Spirit of Darkness

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Spirit of Darkness

Yoh goes to train to fight Hao the Asakura family gives Yoh a box containing the spirit of darkness if Yoh can survive he will gain the powerful spirit as an ally. Yaoi Harem Anti Uke

Chap 1: The Dark Spirit

AU: A separate slash universe a revise Yoh knows of Hao, and has begun to prepare while he does this Len has gone to face his uncle.

Yoh was in a dark cave, there was a box made of black sandal wood tied up with red ribbon and holy sutras placed on the box, sitting in the center of the room surrounded by blue flame candles. Yoh was a bit nervous since he was all alone; Amidamaru was forced to remain outside the cave, no matter how badly he wanted to be by his lord's side.

The Asakura family had one other spirit of element one that not even Hao could gain control over. The Spirit of Darkness, many had tried to tame the spirit only to be crushed by the spirit like they were nothing. This was a huge gamble but Yoh decided to do it and not even Amidamaru could break Yoh's goal.

Yoh began to undo the seals on the box, when the final seal was removed the blue flames turned black and the box flew open. Powerful energy flowed through the cave so much it spilled out and made the shaman outside shake in fear. "It is free!"

A small spirit came from the box, it was the same size the spirit of fire was before it started getting fed souls and spirits; unlike the spirit of fire though it had large demon wings. "So another fool who thinks he can control me, hope you are ready to die human."

Yoh held his hands up. "Hey whoa hold on I don't wanna control you."

"You don't…" The spirit said and his wings opened up he floated around Yoh. It's eyes glowed a dark purple color. "Well you're telling the truth. So, why would you open the box if you didn't wanna control me?"

"I dunno, I thought you might be lonely in there, I thought you would like to have some friends, and maybe even take a dip in a hot spring." Yoh said with a smile. The spirit read Yoh's soul and his jaw dropped, the boy was telling the truth.

"Hmm, just meet your friends? You wouldn't want me to crush the spirit of fire controlled by your brother?" The spirit asked with a knowing grin, oh yes nothing could be kept from the spirit, the darkness knew all secrets, in mere seconds the dark spirit knew about the shaman fight and Hao along with his sibling spirit.

"I don't want you to fight if you don't want to. Hao is my problem not yours, but it would be helpful if you teamed up with me." Yoh sat down and looked up at the spirit. "I don't really like fighting really I much prefer making friends and hanging out and having fun."

Again the tiny spirit was struck with the truth. He had never seen a human so honest. "Then tell me Yoh Asakura how would you feel if I killed all your little friends, tearing them limb from limb right before your eyes." The spirit of darkness laughed as he saw the boy's soul flare at his words. Yoh stood up and smiled at him.

"Nah you wouldn't do that you're just not that kind of guy." The dark spirit fell from the air and landed hard. His body twitched before he jumped up in the air.

"Are you mocking me? I'm the spirit of DARKNESS!" Wind whipped from the tiny spirit it was cold and yet the black fire only grew from the intense energy.

"Yeah so doesn't mean you are a bad guy." Yoh said and the wind and flames died down. "My family's history says that not even Hao could control you, that everyone who tried was crushed, but they never said what kind of people they were." Yoh walked over to the spirit who floated down. "You can see people's souls and tell if they are good or bad, the people who wanted to control you they were bad people weren't they?"

The dark spirit closed his eyes remembering the fools who dared open the box. He saw into their heart and souls and saw they only wanted his power to destroy, they saw him as nothing more than a weapon. So he crushed them, and he was returned to the box. The red ribbon on the box was a second seal that should he kill the opener of the box he would be trapped back inside. He hated it no one wanted him just his power no one had ever even asked him for his name.

Yoh stared at the spirit for a second before he was pushed away. "You Asakura people treat me like a beast if I don't obey back in the cage I go, so let me guess if I don't go with you back in the box I go huh?!"

The shaman sighed. He walked over to the box and with little force he smashed the box on the ground, shocking the elemental. "There now, you know my name what's yours?"

"Yami." The spirit said and tears spilled from his eyes. "My name is Yami!"

"Well Yami it's your choice now wanna come with me, or do you wanna go somewhere else, you are free to choose now." Yoh said and the spirit landed his wings folding up. He picked up the red ribbon.

"You are a pretty odd guy but I like ya, so I'll stick with you and your blood line." A red band attached to Yoh's wrist. "But don't get cocky just 'cause I'm helping ya doesn't mean you own me."

"Of course not we are friends." Yoh slapped his exposed claw in an high five.

"You are one weird human." Yami vanished slipping into the band.

Yoh leaves the dark cave. Amidamru could feel the presence of the other spirit. "Master Yoh it is good to see you well." Other shamans came up holding seals.

"Yoh Asakura where is the spirit of darkness?" The shamans asked and Yami came out of nowhere.

"Looking for me?" The shamans jumped and were ready to seal Yami away only to have their seals shredded. "To slow." He said and he smirked, not only did he shred their seals he also shredded their clothing.

Yoh couldn't help but laugh. Yami floated back over to Yoh. Yoh's grandfather showed up and eyed the spirit. "I see… Take care Yoh you must be very careful."

Yoh Amidamaru and Yami returned home with Anna, HoroHoro, and Morty. Yami had a dark sense of humor but his presence with Yoh did not go unnoticed. Hao and the spirit of fire felt Yami and even Hao could not deny there was a part of him afraid.

To be continued…

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