Rise of Puppetmon

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Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or it's characters all credit goes to its creator. I don't make any money off this or any fanfic

I do not own Digimon or it's characters all credit goes to its creator. I don't make any money off this or any fanfic


Rise of Puppetmon

Dollmon, Marionettemon, and DarkPuppetmon gather their power and bring Puppetmon back to life. Now he’s back as MetalPuppetmon. He wants revenge on the digidestined who killed the dark masters. Force NonCon Yaoi Group

Chap 1 Rise of MetalPuppetmon

2 dark digimon walked together the most feminine one holding a digi-egg. She had dark red hair and was wearing a kimono. The other was a tall lengthy digimon, his teeth were sharp his eyes holding a creepy evil gaze. It looked somewhat human wearing dark clothing and black gloves. These two were Dollmon and DarkPuppetmon. 2 evil digimon with a evil plan they were gonna bring back Puppetmon!

They were deep in the digital forest. A small pocket of space opened up and a marionette fell from it. He wore a hat and had brown hair and a long Pinocchio like nose. His clothes were simple and a bit tattered. This was Marionettemon.

“So you found Lord Puppetmon’s digi-egg?” Marionettemon asked looking at the two. Dollmon held up an egg. “This is it…” She spoke in a high pitched voice.

“It was difficult to locate are you sure this will work Marionettemon, we went through a lot of trouble getting it…” DarkPuppetmon spoke his voice full of anger.

“Yes normally a digimon is purified when the go back to being a digi-egg however the dark masters were no normal evil digimon. Using some remaining data of Puppetmon we can not only bring him back but better than ever.” With a wave of his hand another portal opened up and a cauldron dropped to the ground.

Dollman walked up to it and placed the egg in the cauldron. “So now we gather the data…” He pulled a small jar out of his jacket and opened it up. Data particles came flying out of it and infused to the egg. The egg began to radiate with an evil aura and the cauldron began to fill with a black liquid it look like water from the dark ocean.

The three began to chant and the air grew colder and colder. A dark light shot out of the cauldron as the egg began to crack. The egg broke apart and the fragments floated up into the sky. A gloved hand rose out of the cauldron. It was attached to a metal arm. The new and approved digimon rose from the cauldron. His body was similar except he was now made of metal.

“What is this how did I…” Puppetmon began to speak as memories of his death came back to him. “I see I am no longer Puppetmon I am now MetalPuppetmon!!” He started laughing like mad.

“Welcome back Lord MetalPuppetmon. I am DarkPuppetmon, my puppet cannon and dark string attacks are at your command…”

“I am Dollmon, my doll claw and doll scream will destroy your enemies…” Dollmon spoke giving a bow.

“Welcome back sir, I am Marionettemon my dimension strings and puppet barrage will assist you…” Marionettemon said giving a light nod. MetalPuppetmon stared at them and grinned.

“The other dark masters?”

“Dead sir…” They said in unison.

“I see and the other digidestined.” He asked a twitch of anger could be seen.

Marionettemon opened up another dimension portal and it showed all the older digidestined as well as the new digidestined. When the view landed on TK it made the former dark master furious. “TK you seem to have made more friends, I will make you pay, I will make you all pay!!”

The metal digimon stomped off and Marionettemon was pulled up into his portal. “What is your plan my lord…?”

“TK will suffer last he will see all his friend pay for his crimes, as well as their own.” He said destroying anything that got in his path. “The first one to suffer shall be the digidestined that killed me…”

Marionettemon appeared and showed a portal of Matt in the human world. “Yes him, now let’s see how should I get my revenge…”

In the human world

Matt unaware of being watched was sitting on his bed staring at his cell phone. “Ok just do it, it’s one phone call just one let’s just do it…” He dialed a number and waited for the person to pick up.

“Hello…?” Tai’s voice came from the other line. “Oh Tai, am I disturbing you…?”

“Oh hey Matt no was just doing a bit of nothing really…what’s up?” Tai couldn’t see it but Matt had a faint blush on his cheeks. “Um well you see I have something very important to tell you…”

“Ok go ahead…” Tai said wondering why Matt was acting so nervous. “No it has to be in person so can you come over today?” Matt said and picked up a picture frame Tai made for him it had a picture of the two of them in it. Tai had his arm around him doing the v for victory. The frame had the crest of friendship design in the frame. Matt looked at the frame and the picture of them together as he waited for Tai to respond.

“Sure Matt I’ll be over in a little bit…” Tai said and Matt’s heartbeat quickened. “Ok I’ll see you soon…” They hung up at the same time. Matt fell back on his bed holding the picture frame close to his heart. “Ok don’t chicken out this time confess or lose him forever…”

Back in the digital world

“That’s it that’s how I hurt him take away the thing he loves most…” He turned to Marionettemon. “Can you go and fetch the digidestined with brown hair?”

Marionettemon nodded and re entered his portal. “I will pull him into this world and bring him to you my lord…”

“Good now to fetch another pawn…” MetalPuppetmon said and started walking leaving the digital forest.

“What pawn my lord?” DarkPuppetmon asked.

“The digimon most loyal to those brats, it will be satisfying to force him to harm the ones he so wished to protect…”

“You are an evil genius my lord…” Dollmon cheered.

“Yes my revenge begins!!” MetalPuppetmon yelled.

To be continued…


Chap 2 Lions and Courage


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