Skyla; The High Flying Slut: Chapter 1 - VS Elesa

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Skyla; The High Flying Slut

Chapter 1: VS Elesa


Skyla reached up and stretched; it was time for her 15th gym battle of the day. Her opponent didn’t look very special; he was a Hiker, apparently going by the name “Brett”. “Nice day for a battle, eh girly?” he said gruffly. “Yeah!” she said smiling. “He probably thinks he can beat me easily because he has rock Pokémon,” she thought. “What say we get started, eh?” he said, smirking. He reached down for his belt, and grabbed his first Pokéball. “Go, Boldore!” he shouted, throwing the Pokéball into the air. The familiar flash of red light streamed from the balls interior, and materialised into a blue rock Pokémon. “So predictable” she thought. She reached for her own Pokéball, and sent out her Swanna. If all went to plan, this battle would be over quickly. “Swanna, use Surf!” Skyla called.  Moisture in the air around Swanna suddenly manifested itself into a ball of water, which Swanna sent hurtling into the ground at Boldore’s feet, causing a large wave to sweep it off balance. As the water settled on the floor, Boldore stood, conscious, but barely. “Pretty good, but Swanna can’t take a Power Gem from Boldore!” he boasted. The glowing rocks hit Swanna hard, causing it to fall out of the air. Brett let out a chuckle. However, his smile disappeared as Swanna got back up to its feet. “But how?” he said, worriedly. “You may have the sturdy ability, but my Swanna is holding a focus sash!” Skyla replied. “Now, let’s end this, Swanna, aerial ace!” she commanded. Swanna struck fast; the attack wasn’t powerful, but it was enough to faint Boldore. The rest of the match went fairly quickly, with Swanna one-hit-KO’ing Brett’s Gurdurr with a well-aimed Air Slash. Brett stood defeated, and he turned around with his head facing the ground. “Good match, eh?” he sniffled. As she watched him shuffle out of the gym, Skyla breathed a sigh of relief. She had been horny all day, and she was desperate to sate the tingling sensation in her pussy. “Close the door” she shouted to her aide. “We’re done for the day”. But suddenly, a voice echoed across the room. “Forgetting something?” a female voice called. Skyla let out an exasperated sigh, and spun around to face her challenger.


Except, it wasn’t a challenger at all, it was Elesa of Nimbasa City. Skyla smiled as the slim gym leader stalked toward her; Skyla admired her beauty. “Hi!” said Skyla, happy to see her friend again. “How’s it going, sweetie?” replied Elesa. “Fine, thank you. I’ve just finished taking challengers for the day, but you’re welcome to stay. What brings you here?” said Skyla, as she locked the Gym door. “I’m on my way to Cynthia’s villa,” Elesa replied. “I thought I would drop by and ask if you wanted to come.”

“Sure! I’d love to!” beamed Skyla. “But I cannot leave until tomorrow afternoon, unfortunately. I have some business to attend to tomorrow morning. But like I said, you can stay!” said Skyla. “I’m far too polite,” she secretly thought. “I won’t get to pleasure myself for another few hours”. Her thoughts wandered to her imagining sliding her fingers in and out of her wet pussy, slowly rotating them as she did. Then she would put her fingers in mouth and … “Skyla!” Elesa snapped.

“Huh? Oh yeah!” said Skyla, her dirty mind elsewhere. Elesa folded her arms behind her back, and clasped her hands, resting her head against them. “You’re always dozing off; I’d love to know what you think about!” Elesa joked. “Yeah,” Skyla replied. Right now she was thinking about pulling up her thong so that her pussy lips would fold over the narrow strip of fabric that holds them together, and then tugging it up and down, rubbing it against her clit.


After a short walk across the airstrip, they reached Skyla’s house, which appeared to be a converted greenhouse. Skyla unlocked the door and strolled in. Elesa walked in after her, and threw her yellow coat onto the sofa. “Want something to drink?” asked Skyla.

“Sure,” replied Elesa.

“Coffee or tea? I also have a bottle of Sake,” Skyla said, opening the fridge.

“Hm, I’ll take the sake,” said Elesa thoughtfully. Skyla poured some of the Sake into a glass, and handed it Elesa. “I must say, these converted greenhouses are nicer than I expected, “said Elesa. “You done a really good job of making this place your own,” she went on, taking a sip of her drink. “Thanks! I’m going to go and make your bed, I’ll be back in a minute,” said Skyla. Elesa looked around the room. It consisted of two red sofas in an L-shape, creating a small area. The T.V was facing diagonally, so that everybody could see it. There was a mahogany table in the middle of the room. Elesa poured herself another glass of sake. “Skyla looks good,” she thought to herself. She had never thought about it before, but her curvy figure, large breasts and pretty face were a sight to see. Elesa put her hands down her leggings, carefully listening for Skyla. She put her forefinger on her clitoris, and gently rotated it. She bit her bottom lip as a tingling sensation spread through her body. She imagined Skyla sat next to her naked, gently kissing her elegant neck whilst fingering herself. 

Skyla meanwhile had thoughts of her own. She was trying to find the source of the squeaking noise on her bed, so that she could masturbate quietly once Elesa had gone to sleep. However, she had no luck, and she sat on the bed exasperated. “If I don’t get rid of my urges soon, I’m going to blow!” she thought. She took a swig from her bottle of sake, and stretched her shorts and thong outwards. Looking down, she could see that her clitoris has swollen. It had become so sensitive, that just the breeze from the room was stimulating it. She put her finger on it and let out a soft moan. She slowly moved her finger up and down. With her ring finger, felt her pussy. It was soaking wet, and the scent emitting from it was making her even hornier. She grabbed her black lace thong, and pulled it up so that her pussy lips folded over it. She pulled it up and down; the sensation was amazing. She desperately tried to hold her breath to stop herself from moaning too loud, but she let out a soft breath, and she felt her chest vibrate vigorously, trying to take in air whilst still remain quite. She was very aware of her surroundings; if Elesa caught her, what would she think? She thought of Elesa’s beautiful face, her magnificent wide hips and her leggings. She imagined Elesa lifting up her top, to reveal her pussy pressed up against her tight leggings, clearly defined. “I can’t do this, if I orgasm, I know I’ll cry too loud,” she thought. She sighed as she let go of shorts, and she listened to them snap back against her waist.  

Elesa was on verge of orgasm when she heard Skyla close her bedroom door. She quickly pulled her hands out of her leggings, and sat up straight. “Sorry for the wait,” Skyla said, sitting down the couch. Neither of them knew it, but they both desperate to finish getting themselves off. For an hour they drank sake and conversed about typical things; new battle tactics, how well their Pokémon were growing up. They didn’t realise it, but they both drinking quite heavily, both trying to quell their urges, but the sake was making them hornier. Skyla stood, slightly tipsy and went to go and get another sake bottle. Elesa on the other hand had made up her mind. After realising how sexy Skyla was, she was only thing Elesa wanted. Elesa watched Skyla bent over the fridge; she imagined her without her shorts, picturing her pussy lips parting slightly as she bent over, revealing her pink labia within. She pictured her ass spreading, giving her a nice view of her cute asshole. It was almost too hot for Elesa. As Skyla sat back down, she noticed Elesa staring at her. She looked into her piercing blue eyes, as Elesa looked into her soft blue eyes. Skyla’s eyes travelled down Elesa’s body; first down her elegant neck, then to her breasts and stomach. She stopped a moment at her crotch, seeing whether her pussy lips really did push out against her leggings. Finally, her eyes wandered over her long, elegant legs. Her skin was wonderfully pale. Elesa’s eyes moved down from Skyla’s face down to her ample breasts. She could see her nipples poking out of her shirt. Her eyes followed the blue strip over her tits down her body, where they finally met under her groin. She marvelled at her curvy hips, longing to hold them. Skyla’s skin was slightly tanned, but it was beautiful. Elesa could take it no longer. She stood up, and strided over to Skyla. She sat beside her, and put her hand on Skyla’s thigh. She looked lustily into Skyla’s eyes and saw something past the soft blue irises, a sparkle she had never seen before. She moved her face close to Skyla’s and kissed her on the lips. Skyla felt the tingling sensation in her pussy grow stronger, and broke away for a second to look into Elesa’s eyes, and to wonder whether it was really happening. She put her hands behind Elesa’s head, and kissed her again. This time, they couldn’t stop. Skyla stuck her tongue as far into Elesa’s mouth as possible, and Elesa let out soft, long moan from her throat. Skyla felt Elesa grab her breast, and she responded by reaching up Elesa’s top and caressing her breasts with her hands. Elesa could taste Skyla’s saliva in her mouth and she liked it. Elesa pulled away, and looking into Skyla’s eyes, took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.


Elesa sat on the bed, as did Skyla. She slowly took off her top, exposing her breasts. Skyla gazed upon her pale breasts, spellbound. She moved closer to Elesa, and put her tongue on one of her pink nipples.  She moved her tongue up and down, and then took Elesa’s nipple into her mouth. She then looked up at Elesa, who was pleased to see Skyla was enjoying it. Elesa reached down and grabbed Skyla’s breasts. Skyla knew Elesa was desperate to see them, so she knelt up, and smiled at Elesa as she pulled up her top. Skyla was wearing a black-lace bra, and it was transparent everywhere but the nipples, though Elesa could see them poking through. Elesa could also see the pink rings encircling her nipples, and she became exited. She could feel her clit swelling slightly. Skyla unclipped her bra, and let it fall down to the bed. Elesa lent over, and took Skyla’s right nipple in her mouth. She sucked it, and moved her tongue on it in a circular motion. Elesa put her hand down Skyla’s shorts and felt her pussy. It was soaking wet, and when she inserted her finger, she could feel it sucking it in. Skyla squealed with delight, as she moved her hips with Elesa’s finger. Elesa pulled her finger out, and looked into Skyla’s eyes and as she put it in her mouth and sucked it. “Ca-can I see your pussy?” Skyla asked nervously. Elesa leant over and whispered into her ear. “You can do whatever want,” she replied. Elesa pulled her leggings off, and knelt up. She was fully exposed and Skyla took in the sight of her pussy. Elesa was entirely shaven save for a patch of blonde pubic hair in the shape of an electric bolt. Her pussy was extremely tight, and her pussy lips revealed nothing within. Skyla returned the favour; she pulled down her shorts and thong, and threw them off the bed. She lay down, her head resting against a pillow up against the headboard. She spread her legs, and let Elesa drink in the view of her pussy. Skyla was shaven entirely, and her pussy lips were not as tight as Elesa’s. Behind her lips, Elesa could see her labia. Skyla’s clit was very swollen. Elesa’s mouth was salivating and as she got closer to taste Skyla’s pussy, she could feel the heat coming from it; the aroma was intoxicating. Elesa began to lick Skyla’s clitoris, and Skyla moaned with pleasure. Elesa began to finger herself, and Skyla gripped the bed sheets with her hands. Elesa moved her tongue down to her pussy, and darted it in and out. The taste was sensational, and the scent was just as good. Elesa moved back to the clitoris; she was ready to give Skyla an orgasm.  She moved her tongue over it faster and faster; Skyla’s head was spinning. Finally, Skyla put her hand behind Elesa’s head and moved her hips in accordance with Elesa’s tongue. Waves of pleasure were rippling throughout Skyla’s body; she felt her leg shaking, as she moaned with delight. Once the intense sensation had subsided, she opened her eyes and saw Elesa staring into them, running her slim fingers through her hair. She wasn’t even aware that she had closed her eyes during her orgasm. Without saying anything, Elesa straddled Skyla, and began fondling her tits. Skyla could feel Elesa moving up and down, rubbing her pussy on her stomach. Skyla put her hand on Elesa’s thighs and began stroking them. She slowly moved her hands down to Elesa’s pussy. Gently, she slipped her forefinger into it; Elesa didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have to. Skyla could feel her pussy softly tugging it in, and Elesa’s breathing was becoming heavier. Skyla then put her middle finger in, and began rotating both fingers slowly. Elesa rolled onto her stomach, and pointed her ass into the air. Skyla took her fingers and began sliding them in and out of Elesa’s pussy, her other forefinger rubbing her clit; Skyla’s eyes where fixed on Elesa’s tight asshole. Even with two fingers up her pussy, Elesa still looked as poised and elegant as ever. Skyla could see Elesa craning her neck underneath her body so she could watch her masturbate; the sensation of someone watching made her hornier. She sped up her fingers, still keeping the circular motion. Elesa was moaning heavily now; Skyla could tell she was close. Suddenly, Elesa started gasping for air, and her fingers grabbed the bed sheet. She felt something strong; it was similar to the urge to pee, but slightly different. A small amount of clear liquid squirted onto Skyla’s face.


As Elesa lay on the bed sheets trying to catch her breath, Skyla went into the bathroom and emerged with some body lotion. She sat down next to Elesa’s face, and spread her legs; she wanted Elesa to see everything. Elesa gazed into Skyla’s pussy as she let the lotion trickle down onto her body. She poured some into Elesa’s hands, and guided them to her breasts. Elesa loved how Skyla’s breasts had become shiny in the light and soft and slippery in her hands. Skyla then poured some onto her crotch; the liquid leaked down, some of it settling on her pussy, some tricking down to her asshole. Elesa sat up and rubbed it into Skyla’s pussy; Skyla’s gentle blue eyes widened at the pleasure of Elesa’s fingers sliding over her pussy with such ease. Once Elesa had finished, she lay down, ready to feel Skyla’s fingers caressing her body. Skyla poured some of the lotion onto Elesa’s back, and began rubbing it in. First, she rubbed some lotion onto Elesa’s shoulders, causing her feel to feel a tingling sensation across her body. Skyla then worked fingers down her back, and the tingling intensified.  Finally, Skyla came to her ass, but before she poured lotion onto it, she first bent down and kissed the inside of Elesa’s thighs. Feeling Skyla so close to her pussy, but not actually touching it aroused Elesa immensely. Skyla spread Elesa’s ass cheeks, revealing her cute little asshole. She could also see the back of her pussy, and was it more revealing than the front, with Elesa’s pink labia showing slightly. Skyla poured some lotion into her cheeks and proceeded to rub it in, slipping her thumb into her asshole. Elesa let a soft gasp and gently moved her hips up in response. Skyla then poured some more lotion onto her hand, and proceeded to rub it all over Elesa’s pussy. Elesa rolled onto her back; her pussy lips shimmering, her clitoris swollen. Skyla knew what Elsa wanted, and she looked lovingly into her eyes. Elesa sat up and wrapped her arms around Skyla, pulling her closer. Then, their pussies met. Elesa could feel Skyla’s pussy lips and labia against her pussy, and their clitorises rubbing each other. The sound was harmonious to their ears; the squelching serving only to make them even hornier. Skyla lent closer, and stuck her tongue down Elesa’s throat. She retracted it, and they began tonging each other rapidly. They moved their hips faster and faster, both clinging tightly to other, trying to force as much of their pussies together as possible. Skyla became aware of the sensations around her; the bed sheets were soaked with sweat and lotion, their bodies were becoming sticky with sweat, saliva was leaking from their mouth and onto their bodies and scent was overpowering; but all’s they cared about was getting themselves off, and the intense sensation their pussies sliding over each other. Elesa began moaning more frequently, she started gasping for air, and Skyla could tell she was about to cum. They grabbed other’s arms for leverage, and moved their hips quicker and quicker; both of them were now screaming with pleasure. Skyla felt her hips moving uncontrollably, her ass cheeks clenching, and looking at Elesa she could see the same thing happening. They both felt a rippling wave of pleasure over their bodies, and liquid squirted from each of their pussies onto the others. Skyla collapsed onto Elesa, and after few final thrusts of their hips, they were done. Skyla rolled onto her side, fighting to catch her breath. They both panted heavily, and their senses returned to them. The bed was soaking wet, and room reeked of sex. Skyla rolled over to face Elesa, and ran her fingers through her hair, pressing her body up against hers. “I love you,” she whispered. She didn’t know whether she meant it, or whether she did. All’s she knew was that she wanted to lie with her forever. “I love you too,” replied Elesa softly. They closed their eyes, and let sleep fall over them, warm in each other’s embrace.    


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