Passion and Pain

BY : RarSopha
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Hakkai watched the young blonde girl as she administrated an ointment on a burn victim. Her movements were precise and gentle; the look on her face was one of concentration and sympathy. To Hakkai, she was gorgeous.

How he had come to be at this small domestic hospital he did not know. When he asked the nurses about his arrival all they could tell him was that he had been dropped off by the entrance in critical condition. No one saw who left him there. His biggest concern about the whole situation was the fact that the guys, Sanzo, Goku and Gojyo were nowhere to be found.  After years of traveling together and being bonded as brothers, their absence was incredibly strange. Hakkai did not know what to think about any of it. Instead of dwelling on what may or may not have happened, his thoughts were preoccupied by a certain short and curvaceous woman.

He had been in this hospital and bed now for a little over a week and in that time, he had a great amount of opportunity to watch and observe the young lady. Hakkai enjoyed watching her tend to patients. She was so kind and always cheerful. She gave off this aura of confidence and strength, but one day while she was sitting next to a coma patient reading to him, Hakkai noticed something change about her. For a second or two she seemed vulnerable, almost fragile. As if the weight of some kind of burden was weighing heavily upon her mind. The expression faded as quickly as it had appeared, yet Hakkai couldn’t help but feel a deep urge to protect her and shield her from her woes.

From that day on, he made it his mission to catch her for just a few minutes and speak to her. He needed to know her. He was drawn to her in a way he had never been drawn to anyone else, save perhaps Kanon. The first day he asked her name, to which she replied, “My name is Elodie and you are Hakkai right?” He knew the only reason she knew his name was because she made sure to know all of the patients in the wing where she was stationed, but still he was pleased about it. In those few minutes of conversation, he learned more and more about her, even if it was just small things like her favorite flower which was the Asiatic lily. They were the highlight to his days. Today, however, he was going to be bold and ask her to have coffee with him. He decided the night before that even though he loved their five or ten minute talks, he needed to be with her longer.

He waited until it was only a few minutes before the end of her shift and then approached her. “Excuse me, Elodie, could I speak to you before you go?” he asked politely as he stopped to stand in front of her. She looked up from the chart she was taking notes in and smiled brightly at him, “Of course. Is there something you need?” Hakkai chuckled softly and shook his head slightly, “No, actually I had something I want to ask you. Tomorrow is your day off correct?” She nodded in reply to his question. “That’s right, why do you ask?” “I was wondering if I could have the great pleasure of buying you a cup of coffee tomorrow morning. I know how much you enjoy your caffeine in the morning.” Her facial response to his inquiry was not one that he was expecting. She looked wary and suspicious. “Um, I don’t think that is a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered, but the hospital has strict rules about employees dating patients and since I’m only an intern, I can’t risk losing my position.” Touching his arm gently she said, “I’m sorry but thank you for asking.” Hakkai was more disappointed than he thought possible. “I understand. Have a good night Elodie.” He said softly then turned and walked back to his bed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a look of sadness cross her face as she walked towards the door to leave for the day. She was still such a mystery to him. It was a necessity for him to know her, to be with her, to protect her. If she said no just because he was a patient, then he would no longer be a patient.

The next morning Hakkai had himself discharged and made lodging arrangements at the only inn in town: the Chinese Lantern. Once he was situated he went down to the front desk to ask for directions to the nearest store. His lack of extra clothing and necessities was going to be a problem especial if he wanted to look his best when asking Elodie to go to dinner with him.

An hour later he had everything that he needed. Checking the time he saw that is was a quarter past eleven. ‘Now would be the time to ask, the only problem is that I do not know where to find my little enchantress.’ As he walked back to the inn, he tried to think of ways to get in contact with her. ‘Perhaps since this is a small town the woman at the inn will know Elodie and help me reach her.’ With this hopeful thought in mind he entered the inn and strode over to the desk with the petite brunette behind it. “Excuse me miss, I seem to have misplaced the address of a friend of mine. I’m hoping you will know her, Elodie Faringdon.” Recognition flashed through the young woman’s ice blue eyes. “I know her well. She helped me deliver my little boy about 6 months ago and ever since then we’ve kept in touch. I’ll write down the directions for you. She lives in a small green cottage on the outskirts of town. She’s a brave young girl to live that far out especially with all the demon activity. Here you go.” She said while handing Hakkai a small piece of yellow paper with dainty hand writing on it. “Thank you very much, I will tell Elodie that you are thinking of her.” Hakkai smiled graciously at the woman and left the inn.

Twenty minutes later he found himself standing in front of a small green cottage surrounded by a white picket fence. It was perfect. Most definitely something he would have imagined for Elodie’s home. He particularly loved the blue shutters that adorned the white French windows.

Taking a deep breath he walked through the small white gate towards the blue oak door. He knocked twice and waited patiently for an answer. Shuffling came from behind the door, then the unlocking of a dead bolt and finally the door opened slightly revealing a bright amber eye which was surrounded by thick blonde eyelashes. “Hakkai?” With that single word, the door opened fully exposing the woman who had taken over Hakkai’s thoughts and dreams. She was as beautiful if not more as he remembered. This was the first time he had seen her dressed in something other than her blue scrubs. Black yoga pants clung to her muscular thighs and curvy hips while a purple shirt draped over her luscious breasts and flowed down to her tiny waist. “Good afternoon Elodie, I was out for a walk when I saw this beautiful little cottage. I had this unusual feeling that it may be the place where you resided and it seems that feeling was correct.” “Ah, well that is very strange. Can I help you with something?” To Hakkai’s discontent, Elodie did not seem pleased to see him. In fact she appeared uneasy because of his presence. “I was hoping you would be interested in joining me for dinner this evening” “Hakkai, I told you yesterday that nothing could happen between us because you are a patient.” Irritation tinted her words. “You did indeed inform me of this but as of this morning I am no longer a patient.” “Oh, I see.” Hakkai watched as she began to nervously nibble on her bottom plump lip. “Hakkai, you seem very sweet, but I do not think it is a good idea to get involved with you. No one knows anything about you. You could be anyone.” As she spoke Hakkai noticed her eyes become shades darker as if some kind of darkness within her was beginning to take over. “You have every right to wonder about my origins and who I am. To you I am a strange man whom you have only spoken to for short durations. All I ask though is that you do not completely close your heart off to me. If you give me the chance, I will show you who I am.” His plea sounded more pathetic out loud than it had in his head. She looked unsure and was silent for a moment. Hakkai did dare say another word. Eventually she looked him in the eye, as if searching for something and then said, “Tomorrow I start work at noon. We can have coffee at Madeline’s Café around nine. But only as friends.” Hakkai smiled softly and nodded. He gently took her hand and kissed it. “Until tomorrow then.” He turned way and made his way back to the inn.

On his walk back, he was more uplifted and hopeful than he had been in years. “Tomorrow is going to be a brilliant day.” He said smiling ridiculously to himself. Little did he know that the next day  would be the worst of his life.

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