H.O.T.D. : A Porn Parody

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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction. I own none of the rights of Highschool Of The Dead, any names or characters within. I make no profit from this work.


H.O.T.D. : A Porn Parody

A Highschool Of The Dead Erotic Fan-fiction

Chapter 1 : I Just Want To Feel


Disclaimer : This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content. If you are offended by such things please do not continue any further.


Author's Notes : This time I bring you my alternate version of the events of the anime Highschool of the Dead specifically taking place around episode 6 & 7. Very minor spoiler warning for the series. This is intended to be hot sexy fun not a serious take on the series or it's characters so please don't take it overly seriously. I like to think it's the hentai version as opposed to what occurred in the show. Hope you enjoy.


None of it felt real. The world was falling apart all around them and now that they had a moment of respite from the hordes of risen dead outside on the streets below it was still so hard to believe. The six survivors from Fujimi High School had found refuge at the apartment belonging to a friend of the school nurse Shizuka Marikawa who was one of the survivors. Currently Takashi and Kohta were in the bedroom of the luxurious multilevel apartment. They had resisted the temptation to peek into the bath where the four girls were currently cleaning up together. The squeals and suggestive dialogue they heard through the wall did manage to leave them both sporting erections they were doing their best to ignore.


Takashi was an average kid with short brown hair. He was in shape which couldn't be said for Kohta. Kohta was somewhat overweight with longer dark hair and glasses. He often seemed like just a dorky otaku type but had revealed when he got in the zone he could be downright frightening which had been a real asset in their survival. The pair were trying to avoid the knowledge that four hot girls were bathing in the next room by looking over guns they had found in a locker in the apartment. Given the current situation outside they would be needed sooner rather than later. Kohta was rambling on about the various statistics of the weapons while Takashi half paid attention. Kohta was quite the gun nut it turned out and was busy disassembling and checking out the guns and the ammo that went with them.


Takashi was sitting on the foot of the bed. Kohta was near his feet checking out a rifle. His speech about the weapons many fine qualities distracted both the boys so that they didn't hear the creeping figure approaching them. Takashi was taken by surprise as grasping arms wrapped around him. He was about to let out a shocked cry when he felt it. The body was so soft. Huge breasts pressed into his back against the red t-shirt he wore. Warm breath fell on his neck and he smelled the scent of soap. The size of the breasts could only mean it was Shizuka the busty school nurse. He wanted to melt it felt so good being smothered from behind in those gigantic tits. Her voice was soft and seductive as she spoke to the boys. “Wouldn't you boys rather play with me?” Takashi absentmindedly nodded as a bit of drool escaped his lip. Shizuka let him go which made the boy sigh regretfully as she scrambled around him.


She was wearing a towel, though wearing wasn't really the word. It barely covered her huge breasts and curvy body. She was in danger of being fully exposed with even the slightest of movements and she jiggled all over the bed as she did so. Shizuka was a knockout to be sure. She had golden blond hair that hung down to her ass. Her breasts were the largest that either boy had ever seen, large and round and constantly jiggling as she moved. Her face was cute and a good match for her often slightly ditzy demeanor. Moving down her body revealed curvaceous hips with an amazing ass and thighs. The reason for most boys visits to the nurses office at their school had rarely been health related. Yet here she was almost fully on display. She reached down to Kohta and hugged him pressing his face into her glorious bosom. He was in danger of passing out with a huge smile on his face as the sexy school nurse teased him with her body.


The angle she hung off the bed to hug Kohta left her ass up in the air and Takashi could see everything. The towel stopped about midway over her ass leaving most of it and her pussy on display. She turned her head back to look at Takashi as she hugged Kohta. An impish grin appeared on her face. She giggled and Takashi thought to himself she sounded like she might be drunk. “See something you like Takashi?” She wiggled her hips a bit and Takashi both swallowed and felt the increasing tightness in his slacks. Letting Kohta go from her grasp she turned to face Takashi again. She pressed her face close to his, a tipsy look upon hers. Her lips pursed as if to kiss him. Takashi did the same without even a second thought. Her watermelon sized breasts pressed into his chest with just a t-shirt and a towel separating them. Their lips met, a soft but hungry kiss passing between them. She pulled away. As she did she tickled Kohta's chin with the toes on one foot. He rose as if levitated almost and crawled onto the bed behind her.


Takashi opened his mouth as if to say something, perhaps to question if the two students should be doing such things with the school nurse. Shizuka put a finger to his lips and seemed to read his mind. “When I was the school nurse there were so many handsome young men who came through and I had naughty thoughts about them. I never acted on them for fear of what could happen. Now it doesn't matter. The school doesn't matter, for all we know the world is ending. I want you. Both of you.” That was all Takashi needed to hear. He'd been crazy to even think about not hitting it when given the clear chance. He slid back further onto the bed until his back was propped up against the headboard. Shizuka crawled up to him and kissed him again. As she kissed Takashi her hands reached down and slid his t-shirt up revealing his chest. When their lips parted she pulled it up over his head. She began to kiss his neck and chest, her tongue sliding out and licking a wet trail down his body. Her hands found their way to his slacks where she began to unfasten them. Tugging the pants down along with his boxers Takashi's cock popped out fully erect before her eyes.


Shizuka's eyes went wide as she saw it. “God Takashi, you're fucking hung.” Her mouth began to water as she looked at it poking up into the air at her. She reached down and pulled away the towel at last. Her massive breasts swung free beneath her as she crouched there on all fours. Kohta was still on the bed behind her watching intently. He had a goofy look on his face as he stroked his cock which he had freed from his slacks already. Shizuka shook her ass at him. “Come on silly. I want both of you. Fuck me Kohta.” That last part she put an almost needy whine on. He didn't need more of an invite than that. Kohta raised up behind her. She could see his cock was plenty thick itself. “Damn Kohta. You're so big too.” She bit her lip playfully as she watched him get closer to her. Kohta got that look over his face that happened when he got intense. He pulled a hand back and slapped Shizuka's ass. The sound of skin on skin filled the room and she squealed in delight as her huge mound of ass jiggled appealingly. Kohta grabbed both of her hips and suddenly thrust forward shoving his fat prick right into the nurse's tight pussy.


A funny look came over the sexy nurse's face as she felt the fat cock slam into her. It split her pussy lips and the head began to tease against the wet walls of her cunt. A hungry moan escaped her lips as Kohta filled her. Takashi watched in amazement as her body jiggled in response to Kohta's thrust. Shizuka settled onto her elbows, those giant tits of hers pressing down against the bed as she did, and one hand reached for Takashi's cock. Delicate fingers began to stroke up and down his shaft much to his delight. She leaned in closer, her face mere inches from Takashi's crotch now. He could feel her breath on his balls as she got closer. As the one hand stroked his manhood her other lightly grasped his thigh. She needed the support as Kohta began to plow her from behind with increasing power. As she stroked his cock Shizuka opened her mouth and began to suck upon Takashi's balls. From down there she looked up at him, her golden eyes looking right into Takashi's. He reached a hand down and stroked her long blond hair as she pressed her face against him. He grinned as he revealed, “Shizuka, I can't tell you how many times I jerked off thinking about you.” Kohta chimed in, “Me too. This is so much better though.” Shizuka smiled, the knowledge that they lusted after her was a big turn on.


Kohta's thrusting as he fucked Shizuka filled the room with the sound of flesh smacking against flesh. Each thrust into her tight pussy sent a wave of pleasure through them both. His hands groped her ass as he rode her. Being manhandled like she was was turning Shizuka on even more. The sounds of his entry were growing ever wetter as juices liberally ran down her thighs onto the bed. She cried out, “Ohh Kohta, ooh!” While her mouth was still open and right there by his cock Takashi put his hands on the back of her head and guided himself right in. She looked up at him again with a naughty look in her eye as she swallowed his cock down under his guidance. Her tongue began to run up and down his length as it worked it's way into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the shaft suckling it as he led her to bob up and down. Being spit-roasted between the two horny high schoolers was more amazing than Shizuka had ever dreamed. She let them take the lead claiming both holes at once. Takashi pressed her down further, she fought back gagging as she felt the tip of his cock tease her throat. He pushed her deeper until her nose felt the tickling as his pubic hair rubbed against it. She had swallowed him down to the base of his dick. Holding her there a few moments he then pulled his hand back leading her to bob up and down again.


As she was deepthroating Takashi, Kohta kept right on enjoying the sensation of the slutty school nurse's cunt. It was every bit as hungry as her mouth, sucking on his shaft as it pumped her mercilessly. It took all his mental might to keep from cumming immediately and ending the pleasure far too soon. He gave her ass another playful swat and she moaned with Takashi's cock still in her mouth. She seemed to get off when he played with her ass which gave Kohta an idea. With one hand he spread her cheeks between two of his fingers. He could see her asshole there all tight and virginal. He placed a finger against it and pressed starting to work it inside. Shizuka's eyes went wide looking up at Takashi. She squealed and began to buck her hips harder driving herself up and down Kohta's cock even faster. He slid his finger in deeper and she couldn't take it any longer. Shizuka came hard and fast, her pussy immediately clenching around Kohta's shaft as he buried himself inside her again.


Kohta cried out as he lost it and came as well. His cock thrust inside up till it teased her cervix and he spewed his load of hot seed right inside her. Cum flooded out filling her womb with Kohta's baby batter. He pumped in and out as he came shooting his spunk all over inside her. It felt so amazing she pulled back from Takashi to let out a loud moan. By then it didn't matter, he was ready to let loose as well. As Kohta flooded her cunt with a messy cream-pie, Takashi groaned with his orgasm. A thick spray of semen shot out flying at her face. She was still moaning, her eyes half closed with pleasure as she felt the cum hit her. Spurt after spurt shot out coating her face with his seed. It seemed endless as he hosed her down with the hot sticky goo. More sprayed out over her breasts covering them with his gift as well. She cupped her arms beneath them pressing the gigantic rack together as the cum began to pool in her cleavage. She cooed out, “Give me all your cum boys. Every drop of it!” Kohta had filled her so full that cum splashed out of her onto the sheets as he pulled from inside her. He continued to blast cum across her ass as he exited her. More shot out across her back making sure she was coated from behind as much as she was by Takashi up front. As his cock sprayed it's last Kohta's energy drained from him and he fell beside her on the bed with a gigantic goofy grin all over his face. Takashi also felt the last surge as a spurt of his cum dribbled out into the crack of her cleavage.


She looked on the verge of falling asleep. Takashi pressed the tip of his member against her lips. She licked around the head cleaning off the tip of the little bit of cum still clinging to it. Watching her lay there covered in the boys cum Takashi still couldn't believe he had just gotten to fuck the sexy school nurse. The sheets were soaked by this point. Kohta was in a daze and Shizuka seemed to have fallen asleep by this point. Takashi rose and pulled his boxers back on before hoisting Shizuka onto his back. His hands cupped beneath her ass to hold her up and she seemed awake enough to wrap her arms around his neck for support. The way her body pressed against him was already making his manhood stir even though he had cum just moments before. He needed to find a place for her to sleep so he could set her down again. Stepping out into the main area he came face to face with Rei at the top of the stairs.


Rei was Takashi's friend, although at one point they were supposed to be more than that. He almost choked as he saw her. She wasn't as ridiculously curvy as Shizuka but she was a stacked hottie to be sure. Her long orange brown hair hung behind her, nearly as long as Shizuka's. In the front a pair of what could only be called antennae, of hair jutted up from her bangs. She had a slightly tipsy look like she might be slightly drunk which made Takashi wonder what the girls had gotten up to while he and Kohta had been checking out the guns. She was clad in a pink tank top that hugged her generous breasts nice and tightly while leaving the top of her bosom and cleavage tantalizingly on display. The only other garment she wore was a pair of plain white cotton panties. Her long sexy legs on display. He stared at her openly even as he realized he was carrying a naked and cum dappled Shizuka on his back.


Rei looked at him gravely. “You fucked her didn't you?” Takashi blushed as he was confronted by it. “Uh, yeah, I did.” He looked at the floor. “Are you mad?” She giggled tipsily. “I don't blame you. Shizuka's hot. We fooled around in the bath earlier.” She nibbled on her lip a little a moment before continuing. “Plus I get it. She just wants to feel something good with all that's happened. I don't blame you guys. I can see the appeal.” Takashi thought about pressing her but she looked at Shizuka first and said, “You should find somewhere to lay her down. You need to clean her up, you made a mess of her face.” She giggled and Takashi blushed at being reminded. He stepped past her to head down the spiral stairway. Seeing Rei like that had definitely given him another boner just minutes after his last encounter.


Reaching the lower level of the massive apartment he saw a thick carpet laid out on the floor by the couch. Making his way over he lowered Shizuka gently down onto the floor. A blanket was nearby which he covered her with. A sound from the couch drew his attention. Looking up he saw the sound was Saya, another of the survivors from the school. She was sighing as she seemed to be asleep. His eyes about bulged out of his head as she too was dressed in a way that made his cock now throb as he looked at her. Her long pink hair was down instead of in it's normal twin tail styling. Her glasses rested on the pillow next to her face. Like Rei she was wearing a tight small tank top though hers was a light blue-green instead of pink. At the angle she was resting he could see straight down the top into her cleavage and generous curves. The shirt barely covered her stomach leaving most of her torso on display and she wore a pair of absolutely tiny black shorts with a pair of white vertical strips on each hip. The shorts barely covered anything to begin with and they also had tugged down in the back so most of her ass crack was on display as well. As she breathed her breasts rose and fell drawing all attention to those luscious orbs.


Takashi resolved he was going to go to the bathroom. He told himself he would get something to clean Shizuka up with but he really planned on jerking it until his hard on would subside. That would probably take a lot as these girls seemed intent on driving him wild. He rose from his crouching position over Shizuka but before he could head away Saya moved and caught his eye again. One hand had gotten under her breast and was squeezing one of her large tits. Her other hand had slid down her taught stomach and slipped into those tiny shorts. She was fingering her pussy right before his eyes. He was barely holding on to the idea of non action when her lips parted and a panted sound escaped, “Takashi.” That was more than he could take. He stepped over the slumbering Shizuka towards the couch. Saya's eyes fluttered open and she looked at him standing over her. Her eyes caught on his cock trying so hard to escape the binds of his boxers. She looked up at him, “Takashi, take me!” How did he say no to that? Simple. He didn't.


End Chapter 1


Author's Notes : Delicious delicious Highschool of the Dead girls. I hope Takashi ate his Wheaties this morning because he's in for a long night yet. This fic will follow the order of Episode 6 of the show. Feedback, Reviews, Comments, Ratings, all is appreciated. Let me know what you thought. I love to hear from my readers. You can leave me comments or ratings here or write me direct at tentaclefan.adultfanfiction@gmail.com



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