Eons and Eons

BY : KinkyKiki
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It all started one evening while I was watching T.V I was casually flicking through the channels looking for some nudity.

My daily work was so tiresome that I rarely had time to actually go out and meet someone,  so whacking off to anything that looked remotely like porn usually occurred, I ended up watching one of those pay-channel movies, really erotic but still soft core. I stripped off my jeans and underwear and got myself ready for a wank.

As the movie continued I became more and more frustrated, the storyline was cheap and long with only some nudity, I decided to go upstairs and grab a porno, I’d watched them to death though so I was still a little dejected. I went back downstairs and stuck on the porno; I sat back down on the sofa and started to watch as some hot blonde sucked on a huge cock. It was having an effect and slowly I started to become aroused, I carried on watching as my cock started growing.

As I was watching, my Vaporeon, Molly, strolled in from the kitchen, and started sniffing around the living room, just then my senses caught hold of her musky scent as she pondered around the lounge. Molly had been in heat for around a week but I had never before noticed her smell, it was intoxicating, it was arousing.

I had never once considered using my Eons for sexual satisfaction until Molly came up to me while I was on the sofa and swiped at my cock with her flat tongue, I wasn’t expecting it and it made me jump. Molly swiped at my cock again as it jumped and throbbed, I could feel the cold air hit the wetness she had created, then without any invitation needed Molly began happily lapping at my throbbing cock with her slick tongue, and it felt absolutely fantastic!

 It was wet and warm, she moved her tongue from my dick to my balls then to the inside of my thighs, I was in heaven, just then I had a thought. I called for Jetta, my Jolteon, who calmly strolled in, fur spikes down, all the while Molly kept up her oral assault on me.

Jetta did not need an invitation either and joined her sister, when I felt both tongues on me all I could do was throw my head back and enjoy. Both Molly and Jetta relentlessly lathered my cock, balls and legs with their eager tongues, I was throwing my head from side to side experiencing the best sensation I had ever felt, before long I was starting to get that familiar itching feeling as my loaded balls started to churn.

My heart was beating so hard it hurt and I was shaking all over, I was so close to cumming, I lifted my ass off the sofa trying to feed them my cock but to my dismay, just as I was about to hit the point of no return they both stopped, I could of screamed.

I sat back down on the sofa and tried in vain to get them back licking but only Molly would give a quick teasing lick before she lost interest and walked off again whimpering. What I done then was completely out of sheer lust and horniness, I called over Molly and got her to lay down which she did willingly, I wanted to rub her pussy in the hope of getting her horny enough to lick my cock again I didn’t want to use my hand, not now.

 I wanted Molly on her back so I grabbed her legs and pulled her to the side, as I did I was greeted with the most beautiful looking pussy I had seen, her lips were very swollen and deep blue, her pussy was huge and looked very wet. I was at that point where I was so horny nothing was too dirty or taboo and the sight of her pretty pussy was too much for me. I bent down and clasped my mouth around her soft lips and devoured her cunt, I sucked at her like a man possessed and she tasted fucking great!

 Molly was also enjoying the attention as she squirmed from side to side humping against my sucking mouth. I stopped sucking her and began dipping my tongue in and out, tongue fucking her like it was a cock, and her pussy was oddly cool and flowing with musky juices. I began to rub her pussy with my hand as I thought about introducing a finger or two, I may have been horny but I didn’t want to hurt her.

I rubbed at her sex as she whined and humped at my hand, I poked my middle finger towards her hole and as I was about to enter her, Molly humped forward, her pussy sucked my middle finger into her wet pussy and clamped down tight. I was amazed at how strangely cool the inside of her cunny was and also how wet she was.

 This was really getting to me now and I had reached a level of horniness that I thought was impossible, I had to end this torture, my cock was so hard it was almost painful and I could feel the wetness of my precum surround the head of my engorged head.

I slipped in a second finger and worked her pussy good, I gave her a few more licks before I decided to stop and have my way with her, I was going to fuck my Pokemon, the thought almost made me lose it right then.

I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and climbed to my knees, my cock was in line with her honey pot. I took my cock and tried to position myself at her entrance, I was shaking so much I found it hard. Finally my cock head touched her pussy and in one quick motion I sank my throbbing dick into her moist pussy until I bottomed out. Wow! I lay there still in a state of shock and pure lust as tried desperately to hold back the need to cum.

I lay there moaning softly as the walls of her pussy gripped around my shaft, fortunately I managed to keep myself from blowing my load. With my orgasm held back, for now at least, I started to slowly withdraw my cock until only the head of my dick was inside her, I then pushed forward again, her pussy swallowing my dick right up to the base, I did this again, the feeling was indescribable.

 I pulled all the way out and pushed slowly back in two more times before I felt my loin’s burn. I’d given her four long strokes and I was already about to cum, I needed it so bad, I started to pick up the pace.

I was fucking Molly with more urgency now, my thrusts were getting clumsy as I began to lose it completely, I could feel my cum boiling as I hit the point of no return. I managed two more thrust before I threw my hips forward one last time, screaming in ecstasy as sperm pulsed through my shaft and erupted inside Molly’s cunt.

I rested my head on the floor next to Molly’s head with my eyes clamped shut as rope after rope of sperm emptied from my dick into Molly. Her pussy walls contracted, milking the rest of the cum from my twitching cock as I lay there wallowing in by far the best orgasm I have ever had. Eventually my cock began to shrink a popped out of Molly’s pussy with a squelch, I dragged myself up onto the sofa and lay there as Molly began to lick herself clean, and I was completely spent and also completely exhausted. It lasted all of two minutes but defiantly the best fuck I have ever had.

I awoke the next morning still lying on the sofa, and still naked. Molly and Jetta both ran to me jumping up me in excitement, I knew that Molly’s pussy was still caked in cum and even though I was horny I didn’t like the thought of licking it so I went to the kitchen to collect some items.

I got a bowl of warm water and a washcloth, I also grabbed a small carton of cream from the fridge and headed back, I called for my two girls to follow, which they did and I ran upstairs. I entered my room and placed the water and the cream on my bedside table.

I called for Molly and patted the bed; she jumped up and sprawled out. I pulled her onto her back, once again admiring her sweet pussy; I took the washcloth out of the water and started to rub her pussy with it. Molly was squirming as I cleaned her humping against my hand like she did the night before; once I felt she was clean enough I stripped off.

Looking down at her pussy was making my cock twitch but I wanted to taste her again. I also wanted a little foreplay for myself so I knelt down beside the bed sideways and grabbed the cream.

I opened it and poured some over my cock and balls, it was cold and made me jump, and before I had chance to call her, Jetta had already started to lap up the creamy goodness. Her warm tongue was a relief from the cold and felt great, with Jetta’s tongue taking care of me I put my own tongue to work on Molly.

I opened up Molly’s pussy lips with my fingers and drove my tongue inside her sweet tasting cunny; I lapped away at her while I enjoyed the sensation of Jetta’s swift tongue on my cock. I moaned into her pussy as the warm wet tongue of Jetta swiped away at me. I started to feel really horny by this point and began sucking Molly into my mouth; she humped at my face in urgency as I loudly sucked away at her soft lips.

Jetta was still licking away at my cock, moving to my balls then back to my cock, licking me clean. As soon as there was no more cream left to lick Jetta stopped and walked off dropping to the floor with a soft thud. I stopped sucking Molly and began to finger fuck her in preparation for my now throbbing prick; I drove into my fingers into her pussy faster until I couldn’t wait any longer.

My cock was aching for her pussy, and once again I was leaking precum. I stood up and positioned my dick at the entrance of her watery snatch, I pushed forward slowly, and her pussy sucked my cock into her with ease. I knew I would last longer this time, but not too long, and I began to fuck her with a steady rhythm. I fucked her with long steady strokes as her pussy walls began to contract again, and I returned to heaven once more.

 My dick slid in and out of her pussy from tip to base, I looked down as my shaft would disappear into her love tunnel and then pull out again watching as it glistened from her juices.

After a good ten minutes or so I could feel my orgasm approaching, I pulled my cock from her pussy and called for Jetta. She sniffed at my cock and started to lick away at her sister’s juices that covered my shaft, I was feeling hornier than ever by this point and dived into her cunt with my face one last time.

I sucked away at Molly while Jetta licked away at me, I was feeling really dirty and started to probe Molly’s asshole with my tongue, it didn’t actually taste of anything but the sheer act alone was driving me crazy. I stuck a finger in my mouth and then poked it at her ass; I went back to licking her pussy and pushed my finger into her tight rubbery rosebud.

Molly didn’t even flinch as I fucked her ass with my finger, the thought of replacing my finger with my cock and fucking her ass with my cock was enough to almost send me over the edge.

I got back to my feet taking my cock away from Jetta and found Molly’s pussy again. I was so close to cumming and I wanted to finish inside her. I drove my dick into her and tried to hold back, but it wasn’t to be.

As soon as I sunk into her I emptied my balls, crying in ecstasy as I shot my load inside her for the second time. Muffled moans escaped my lips as I held my breath, shooting what felt like a pint of sperm into my Vaporeon. I held my cock inside her as the last couple of squirts got milked from twitching dick, I finally let out a breath and spots started to appear in front of my eyes. I was fighting for breath as I withdrew my cock and rolled to the side onto my back. I was once again completely spent.

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