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Hey, this is another story I wrote a while ago. Enjoy!

Oh God! Oh God! Mai thought as she walked down by the lake. They had managed to escape the school, but that didn’t mean that they were finished there; they still had to find him. Naru’s brother. Eugene. Gene…Why did he have to tell me? Why did he have to…

The honey haired girl sat down against a tree, looking out at the large glittering lake. There were still boats out there, looking for Eugene’s body, though Mai was convinced they had already scoured every inch of the water. Why am I thinking about myself right now? Naru’s here…looking for his brother! His identical twin brother! How must he feel right now? She wondered, her hazel eyes watering until she blinked and tears trickled down her cheeks.

Just two hours ago she had been oblivious to Eugene’s nature, oblivious that she’d been so close to him all this time. All those dreams! All that time! Why didn’t he just tell me? Why wait until now? I’m so confused! She thought, hugging her knees tightly, her jeans tightening around her legs in the process.


Two hours ago…

I’m dreaming? Mai thought as she looked around, slightly confused as she got to her feet. She was in the school, but it was pitch black, and there were wisps floating in the air all around her, which was how her dreams usually looked. There was only one thing missing,

“Mai.” Naru’s voice said behind her, Mai turning with a smile, her dream now feeling complete. It always amazed her how different Naru was in her dreams, his blue eyes soft, his touch gentle and his voice so warm, just like his smile. The Naru of the waking world would never smile at her the way he did when she was sleeping.

“Naru! What am I doing here? I mean…it’s over; you already helped me find the way out.” Mai said as he approached her, his expression strange. Usually he gave her a warm smile, but now he looked anxious, biting his lip as he reached her. She was even more surprised as he took her hands in a gentle grip. “Is something wrong? What’s going to happen?” She asked worriedly, the boy quickly shaking his head,

“It’s not that Mai…I brought you here because we need to talk.” He began, Mai frowning in confusion, almost laughing as she pulled her hands away. He was acting strangely, and Mai didn’t like it,

“What do you mean? You’re making it sound like you’re breaking up with me or something, and we’re not even together!” Mai said jokingly as Naru reached out and took her hand again, his grip too tight for her to pull away from. His expression told her he was being serious,

“Mai! I need your help…and your forgiveness.” He said, his hand reaching up to rest on her cheek, his blue eyes so hurt and sad. Mai had the urge to pull him closer, but as she stepped in he stopped her, “You may not feel that way when you’ve heard what I need to say.” He warned as he rested a hand on her shoulder to keep her back,

“What…do you mean?”  Mai asked worriedly, her heart speeding up as she waited for Naru’s answer. Naru took a deep breath before looking her straight in the eye, his grip on her hand tightening,

“I’m not Naru.” He confessed, Mai’s chest clenching somewhere between shock and fear, If he’s not Naru who is he? What’s he doing here? Is he going to do something to me? Oh God! I’m going to die! “I’m Gene.” He said, Mai’s brow furrowing slightly,

“Gene?” She said in confusion, her fear swiftly melting away; after all, she could never be scared of Naru’s brother.

“Noll, or Naru as you call him, I’m his brother. We are, were, twins.” He clarified, Mai’s hazel eyes widening as she stared at him. Now everything made sense, all the differences between the Naru of the waking world and the one of her dream world were shockingly bright. “I need you to find me!” He added as he took both her hands, his eyes filled with a sort of desperation.

“But Naru’s searching the lake as we speak! He’ll find you for sure!” Mai insisted with a warm smile, holding his hands gently, though on the inside she was still reeling. Gene drew closer, taking Mai’s arms gently as he looked down at her,

“You don’t understand! No one can find me but you! I need you Mai; you’re the only one who can help.” He replied firmly, cutting Mai off before she could speak again. “Mai! I’m not in the lake! I’m under it!” He continued, Mai’s heart stopping at his words. Oh God! If Gene hadn’t come forward, Naru would never have known! But how are we supposed to find him if he’s under the lake?

“What should I do? Where are you?” Mai asked, the twin releasing her with a relieved smile. Somehow he had known all along that she would help him; she’d never let him down before. Reaching up to touch her cheek he stepped in closer,

“Thank you Mai, thank you…Look out for me in the waking world; I’ll lead you there.” He replied gratefully, leaning in until their lips almost touched, his forehead leaning on hers. He feels so warm…so kind…how can he be dead? How can such a warm, kind person be gone when he’s standing right here? He’s even kinder than his brother; his brother! Naru!

“I have to tell Naru!” Mai exclaimed as she pushed Gene back, her cheeks slightly flushed as she realised how close they had been. Gene’s scent was still about her, and it was startlingly different to Naru’s. Gene must have worn a different cologne…it’s fresher than Naru’s…stronger and more obvious…

“Alright…Remember! Look out for me.” Gene reminded as he released her hand and stepped back, the darkness slowly enveloping him.


That’s what had happened, and when Mai woke up she had been on her bed with Monk-san sitting beside her with a magazine. Upon hearing her stir Monk-san had put the magazine aside to check on her, and after hearing that it had been one of ‘those’ dreams he had wanted to call in Naru, but Mai had stopped him. She’d promised to tell her boss when she saw him, but all she wanted to do was get out. The monk had grudgingly let her go, and here she was, sitting against a tree with her own problems.

It’s not as simple as finding Gene anymore! If it’s been Gene in my dreams all this time the…how do I really feel? I’ve always been thinking things like ‘I wish Naru would smile the way he does in my dreams,’ ‘I wish Naru walk say such kind things when I’m awake,’ ‘I wish Naru would look at me warmly when I’m awake.’ If it’s been Gene all this time, and not Naru, then how do I feel? Is it Naru or Gene? How can I decide?

“Mai. Takigawa-san sent me to find you; is there something wrong?” Naru’s voice asked, the short haired girl looking up from her knees briefly. Wiping her eyes she quickly got to her feet, intent on looking anywhere but at Naru. She hadn’t quite figured out what she was going to tell him, but there was no time like the present.

“I know where he is.” She replied simply, having no choice but to look at the boy before her as he stood in front of her and grabbed her shoulders roughly, something Gene would never do…

“Where? How do you know? Tell me!” He ordered frantically while shaking her shoulders, his deep blue eyes piercing hers with desperation, and perhaps a hint of resent. Biting her tongue about the pain he was causing with his rough handling she grabbed his forearms in return, holding him back and steadying herself at the same time. “Sorry.” He said quietly as he released her and pulled back,

“It’s alright…I understand how you feel…” She replied, ignoring the sceptical look he gave her, after all she had lost both her parents. “Gene, he told me…” She added quietly, the boy before her gritting his teeth slightly as he looked away. Why her? Why couldn’t you tell me Gene? I’m your brother aren’t I? He thought bitterly, trying not to let his resentment show as he rested his hands on Mai’s shoulders,

“Where is he?” He asked calmly, his touch cold and firm, so unlike Gene’s.

“Somewhere under the lake; he didn’t tell me more than that. He told me to look out for him, and he’d show me.” Mai replied, a shiver running down her back at Naru’s touch, only the shiver was different. Usually when she came in contract with Naru the shivers she felt were like electricity that set her heart racing and her cheeks flushing. This time was different; the shivers sent her into a cold sweat, like being confronted by a complete stranger. But I’ve known Naru as long as I’ve known Gene! Just because it turns out I wasn’t dreaming about Naru doesn’t mean I don’t know him…

“Alright, come to my cabin. I want to hear everything.” Naru said firmly, leaving Mai no choice but to follow as he lead the way. Upon entering Lin was sitting at the small dining table, where Mai joined him, sitting opposite the empty seat that Naru was bound to take.

“Naru?” Lin asked in confusion as the teen took his place beside the older man without sparing him a glance, his eyes fixed on Mai’s uncomfortable form.

“Take notes on this Lin. Mai, start from the very beginning.” Naru ordered, the honey blonde looked at her clasped hands.

“Well…I guess the beginning would be…when we first met.” She began, looking up to see Naru’s eyes slightly wider than usual. Mai told him everything, every dream, every case; all she left out were the feelings she had. When she was finished Naru leaned forward looking thoughtful, what was it all for? Why Mai? Was it her latent psychic abilities that allowed him to talk to her? But then he could have used Masako…we tried often enough…Could he not hear us? Why wouldn’t he answer?

“Why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you tell me?” Naru asked, noting the light blush that coloured Mai’s cheeks as her eyes darted between the two older men.

“Well…I didn’t know who it was until he told me, and telling you that I saw you in my dreams…don’t you think that would be a little…strange?” Mai asked, her cheeks brightening further as she took a deep breath to continue, “I-I’ve liked you…for a long time…” She said, unsure what had led her to this confession, now of all times. Had Naru been drinking tea she was convinced he would have choked on it judging by his expression;

“I very much doubt that Mai; you even said it was my brother who swept you away in your dreams, not me. I can’t replace my brother Mai; the man you’re in love with is dead.” Naru replied heartlessly, and though Mai felt her eyes fill with tears and her heart clench painfully, she wasn’t sure he was wrong. All this time I’ve been wishing that Naru was more like his brother, so he’s right, it does seem likely that I love Gene…still…Naru and I have been through our share of adventures too…

“Naru.” Lin said sternly, Mai jumping slightly she felt cotton brush softly against her cheeks, looking up to see the older man before her, his long fringe covering one eye as always. He dried her eyes gently, Mai feeling her throat clench painfully as she held back sobs.

“Sorry, I don’t know why…it just started…” Mai said apologetically as she tried to stop crying, the tall man kneeling beside her shifting a little closer. Feeling him so close Mai couldn’t help herself, she leaned forward to rest her head on his shoulder, her hands clutching the shoulder of his shirt. Opening her eyes she found Naru had left, but for some reason she wasn’t surprised.

“I’m sorry Taniyama-san…Naru’s been on edge these past few days…” Lin apologised as the girl pulled herself together and sat back, wiping her eyes with a forced smile. She got to her feet, tugging her tartan shirt straight as she did so,

“It’s okay, I understand.” She replied, Lin’s hand gently reaching out to rest on her shoulder, pushing her back to the seat. Mai looked up curiously, surprised as Lin moved back to his seat and stared intently at his laptop as if unsure how to start. She’d never seen the Chinese man hesitant before.

“I’m afraid you don’t…We haven’t been completely honest with you Mai-san…” He began, Lin-san’s never used my first name before…something tells me I’m not going to like this…She thought as his dark eyes looked up at her apologetically before dropping once again. “Naru’s name…isn’t Shibuya Kazuya. He’s an Englishman called Oliver Davis, and he’s been here in Japan searching for his brother, Eugene Davis. SPR was created for that purpose, and that purpose alone…Once Gene is found we’ll be leaving Japan…SPR will close.” The older man explained, looking up to see Mai’s stunned expression before getting to his feet and making some tea.

“Leaving?” She said in shock as the cup was put in front of her, “What about you Lin-san? You’re not going to tell me you’re…” She trailed off, feeling somewhat betrayed by this revelation. Lin took his place once more with his own cup or tea, though it didn’t taste as nice as Mai’s. I’ll certainly miss her tea when I leave…

“No, my name is Lin. I’ve been his friend since childhood; the three of us were. I agreed to be his legal guardian during this…task.” He replied, noticing Mai’s saddened expression. With a sigh Lin put his tea aside, “I’m sorry Mai, we should never have gotten you involved…It’s my fault. We never really needed an assistant, but when I saw how happy Naru was after he met you I convinced him to hire you, and he does like you, I can promise you that…I never expected things to turn out like this…” He sighed as he sat back,

“How did you think they’d turn out?” Mai asked absently, still reeling from the secrets that had just been revealed.

“I’d hoped that perhaps Naru would calm down…settle into life here, maybe even…meet someone special.” He added significantly as he looked at Mai, who smiled warmly as she got to her feet, not touching the tea.

“So I was just…a distraction? Another puzzle for him to play with?” Mai demanded quietly as she got to her feet, her hand shaking slightly as she balled her fist. Lin looked a little taken aback at her words as she looked at him with hardened eyes, “Is that what the others were? Did you bring us together just to pass the time? Did you even think how we would feel when the time came for you to toss us aside?” She shouted tearfully, Lin standing and reaching to put a hand on her shoulder, “Don’t bother! You’ll be leaving soon anyway right?” She snapped, jerking back and swatting his hand away roughly,

“Mai-san…” He trailed off uselessly, his hand left hanging in the air as she turned and ran, “Mai! I do care…” He called after her, but if the girl heard it she gave no sign.

“Whoa! Hold up there a second! Mai? Mai!” Monk-san’s voice called from the door, and a few seconds later he entered carrying a box of camera equipment from the school, “What the hell is going on?” He demanded as he put the box on the counter. I guess there’s no time like the present…Lin thought, directing the monk to take a seat.


“Mai? Mai!” Naru’s voice called through the trees. Mai looked around from where she sat on the edge of the cliff overlooking the lake. There was no way she could avoid him; he was already beyond the trees heading right for her. “Didn’t you hear me? I’ve been looking for you for the past hour! You’re still my assistant you know.” He said, business as usual as he stood behind her.

“I quit.” she said quietly, the ebony haired boy leaning down slightly, convinced he’d heard wrong,

“What did you say?” He asked with a slight frown, seeing from her damp cheeks that she clearly wasn’t herself, in fact as the sun was going down she’d started to shiver slightly.

“I said ‘I quit.’ I’ve had enough.” She replied, her voice strangely deadened, and Naru was surprised to find himself getting rapidly annoyed.

“You can’t quit without a week’s notice.” He replied firmly, the girl bending over slightly, her hair hiding her face as she almost curled into a ball, her shoulders shaking slightly.

“Cut the crap Oliver…” She said, Naru balking at the sound of his real name on Mai’s lips, so Lin told her…He thought with an inward sigh, “Your business probably won’t last another week.” She said coldly as she sat up straight and looked at him, her hazel eyes puffy and red around the edges where she had been crying.

“Mai.” Naru said, unsure how to continue as she got to her feet.

“Taniyama-san.” She corrected coldly, “I’m just your employee…It’s not like we’re friends.” She added as she started to walk away, the black clad boy feeling something tighten in his chest at those words. Fine! If that’s what she wants…

“Taniyama-san. Whether this business will continue or not, you are my employee, by contract, for at least a week.” He replied, fighting the urge to recoil at the dark look Mai gave him. Meeting her gaze he waited,

“If you want to sue me, go right ahead.” She replied, pausing at the sigh behind her. She hated that sigh, it was the sound that told her Naru was about to be condescending, if he dares! If he even thinks about it!

“Mai, you’re being childish; it’s only a week and we don’t even have to see each other.” He said, his blue eyes widening as his head snapped to the side, his cheek stinging where Mai’s hand had made contact. Looking back at her he saw her face fully for the first time, tears streaming down her pale cheeks, her eyes red and sore from crying.

“There’s only one reason you’re not sending me away right now! And that’s because you need me! If you didn’t need me you’d have no problem with me walking away right now! Well, I’m not going to be your tool anymore! I’m not just a doll for you to play with and experiment on! None of us are!” She cried, her hazel eyes widening as she felt someone grab her. It took her a few moments of stunned silence to realise that it was Naru holding her so gently.

“I can’t do this alone.” He almost whispered, part of Mai daring to believe it, but the rational side, the side that had been manipulated over and over, decided otherwise.

“Stop it! You’re playing with me again and it’s not fair!” She declared, as she shoved him back, no longer crying as she looked at him. His expression was still neutral, only a hint of distress tugged at his eyes, but Mai didn’t believe it. “You know I like you! That’s the only reason you’re being like this, so stop it! You even said; it’s Gene I really want, so just drop the act!” She snapped before turning and walking away, gritting her teeth angrily at the thought of how she had almost been fooled,

“Mai! You’re right, I do need your help, but.” Naru began,

“Davis-san! You’re smart, you have Masako, you already know where you have to look! You’ll figure it out…You always do.” Mai interrupted before continuing her way down the slope to head back to the girl’s cabin. Naru was left behind at the top of the cliff in the growing darkness, his figure soon blending into the distance.

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