Moving Into Your Arms

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Moving Into Your Arms


Author Note: This story is not for die-hard Usagi/Mamoru or Rei/Minako lovers. 

I had to edit my summary to make it fit.  Here is my original summary: 

After the death of Usagi and Rei, Mamoru and Minako's bond grew stronger out of hurt as the friends seek to find comfort in one another. However, Mamoru has feelings for Minako that he cannot seem to fully express to her...until a couple of unexpected people help him. Minako/Mamoru Rei/Usagi


Chapter 1- Eternal Love

"Hey Usagi. Hey Rei. It's me again. I know it seems like I visit you two almost every day but I can't help it. It still feels strange that you two are gone even after all of this time. Everyone misses you two. Things haven't been the same since that day. It has been tough for all of us but we are slowly making it through. Both of you will be glad to know that Makoto finally proposed to Ami and Ami gladly accepted. I even helped pick out the ring. It was wonderful occasion. All of the senshi were there when Makoto proposed. Mamoru was there too. Ami was in tears by the time Makoto's proposal was finished. They are still deciding on a wedding date. Usagi I know if you were here that the wedding date would be set by now. You would have probably picked out the dresses, music, cake, and everything else already. It would have turned into your dream wedding that you wanted with Rei."

Minako kneeled at the two gravestones in front of her that belonged to her friends. As she laid flowers on the gravestones, a couple of silent tears began to shed from her eyes. The inside of her nose felt like it was on fire. She felt her throat getting tighter as her breath became irregular.

"But that would have been okay. I would rather have you and Rei here with us. You two took a piece of me to the grave with you. I miss you guys so much. I miss the way you two would argue and then make up. I miss the way you two would joke around. I miss how you two would help out any of us out if we had a problem. You two were always there when we needed you. I keep hoping that this just a bad dream and that I will wake up from it eventually. However, I know you two are in a better place right now. I was just stopping by. I didn't mean to take up too much of your guy's time."

Minako felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Mina you shouldn't be out here alone."A man called out to her.

Minako addressed the man not taking her eyes off of the gravestones. "I'm never alone. They will always be with me Mamoru."

"I can't believe it has already been a year Minako."

"I know. It still seems like it happened yesterday."

Minako caught a glimpse of Mamoru looking at Usagi's gravestone. "Do you still love her?"

"I will always love Usagi but I am not in love with her anymore. I have accepted the fact that she was in love with Rei a long time ago. It took a while but my wounds eventually healed after the break up. I knew that she loved me but what she felt for Rei was much stronger. I held no hostile feelings towards either of them. I was not going to stand in the way of their love, no matter what happened in our past lives. "

"That was very noble of you Mamoru."

"It was the right thing to do Minako. They were the ones who truly belonged together. Besides, Usagi wasn't the only one who was freed from destiny. Now I have the opportunity to forge my own path. I am moving on to the next chapter of my life. I know Usako would have wanted me to as well."

"Yeah she would have. Everything still feels so surreal though. I know that we risk our lives in every battle but it didn't really hit me until I realized that Usagi and Rei were not going to be brought back to life this time."

"I understand. They did what they had to do though. We threw all of our attacks at the enemy and he wouldn't budge." That was a very powerful youma that night who was hell-bent on destroying the Earth." I remember when Rei took the attack that was meant for Usagi. Usagi held Rei in her arms as she died and that shattered her to pieces. I have never heard Usagi cry like that before. It was more intense than the first time I broke up with her. I even felt her pain. However, Rei's death sparked something in her."

Minako finished his sentence. "And she, without hesitation, used the Ginzuishou at its maximum power knowing she wouldn't survive. Her tactics saved the entire planet as it destroyed the youma but I wish there was another way."

Mamoru was quiet for a moment. "You know I honestly think a part of her wanted to use the Ginzuishou to be with Rei. Rei was her world. This may seem like a horrible thing to say but Usagi died right when Rei did. You saw the look in her eyes. Even if Usagi survived she would not have been the same so in a way this was the best thing for the both of them."

Mamoru soon felt fist pound on his chest. "DON'T SAY THAT MAMORU!" Minako yelled as more tears rushed from her eyes. Her tears were not silent this time.

Mamoru just took the punches and raised Minako's chin so their eyes could meet. "I know it hurts. I'm hurting too but could you really imagine Usagi's world without Rei?"

Minako had to think about his question. She finally came to a conclusion. "No." she stated softly through blurry eyes.

Mamoru wiped the tears from her eyes. "Tears aren't fitting for someone as beautiful as you Mina. Think about it like this: Usagi and Rei are probably arguing somewhere right now since you know that's how they show their affection for one another."

Minako giggled. "I'm sure Usagi gets on Rei's nerves at times."

Mamoru smiled as he looked at Rei's gravestone and spoke. "I'm sure you have a handful with Usagi wherever you are Rei. Make sure you take good care of her."

Minako started to rub her arms as the wind began to blow.

"Here take my jacket. I will walk you home." Mamoru offered.

"Thanks Mamoru." Minako said putting on his jacket. As the two were leaving Minako stopped and looked back at the two graves. "Thank you for saving the Earth Usagi and Rei. Oh and Rei I took your mangas. I hope you don't mind. I didn't want them to go to waste. Bye!" Minako hurried off with Mamoru soon after mentioning the mangas as if Rei would be mad.

End of chapter 1

Author Notes:

Did you like this chapter? Was it just a plain awful start? Reviews are always appreciated. Originally this was going to be a one-shot but I figure it would be best if this story had multiple chapters. I was thinking about how to write the next chapter for my other story but my mind wandered off and so now I am here with this story. It is my plan to write for this story when for some reason, I can't focus on planning future chapters for my other story "She's The King". However, if there I see there is a decent interest for this story then I will try to upload chapters adjacently. This story was one in my head that I just had to type. Also, I am going to alternate between saying "Minako" and "Mina" a lot. 


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