Saitou beat me around a little. It might be a little sweaty, though. Been hot, these past couple days.”

Yahiko stared up at his prize, face burning red but too turned on to care. Sanosuke watched him for a moment longer then thrust the garment over his nose and mouth, grinding it over his face.

Yahiko choked, barely able to breathe with the pressure on his throat and nose and the suffocating stench of sweaty, cum soaked underwear.

It took Sanosuke cumming hard over his naked body for Yahiko to spurt his cum on the ground where his penis was being steadily ground. His body was used to it, after all. Cumming before the dominant male never boded well for him. If Sanosuke decided additional punishment was due for that, training would be hell the next day.

“There you both are,” Kaoru walked in, smiling at the spectacle before her. “Thanks for taking care of his punishment for me, Sano.”

She frowned down at Yahiko. “50 rounds of the dojo for leaving your shinai lying in the dirt like that. Go clean it up and show it proper respect.”

She glanced at the still panting former gangster. “There’s food inside, Sano.’

Those were the magic words and Sanosuke heaved himself to his feet, the momentary pressure on his back, as Sanosuke heaved to his feet, making Yahiko grunt. Sanosuke waved to Kaoru over his shoulder and headed into the dojo but not before taking care to step on Yahiko’s limp penis lying on the ground and grinding the heel of his boot into his dimpled back.

“Oh Sano?” Kaoru called and Sanosuke paused in his stride. “There’s someone who’s going to stop by to see you later.”

Sanosuke turned and gave her a questioning glance.

Kaoru smiled pleasantly. “I ran into Saitou at the market.”

The statement enticed a bark of laughter out of the prone boy lying on the ground.

A/N: I have not decided whether or not I’m going to continue this fic.

What do you think?  Should Saitou come in and teach Sanosuke a thing or two about dominance?

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