One Drunken Night

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One Drunken Night


Sanzo took a deep drag on his cigarette and watched the stars, attempting to get some form of peace and quiet. Traveling with Hazel was even more annoying than he thought it would be. The man was intent on talking non-stop, and his offhanded flirtations were beyond sickening. Sanzo's lip's sneered slightly when he heard the reason for his bad mood talking to the innkeeper inside, his western drawl sounding more like nails on a chalkboard than smooth and gentlemanly as Hazel seemed to think it was.

"Dammit," Sanzo muttered as he looked at his pack of smokes and saw one lone cigarette remained. It was doubtful the inn carried any and to make things worse, this inn was in the middle of nowhere; at least five miles from the nearest town. He wanted to push on, but of course Hazel insisted they stop for the night. If it wasn't for the answers Sanzo needed, he would have parted ways with the pest and his bodyguard long ago.

Gat himself remained silent most of the time, which suited Sanzo just fine. One blabber mouth was enough during this torturous trip. Sanzo glanced through the inn window and saw the mountain of a man standing guard right behind his master, who was signing the register with a 'too pleased' smile on his face. Sanzo's frown only deepened and his attempt for peace vanished along with the rest of his cigarette. He tossed the butt and ground the smoldering ashes out under his boot as Hazel and Gat came out through the door.

"Ah, Mister Sanzo, there you are."

"Not like I was going anywhere," he answered stiffly. "You are giving me the run around every time I ask who told you about the Seiten Taisei."

"That again. Really, that topic is getting a bit borin, don't ya think?" Hazel smiled.

Sanzo was tempted to bust those pearly white teeth down his throat, but fought down the urge and pushed past he and Gat to head inside the inn. Sanzo picked a empty table and sat, pointedly ignoring Hazel as he took the chair across from him and lowered gracefully onto it. Gat took his usual spot, standing silent and foreboding behind his chair like a protective wall of muscle. There were only a few other patrons scattered around the room talking in low voices. Sanzo didn't sense any danger, or youkai for that matter. He was currently more worried about being out of cigarettes as he gave in and pulled his remaining one from his pack to light up.

Sanzo glared at Hazel through the lighters flame when he noticed he had taken to staring at him with a smile curling his lips. It was creepy the way he did that, and it wasn't the first time Sanzo had caught him in the act. The young holy man had a disgusting infatuation with him it seemed, and it was making Sanzo increasingly uncomfortable. No, not so much uncomfortable as pissed off about it. As far as perverts went, Hazel could give Gojyo a run for his money. Sanzo snorted with annoyance and ordered beer when the waitress finally came over to their table.

"Mister Sanzo, you should really eat something too," Hazel said after the woman left with their orders.

"What are you, my mother?" Sanzo sat back and took a soft drag, trying to make the cigarette last.

"Well, it's just we did travel a long way today."

"I'm fine. I eat when I'm hungry." He waved off another word from Hazel when the waitress stepped back over and sat the mug down. "You sell cigarettes?"

"I'm sorry, Sir, but no," she said.

"Figures." He was starting to wish he hadn't lit this one, but he took another puff and savored the taste anyway.

"You been smokin a awful lot today," Hazel said.

"It's your fault."

"How's that, Mister Sanzo?"

"You get on my fucking nerves."

"Now that was mighty hateful," Hazel said, finally losing a bit of that damn smile.

"Tell me what I need to know and we can cut each other loose, Hazel. It's that simple. I'm not with you because I want to be, understand?"

"I just don't understand why it's so darn important to you," Hazel sighed and sipped his drink.

Sanzo wanted to throttle the little bastard for stringing him along like this. Instead he went silent and drank his beer and ordered something stronger to replace it. Getting drunk suddenly seemed like a good idea over listening to the little bastard. Blissful silence followed as Hazel ate his dinner and Sanzo downed his alcohol. It didn't take long before he felt the warm buzz take over, and with Hazel gone quiet it could have passed for Heaven. Damn, he needed a smoke and he absently patted at his robes in search.

"Mister Sanzo, you're out, remember?"

"Fuck." Sanzo glared at the crumbled pack that lay on the table to mock him.

"I think you're just about angry with everything," Hazel said with a chuckle. "And you're awful cute drunk, Mister Sanzo."

"I'm not drunk," he muttered, but he couldn't deny to himself that he was close enough to it. He glared at Hazel. "And I'm not cute."

"Oh, you're right. Pardon my mistake. You're actually sexy." Hazel smirked.

"...You're gross..." Sanzo stood and wavered on his feet slightly. "I've had enough of your company tonight. Where's my room?"

Hazel stood to help him, and Sanzo pushed his hands away with a low curse. Fuck it, he would find the room himself. He staggered only a little as he moved toward the staircase with Hazel's nagging voice close behind him. All he wanted was to get to a bed and pass out until morning. Then it would be another day of walking and trying to get a damn answer from Hazel, and this time with a hang over to boot. Hazel was still blabbering behind him, and his hand came down on his arm before Sanzo's foot hit the first step.

"You want to lose that hand?" Sanzo said and turned his head to look at him with murderous intent.

"My, you're a mean drunk too."

"Get to the point already. I want to crash."

"I was tryin to tell you, there was only one room available and it has one bed. The innkeeper put a cot up there for one of us."

"Are you shitting me?!"

"Shh, hold your voice down, Mister Sanzo. If you don't believe me, you can ask the innkeeper yourself, though I advise against it in your condition. I'd hate if ya got angry and shot the poor man."

Sanzo wavered on his feet and looked toward the innkeeper who was staring wordlessly at them, and looking rather frightened with his outburst. Sanzo growled and started up the steps thinking the day couldn't have topped off any worse. He thumped up the stairs with Hazel and Gat close behind and when he got to the top of the steps he staggered forward a few feet before he realized he didn't know where he was going. He muttered another curse and looked back at Hazel and grunted impatiently.


"We're at the end of the hall," Hazel said brightly and walked on ahead to unlock the door.

"I'm not sleeping on that fucking cot," Sanzo said as he stepped through the open door.

"Ah...." Hazel turned to Gat and spoke low. Gat merely nodded and shut the door to guard the outside and left them alone.

Sanzo paid none of this any mind as he stripped off his robes in a fuzzy headed daze. The bed creaked as he sat on the edge of it and he laid his gun on the nightstand. Hazel was staring again, and the only good thing about it was the usual smile wasn't accompanying it. If anything Hazel looked a bit put out and not sure what to do about it. It gave Sanzo a bit of satisfaction and he smirked as he pushed his boots off.

"You want to fight over the bed, you're gonna lose, even if I am a little drunk."

"Well, at least you're admittin you are now." Hazel took his hat off and laid it aside.

"Tsk." Sanzo laid back on the bed with his hands behind his head. He stared at the ceiling, ignoring Hazel who moved around the room a bit before disappearing in the bathroom. "Finally some quiet," Sanzo muttered under his breath and closed his eyes, the sound of water running behind the shut door lulling his senses. He couldn't quite fall asleep with so much on his mind, but he hoped the alcohol would help him along tonight. Against his will he wondered how Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai were doing. He'd never say it aloud, but he was missing their company, and he sure as hell preferred it over Hazel and his companion. This was pathetic. Here he was wishing he was back with those idiots. Soon enough he would be, but he had a job to do first, and if Hazel didn't open up soon, he'd force it out of him somehow.

At some point the water had stopped and Sanzo didn't even notice until the door squeaked open. He kept his eyes closed, listening to the soft sounds of Hazel moving about the room. He was pleasant enough after all when he was quiet and out of sight. Sanzo quickly changed his mind when the sounds got a bit too close and he cracked his eyes open to give him a warning look. Hazel stood there, hair wet and messy from the shower wearing a simple shirt and shorts.

"What?" Sanzo said.

"Well, I didn't want to get into this, but I did pay for the room tonight, and it should be only right I get the bed."

"You got balls, I'll give you that, but you can forget it. I told you I wanted to keep going to the next town and you whined about it. So, you can take your cot and lie in it." Sanzo's cool voice slurred slightly off his tongue.

"My, your attitude is so vile for a man as handsome as you." Hazel tilted his head. "If ya wanna be that way about it, we could just share the bed. It's plenty big enough."

Sanzo's eyes narrowed and he was up, hand hard on Hazel's forearm before he could stop himself. His fingers dug into the flesh of his pale skin that was still warm from the shower. Hazel gasped, but didn't try to escape. He didn't even look remotely scared and that fueled Sanzo's anger that much more. He was tempted to shake him like a rag doll until some form of sense filled his perverted head. It's like he was begging to be beaten to a pulp, and it made Sanzo's eye twitch. What was this guy's deal?

"That's a strong grip ya got," Hazel said, panting lightly. "I like a strong hand."

"You dirty little bastard. I should break your arm for acting like a whore," Sanzo warned and did shake him a bit to get his point across.

Hazel stood fixed as he met Sanzo's eyes, not even whimpering with the pain. Sanzo would later blame the alcohol, and just plain aggravation for what happened next. He pulled Hazel and threw him on the bed, smirking when he finally hissed and rubbed gingerly at the red mark on his arm. He had to admit, he did like the way Hazel's eyes widened when he slid on the bed towards him. Anything that wiped that arrogant smile off his face was a good thing.

"You're a brute, Mister Sanzo," Hazel said with a slight purr to his voice.

"Knock it off with that 'Mister' bullshit," Sanzo growled and crawled over him. "You've been trying to get into my pants since we met."

"Well, I certainly won't deny that." Hazel ran his hand over the tight shirt that covered Sanzo's chest. "I just can't seem to help myself."

"Just shut up," Sanzo rasped and grabbed Hazel's slim wrists, pinning them on the bed. "I'm tired of hearing your fucking mouth." So he kissed it, tongue plunging past his lips. Sanzo refused to even let him take over the embrace, battling Hazel's slick tongue, lips pressed hard enough to bruise. Every little sound the bastard made only urged Sanzo further, be it pain or gasping pleasure, it didn't matter. Sanzo broke the kiss, teeth grazing over Hazel's jaw and over his neck, his skin warm and scented with soap.

Sanzo yanked Hazel's shirt off, fighting the desire to just rip it before he captured a nipple between his lips. The nub was already raised to a hard point and Sanzo flicked at the flesh with the tip of his tongue before he latched onto it with his teeth to tug. Hazel's breath was feverishly rapid, his pained moans peppered with lust. Sanzo hated himself for wanting to hear more of it. He growled in his drunken haze as he licked over to the other erect nipple to tease the point.

Hazel's skin was soft against his hands that ran over his sides and lower to push his shorts off down his slim hips. Sanzo lowered as well, mouth moving along his hipbone. Hazel muttered something, then yelped when Sanzo's mouth latched harshly to the skin, sucking hard enough to leave a mark. Hazel's erection lay nestled against his chest, and he could feel the hard length spasm and throb the more his mouth worked over his heated skin. Sanzo could feel the man's whole body trembling and he chuckled, playing with the idea of making Hazel talk through sex. He was squirming like a bitch in heat with the slightest touch, and even the expression on his face was pure lost pleasure.

Fuck it, he was too busy and his mind was too fuzzy for discussion right now. Sanzo knew his own body was enjoying this a little too much as his loins throbbed tight against his jeans. His lips wrapped around Hazel's cock, and again he heard his moan rise. Sanzo lavished the hard flesh with swishes of his tongue along the underside, taking his cock deeper into his mouth. The rigid organ twitched as his lips moved up and down, and a slight salty taste hit the back of his throat. He slowed down, lips coming free so he could wet his fingers for what was next. Sanzo was being far from gentle and he wasn't going to lighten up now. He roughly moved Hazel's legs open and was quick to find his entrance. His slick fingers pressed against the tight muscle and he fought the resistance with a hard shove.

Hazel cried out and reached down, desperately grabbing at Sanzo's hair. Sanzo ignored the pain when he yanked the blond locks and thrust his fingers in the hot tunnel that hugged his digits. His fingertips slid between the taut walls, searching out until he felt that hard round spot that would make the little bastard a quivering mess. He smirked when he reached the button and pressed down. As he thought, Hazel nearly squealed and his body quaked over the mattress with waves of pleasure.

"Look at you," Sanzo slurred. "I could make you do anything like this, I bet." He flicked his tongue over his leaking cock head and pressed his fingers again.

Hazel yelped. "Mister Sanzo,..d..don't tease me."

"It's no less than you deserve, Hazel. I could keep you on the edge for a long time if I wanted to." He gave his length a quick suck, then licked over his balls, listening to the musical sound of his desperate moans. "You're lucky I'm too drunk and too aggravated to take the time." Sanzo gazed up his body that was covered with a light sheen of sweat. The confident pain in his ass now looked like a pitiful, sex deprived mess. "Beg me, and I'll give you what you want."

"That's mighty cold..ahhh!"

"I didn't ask for your opinion, Hazel." Sanzo released the pressure on his prostate. "Now, beg me."


"Please what?" Sanzo's fingers wiggled inside him with teasing swiped at his sweet spot.

"Ah, please fuck me!" Hazel squirmed and tried to roll his hips hard against his hand, but Sanzo denied him the pleasure and slid his fingers free.

"Good boy," he muttered and eased up to strip his clothes off. Sanzo found himself panting, and he even let Hazel run his hands over him without any complaint. Damn, but he did feel good, and he was incredibly tight. His cock throbbed with anticipation and he shut away the last of his doubt as he lay against Hazel and locked his lips to his again. Hazel's legs eagerly went around his waist and Sanzo only had to shift a little and he was pressed against his prepared opening.

"Do it," Hazel begged in a needy whisper.

Sanzo thrust and was instantly surrounded by tight heat. He pushed until he was as deep as he could go and his hips stilled as he gasped against Hazel's neck. Fuck, he was so tight it almost hurt and he groaned when Hazel rocked his hips impatiently for some friction. Sanzo come to his senses a bit more and pinned his hips down with a warning curse in his ear. Damn if he was going to let the little bastard take over now. He was going to do this his way no matter what. Sanzo eased his body up to lessen the contact of skin and he pulled Hazel's slim legs over his shoulders.

"Fuck, you're annoying," Sanzo panted and thrust hard, hearing the soft slap of flesh as his balls pressed to Hazel's ass. Hazel looked in a state to agree with just about anything he said as he lay there nearly drooling with his mouth open, whimpering each time his cock hit bottom inside him. Deeper; he wanted to be even deeper inside him. Sanzo let his legs down and reached, muscling Hazel up off his back so he was sitting straddle on his lap. Hazel's moved easily to him, arms coming around to hold on as he rode his cock with sultry passion.

The bed creaked and moaned with their increasing movement, and they moaned with it, their voices rising with each thrust and grind. Sanzo teased Hazel's cock that bobbed between their stomachs, fingers tracing over the veins and stroking in time with their rocking hips. Sanzo didn't even feel the pain when Hazel dug his nails in his back as his climax neared. All Sanzo was aware of was the rapid rise of Hazel's voice and his own heat building in his stomach. Damn if he was going to come before he made Hazel scream.

"Come, you little bitch!" Sanzo yelled against his neck.

Hazel obliged him, his hot seed spilling over his hand as he cried out and clamped hard around Sanzo's cock. Sanzo groaned as the muscles pulsed around him and he didn't have the strength to hold his own burning need anymore. He pushed Hazel to his back once more and pounded into him, savoring each time Hazel yelped and cried out his name. He held his own voice back as his cock jerked and spilled hot into his welcoming body, thrusting until the pleasure died into nothing but a light afterglow. Sanzo's arms trembled, and the mixture of sexual exhaustion and alcoholic buzz filled his body.

"Fuck," he groaned and he collapsed into darkness.




Sanzo's head throbbed and he was in the worst of moods as he made his way down the stairs the next morning. He'd woken alone in the room with a note on the pillow that Hazel and Gat would be waiting for him downstairs when he was ready to head out. The shower hadn't helped wash away the hangover, or the memories of the evening he had shared with Hazel. What the hell had he been thinking to touch that man? His stomach soured more when he saw Hazel smiling at the same table they had sat at last night. Sanzo slumped in the chair and picked at a piece of bread to attempt calming his rolling stomach. He purposely ignored Hazel, and it was easy since he was being unusually quiet this morning. When he finally chanced a look at him, Hazel was watching him, lips curved in a knowing smirk.

Sanzo's eyes narrowed. "Mention it to anyone, even one fucking word, I will shoot you."

"Whatever do you mean, Mister Sanzo? We merely went to our room and went to sleep last night, yes?"

"Exactly, and we keep it that way." Sanzo stood. "Lets go. I don't have time to sit around, and I want to stop at the next town to get cigarettes."

"Oh course. Come along, Gat."

They left the inn together and Sanzo knew it would be another day of trying to get answers, but this time he would be fighting a hangover and filthy flashes of memory. He almost felt sorry for any youkai stupid enough to attack him in such a foul mood. His head throbbed, his mouth was like cotton and his stomach refused to stop it's turbulent rolling. Oh yeah, anyone that pissed him off today was in for a world of hurt. He glared at Hazel, and was rewarded with another happy smile.

Note to self. No more alcohol until I am far away from this thorn in my side.




AN: Been wanting to write a fic with these two for a long time, but couldn't get a good idea going until now. At least I hope it turned out good. It's a bit short, but it's just a little one shot I wanted to do, and it is a gift for a good friend that wanted me to write a little something with this pair. That and it was a fun thing to write in between longer chapters for my other stories. Later all. Hope you enjoyed!

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