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(Justice and Duty)


"You have a duty, not just to yourself but to this family. I have told you time and time again, and yet you still don't listen!" The man took a slow breath and let it out in a small sigh. "I took you in, I raised you like a son and you repay me...with this?" he waved his ancient hand, his fingers twisted from arthritis. He spoke to a boy who was on his knees before him, his bright cold blue eyes a stark contrast to the usual black hair and eyes that were more common. He had a dark bruise covering his cheek and scratches covering his arms, his once expensive suit was torn and bloody and he had a knife still clutched in his fingers. "What do you have to say for yourself Seguchi-kun?"

Tohma looked down at his hands which rested on his knees and he realised he still held the weapon. He dropped it before lowering his head. "I apologise." He muttered softly into the hard stone floor. "I have...disgraced you..."

The man standing above him sighed heavily and looked around the room. It was an underground club that hosted many unsigned bands, one of which the boy at his feet was a part of. Nittle Grasper, a band made up from three young children who had been brought up on the streets and new nothing but violence and pain. Endo Hideki was a patient man but he could only tolerate so much, the place was in ruins. Chairs overturned, tables smashed to pieces, curtains torn down and even doors falling off their hinges. His eyes met the other two children, both in the same position as Seguchi. One was a very pretty boy with reflexes rivalling that of a master martial artist, his body was slim and toned, his skin beautifully bronzed and his eyes two endless pools of sapphire that burnt with passion whenever he was singing but glowed with childish joy when he wasn't. He had blood on his shirt and his knuckles were bruised but his face was untouched. The other was a girl, small but with a curvy figure and a head full of brightly dyed hair. Her eyes were large and rather innocent looking but she had a fiery temper on her that terrified his hardest men, turning them into useless jelly. He spotted the victims in this fight, a group of defeated looking men covered in wounds and hardly able to stand, luckily Endo had been warned of what was happening and he had reached this place before things could get any worse. These men were merely singers in the same competition as Nittle Grasper. "Explain." Endo ordered the boy at his feet.

He sat up slowly but kept his eyes averted. "We were about to go onto stage, but these..." he waved a hand angrily at the group. "Tried to attack Ryuichi...he defended himself against the first but they ganged up...i had to step in or it would have escalated. This is all my fault!"

Endo shook his head slowly. No, he couldn't blame them. They were just protecting each other...as they should. However, this would cause unnecessary problems that could hinder the family's movements for a while to come. He frowned thoughtfully while he stared into the distance, his legs ached and his back pained him but he ignored it. He was used to pain by now. He was in his seventies and was suffering from aggressive arthritis that was almost crippling, he rarely left his home but when he did he walked even if his doctor advised him not to. He turned to the other men he had milling around the room. "Clean everything up, then send the owner compensation. I will be in the office..." he paused and turned to the boy. "Seguchi-kun, please come with me."

He stood and glanced at his friends before nodding once and doing as he asked. The office was neat and empty, Endo sank gratefully into the chair with a small sigh. He settled himself and faced the boy, his eyes were still lowered and he knew they would be glowing with defiance. It was what he admired about him. He was fiercely protective of what was his, and he would go to any lengths to protect his family. That was good. That, was perfect. Endo leaned forward and looked through the boy's fringe and into his eyes. "Toh-chan..." He muttered making the boy flush angrily.

"I'm not...!" He began but Endo cut him off with a fatherly smile.

"I only wish to know what exactly happened here."

Tohma shifted his feet, the trainers scuffing the floor. "The men...they were trying to attack Ryu. I couldn't just stand there and let that happen! So I jumped in to help him, they nearly had his clothes off! I couldn't..."

"I understand. Well, this wasn't a complete disaster. It proves you have what it takes." Endo leaned back and observed the confused expression on the boy's face. He smiled. "I intend to make you my successor."

Tohma's jaw dropped. He stared in obvious disbelief at the man who had raised him most of his life. "B-But...boss...I...I'm not qualified! I'm still just a kid!"

"You are eighteen, that's old enough to begin your training in earnest. I will name you my heir during the next meeting and everything will become official. You are more than capable, Toh-chan...I have absolute faith in you."

Tohma gulped before bowing low. "Thank you, leader." He said softly. "I will make sure your trust is not misplaced."

Endo chuckled and ruffled the boy's hair as he rose, he earned a glare as he straightened it out. Such a strange boy, light blue eyes and soft yellow hair making the only things that marked him as Japanese, his speech patterns and his eye shape. Otherwise he could have fit easily into any western society. He just hoped that his looks wouldn't hinder him in the future of the family, he hoped he hadn't condemned the boy to a struggle. "You may leave now, and help clear up the mess you made."

"Yes, sir." Tohma bowed again and turned leaving the boss alone.

He sat back in his chair and lifted a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket. His second in command lifted a lighter as he put the stick between his lips, it was lit and acrid smoke rose to the ceiling. "Sato-san...You do not think I am making a mistake do you?" he asked softly as he blew smoke from his lips.

"No, boss. I believe you have made the right choice. He's a good kid, if a little...hard hearted at times. He'll get used to it and make a brilliant leader." Sato said easily.

Endo smiled. "I hope you are right."

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