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Tsubasa had noticed it during music rehearsal. Her panties had grown tighter, and there was a burning feeling around her loins. She wondered if Kanade had been going through it, if this was something that was supposed to happen to Relic users, but Kanade kept the same cheerful expression throughout. Even if Kanade was her partner in Zwei Wing, it would be embarrassing to ask her about this sudden feeling. Once her recording was done, Tsubasa retired to her room and stripped down to her underwear.

Her blue panties were being pushed outward, stretching the fabric. A small, sticky transparent puddle of liquid had formed at the top. Tsubasa slowly removed her panties, exposing the new addition to her body to the crisp, cold air of the room. She could see it beyond her breasts. A thick, bright red cock, precum leaking out of the head, had grown on her body, between her pussy and her pubic hair. She slid her hands across the shaft, and trembled for a moment. She had never experienced this kind of pleasure before.

Tsubasa’s pink nipples were visible through her underwear. She massaged her breast with her free hand. When her digits crossed over her nipples, she felt the same trembling sensation in her pussy and her dick simultaneously. Tsubasa pushed her bra to the side. The fabric gently scraped across her nipples. Another small spurt of precum leaked out of the top of her dick. Tsubasa thrust her hands up and down the shaft, finding a rhythm to her pleasure. Her pussy lips became lubricated, and her her cock began to throb in her hands. Her head was feeling light, and spinning.

The Valkyrie leaned back on the bed and pulled her hand down her foreskin once more. Her shaft fired a wad of off-white, syrupy cum onto the mirror. Tsubasa looked at her own reflection, stained with her own cum. Her dick had yet to calm down. A feeling of embarrassment swept over her body, but it had also felt good. She had never seen a man’s penis before, but her first experience with her own had been a moment that gave her reason to fight. As far as she knew, no other girl was like this.

There was a knock at the door. Kanade walked in, dressed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Her outfit was stained with sweat from an intense session of dance practice. Her eyes traced down Tsubasa’s body, noticing her underwear, then her hand grasping her member, and then the dripping semen on the mirror. Tsubasa’s pussy dribbled love juices onto her bed sheets. Kanade laughed pleasantly.

“So you’ve discovered it,” said Kanade, “So, how did it feel? I had to rub mine off a few times before it finally calmed down.”

“Yours? I’ve never seen any...” Tsubasa said nervously.

Kanade stretched out the edge of her shorts and let them drop to the floor. A pair of white underwear fell shortly afterward. Kanade exposed her juicy pussy to Tsubasa. Like her partner, she had a hard cock on her body. The girth was a little thicker than Tsubasa’s, and the veins were visibly throbbing. Tsubasa knew that must have been why Kanade was wearing loose clothes when she came in here.

“Once the Relic links with your body, it can have some weird side effects. There’s a lot of pent up energy that simply doesn’t get used. We’re not always in battle, so it lets us get it out in a more...” Kanade poked her glans against Tsubasa’s cheek. The warm touch of Kanade’s cock could be felt even after she took it off. “...exciting way. All this dancing has left me feeling a little frisky. We can do it right here. Look at you, you’re already hard again.”

Tsubasa pulled Kanade back onto the bed. Kanade’s labia brushed past her shaft. The slimy love juices running down her cock, and mingling with her own love honey, left Tsubasa’s entire body feeling aflame. She moaned in a melodic way. Kanade joined in, grunting in synchronization. They understood each other well enough. The hormones coming from each other’s bodies, and the signals from their Relics, overlapped upon the bed. They through their shirts and bras aside, letting their breasts bounce freely.

Kanade, sweat dripping down her legs and her cleavage, straddled Tsubasa. She lowered her soft lips onto Tsubasa’s cock, slurping up the remaining cum from earlier. She licked around the edge of her partner’s urethra, letting the flavor of Tsubasa’s fresh semen simmer on her tongue, before swallowing it in a single gulp. Her own cock throbbed in Tsubasa’s mouth. From where she lay on the bed, Tsubasa could see Kanade’s dangling cock and wet pussy hanging above her head.

“It’s even bigger up close,” Tsubasa said. “Is it really okay if I lick it?”

“You’ve handled a mic before, you can handle this,” said Kanade, momentarily lifting her mouth off working Tsubasa’s rod. “I want to hear your gentle moans. This will be my first time having my dick sucked by someone, and... I wanted it to be you. There’s no one else I’d trust more.”

Tsubasa flicked her tongue onto the tip of Kanade’s cock head. It tasted of sweat, and mildly salty, but it was Kanade’s scent. She had yearned to get closer with that scent. Tsubasa opened her mouth and leaned forward, taking as much of Kanade’s shaft inside her as she could. She licked her partner’s hard shaft with slow, circling motions of her tongue, tracing the folds of the foreskin to taste every inch of the fiery-haired girl’s member.

“Do my pussy, too,” said Kanade, her voice muffled through Tsubasa’s dick. Kanade stuck two of her fingers inside Tsubasa’s pussy, spreading open the nectar-covered petals. She poked her fingers around inside, massaging her pink walls. She pushed her fingers in farther. “You still have your hymen. Idols are supposed to be pure, but if you don’t get any experience, you won’t be good for later in life.”

Tsubasa was having a hard time focusing. Kanade was sending sensations across her body from all directions. Kanade’s breasts drooped down onto her stomach, her taut nipples dipping in and out of Tsubasa’s belly button. Tsubasa pressed the tip of her fingers against Kanade’s clitoris. She pinched the small nub between her fingers, and gently shook it. Lines of love juice secreted down Kanade’s legs. Tsubasa slid one finger into Kanade’s pussy, and pressed the length of her fingers against Kanade’s ribbed walls.

“It’s so warm inside you...” Tsubasa said, “It’s like your pussy is sucking in my finger.”

“Ah... that feels good...” Kanade said, “You’re not bad at this. A little amateurish, but I’ll have you trained in sex before long. We’re in this together.”

Tsubasa and Kanade sucked each other’s stiff cocks in tandem, thrusting their lips up and down the shaft, reaching the root. Kanade’s dick, which had not yet climax today, throbbed hard inside Tsubasa’s mouth. Tsubasa’s eyes widened as the tip dribbled out white, sticky precum onto her tongue, the taste clinging to the palette of her mouth. She was overwhelmed by the scents and tastes, unable to do anything as Kanade continued caressing her cock with her tongue.

Tsubasa came for a second time inside Kanade’s mouth, and Kanade’s cock head spurted a white, gooey load inside Tsubasa’s mouth. It dripped off the edges of her lips. She quickly made sure to swallow the salty-tasting viscous fluid. It was somewhat unpleasant, but the taste was distinctly Kanade. It was thick, and she could feel it sliding down her throat and into her stomach. Kanade’s pussy had also climaxed, dripping its transparent fluid onto Tsubasa’s face.

In front of her, Kanade was eagerly sucking all the cum she could out of her cock, slathering her glans with a mixture of the semen and her saliva. Kanade swallowed Tsubasa’s load with a satisfied expression on her face. She fell beside Tsubasa on the bed, spreading her arms and legs and looking up at the ceiling.

“That felt pretty good,” said Kanade. She looked beside her to Tsubasa. The trainee Valkyrie’s face and breasts were covered with dollops of her semen. Tsubasa was still in awe of the whole thing, unable to respond from the ecstasy and embarrassment mingling inside her brain. “You have a nice cock, but your pussy looks pretty, too. Do you want to do the real thing? It’s the best way to get our bodies synced.”

Tsubasa spoke quietly. “Will it hurt?”

“It shouldn’t hurt,” said Kanade. “You’ll get a little dirty, but that’s what makes it fun.” Kanade’s member erected itself quickly. Cum was still dripping from the head. “We’re both lubed up, so we’re ready. I’ll help you get it inside.”

Tsubasa righted herself. She showed her back to Kanade. Tsubasa looked aside to the mirror. Kanade was eyeing her butt, and enjoying it. Kanade laughed, and traced her finger down her shaft. Tsubasa spread her pussy with her fingers, and gently lowered herself onto Kanade’s waiting cock. The head spread her lips apart and, with a single thrust, pierced through her hymen and began rubbing against her walls.

It was thick, and hot, and very hard. Tsubasa felt Kanade’s breasts rubbing against her back, and her pussy tightened up. She wasn’t used to this feeling of fullness. Her hips wanted to move up and down on their own. She bounced herself on Kanade’s lap, smacking her plush ass against Kanade’s thighs. Kanade and Tsubasa moaned, their voices rising to a higher pitch as Kanade thrust herself further inside Tsubasa’s pussy, inching closer to the mouth of her womb.

“I could get used to this,” said Kanade. “If you’re still up for it, do you want to do me after?”

“Yes,” whispered Tsubasa.

“I didn’t hear you,” said Kanade.

“YES!” Tsubasa shouted. “My cock wants your pussy, Kanade! You’re so beautiful and horny and good at singing... I want to have all of you.”

“How cute,” said Kanade, running her finger along Tsubasa’s rigid shaft, “You got hard. We can keep doing this all you want.”

“Please.. cum inside me...” said Tsubasa. “I want more of your warm cum. You’re the greatest, Kanade.”

Tsubasa’s breasts shook up and down, and her penis waved itself in the air. The rush of cold air past her cock head was difficult to endure. Her glans was swelling up with cum. She wasn’t sure where to aim it, but she wanted to let it fly. Kanade’s hard cock, thrusting up and down her pussy walls, rubbed her, every thrust sending a spark of pleasure to her head. She loved this feeling.

Tsubasa turned around and kissed Kanade passionately. Their tongues overlapped as their bodies intertwined, and with a final spurt, Kanade came inside Tsubasa’s pussy, Her creamy cum dripped out of Tsubasa’s lips, coating her shaft with a transparent layer of white. Tsubasa came at the same time, squirting a jet of cum into the air, that landed on the carpet in front of her. Kanade’s dick became half-hard. She refused to pull out of Tsubasa until the two of them were completely exhausted.

Many pleasant days followed. Tsubasa and Kanade switched who was on top and bottom, exploring every inch of their bodies. The secret to Zwei Wing’s chemistry was unknown from the world at large. Even when she was performing on stage, Tsubasa never forgot the feel of Kanade’s body. Every groove had been etched into her memory.

Kanade sacrificed herself in a battle against the Noise, but her legacy lived. Hibiki Tachibana became Kanade’s successor, inheriting a fragment of her armor. Tsubasa didn’t trust Hibiki, but she knew that eventually the Relic would show its effects on Hibiki’s body, and she would develop a cock of her own. Rather than waiting for a moment to walk in on Hibiki, the junior Valkyrie walked in on her.

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