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*Warning: the content you're about to read is of an explicit nature. If you're of an undeveloped mind or expecting to read some clean content, now's the time to hit the 'back' button on your browser. You shouldn't even be on this site! Otherwise if you're of a mature mind and love to read perverse, depraved smut then please read on. Oh, and thank you for reading... By the way, if you haven't read 'Changes are Bravo!', a fanfiction that this is based off of, I highly recommend you read it first though it isn't necessary. You can find it by simply searching 'Changes are Bravo!' on any search engine... Well anyways, here goes something!

The walls to Yukina's office were lined with heavy and tall bookshelves and had a large glass window that allowed her a great and wide view of Seiren. "This is absolute bull crap!" Yukina exclaimed outraged as she paced back and forth in that very office. "All I got was one episode!? This is season two all over again! And I was the villain on that one! It wasn't until the end when Yukinari and I were sharing the same bed that it was getting good but as luck would have it, season two ends right then and there!"

"It is indeed an outrage" Hijiri agreed standing by Yukina's desk. "If it weren't for that damn blonde man and the crazed lesbian, I would have had Kirie all to myself!"

"Curse this burden of mine!" Yukina said outloud again.

"Your position within the Space Management Bureau is an immense responsibility" Hijiri notifies.

"I know, I know" Yukina said using her telekinetic powers to pull a chair up behind her. "...But it can't be helped. It is true that I have my responsibilities here in Seiren." She rolls herself behind her desk and rests her head atop it. "If only there was a way..."

"Hmmm... Why don't you write your own fanfiction?" Hijiri suggested. "All the characters will do as you wish! It's perfect!" Yukina sat silently still for a moment.

"...That, that's a great idea!" she agreed. Preferring the sound of a typewriter than a computer, she levitates a typewriter before her and, after a brief pause, begins to type away...

Loving Is Bravo! Episode 1: Fantasies are Bravo!

Kirie didn't know what to make of it. Earlier that day, she was taken by complete surprise by Yukinari when he had knocked Shinichi, a bully at Mizuno high, out cold in front of several other students. This had happened after Shinichi had retaliated against Kirie who struck him as punishment for dumping a bucketful of waste atop Yukinari. She was surprised and extremely pleased that her words urging Yukinari to work hard and better himself were not falling on deaf ears after all.

"Hey, is it true? Did you really beat up that Shinichi guy?" a student sitting next to Yukinari asked as others leaned in for the answer.

"Not really" Yukinari, not one very prone to boasting, answered honestly. "I only hit him once."

"You knocked him out with one hit!? Unreal!" the student gasped, a few others similarly astounded. Kirie had known Yukinari for long enough to pick up on the tiny hint of confidence in the way Yukinari had answered the question and it brought a smile to her face. The way he had hit the slovenly bully was a pleasant surprise and getting to gaze at Yukinari's modest physique when she was helping to clean him up was the 'cherry on top', so to speak, to the incident for her. Of course she would never admit such a thing to Yukinari or anyone else. Doing so would kill her from embarrassment. She was like the majority of people when it came to such private feelings: she kept them private. And this, without question, included any intimate fantasies she had ever had featuring herself and Yukinari. Glancing over at her blue-haired childhood friend, she becomes lost in his broader shoulders and chest, solid arms and the way he was holding up his head: with a greater confidence. She imagines his toning chest hovering over her, his arms grabbing and groping her intimately, and his lips encroaching on her own.

"Kirie, did you need something?" Yukinari asks facing her now and yanking her out of her fantasy.

"N-no Yukinari!" Kirie stutters. "N-not at all!"

"Oh... Hey Kirie, now that the secret's out, you wanna go see the club?"

"The club? Yes, I would!" Kirie answered eagerly.

"Okay, how about we go after school? After we meet up with the principal that is..." Yukinari suggested.

"Th-that would be great!" Kirie agrees.

"Alright! Look forward to it then!" Yukinari said smiling the brunette's way.

"I, I am" Kirie answers smiling back. With that settled, Kirie retreats back to her fantasy...

"Kirie" Yukinari, now suddenly standing before Kirie's desk, whispered softly.

"Yu-Yukinari, what's up!?" Kirie says taken by surprise. Looking around her, she finds that the classroom was empty except for herself and Yukinari. "Where did everyone-?"

"Kirie, what were you looking at just now? Were you looking at my chest?"

"Wh-wha-what are you talking about!? O-of course not!" Kirie lied, her face gaining a red tint.

"Did you like what you saw Kirie? Earlier today when I took my shirt off?"

"Yu-Yukinari, why a-are you asking me this!?" Kirie asks flustered. "Knock it off!"

"Because Kirie, if you liked what you saw, then there's no reason you shouldn't look some more" Yukinari reveals removing the top of his uniform.

"Stop Yukinari! What are you doing!?" Kirie protested looking away.

"Kirie, I don't mind you looking" Yukinari said, his exposed upper body encroaching.

"St-stop!" Kirie exclaims holding her hands out to keep Yukinari away. In the process, her hands find his abdomen, her fingers probing his fit midsection. "Eek!" Kirie squeaks and though she succeeds at yanking her hands away, she fails to resist an urge to look and beholding the sight again: Yukinari's defining pectorals, square shoulders, firm arms. She could feel her face starting to burn up simply from gazing at his flat stomach and fair skin. It was not so much the fact that a man's developing physique stood before her that was titillating her as much as it was the fact that it was someone she had deep feelings for, Yukinari, who had undressed so that she would have the exclusive pleasure of looking at him.

"Yu-Yukinari, a-are you crazy!?" Kirie said near panic. "We-we're in school!"

"But no one is here.. It's just you and me..." Yukinari said gently.

"J-just you and me!?" Kirie repeats, her eyes wide open, her heart speeding up. Yukinari takes Kirie's hands and pulls her up off of her seat. She tries to protest but her mouth emits no sound. Yukinari pulls her body closer to his own, their body temperatures coalescing, his hand firmly planted on her lower back.

"No one else but us" Yukinari confirms locking lips with the brunette. They start with a peck and then open their mouths. The tips of their tongues tap and then they cross, grinding against each other inside the space they make between their lips. Kirie was so dizzied by the experience that she failed to notice Yukinari tossing the neckerchief to her school uniform over her shoulder and pulling the top up and over. He catches sight of her bountiful breasts stuffed into an undersized, red cotton bra.

"..Yukinari..." Kirie moaned as Yukinari got behind her and pressed his palms against her breasts. Kirie begins to breathe rapidly feeling a burning sensation arise in between her hips. "Yu, Yuki, haaa~, nari" Kirie repeats, Yukinari's hands tucking underneath her bra and groping, squeezing, massaging her breasts and running over her smooth areolas. Yukinari suckles on Kirie's neck, Kirie reaching up and behind her to caress his blue hair. As he did so, Kirie arches her back and temptingly presses and grinds her ass against Yukinari, her round, firm yet soft asscheeks clearly felt on his crotch.

"Kirie" Yukinari whispers pushing his pelvis against the brunette's rear that was brushing against his hardening manhood, his arms wound around her. He pulls the back of her top up and continues his assault on Kirie's back maneuvering his mouth around the strap of her bra. After decorating her back with kisses, he caresses her shoulder with his lips and turns her around. Facing her, he presses her boobs together in their bra and begins to kiss their exposed, bulging flesh. He buries his hands into her bra and scoops out her big, soft mammaries exposing her tender caramel nipples. He gently cups her heavy breasts and kisses the corner of her right areola. She seizes the hair on the back of Yukinari's head and pulls softly without hindering his actions. Yukinari's tongue circles around Kirie's areola and flicks her nipple back and forth before finally sucking tamely on her exposed tit. "Yukinari!" Kirie breathes in a rushed hush at the sensation tickling her sensitive nipple. "S-suck my tits" the words rushed in her head, too aroused to speak. "Aaahhnnn~" Kirie moans as she begins to pinch and squeeze her left breast, Yukinari's sucking on her right one delicate but relentless. She presses her supple tit on Yukinari's face not wanting the gentle sucking sensation on her tender nipple to cease. He then pulls her arm away and begins to tend to her other breast. He presses his mouth firmly against her other mammary, it too moistened by Yukinari's mouth. He releases her breast but not before licking her nipple aggressively a few more times and with a swift flick of his wrist he unzips her skirt which falls down to her ankles. "I don't know if I'm ready" Kirie tried to say but the words again refused to come out. Her brain advised discretion but her heated body demanded for things to advance further. Yukinari steps back and after kicking off his shoes, he looks at her.

"I undid your skirt Kirie" he said. Without his saying another word, Kirie knew what she had to do next. With nervous hands, she begins to undo Yukinari's pants. With the pulling out of his belt and an unbuttoning and unzipping later, his pants fall and Kirie can discern a bulge in Yukinari's boxers.

"W-what now!?" Kirie wonders, her face red. "Th-that's Yu-Yukinari's-!" She looks into Yukinari's eyes and he looks back at her warmly.

"Don't worry Kirie, I'll be gentle" Yukinari whispers. He walks her over to and presses her up against the teacher's desk, the back of her legs touching the edge of the desk. He pulls her top above her head and then lies her down atop the desk. Running his hands down her thighs, he notices Kirie's knees pressing firmly against each other. He could tell Kirie was not ready but this state would not last. Lowering his head, Yukinari begins to kiss Kirie right above her knees and moves up to her thighs which, he could see, were beginning to redden. Kirie, grabbing and squeezing her tits, tries to reign in her breathing with no success. She could feel Yukinari's lips on her legs, encroaching up to her tenderest of areas at which point she realizes all that separated it and Yukinari was a thin, moistening fabric of silk. Yukinari pulls her panties off, the feeling of Yukinari's fingers caressing her thighs, knees, and calfs helping to remove some of the tension in her legs. Afterwards, all that was left of the brunette was her naked body, a red bra wrapped around her but her large breasts long since liberated and on full display. He grabs hold of her thighs and pulls them apart with little effort. Glistening folds of rosy pink flesh met Yukinari's eyes, something that caused Kirie to fluster even more.

"H-he's looking at m-my-!" the unfinished thought sped through Kirie's mind. Pulling his boxers down, now Yukinari stood nude, his manhood at attention. "And th-that's Yukinari's-!" Kirie thought again without finishing. She had never seen a man's penis up-close and personal and it almost proved too much for her. Pulling her in close by her thighs, Yukinari gave Kirie little time to think about it. He tickles her folds with the bottom of his shaft, the head of his dick teasing her everytime it came close to her lubricated opening.

"Kirie" Yukinari mutters as he notices how flustered she looked.

"I-it's my f-first time" Kirie whispered, her arms wrapped around herself as though trying to contain the burning sensation in her body.

"I'll go slowly, Kirie" Yukinari said holding his penis in position. He pushes his pelvis forward slowly, the tip of his dick parting her labias and sliding in.

"Nnngg" Kirie whimpered. Yukinari was in. "...It's, it's alright" Kirie murmurs realizing it hadn't felt so bad. Though Kirie had fingered herself in the past, it was not very comparable since her fingers didn't have as much girth as Yukinari's penis. Grasping her thighs, Yukinari slides out halfway and slides back in. Pushing his pelvis, his hands firmly grasping her hips, he repeats the movement, his cock penetrating her. "Aaaa~, nghaaa~, aaaah" Kirie began to moan as Yukinari continued his thrusts. Kirie felt tight around Yukinari's cock and conversely, he felt big inside her, the sides of his shaft grinding against her inner walls. "Aaaanh~, aah, aah, haah" Kirie continued, her hands grabbing and squeezing her tits in vain hopes of counteracting the mounting ecstasy. She tightened her long legs around Yukinari who did not let up his movements.

"Damn Kirie, you're so wet" Yukinari thought as he slid in and out. "And, so tight!"

"Aaahhnn~" Kirie moans in pleasure. This only spurred Yukinari on to go faster, his pelvis smacking against her reddened thighs. With Yukinari burying his head into her breasts, Kirie grabs firm hold of his blue hair with one hand, her other arm wrapped around him. She squeezed him into her chest and could feel herself nearing climax, Yukinari's cock continuing its relentless assault. Suddenly, he pulls out and without delay flips and bends Kirie over the desk. She finds the sensation of Yukinari handling her to be very gratifying and after positioning her ass towards him, he inserts back in, his pelvis smacking against her ass as his thrusts begin anew.

"Fuck" Yukinari, his hands latched onto her hips, growls feeling he was about to finish.

"AAaaaahn" Kirie lets out a long moan as she massages her clitoris with her index and middle finger, Yukinari entering and exiting her repeatedly. "Aaaahn~" she continues feeling an orgasm approaching.

"Fuck!.. Kirie!" Yukinari exclaims sending Kirie over the edge.

"Yu-Yukinari!" she exclaimed as she throttled her thighs and hips, she too orgasming as Yukinari burst and pumped his seed into her. In the ultimate expression of love, she accepted the warm, wet sensation flowing into her that let her know he had finished inside. Yukinari collapses atop Kirie's back, perspiration coating their bodies, both breathing heavily, and Yukinari begins to kiss her tenderly on the back of her neck, something she found very sensual and romantic. They remain so almost falling asleep atop the teacher's desk. Almost.


It had been a year ago since Yukinari and Kirie's encounter in class. As would often follow from such an act, Kirie had become pregnant. She let Yukinari know before anyone else and he immediately took full responsibility: he and Kirie confronted each other's parents. Kirie's father lashed out angrily against Yukinari but ultimately, he accepted Yukinari and Kirie's couplehood. Considering he himself had impregnated Kirie's mother when she was Kirie's age, it was somewhat hypocritical of him to criticize Yukinari. Yukinari's parents, having returned from a long business trip, were upset too but they also eventually accepted it. It was a gloomy pregnancy, both families in a state of tension and resentment but after Kirie had delivered a healthy baby boy, the sentiment had quickly vanished at the sight of the newborn. Coming home from the hospital, the baby could not have been more loved and cared for by the Sasakis and the Kojimas. He exchanged hands a million times, and both families, coming together, agreed to help the new young parents raise the baby. The baby boy, named Kenji, had bridged the gap between the two households.

"Beautiful day today, isn't it Yukinari?" Kirie asked enjoying the morning warmth. "Warm but not too warm!"

"Sure is" Yukinari answers as Kirie spots a dog being walked in the distance.

"Look Kenji! It's a doggy!" Kirie directed gently at the wrapped bundle of joy in her arms. She was sitting on a park bench, Yukinari's arm wrapped around her as they took shelter from a Saturday morning sun under the shade of a tree. "Can you say doggy?"

"Of course he can't say doggy, Kirie" Yukinari said beaming down at his son who had inherited his blue eyes. "He's just barely three months old!"

"Well" Kirie began as she caressed Kenji's thin, brown hair, the hair color she had given him, "I would argue that one can never start too early! And it can't hurt!"

"Yeah, I guess that's true" Yukinari agrees.

"And I'm going to read to him too once we get back home!" Kirie reveals. "He's going to be a brainiac when he's older!"

"Is that so? Well we gotta make sure he gets enough to eat before he can become a brainiac" Yukinari said fetching a bottle from Kirie's diaper bag. "Kirie?" Yukinari asked upon seeing Kirie cover the baby and her chest with a blanket.

"What? I'm going to breastfeed him" Kirie said. "A mother's milk is the best baby formula there is!"

"Oh, I see... Alright... Just careful not to suffocate him" Yukinari said jokingly.

"Oh, never heard that one! I get it! My boobs are big!" Kirie said rolling her eyes, Kenji feeding off her right breast. "And they've only gotten bigger because of the pregnancy! But as long as Kenji doesn't go hungry, I don't care how much they swell" Kirie said as she rested against Yukinari and closed her eyes. "...Let's stay like this for a while..." Kirie whispers, a feeling of calm and security washing over her with a tender, warm, new life in her arms. Wrapped around her, Yukinari's solid, strong embrace.

"Sure..." Yukinari agrees pulling in his young family into a closer and tighter embrace. "...You know, for some reason, I feel jealous" Yukinari commented moments later. "Don't take too long."

"Oh you" Kirie murmurs elbowing Yukinari in the rib...

"Kirie?" Yukinari said suddenly as he shook Kirie back into reality.

"Wh-what!?" Kirie asks aloud in surprise. Looking around, she realizes she wasn't in the park. She was in class, students were standing up and exiting, and Yukinari was standing in front of her desk.

"Kirie, class is over" Yukinari informs. "Are you alright? You were looking kind of red in the face for a few moments" he said with concern.

"N-no! I'm fine!" Kirie assured hurriedly.

"You were spacing out Kirie. You looked rather at peace actually. What was on your mind?"

"It was n-nothing important!" Kirie said urgently.

"Oh, okay then. I daydream big too sometimes!.. Sorry if I interrupted anything."

"N-not at all!" Kirie assures quickly.

"Okay, shall we go then?" Yukinari asked.


"We gotta go to the principal's office. We're getting punished for earlier today, remember?" Yukinari reminded the brunette.

"Oh, right" she confirms getting up and proceeding out of the class. "Yukinari, could you give me a minute? I have to go use the ladies' room" Kirie claims still feeling titillated by her fantasizing.

"Sure, of course!" Yukinari answers. "I'll wait for you in front of the principal's office, okay?"

"Yes" Kirie agrees. Yukinari then walks off and Kirie enters the ladies' room. After drying herself, she stares into the mirror and splashes some water on her face. "Get a hold of yourself Kirie!" she told herself in thought. "Yukinari doesn't look at you that way!.. You're just a friend! Fukuyama's supposed to be your boyfriend!.." She lets out a long sigh and admits to herself that her relationship with Fukuyama was going nowhere fast and was a sham to begin with. "I'm supposed to be over him... But... I'm not..." She walks out of the bathroom and walks off to the principal's office. "I just hope I can get over him after he takes me to this club he's told me about... That should be... enlightening..."

-Yukina's Office-

"Well, this was fun to write!" Yukina said reading through her work. "There you go Kirie! Bet you had fun with Yukinari you lucky girl you! And it was rather romantic and heartwarming actually!.. Not the case for the next girl though! Let's make that one filthier and more perverse!" Yukina said sporting a bloody nose and feeding new paper into her typewriter.

"Shall I publish that?" Hijiri said taking Yukina by surprise.

"Gaaah!" a red-faced Yukina exclaims and she leaps atop her work. "N-no! That won't be necessary!"

"Are you certain?" Hijiri asked.

"Yes, I'm quite certain. You're dismissed" Yukina said hurriedly.

"I'm dismis-"

"Yes! Please go! Come back in 10!" Yukina said. "That's an order!"

"Understood!" Hijiri says exiting and closing the door to Yukina's office behind her. With Hijiri gone, Yukina relaxes.

"For some reason, the thought of someone knowing that I, Yukina, wrote Loving is Bravo! makes me feel kind of embarassed... Odd since I have no trouble with nudity... This isn't like me..." she observes scratching her head. "Thank goodness for online anonymity" she mutters taking a quick breath. "...Alright, time to publish this and then move on to the next Girls Bravo! girl... Which will be..." Yukina said blindly fishing for a slip of paper from a mug on her desk. She pulls out the slip and opens it up. "Argh! It had to be her!"

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