Pokephilia: Human(F)xPokemon(M) edition

BY : Winged_celtix
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A/N: This is my first lemon fanfic… No flames please. Thanks. And feel free to leave a request. I only do human(female)xpokemon(male) pairings for now... I guess…


Chapter one: Misty’s Machoke/Machamp


Misty stopped walking when she saw a really nice lake. She had been walking in the forest for hours trying to get to the next town. Luckily, she found this lake. She could take a break for a while. Looking at the lake, she had the urge to have a skinny dip. She took off her clothes and immediately jumped in the water. Unknown to her, a pair of eyes were watching her as she swam back and forth.

          “This is really cool.” The sun was shinning brightly. A good day to have a swim.

          Misty was busy swimming when suddenly a huge splash of water came. “What the.”

          “Machoke!” the pokemon roared.

          Misty’s eyes widen. “Oh my gosh.” What shocked her most was when her eyes settled on his bulging member behind his black wrestling tights. She better leave before she gets in trouble, so, she swam as fast as she could to reach the shore. When she finally at the shore, she hurriedly pick up her clothes. But she seemed to be too slow because Machoke was standing beside her. He was so tall and muscular.

          “P-please don’t hurt me.” she said crouching.

          “Machoke machoke. Ma…”

          Misty could not understand what he was saying. Her attention was shifted to the bulging area between his legs. “Mabye he wanted to…” she thought. She have heard about pokemons having sex with humans espacially when it’s breeding period. Some pokemon, if they didn’t find a mate, would turn to the humans to breed. Maybe this Machoke didn’t find any mate. She felt sad for him. He won’t be able to breed without a mate. As a trainer, she should be helpful to pokemon especially if she wanted to be a great pokemon trainer.

          “okay.” She sighed. “I’ll help you okay but don’t hurt me.”

          “Ma Machoke,” he answered.

          She walked toward Machoke and ran her fingertips gently on his muscular arm. She knew there was an effect since she noticed it stiffened. “Lie down.” She order.

          Machoke followed what she said and lie on the shore. She sat on her bulging member, feeling its hard on. She could feel her body heat up as her pussy touched the fabric of his tights. Her hands were on Machoke’s stomach. She moaned as slowly moved back and forth as she rubbed her pussy on the fabric. Even if she had not seen it yet, she knew his penis is big. She grew even wet thinking about it.

          She looked at Machoke’s face. His face was reddened. She knew she was doing the right thing. Machoke was having the most wonderful sex of his life. He just want to take her now but he controlled himself. He wanted to enjoy what the woman was doing to him. He clenched his hands on his side.

          Misty started to play with her breasts. Both of her hands squeezing it as she continued to move her hips. Machoke could not take any longer. In a swift motion, he was already on top of her. Misty’s eyes grew wider. “Machoke, do you want to fuck me now?” she asked seductively.

          “Machoke machoke machoke.”

          Misty smile and gently touched its face. “Me too.” She got up and both of them were sitting facing each other. “Hey, will you stand up for a while?” she asked.

          Machoke stood up. He felt the woman’s hands around his tights and suddenly tugged it down. His cock spring up and smacked her cheek.

          “My, my, what a naughty cock,” she said. She looked up to him with lustful eyes. “Let’s get you ready.” She started to lick every part of his erected member and kissed it. He felt blissfully happy at what she was doing.

          Misty to a deep breath before she put his cock in her mouth until the back of the throat. It was really warm. She heard him moan in pleasure. She continued sucking hid cock. It was so thick that she could not only utter a muffled moan. As she was doing him, her other free hand crept to her clit. She inserted her middle finger in her. She tasted pre cum and suck it out of him. She finally pulled her head away from his cock when he grabbed her both arms and shoved her to the ground.  

          “M…machoke…” He was more than ready to take her now. He leaned down and started to lick and occasionally biting her right nipple. His other hand gropping her left breast. “Oh yes… you’re good.” She moaned. “D-don’t… forget the… other one…”

          Machoke moved to the other breast and sucked it hard. Misty screamed with pure pleasure. “Let’s… get down to… business… Machoke.” She said and spread her legs wider.

          Machocke settled between her legs. He could see that it was so wet. He inserted his thick middle finger in her and her vaginal wall wrapped perfectly around it. He continued to pump in her. He smirked as he saw how the woman enjoying what he was doing.

          “You’re… so… good… oh… ohhh…”

          Misty winced as she felt another thick finger entered her. “Ohh…” She was feeling pure ecstasy as he pumped his two fingers in and out of her. She screamed as she felt her orgasm came.

          Machoke pulled out his cum-covered fingers out of the woman and eagerly licked it. She tasted so sweet.

          Panting, Misty eyed Machoke who gripped her hips and lifted her. He positions his cock to her entrance and in one swift move he entered her. Misty threw her head back at the sudden movement. Machoke was so big and was stretching her vaginal wall too wide.

          Machoke moved in and out of her in a swift motion. He pumped her like there was no tomorrow.

          “Oh… yes… fuck… me… harder… faster!” Misty demanded.

          Machoke moved back and forth as hard as he could. He could hear their skin slapping to each other as he made his thrust. This excites him more.

          Misty felt her body melt as the burning sensation in her increases. “Y…yes… ohh… you’re… so good… I think…I’m gonna…”

          She screamed as she felt a rush of orgasm. He felt her inner walls tighten as he explode in her. The creamy liquid leaking out of her pussy. He collapsed beside her. Both of them were panting.

          Not far from them, a sleeping Machamp has awaken from his deep sleep when he heard noises. He followed the noise and was surprise to see a human woman having sex with a Machoke. He suddenly had a hard on. He never had a human girl before and he didn’t even think that it was possible until now. One of his four hands slid in his tights and gently stroke his member and a moan escaped from his lips. It really became hard by just watching the two.

          The Machoke collapsed beside the woman. He smirked when he thought of an idea. He stood up from where he was hiding and walked close to them.

          Misty closed her eyes, trying to calm herself after an earth-shaking orgasm when she suddenly felt a pair of hands grabbed her waist. Was Machoke want another round? She opened her eyes and was shocked to see a Machamp holding her. She looked beside her and saw an exhausted Machoke breathing heavily while looking at her. Won’t he help her? But she guess he can’t help her now.

          Misty felt Machamp upper hands held her legs and spread them wider. Then her eyes was caught by his enormous throbbing member between his thighs. It looked lager than Machoke’s.

          “Machamp,” he roared his name. He flipped her and lifted her. She bit her lip when she felt a warm breath on her pussy. Machamp smelled her cunt. Its smell was fogging his mind. With his soft tongue, he licked the soaked pussy.

          Misty moaned in sheer pleasure Machamp was giving her. Hearing him slurp turned her on. She felt so horny. Her body heat up again. When Machamp finished licking her pussy, he put her back to the ground on her hands and knees. But her hands were too weak so she just let her cheek touched the ground. Machamp’s hands were supporting her hips up.

          She jerked as Machamp slammed his enormous member in her. Her screams excites him even more so he continued his brutal thrusts on her. Misty could feel his member hitting her womb. He goes deeper and deeper as he thrust in her. Loud moans escaped from Misty’s lips. She felt her whole body is burning.

          “Faster…ohhh… harder… ahh,” she reached her climax and her love juices covered his member. He continued pumping her until he reached his own orgasm. He roared as he shot his hot seed in her.

          Misty thought that everything was over until Machamp held her waist again and lifted her.

          “Machamp, machamp ma.” He said looking at Machoke who was now sitting beside them. It looked like Machoke had already regain his strength. Misty was clueless on what they were talking about. She was busy catching her breath.

          Machamp stood up and lifting her so as Machoke. Since she was exhausted, Misty leaned her head on Machamp’s broad chest and her arms wrapped around his neck. Machamps’s upper hands held her on her waist and his lower hands held the back of her thighs and placing them around his waist.


          She heard from behind her. She moaned when a hand grope her butt cheeks. Misty felt something at the entrance of her ass. Even without looking, she knew what Machoke wanted. She wiggle her butt for her approval. She bit her lip when Machoke slowly entered her from behind. All she could feel was pain that eventually became plesurable and dug her fingernails on Machamp’s back.

          Machamp on the other hand lifted Misty a bit and positioned his throbbing member on her pussy. Machamp slammed his member in her. Her arousal rise as the two pokemon filling up her holes with their large cocks. The two pokemon pumped in and out of her, faster and harder.

      "Faster... Ohh... Harder! Ahh!" Her chest heaved and her breasts jump as the two rocked her body.

        Misty threw her head back and screamed on top of her lungs as she felt her orgasam coming. Her inner walls clenched on the cocks in her. Her love juices dripping out of her opening making a pool under them. Seconds later, the two pokemons realease the hot seed in her. Misty felt like they released a bucket of cum in her as some of their cum dripped out of her holes.

      Misty collapsed in the arms of the two pokemons. "If you...both...want..." She said trying to catch her breath. "You...could... Stay with me...and do this...anytime you want..."

       Misty felt the two pokemon's tongues lick her neck and shoulder. She treat the as an approval and she smile. They carefully lay her back to the ground. Both of the pokemons are both on her side. 



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