Be Careful Who You Fangirl

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Kink meme fill that went wildly out of control and ended up far longer than I intended it to be.


Many trainers would have called it a day after defeating the Indigo League's feared dragon master, Lance. It was a great feat few ever accomplished, and most would have taken a well-earned vacation. Lyra was not one of those trainers. A mere two days of rest at home, and she was off to Kanto. There was more to the motivation than that, though.

When she was younger, she always worshiped the 'Pallet Trio' like they were some sort of heroes. Three trainers from the same town, setting out at the same time and having wildly different careers as a result. All were famously skilled trainers, and all had previously fought their way through the Indigo Plateau as well. Maybe that's why, sitting cross-legged on her bedroom floor and staring at the television set without much attention, she decided it was time to go to Kanto and meet her heroes. She'd done it too, she'd proven herself, and while she didn't think herself great enough to have a chance at beating them, maybe they'd notice her. Maybe she could battle Green, or have girl talk with Leaf, or get Red to talk as he sometimes did. Or maybe she just wanted to be their groupie. Probably that, more than anything.

With one last kiss from her mom, the plucky brunette set out for Kanto to win more gym badges, she claimed. And was partly it, she could admit. A bit more to it than that, but she didn't want to admit such things her to dear mother. After stopping off by Professor Elm's lab, her adventure continued.


It wasn't very long at all into her trip when she found Green. The fastest route to Kanto took her right to Viridian City, where he sat as gym leader after the arrest of its former crime lord leader and Green's own dethroning as hour-long champion of the league.

The brown-haired trainer didn't know what to make of the strange girl suddenly acting so friendly around him, how she flailed excitedly when she first saw him and even audibly when he spoke to her. She looked strange to him with her odd fashion; overalls turned to shorts over a long-sleeved red shirt, the amount of leg shown minimized by white socks that went up to her knee and then went a bit further with a black portion. Even her had seemed off to him, big and white and puffy, with a big red bow on the side. He didn't know why her hair was kept up except for two wing-shaped sections or why she was so damn excited to see him. All he knew was that this trainer a few years his junior seemed very excited and very willing, and something in those big brown eyes got to him.

Lyra spent her first night in Kanto in Green's house. That she didn't get to challenge him escaped her mind completely when he asked her if she wanted to grab supper, and by the time he brought her back to his house she could hardly contain herself. In his bed, the kisses were strong and the way he held her so tightly made her body's every motion known against his own. His head leaned downward to meet her mouth so that she wouldn't have to stand on her toes to reach him, and one of his hands passed the soft hair of those dumb wing things gently through his fingers. She clumsily reached for the zipper on his jacket as he fiddled with the buttons on her overalls far more deftly. As he rolled his shoulders to let the jacket fall off him and she began to run a hand slowly up his shirt to feel what definition lay beneath, he wondered just how experienced this peppy Johto girl really was.

It certainly took him a little more signaling than he usually needed to get her onto her knees. Her clumsy dealings with his belt didn't help, but none of that seemed to deter her. He had to admire her candor as she tugged his baggy brow pants down to his ankles and then his boxers to his knees. Seeing how her face lit up at the sight of his penis made it all okay for him. Just, her expression, and how utterly cute it was for reasons he couldn't quite pin down. It would make for an interesting watch, though. Her small, soft hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and her tongue stuck out experimentally, giving a few licks at the tip and testing the water.

"You've never done this before, have you?" he asked, two fingers grabbing the hemline of her hat and pushing upward, knocking the dumb thing off her head to reveal the brown locks laying beneath.

She nodded, beginning to pump her hand along his base. "I-I have. A few times before, just never..." She smiled a little and gave his tip a kiss. "I just want to make sure I do this right is all. Since you're Green after all."

His hand reached forward just a little to better grasp her head, and he nodded. "If you need help with that, I'll be glad to." He pushed forward a bit and her smiling lips parted to accept his head. Her mouth was certainly hot and wet, and the way her lips curled around his shaft to form a seal was just downright adorable. That was a lot of how he had to describer her. Adorable. Not at all like the girls who usually came calling for him, all self-assured curves and sly, cocky grins. She didn't strip down to her lacy undergarments to impress him, she merely let the loops of her overalls fall off her shoulders so that they hung loosely around her sides. It was an odd sight, but at the same time, he had few complaints.

She wasn't a typical groupie, but her lack of sultriness didn't count her out. He looked down at her, and when she glanced back, some of the nervousness seemed to melt away, or at least was hidden behind her closed eyes. She moved forward a little, taking some of him into her mouth and trying to steel herself. Maybe not an experienced seductress, but Green would be hard-pressed to call her bad. The way her lips dragged along his flesh and how her tongue worked inside of her mouth were not the marks of a pure amateur.

Few things excited Green like blowjobs, and he was particularly fond of watching. With the back of his hand caressing her cheek as his fingers fiddled idly with her hair, he watched her work hungrily. One hand was on his thigh and the other was stroking his shaft with deliberate slowness as her head drew back. Her big brown eyes looked up at him as she ran her tongue in circles around his head. It was a satisfying sight, her cuteness working very well for her and providing an enjoyable contrast where she almost looked too innocent to have the oral ability she did.

Her second hand moved up from his thigh and, after caressing his sack a little, took its place on the rest of his cock as she pulled her mouth away. It wasn't by much, and her quickened, hot breaths crashed against his tip and make him shiver a little. "D-do you like it?" she asked, looking up with him with big doe eyes and smiling. Her hands moved in tandem, dragging along his slick skin as one.

"I do," he said, trying his best to stay aloof but beginning to feel the pleasure a bit much.

She smiled and laughed a cute little giggle, the hand temporary hand leaving and this time resting on his midsection as she went back for more, this time taking more of him into her sweet mouth and quickening her pace. He had to admit, she was far better than he expected, and she was downright adorable in how she met his gaze. He noticed his free hand had begun to clench and the nails were digging just a bit hard into his palm, so instead he placed it on the girl's head to run through even more of her hair, and begun to encourage her onward, getting a bit more of him past her lips.

He let out a groan that was a bit too loud for him to have liked, rising above the steadily louder and faster sounds she made around his shaft. The way she moaned, it was as if she was enjoying it far more than he was, and he wasn't entirely sure if that creeped him out or turned him on more. Probably a bit of both. Deciding she'd done enough, though, he decided to keep things going and pulled out of her slick mouth.

"Is something wrong?" she asked, looking up at him eagerly as strands of saliva connecting her mouth to his penis began to snap. With her overalls half off, her shirt hiked up to reveal her perky little breasts, and her legs tucked beneath her and off to the side, Green almost wanted nothing more than to just thrust right back into her mouth and enjoy the boon fallen into his lap.

Reluctantly, he stopped himself though, and helped her to her feet. "Not at all," he said, brushing a hand against her bared breasts as the other started to pull the overalls further down. She shivered a little and clung close against him. He merely smiled and kissed her lightly on the hair as he tugged the overalls down all the way. There she stood in front of him, vulnerable, with her shirt pulled up and in, unsurprisingly, blue and white-striped panties, offering herself to him.

And again, he wasn't entirely sure if he was actually enjoying that fact more than she was.


It seemed almost too easy to track down Leaf, who was back home in Pallet Town. It also seemed far too easy to actually get invited back to Leaf's house. The older trainer seemed to flirt mercilessly with her, and Lyra almost felt subtly robbed of actually initiating. She wasn't sure if it was in her hips or her smile, but when the mousy brunette led the younger girl to her bedroom, Lyra wasn't much for complaints.

Leaf sank into the bed beneath the Johto girl, whose lips were at hers with a startling quickness. She was surprised by Lyra's forwardness, already beginning to run a soft hand up her milky thigh and beneath her red skirt. She could read the girl, her nervousness, her inexperience, all signs pointing to her never having fooled around with another girl before, but the persistence and determination to seem on top of the situation impressed her. She began to work the denim loops off the girl's shoulders, her fingers seizing the shirt-clad arms and holding them with just the right amount of tightness as they sank down.

Slowly being undressed by her idol, Leaf started to do the same, using her free hand to pull up the green top as her fingers began to inch their way beneath the band of the girl's panties. She envied Leaf in a different way than Green and Red, noting her curves and how she'd filled out nicely, especially in recent years. The curve of her hips and the roundness of her breasts were things Lyra eagerly hoped for by the time puberty had finished, but seeing her family, she probably wouldn't have any of that. She resolved to take advantage of the curves while they were at her fingertips though.

Two fingers plunged hurriedly into Leaf's vagina, making the girl roll her hips and moan into Lyra's mouth. "You don't have to be so fast," she said, continuing to work the overalls off her admirer. "We can let it last and enjoy things while we can. Although," she leaned her head over a little to kiss the girl on the cheek, "You do look pretty cute all hurried and flustered."

With her cheeks turning a bright pink, Lyra shut herself up by burying her face into Leaf's neck and planting a flurry of kisses. The hand had finally worked the shirt up as far as it could go and began to squeeze the ample breasts as her fingers grew slick with Leaf's juices, though they did slow down a little bit as she asked. She could feel a bare leg press against her still denim-clad groin and grind against it, which even through all the fabric resistance made Lyra whimper a little into Leaf's neck.

Not quite a superstar like Green's ego had convinced him that he was, and always sort of third place between the three great trainers, Leaf didn't get very many groupies. It didn't help that she stayed home in what was probably the least traveled-to town in Kanto. Of the few who did, almost none were women, which made Lyra a welcome breath of fresh air. The girl from New Bark Town was eager to prove herself in her first lesbian experience, and Leaf wasn't about to let a rare catch slip through her fingers, which were currently preoccupied in feeling along the girl's sensitive back.

Lower Lyra sank, until eventually she had to lift her lips from the fair flesh and skitter down the bed a little. When she was in position, she leaned back down and her lips latched to one of Leaf's hard nipples, beginning to suck on it with quite a lot of energy. She was enthusiastic in doing it, and the slowness of her fingers wasn't something she could keep going forever. She was bedding another of the famous Pallet Trio, and her own arousal was screaming out with excitement. It was physically impossible for her to restrain herself any longer as she licked at her heroine's breasts.

Leaf moaned wordlessly at the new sensation, moving about impatienlty beneath the new champion's touch. Experience be damned; Lyra was throwing so much at her that even if some of it was a bit sloppy, it was still incredible. One thing she couldn't call sloppy though was her fingering skills, which must had been practiced for a very long time. The way they moved, how they pressed to her slick inner walls, and how the thumb worked slow circles over her clit were signs that Lyra had been perfecting a technique on herself, and was excited to finally share it with someone else.

Transferring over to the other nipple involved a long drag of Lyra's tongue and a flurry of light kisses across her cleavage. Her hand grasped the now-neglected breast and toyed with it clumsily, as she really had no idea how exactly to handle it. Blindly, she'd get some things right that would make Leaf's body stiffen for a moment or make her hips push up and try to get more finger inside of her, but she could never replicate them on purpose. Like with Green, she looked up with wide, shining eyes at the older trainer, but Leaf wasn't so intent on watching, but feeling. Her eyes were often shut tightly as her body let the pleasure resonate through her, and she expressed herself instead with touch. Hands on Lyra's back, reaching down to her breasts, in her hair, on her face. The presence of her fingertips left a warmth on whatever skin they rubbed against, something sincere and affectionate in their contact.

The Pallet trainer enjoyed getting what she wanted, and was rather good at ensuring she got it. But, seeing how Lyra worked so hard to please her, she had to give a little. With a definite strength advantage, she grabbed Lyra's shoulders and threw all of her weight to the right, resulting in a roll that left the younger girl vulnerable and supine beneath her. "I can't let you have all the fun," she said, dragging her tongue along her lips for added effect. Feeling the fingers pull out of her, Leaf worked her way down the slender girl's body methodically. When she came to her waist, she finished the job of dragging the overalls down and off her legs. The panties went next, and were left bundled and moist around her ankle.

On a bed with a half-clothed Leaf hovering above her vagina, clad only in her pulled-up shirt and socks, was something Lyra couldn't even dream about. She was growing high off of the moment, and as the older girl's strong fingers pressed to her pussy lips, she lost it. Her hips tried to twist a little and a moan rolled out of her mouth, but a hand on her side stopped her, holding her firmly to the mattress as they dragged upward a little, finishing with a gentle grazing of her clit. Up and down they dragged in the crease between her labia, never actually penetrating her, always staying just above the line. She tried to kick, but Leaf had positioned her body such that her legs were pinned down as well, and Lyra could only lie there and take it, her body's every fidget and motion ignored.

Next, Leaf went in a little, her head hovering above the girl's pelvis and let her ragged breath tease the girl's sensitive clitoris. Never touching it, always just on the verge, teasing her. The fingers kept up their slow procession, though they did begin to sink in a little bit, only to pull out an instant later and leave her completely unsatisfied.

"Please," Lyra whimpered, bringing her hands to her small breasts and trying to work over her nipples if only so that she could get a bit more pleasure from the torment. "Please, just do it, I'm losing it..."

Satisfied, the mousy brunette's head dipped a little further and her tongue dragged against her little nub just as three fingers sank into her wet snatch. Her motions made Lyra even louder as she went down on the girl like nobody ever had. She was practically dripping wet, and Leaf showed no mercy. She would make it clear that next time Lyra showed up in Pallet Town, she owed her big-time.


Of them all, Red was the most difficult, if only because he was sequestered in Mt. Silver, and it was no fun task getting up. He was a touch reluctant to leave his post, but eventually she dragged him into the room she took at the Pokemon Center at the base of the mountain, and e finally warmed up to her, in his own way. He still seemed distant, far quieter than either of the other two, but he was making eye contact with her, and somehow she felt he emoted the most of them all through his gaze.

Foreplay was a strange thing. He was slow and methodical with his touch, every second of contact stretched out into an eternity. When his fingers were inside her, they seemed to caress every inch of her inner walls in their patient motions, and when they kissed, he kept slow no matter how much she threw into it. She sat in his lap, both of them in various stages of undress. She'd gone down on him like she had Green, albeit with even more enthusiasm to try and cover up how intimidated she felt being on her knees for, in her mind, the greatest Pokemon trainer alive. He didn't make a show of it Green or writhe blindly like Leaf, and didn't touch her all over like either of them. She found it strange, but found few reasons to complain. She'd done it at last, bedded the last of the Pallet Trio.

With his hands on her hips and his lips firm and still against hers, she sank slowly onto him. He did begin to pick up the pace a little bit as he entered her, though he kept things methodical. She sank down, taking him all the way into her and whimpering into his mouth. This was it at last, and she wanted to cherish the moment. He felt wonderful inside of her, leaving her with a pleasant fullness as she came back up. His hands drifted away slowly, almost fleeting in their touch as they ran up her bare back and dragged along the gentle curve of her spine. Such a minor thing shouldn't have been so much, but for some reason it made Lyra twisted a little in his lap and kiss him hungrier.

Back down they went, and she could feel herself getting wetter from it. The grasp remained in place and steady, his arms shifting in time with her own motions atop him. Further down they sank until they came to her thighs and the kiss broke. His body sank downward onto the bed, leaving her upright in his lap, her hands no longer grasping his shoulders. She made a small, vulnerable whining sound as her lips felt empty and strange without his. Those complaints ceased, though, when one of his hands drifted inward and pressed to her clit.

Her body pitched forward a little and her hands rested on his chest. The motion of her body rocking up and down picked up speed then, as his precise touch started to work her over and make her even hotter. She hadn't expected it, and when it hit her, her body threw itself into a pleasure fit. "Oh Arceus," she moaned, her head leaning forward and her hat almost falling off. "This feels so good." Her lower lip vanished into her mouth and her head began to rock in rough time with her motions.

Red stayed mostly stoic and wordless under the pleasure, though occasionally a sound broke out with a breath. Her slick inner walls hugged him tightly, and she certainly brought him sensations that he enjoyed, but it didn't show, except in his eyes. When she opened her eyes to make contact with his, she could see it, and wondered briefly just how he could emote so well with only his eyes. She had a few tricks with them and could convey things, but she'd never seen anybody speak with only their gaze like he did. It was almost intimidating, but she didn't break it, meeting the formidable trainer and not backing down, despite her nervousness.

Steadily he pressed against the bundle of nerves, making up for the lack of motion with pressure alone, while the other hand held onto her thigh so tightly that she could almost feel the blood circulating through them against her skin. She didn't have nearly the same force, but with her upper body's weight pushing down onto his chest and the way she clutched to him for balance, she wasn't doing it so softly either.

There was an upwards thrust by Red that shook Lyra, her head leaning back as her body twisted a little and a sound rumbled in her throat. The thrusting continued, forceful but restrained pushes against her that seemed to work in perfect complement to her own ministrations, and it was doing wonders for her. Somehow, he'd gleamed at just the right intensity and speed to go at, and the waves of pleasure through her body found their perfect counterpoint, reverberating off each other and steadily rising in strength amidst his touch.

The sounds of flesh hitting flesh rose above her high moans and rapid, loud breaths as her head rolled along her shoulders in a futile attempt to manage the pleasure crashing into her. She wasn't doing a very good job at all, hardly able to hold her own. With Red, her inexperience shown through the most. She wasn't sure why, but there was something about him and how deliberately he stimulated every nerve he touched that drove her up the wall. Enthusiasm wasn't a suitable replacement here like it had been on her knees for Green or messily atop Leaf. Just as Red had defeated them both, he proved a greater challenge then either of them in the bedroom, and she wasn't sure how much longer she could hold out against him. It was a losing battle, but it was not one that she ever wanted to end, both because of how good it felt and how little it seemed like a bad thing. She still did it, still bedded all three and was on her way to her third glorious conclusion. She had no regrets about it, and if it meant going long after she'd been satisfied to make sure she left Red happy, it would be an honor

With a cry of his name, Lyra's orgasm struck her hard. She moaned loudly, her body collapsing onto his as her vagina clenched down on him and tried frantically to elicit his own reaction. He didn't budge, though, patting on her the shoulder as she writhed in orgasmic bliss atop him, giving her a soft kiss on the forehead. His lap was stickier and wetter when she pulled off of him, apologizing profusely as she snaked down his body, promising to make it up to him. When her mouth circled around his shaft again, her taste was strong on it, and she hid her embarrassment by not even making eye contact with him, throwing everything she had into fulfilling the promise.

She did, in the end, make him cum, and exhausted, she embraced him and fell into a quick slumber against him. He laid there for a while, enjoying the warmth and affection he rarely felt in his seclusion. When he dressed early in the morning to depart, all he left her with was another light kiss on the head.


Perhaps a month later, the three friends reunited. They'd pulled Red down from the mountain at long last to visit for a few days. He seemed willing to, as though he'd come to enjoy human contact again and missed their company. They sat in their regular booth at the restaurant in Pallet Town where they'd always eat as kids. Well, where Leaf and Red ate as kids, anyway.

"... And girls just line for me," Green said, finishing whatever boast he'd been pushing on his friends lately. "Even this one girl a couple weeks ago, came all the way from Johto for me. Lyra, I think."

Leaf had been sipping at a steaming cup of coffee as he spoke, and almost choked on her drink when she heard that. She looked him dead in the eye and put her cup down slowly. "Lyra?"

"Yeah. She was pretty ine--Wait. Did she...'

"She did," Leaf coughed, a grin breaking across her face. "I guess it's not so special and glamorous after all."

Green scowled a little, and started to say something before his eyes turned to Red, who sat expressionless as usual, but had since put down his fries. Leaf turned to look at him as well, and they both said in unison, "You, too?"

He nodded slowly, then dragged the fried potato into the small puddle of ketchup.

In frustration, Green hit the table a little bit.

"Oh, you're just upset that we got a groupie, too."

"I won't deny that. But what do we do? I want to get back at her!"

"So do I," Leaf agreed. "She should learn a lesson from all this.

Red nodded.

Leaf's top lip pulled off of her gums a little and she flashed her teeth in a wide, devious grin. "And I think I have an idea, too. One that'll take us down memory lane a little bit..."


Lyra couldn't believe her luck. She'd left her phone number with all of them, and was just outside of Pewter City after a victorious gym battle when she got the call.

"Hey there, hon," Leaf said happily.

"Hi!" Lyra responded with her usual level of perkiness upped by the adrenaline of battle. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing great. The boys came down, and uh, we figured out what you did."

The Johto girl's heart sank in her chest when she heard that, a throb of panic hitting her head. "You did?" she asked, stuttering several times over the two simple words.

"We did. And we thought we'd invite you down here, to my place, for a little party. Just the four of us."

"A party?" Lyra shouted, making Leaf cringe on the other end and a few passersby on the street look at her funny. "I'll be there as soon as I can!" She hung up the phone without even a goodbye, dashing off to the Pokemon center and unchaining her bike. Faster than she'd ever gone before, she set off straight south to Pallet Town. Everything went by quickly and, aside from a few near-collisions with far calmer trainers on the routes, without incident. She had probably set some kind of record by the time she reached Leaf's house, not even bothering to chain her bike up in favor of leaving it toppled over on the yard as she burst through the door.

She was met with two smiling faces and Red. Leaf and Green rushed over to her and too her by the hand, wordlessly leading her upstairs as she tried to speak through all of the excited, fangirlish squeals she made. They laid her down on the bed, and Red came into the room with two pairs of handcuffs.

"I didn't know you guys were into this!" she said, barely able to stay still long enough for them to properly handcuff her to the loops on the bed's headboard. "This is going to be great!" She could only imagine what wonderful things they had in mind for her. Maybe they'd all take turns eating her out, whomever had just gone kissing her deeply. The Pallet Trio were, together, going to have their way with her. It was the best moment of her life.

"This is a lesson," Leaf said.

With that, they pulled away from her. Green grabbed Red by the wrist and pulled him into a long kiss as Leaf began to undo the boys' belts. "You two never change," she sighed as she noted Green's hand on the back of his head and in his hair, but never high enough to disturb his hat in the slightest, like he'd carelessly knocked over Lyra's.

The girl on the bed kicked a little. "Hey, what are you doing? I'm over here!"

They ignored her, though. Green tried his hardest to stay still as his forced his way into Red's mouth with possessive aggression. It took everything he had not to knock over Leaf by accident and push the black-haired trainer against a wall. He kept himself under control though, something helped greatly by Leaf tugging at his khakis to try and get them down now that his belt was gone. It was what he'd missed the most from their separation. As Red's hand took its place behind his head and he pulled the kiss in deeper, that urge became even greater.

Their lips only parted when both of them were bottomless, a long, arduous process that left Leaf with her arms crossed and kneeling in front of both of them. Their erections were close to touching, and if they did, she would throw a fit over it. Eventually, though, they fully separated and turned to her. She let out a soft groan and motioned for them to join her on their knees. They did, looking at each other silently and then nodded before they got down in front of her and grabbed at her shirt. She laughed a little as the boys pulled it up, each with a hand on one side of the hem. With it off, Green undid her bra and pulled it off as well, tossing it alongside her shirt.

Lyra could only watch and complain as the boys leaned forward and each took a nipple at the end of her round breasts into their mouths. Leaf's head rolled back and she moaned out to them, her hands reached down and disappearing between the boys' legs. From her vantage point, Lyra couldn't even see it fully, but she knew exactly what was going on, and hated that she was stuck watching them go at it without her. They could have been doing that to her instead!

"Keep going, boys," Leaf said with just a tinge of huskiness to her voice as she tugged at the kneeling boys' dicks. Both had sucked on her boobs before, but never had they done it together, and she elated. The excitement grew further when their hands ran up her skirt and down the band of her boyshorts in unison, as though they'd practiced it a thousand times before. Their touches felt so discordant as they both pressed to her core in different ways, and yet the contrast didn't bother her so much as it did thrill her. The two starkly different manners of stimulation should have felt off, but instead they complimented each other. There were fingers on her clit, around her entrance, pumping into her, and the whole production drove her mad. Red's free hand was on her side and Green's was in her hair, as usual, and it all felt too right for how strange the sum of its parts were.

"This isn't fair!" Lyra complained, struggling against her bindings and failing miserably at her attempts to power out of them. Watching her heroes have sex in front of her was maddening, and she could feel herself grow wetter from arousal at the sight of it. She couldn't even touch herself, and that slew her. "Come on, you had your jokes, untie me! I'm sorry for lying to you guys, just please, let me go, I can't take watching you!"

The attention they gave Leaf quickened her strokes, and the attention she gave them made them go at her even fiercer. It was a wonderful cycle that drove their sex, Leaf trying hard not to fall to the ground from how hard they pushed against her. It filled her with unmitigated glee to see them both go at her, touching and licking and sucking. Red's eyes looked up at her widely and expression just rolled out of them like floodgates. Green, ironically, kept his head down and focused on the task at hand, his briefly parting to allow his tongue to go in quick circles around her aureola. It amused her to see him, for once, not attempt eye contact.

Out the corner of her eye, she spied a very frustrated Lyra begin to slow down in her complaints as futility set in, and something flashed across her eyes. "Cut it for a second," she said, and the guys reluctantly pulled their hands and mouths away, Leaf noting that she had a red hand mark on her side where the younger boy had held onto her too hard. They looked at her quizzically, only for Leaf to inch her way toward Red and gently push him. With minimal force, he complied, falling flat onto the ground as she straddled him, immediately coming down into his lap and taking all of him into her. She looked over at Green, who looked dejected at not being the one she chose to push the ground and force inside of her. Dragging her tongue along her lips lowly, she shot him a heavy look and he rushed up to his feet.

He thrust into Leaf's sweet mouth, burying about half of his member between her lips, and it was already like heaven. Her mouth was experienced in general and especially with him, and she wasted no time beginning to bob her head along his shaft, brown eyes looking up at him with the same fiery edge she had a moment earlier. Her motion along his penis was in time with her rise-and-fall in Red's lap, both boys at their deepest in her at the same time, as it should be.

Lyra had taken to shutting her eyes tightly and trying to ignore what was going around her until they finally untied her, but she could still hear everything. Green's groans, Leaf's muffled moans and the quiet squishing sounds of her sucking and Red burying himself to the hilt in her. They'd let her go at some point, right? They had to. And then she'd go find some boy senseless so she could get over the intense, lust-fueled fire burning all over her. She'd been growing aroused the entire bike ride there with her mind imagining the possibilities, and now what were they worth? The image of being sandwiched between Red and Green, of kissing Leaf as they held each other close, both bent over opposite ends of the bed as they boys pounded into her. Some confused pile where all three of them were upon her and she was so consumed by pleasure that she could hardly keep herself sane. All of it, wasted, used against her as a cruel prank. A "lesson".

The trio had forgotten about the lesson entirely. They were so caught up in each other and their longed-for unity that the outside world largely slipped out of focus. Red's hands were on Leaf's breasts, holding them up so they didn't thrash about too much in her emphatic bouncing in his lap, his fingers rubbing against the saliva-slick nipples. Her own hands were on Green's hips as she pushed herself deeper onto his shaft, taking more and more of him into her mouth, egged on by the hand grasped the back of her head and running through her soft, lustrous hair. They fit together perfectly, seemingly in any configuration, attuned to each other and working like a flawless machine. Of course, machines couldn't feel what they did, all of them burning with lust and sensation as their sex grew more frantic. Even Red was beginning to show some signs of breaking, making sounds that were not as aloof and distant as he was supposed to be. Only the two of them could ever have that effect on him.

Green's gaze drifted from the childhood friend, who had practically taken him into her throat by that point, to gaze at the very troubled and frustrated Johto girl. His lips curled into a wicked smirk as he saw her head turned the other way and her eyes shut tight. It was amusing, watching her get her comeuppance, even if it wasn't his plan that led to it. Of course, he could still make it worse on her...

He pulled himself out of her mouth with one motion, whispering something in her ear that made her not regret that he'd stopped the proceedings in the slightest. She mouthed the words to Red as Green grabbed her by the shoulders and then pushed her down hard face-down onto the bed, making it bounce a little as she giggled, Green climbing on top of her.

The bounce stirred Lyra, who opened her eyes to see what was going on, hoping they were coming to untie him. Instead, she saw Green lie atop her, his hands pressed to either side of his head as he pushed into her, burying himself balls-deep with one stroke and eliciting a moan from her. She couldn't tear her gaze away, especially once he began to pull back and slam into her. His thrusts made the bed shake a little, and she could only whimper and struggle, lowering her head in defeat. "You guys win," she said, but they weren't even listening any more.

Red made his presence known behind them with his fingers. They were slick, cold, and oily when they pressed to Green's rear, making him hiss a little into Leaf's shoulders. Green wouldn't accept any men from behind, except for Red. Only Red could get away with sticking two lube-slick fingers up his ass, if only because he was Red. Each motion that brought him out of Leaf pushed the fingers a little deep into him, and the black-haired trainer knew just how to work it to make him bend and buckle from something so small.

"Just do it," the gym leader said through gritted teeth, pounding into the girl beneath him. He held onto her breasts, her weight pushing the backs of his hands into the mattress as he toyed with them. His breath was hot on her neck as he nibbled at it softly, trying to muffle any more sounds. He couldn't tell sometimes, but he thought that Red probably enjoyed watching him squirm under his attention.

Only when Green's back door was sufficiently lubed up did Red pull the fingers out and press his tip, slick from Leaf's pussy, against his entrance. His body pitched forward, leaning a lot of it against Green's, letting his hands reach down beneath both of them to where his friends met most intimately. His shaft sinking into Green coincided with his hand making itself known against Leaf's clit. It moved with him, sometimes brushing the underside of Green's shaft in staccato touches. All three of them--even Red--let out a simultaneous moan at the sudden locking together of their bodies, letting things slide into perfection.

Green pushed up against Red, then back down into Leaf, and all the while both of them moved in counterpoint to his motions. It was like they'd never dispersed, Red heading up to the mountain or Green taking Giovanni's place as a gym leader. For that moment, they may as well have all stayed in Pallet Town forever and never left each others' arms.

Lyra, meanwhile, could only watch and be driven mad with arousal by it all. It made her so horny, watching her three idols fuck, probably even a little more-so with Green in the middle, but it drove her mad. Leaf occasionally shot her a wicked glance, and the mockery and teasing were reaching critical mass. Desperate, Lyra spread her legs, still fully clothed but hoping that Leaf would be driven by arousal to reach forward and rub the girl's aching, needy snatch for some relief. She under-estimated Leaf's self-control though, and how utterly satisfied she was at the bottom of the pile, with Green buried to hilt in her from behind and Red's golden touch on her clit. She would have turned down paradise for what she was feeling at that moment.

With Leaf's slick, hot core hugging his shaft tightly and Red buried in his ass, Green considered his position to be the best one in town. No matter how he moved, there was intense, burning pleasure to be had. His head curled upward as Red's lips graced his shoulder in that slow, methodical way he had that was so different to Green's own methods. He could feel Red's pelvis against his ass as the trainer, wearing only his hat by that point, buried himself all the way inside of him. A lusty rumble tore at his throat as he pounded into Leaf and Red did the same to him. He could elicit a reaction from Red, an intensity, that only Leaf could match, and given the pleasure his default setting could muster, Green may as well have been in heaven.

Then, there was Red at the top of the pile, watching his friends writhe beneath him, watching the frustrated, tied-up girl give up and just try to burn the memory into her head so that she could eventually derive some pleasure from the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen. He'd long stopped wondered why Green's indomitable personality ebbed a little for him, but found few reasons to complain if it meant the tightness he was granted the sole permission to thrust into. Still, the sounds his elder made were not the sounds of submission, and he knew better than to think anything of it beyond merely holding some special place and their three-way bond being something beyond the typical trysts Green indulged in.

Their finish was mutual. They always had been with each other, though not always with others. Especially not with others. Maybe it was because they became so intertwined that they shared something on a level beyond the physical, carnal pleasures they granted each other. Green came first by perhaps a second, his whole body stiffening up, his ass tightening as he unloaded into Leaf. Then, with not a nanosecond's delay between them, Leaf and Red hit their orgasms at the same time, set off by Green's. Leaf's fingers dug into the bed and her nails almost tore at the sheets, while Red only mustered a tired, shaky groan as he unloaded into the gym leader.

Lyra panted as she watched them collapse onto each other and pant heavily, hands and cocks slowly being pulled from whatever they'd been doing until Red managed to roll off the pile and they somehow wound up in a three-way kiss. Red's back was against Lyra's foot, and the girl just closed her eyes and waited for it to be over.

They must have forgotten about her about the kiss, or maybe time had just slowed for her by that much after all she'd been through, but it felt like an eternity later when Leaf undid the handcuffs. "Sorry about that one sweetie, but we had to teach you a lesson. When you sleep around through a group of friends, they talk. And they don't all like getting the exact same sweet-talking speech." She leaned in really close to whisper, "But why don't you come back in a couple days and I promise I'll make it up to you real nicely, okay? No tricks this time." The handcuff unclasped and Lyra moved the arm around a little, her socket having grown a bit stiff. At normal volume, Leaf continued, "Now why don't you go continue your journey and try to stay out of trouble? You're a good kid." Again, her voice dropped to a whisper. "They leave tomorrow afternoon. I'll call you some time in the evening, we can grab dinner, and I'll introduce you to what I use when the boys aren't around."

Lyra gave an apology to each of them, which were met with a smile by Leaf, a scowl by Green, and silence by Red. Then, she rushed out of the house and tried to keep from ducking into the nearest alley to resolve all the pent-up feelings she had. Her phone buzzed, though, and when she opened it, she found a text message from Green. "Maybe after you challenge my gym we can have another go?"

Somehow, Lyra felt her groupie days weren't entirely over as she picked her bike off of Leaf's lawn and set off into the sunset.

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