Mika Part Two

BY : Manga-bird
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Dragon prints: 1806
Disclaimer: Ghost Hunt belongs to Fuyumi Ono and Kodansha. This story has been written for my own enjoyment, and I make no money from its publication.

Well, here goes part two. Enjoy!

"What were you doing up stairs Fai?" John asked as they stood by the front door with Lin, waiting for Mai and the others. Fai, who had been looking at the melting snow with a far off look in his eyes, looked up in surprise,

 "Hm? Oh, that. I just thought I should give Mai some space." He replied innocently, at which John looked at him suspiciously.

"You knew that Naru would go after her didn't you?" he accused, receiving an innocent look in return,

"I don't know what you mean." He replied as he flicked his blonde bangs out of his eyes. "In any case, they're back now so you can be on your way. I'm sure you'll want to get some more clothes and supplies before returning." He added as the kitchen door opened and Monk-san entered, followed by Mai and Naru,

"Yes. I should be back within an hour." John replied as he buttoned his chequered brown coat. "How about you Monk-san?" John asked as he looked up at the older man.

"Me? Oh, I shouldn't be more than three hours. I'm dropping Lin-san off first, and then we'll head over to my house before coming back." He replied as he scratched his head absently, his blue eyes looking up at the ceiling distractedly.

"Well, then we'll all be back here by at most five O'clock." Naru stated as he pulled on his black coat and walked to the door, followed by Mai, who pulled her coat on as she went. "Mai, we'll stop at yours first and I'll drop you off." He said as she climbed into the van. Mai waited for Naru to climb in the driver's side before she argued,

"Naru, I'm not staying out of this. If you take me home I'll just walk back." She replied, ignoring his glare as she looked out of the window, "Although I don't know that I'd make it before it got dark…and it looks like it might snow again." She added as she looked up at the cloudy sky. Naru took a deep breath as he turned on the engine,

"Mai, you promised me, at the first sign of trouble." He began as she pulled her coat off in the growing heat,

"I know, but you're in trouble too, so I'll stay and keep an eye on you." She replied,

"Considering what happened earlier that might not be the best idea…" Naru replied bitterly, unable to look at Mai as he brought up his earlier possession. He gasped as he felt Mai's hand on his knee, his grip on the steering wheel tightening until his knuckles were white,

"It's okay, it wasn't your fault, so try not to feel guilty about it." She said comfortingly before blushing and looking out of the window, releasing his knee. He stole a glance at her as he drove and took in her appearance. She looked different somehow as she sat there. She was more mature, her head leaning elegantly on her hand, her elbow supported on the window and her legs crossed, causing her skirt to ride up her thighs.

"But I…I don't want you to get hurt." He argued awkwardly, keeping his eyes on the road as he spoke, feeling her give him an affectionate look.

"I'll be fine…it's nice of you to worry though." She replied with a smile before looking back out of the window. If I didn't know better I'd say Naru was blushing. Mai thought in amusement as she looked at his reflection in the window. I wonder what it was down the well…could it have been my imagination? Maybe, but I'm so sure that I saw something…but Naru would never let me go back to check it out my self…I'll just have to sneak out somehow…it could be important, in fact I'm sure it is! She thought, absently listening to the news on the radio,

"Well, as far as we know it was a Ford that skidded off the road in the blizzard and got hit by an arctic, forcing it over the railing and into the gully. The driver was a middle-aged man, but so far the police have not given any other details. We would like to remind everyone that there is another blizzard on the way, so please, don't go out if you don't have to. The authorities would like to avoid any more unfortunate accidents." The reporter said. Mai sighed in pity, that poor man, I feel sorry for his family. She thought,

"Alright, here we are." Naru said as he pulled up outside Mai's house. "Do you need any help?" he asked as Mai hopped out.

"Sure, you can keep me company. My dad won't be home for hours." She replied as she closed the door, waiting for Naru before walking up to the front door and unlocking it. "Are you coming up?" she asked as she went to the bottom of the stairs and looked over her shoulder as Naru closed the door.

"Sure." He replied shortly as she bounded up, her skirt rising and falling with each step, almost revealing her underwear. Mai walked to her room and went in, where did I put that case? She wondered as she knelt down and looked under the bed, where she could see a small black case big enough to carry a weeks worth of clothes. "You shouldn't need too much, there is a washing machine." Naru said, as if answering her thoughts.

"Okay, this should do then." She replied as she pulled the small case out and put it on the bed. It was on wheels, the type of case airhostesses use when they fly to a country and stay for the night before coming back, it was also the bag that Mai used for her hand luggage on planes. Mai left the case open on the bed and went to her drawers, doing the underwear first, and being quick about it because Naru was watching her every move. She then walked to her wardrobe and opened it, looking at all of her skirts and trousers thoughtfully. I'll take one pair or chords in case we go out in the snow again and two skirts…but which ones? She wondered as she pulled a pair of light brown chords from the hanger and looked at the skirts. She jerked as an arm reached over her shoulder and pulled one black pleated skirt and one chequered that almost matched John's coat.

"These will do." He said as he looked down at her, "I've always thought you looked nice in this one." He added as he held up the chequered skirt. Why did I know that Naru would choose something black? She thought as she eyed the black pleated skirt. I've never even worn this one…I guess I should get some use out of it though. She added as she took the skirts and pulled them off the hangers, letting them clatter to the floor as she hurried to her case. She went to her drawers and opened them, well; this black top will go with that skirt…she thought as she picked up the sleeveless roll neck and looked back in the drawer. Ah, this beige would look nice with the chequered skirt. She added as she picked up a long sleeved top. "You might want a jumper or two, oh, and don't forget nightwear." Naru reminded her from the doorway.

"Right." She replied as she grabbed a thick white tracksuit top and looked at her nightclothes, pulling some blue silk pyjamas out of the drawer. "Now what else…oh!" she yelped as she hopped to her night stand and picked up her pills, quickly swallowing one before putting the rest of the packet in the case and zipping it shut, turning to see Naru looking a little uncomfortable. That's strange…he wasn't so tense a minute ago…she thought as she picked up her case.

"I'll take it." Naru said as he stepped forward and took the case from her hand. Mai let him take the case, her heart skipping a beat as their hands touched lightly. Mai stole a glance up at Naru to see him looking down at her, both of them looking away quickly when they caught each other's eye.

"W-we'd better be going." Mai said quickly, turning away to hide her blush, why am I so nervous? We've already kissed, so what is there to worry about? She wondered as she looked around her room, her eyes lingering on her bed, a few impish thoughts entering her head as she glanced sideways at Naru, no! Bad Mai-chan! What are you thinking? She thought in embarrassment.

"You're right, let's go." Naru replied quickly as he saw Mai's gaze flick from the bed to him, her light blush making it obvious what she was thinking about. As she jerked out of her thoughts he smirked and walked to the door,

"Uh, r-right." She replied quickly as she followed him, her gaze travelling up and down his back, mostly watching his lower half. God he's gorgeous…she thought distractedly as they reached the bottom of the stairs, where Naru pulled the door open and walked out with Mai close behind. "So, I guess I finally get to see your house now huh?" she said cheerfully as they walked to the van. Mai climbed in and heard Naru open the back doors to put her case in before climbing in beside her.

"It's just a small apartment, there's nothing to be excited about." He replied as he started the engine and pulled off the curb. Mai sighed as she stretched, groaning as she leaned forward on the dashboard. "Tired?" Naru asked teasingly as Mai sat back.

"No." she replied stubbornly as she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, hearing Naru's soft chuckle as she relaxed and sighed again.

"Mai." Naru said softly. Mai sighed as she opened her eyes and found herself lying down on the grass in a sunny garden, what? I was just…damn! I fell asleep again! She thought as she got to her feet and brushed herself off, he'll never let me hear the end of it! She added as she looked at Naru,


"We're…in Fai's garden again aren't we?" she said as she looked around, seeing the well. As she stepped closer to the well she heard a muffled cry and deep grunts, this is where we left off last time! I don't want to see this! Let me out! Let me wake up! She thought in a flurry as she turned away, feeling Naru grab her from behind, his chin resting on her shoulder gently,

"You have to see this through Mai. You're the only one who can help." He purred, his arms and voice somehow claming her. "You don't have to watch it…you can go round when he's…finished." He added as he massaged her shoulders gently. Mai took a breath and stepped forward, walking around the well until she could see them, Mika was pinned to the ground, her Kimono ripped open and Tohru above her, thrusting into her roughly as he kissed and licked her neck, leaving numerous dark red marks on her porcelain skin

"No! Tohru! Pease stop!" Mika cried helplessly as tears streamed down her cheeks making her eyes red. Tohru groaned angrily as he leaned over her, snarling at her face,

"You think you're too good for me? Is that it? You whore!" he shouted in rage, slapping her face hard. Mika's head snapped to the side with its force as she sobbed,

"Tohru! Stop!" she cried as she tried to push him back, sobbing loudly as he moved his hips forward, grinding them into hers,

"Why? Don't you like it? Doesn't it feel good?" he asked as he pulled back and pushed into her again, his head moving down to kiss the hollow of her neck again.

"No Tohru! I want you to stop!" she cried as she tried again to throw him off, but the hold he had on her wrists was too strong and she could only move him a few inches from her chest before she collapsed back to the grass in exhaustion. "Eishi! Eishi! Help me! Please!" she shouted, crying as Tohru bit down on her neck roughly until it bled,

"Shut up you bitch!" he hissed venomously, licking the blood and sighing as he savoured the taste. "Why do you call for Eishi? You have me. I love you. Eishi doesn't." he continued in a purring voice as he nuzzled her throat. "You know he only married you for the money…the daughter of the General…that's quite a lot of money you inherit, isn't it Mika?" he said,

"Of all the things! How low can you stoop Tohru? I do not believe your lies! I know Eishi loves me! And if you truly loved me you would not be doing this!" she replied as he continued to thrust into her, gritting her teeth against the pleasure he was trying to force on her, focusing only on the pain he caused.

"But I do love you Mika, that is why I am trying to save you." He replied, licking the tears from her cheeks, making a shudder run through her body as she lay there.

"I hate you Tohru." She replied darkly,

"No you don't." he replied as he kissed her cheek,

"I do. I will never love you, you rapist." She hissed, letting the hatred show in her eyes as he came inside her. He pulled out of her and looked down at her, his fists shaking in anger until he finally let it overcome him. Mai gasped in horror as he kicked Mika repeatedly anywhere he could reach, her face, stomach, chest and legs,

"No…stop…you'll kill her…stop…" Mai cried as she watched, feeling her stomach turn as the blood began to flow from new cuts while Mika's pale skin turned blue in places and the sound of cracking bones was cutting across Mika's pained moans. I have to help her! I can't just…watch this…she cried inwardly, feeling Naru's arms around her as she stepped forward.

"There is nothing you can do." He said sadly as tears filled her eyes and flowed down her cheeks. She watched Tohru step back panting, looking down at Mika's broken body with a manic grin. Mai looked at the bleeding corpse and felt her stomach heave. She covered her mouth and ran to the edge of the trees where she bent over and choked as she vomited, feeling a gentle hand rubbing her back and holding the loose hair away from her face. Oh god he killed her! He beat her to death and I watched him do it! She cried inwardly as her throat burned from the acid in her throat. "Mai." Naru said gently. Mai looked over her shoulder and he pointed to the well, where Tohru had lifted Mika's body, what's he going to do now? Hide her in the forest somewhere? Fai did say that her body was never recovered…maybe I should go to the clearing and see if I can feel anything…she thought,

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