Bad End

BY : CearaIvory
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AN: Warning, this story is a Snuff story. This means the characters involved will die either during or directly after sex. If this idea offends you, there is a little button in the upper left corner of your browser that will return you to the previous page. Please don’t flame because you simply don’t like snuff. Not everyone has to share your opinions.


Queen Beryl was considering her options as she eyed her new toy, Prince Endymion, Tuxedo Mask, known in this era as Darien Chiba. She knew she could just erase his memories completely and make him into her ultimate servant but she also realized that this man was likely to be friends with the Sailor Soldiers. He might even know their civilian identities, or at least the identities of one or two. That information was invaluable as she didn’t trust Kunzite to find the Moon Princess, he was too busy mooning over that traitorous wretch.

“Hmm, I should at least find out if he knows anything before I wipe his memories,” Beryl finally decided. “Waste not want not and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

She passed her scepter over him. In the orb appeared the memories of his life on Earth, most importantly a young girl with the familiar pigtails that could only belong to Sailor Moon. Picking Sailor Moon out of his memories, it wasn’t difficult to figure out that the other three girls that appeared were also Sailor Soldiers, Sailors Mercury, Mars and Jupiter no doubt. She wondered how either of the Shitennou could have missed this.

“Queen Metallia, I have located four of the Sailor Soldiers who challenge us,” Beryl told her master. “The question is how to appropriately punish them for their meddling and how to find the fifth meddler?”

“Beryl, the answer to that should be easy. As you recall, as Serenity loved Endymion, the other four had lovers in your four most loyal servants, the Shitennou,” Metallia stated. “Revive the three that you have killed and give them potions of lust to use on their soldiers. Instruct the Shitennou that they are to seduce their soldier and kill them!”

Beryl smiled wickedly. “Yes, that could work, but what about Princess Serenity?”

“Endymion can take care of her for you, begin the mind control but instill feelings of uncontrollable lust in the prince for his princess combined with a terrible hate, and give him the same orders upon completion. When he has dealt with her, he can bring back the Silver Crystal and you will free me at last!”

Beryl hated the idea of sharing her Endymion even for so short a time but she also knew the plan was a good one and she dared not defy her master.

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