Undiscovered Country

BY : Philippa MaQuente
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           Seras came-to groggily, around the time the last few rays of sun were fading. It was mid-spring, and the nights still crept on somewhat early. As always Alucard was fond of moving in the dark; the night was his cloak and refuge.

            “Come Seras. We drag our coffins into the night and begin the next leg of the inescapable journey.” 

            The gate slammed shut behind them as they left. She would never forget the great clashing of metal. A large truck waited outside, and the caskets were loaded carefully in the back. Seras got in the driver’s seat and started the engine smoothly. The motor had a fine purr. Neither of them bothered with seatbelts.

            After a quick adjustment of mirrors all around, Seras pressed the gas.

            “Say Master, I was thinking. What if we go into the city itself for awhile? Maybe just… explore it. Have some fun and see what the life is like.” She hoped she gave him an encouraging smile. Alucard stifled a laugh.

            “I had a feeling you might say so. …Why not?” He stopped talking, as if musing. Seras opened her mouth just so to reply, and unexpectedly he began a new thought. “I believe we’ve been missing out on something important. That drop in incidents you noticed after Millennium… What did you think of that?” Seras remembered recording such a finding in her diaries. Millennium had generated a fair amount of overzealous activity, and most of that was far more destructive than the standard berserk vampire. Not to mention the annihilation of the mansion… Twice.

            “At first I was just… bored, I guess, with ‘nly me and Sir Integra cleaning up and wallowing about. With so few incidents, she and I spent a lot of time reading and talking to each other when it got too much.” Seras trailed off for a moment; he heard her inhale slowly and raggedly.

            “After that, whenever we had somethin’ to go kill, I hoped it meant rogue vampires were on the decline. But once…” She paused, remembering.

            “Once, you targeted a vampire… Had it in your sights, is that right Seras?” He pulled the scene from her mind, and she nodded. It seemed a tricky sort of smile was keeping the corners of his mouth hostage. Even his eyes felt lighter than usual. Glibly he pulled her into the memory.


            It had been in the city, down some incredibly dark tight little nook of an alley. Seras had found two of the bastard’s kills on separate occasions, and she had been just itching for another trail. She was sniping from the rooftop, her keen sight locked upon the perp. The human might yet be saved. Seras took careful aim, squeezed the trigger and…

            A flash appeared below. A figure darted into the scene from nowhere, incredibly fast, and something sliced. The human fell limp to the ground, mostly unharmed, but senseless. Seras ducked to her knees, slowly released the trigger and watched taut. The vampire’s head had been plucked off in one motion. The assailant stood near the body, collecting the head… but she could not make out the features for some reason. The dead vampire and the human, yes. Why not the other? Seras wondered what sort of hunter could evade her incredible senses. She felt tense.

            Seemingly unabated or unawares Seras watched, the figure continued its work. As it bent over the body, all the girl could make of the silhouette was long wild hair, some type of bulky overcoat, and the clear leg-line of a skirt. Every color and feature was obscured. Apprehension kept her still. She wasn’t quite sure what was happening to the dead criminal until there was a familiar whoompf and the body ignited. The Hellsing huntress, lying in the shadows, hoped eagerly, and in vain, that the flames would illuminate the missing details. The human stirred, and without a pause, the other darted over and gestured- the human lay peacefully on the ground after, looking asleep. There was a sudden small glow in the dark… the figure held a cell phone. Incredibly muted Seras heard a conversation but no words, and just as quickly the phone vanished again. The grisly pyre kept burning in the far end of the alley, and from several miles away there was a strained clamor of sirens.

            The scene below continued as Seras kept one ear trained for the oncoming cries of an ambulance. Her mysterious target watched the body burn to the dregs, and then scattered the filth into the crud of the streets. It was a bit crude for sure, but vampire bodies burned well, especially when dry. Not enough of a scorch mark would remain on the street to draw suspicion. Everything over, the figure vanished with no further stir, and Seras packed away her gun. Sir Integra would be waiting. A howling around the corner marked the minutes that had passed without the humans knowing. The blonde stayed just long enough to see the paramedics rush up and collect the prey before returning to her steely mistress.


            That was the scene, and Alucard was as intrigued as she. His attention reverted to the cab of the truck as it coasted the motorways pointing to the city.

            “Iscariot perhaps?” His first response. Seras shook her head.

            “No, I’m very familiar with their agents. I’ve never seen anyone with this sor’ of ability, Master. I don’t think it’s human.”

            “Another vampire doesn’t seem as likely either, Seras? You don’t think there might be others like you and I?”

            “Honestly Master, I’d never thought of it. I figgered the ‘real’ vampires were rare, and given to killing.” He laughed again.

            “Are you forgetting yourself as a prime example otherwise?” A faint flush of red covered her cheeks.

            “Well, no… But I sort of thought we were a special case.” Seras signaled to take an exit and cleanly pulled onto the ramp. The skyline was growing closer, and excitement matched its ascent within her stomach. Alucard reclined his seat and folded his elbows behind his head. Risking a glance at him from the road, the woman felt just a bit agape.

            “Well, Seras… I, and by extent, Hellsing, have kept you away from the world for selfish reasons. It’s a little like being employed out of high school and never enjoying your youth in college.”

            “Odd coming from you Master, they didn’t have college when you were my age.” Her tone was sardonic, her mouth in a tight pout, eyes locked hard on the road. The stone in her expression cracked in a moment, and her blush deepened. “I mean the age I was when you met me.” As he rolled slightly onto his right side, facing her, he leaned up his elbow and smirked broadly.

            “True. I would’ve been a terror on campus.” That got her to laugh. “My point is there are many more of us than you think. I myself just tend to be very… solitary. In truth, Seras, I’m not the first, not by a long while. London has been a center for vampires since the Romans.” It was rather amusing to watch her whole face fill with red. So easily flustered. How he loved those theatrical outbursts of hers.

            “WHAAAAAT? Why did no one ever tell me?!” Seras was glaring, not directly at him, but glaring nonetheless. It was almost an even better torment that she couldn’t take her eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

            “I must confess I wasn’t ready to let you go, a sentiment I think Integra shared with me later on. And don’t tell me you thought very much of going.”

            Seras heaved a deep breath and let it go. She calmed. He was right. Her world had been consumed by Hellsing, and likewise, the two of them.

            “You’re right, Master. You told me to follow you, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Even when you were gone, I knew you would never have let me leave her, and so I stayed.”

            “I’m happy you did.” That voice, loaded with promises, washed over her. “I knew you would.” Seras squirmed noticeably. With the corner of her eye she surveyed him in jeans, with a tee and a button-down shirt open and untucked. Still so different from his usual mien.

            “Master, you’re weird today. Why do you seem so… blithe?” While still driving she felt his breath on her ear and a chill seized her spine.

            “Things have changed, dragostea.” He nibbled her earlobe and felt her arm for goose bumps. “Get us to a nice hotel in the heart of London and we’ll have plenty of time to plan our future, little slave-girl. It’s going to be long.”


            Those two coffins were so out of place in the middle of a five-star hotel suite. Seras found herself staring at them after coming to her senses naked on the sofa. There was a leather crop under her thigh and matching marks on top. Right before Integra passed, there had really been no proper time for the sort of intense scene Seras needed. With no more earthly bonds to take their focus the place and the moment could not have been more perfect. Their hotel was gorgeous, and they nabbed the bridal suite when the clerk mistook them for newlyweds.

            The sex had been… amazing. He’d been so rough and so blissfully tender, completing the ravenous cycle of want and need between them. All troubles and grievances were lost in satisfying the want of her Master. Waking from it had cleared her mind for the first time in months. She was ready to grow a little bit more. Funny how vampirism had extended her life span and prolonged her climb to maturity. In flesh she would always be twenty, and until the end of Hellsing, she had been in mind sometimes so much younger than that. Hadn’t he been telling her to grow up all this time?

            Seras picked herself off the sofa and began to gather the detritus of their lust. It was any instrument at hand that he went for last night, and the top of one suitcase bore her dog collar, leash, a flogger and a crop. In passion he possessed her and it was exactly what both of them needed. She stood by the window with her hands full of sex toys, and the light of the rising sun was still a couple hours off. The dark outside was complete in the lack of stars and moon.

            Alucard had been reclined in the modernist and elegant armchair by the fireplace. It was a rather convincing electric one, but it crackled and gave off heat akin to a real one. He heard Seras stir but allowed her a moment to come to herself. Their reckless abandon upon arrival had been a cathartic release for both. Release of stress, of duty, of hunger. All the serious decisions had been waiting for this moment of clarity after the storm. When done gathering her thoughts, she would come.

            The intimate, familiar objects were returned haphazardly to the suitcase; the beauty padded lightly to the lap and arms of her Master, who received her naked with great pleasure and scorching kisses. The crackle of the fake fire was the only voice in the room for a few drowsy minutes.

            Soon enough they began to use their tongues for something other than tasting the other’s lips.

            “I’ve been thinking, Seras. If you wish to solve the mystery and meet some of London’s other night-creatures, let’s get a flat and figure out what to do with ourselves. Integra left us a rather nice paycheck for our years of service. I feel like a vacation.” The easy-going smile that had been visiting his face was back, and Seras looked up from her cuddling position upon his shoulder.

            “So are you gonna tell me what you’ve been all smilin’ about?” Her tone read curious and disconcerted. For a moment, he left her hanging. Then he asked, nonchalantly:

            “Would you say you’ve changed, Seras? Since the night I made you mine?” She frowned.

            “You always dodge a direct question, Master.” He chuckled.

            “Answer me.”

            “Of course I’ve changed. You know I’ve changed.”

            “Yes, but deep within your heart, has your very soul changed? Has some core of Seras Victoria been lost, or strayed?” Closing her eyes with a frustrated huff, Seras chewed upon the question. What was the truest thing within her? Perhaps loyalty, dedication, or tenacity. Too many markers in her life, from childhood, had been a test of these things- all of it came down to sheer stubbornness. Absolute force of will. There was not a challenge yet that had fully toppled her.

            “Yes Seras, your virtue is your will, in its multitude of forms. That’s why we persist. We set our minds to do something and we shall, no matter the devastation we leave.” The vigorous nodding of her head indicated her accord. “That is what vampires are built upon. Forcing their will upon others. Every mind trick, every glamour, even the pleasure induced through biting, these acts give us sway over the free will of another. We wear the badges differently, and use our knowledge of this to what suits ourselves.” Seras was enraptured by his voice, a soulful melody never heard before in such qualities as this. His accent gradually changed from the eloquent American-style he’d worn so long to the deep, soft and incredibly velvety Romanian. “I cling to life because of it, Seras. Why haven’t I seen it before? The reason I do not die is because I am too stubborn to admit defeat! I have been beaten down, my body torn to pieces, my head detached, my existence even negated, and yet… I live on.” Tears were streaming down his bride’s face, seemingly unnoticed by her.


            “Did you know how close I was at Anderson’s hands, dragostea? Did you?” She bit the corner of her lip to steady her voice.

            “I was terrified, Master. I thought I was going to lose you.” The weight and movement of his hand in her hair relieved her much, and she wiggled to sit level with him.

            “You pulled me back at that time. You. You were the only servant I didn’t lose, sacrifice, or abandon. You were also the only servant I gave a choice, Seras Victoria. When I made you a vampire, I had no idea that your will to live would evolve and become the will to follow me forever. You unknowingly bent me to your will that night in Cheddar, and you have continued to do so since. You chose me, Seras, and you’ve returned to me the will to live again. You. Changed. Me.” Her sweet pink mouth hung agape. Hastily she rubbed the streaks of red from her cheeks. “I spent so many years rejecting all real happiness, embracing the monster I was. Man or vampire, I was always a monster. I left death in my trail. It took the Hellsings to contain me, and now you to free me from the dragging chains of my past.” He pulled the delicate chin toward him and just barely touched noses with her. “This is a rebirth for both of us. We’re free. Let’s leave behind these names and lives overloaded with the sorrows we don’t want. We don’t need them anymore!” Alucard, the last he would call himself so, stood and Seras went tumbling from his lap. Deftly fast he snatched her from the air and tossed her lightly into the expansive bed. Without taking a step he appeared above her and leaned on one arm.

            “No one knows who we are, so we can become whoever we want. I’m going back to the name I was born with, Seras, and I’m starting a new life with you.” Seras nibbled her thumbnail as she thought about everything he’d said. The gravity of having saved him while he’d saved her was enormous.

            At last she kissed him once on the lips, dainty and sweet. She pulled back into the pillow, all timid.

            “…Will you re-grow your mustache, Master? I sor’ of liked it.” Pink bloomed on her cheeks and Vladimir laughed.

            “Perhaps. What will you change, if I do?”

            She worked her fingers through her short blonde locks.

            “Think I might grow me hair out.” He gave up a laugh. “I’ll wear a long braid. Yeah. I really could use the change.” Inside her a certain someone began to chortle. “You’re going back to Vlad then, Master?” He nodded. “I think I’ll change to Vicky. All that Seras Victoria is belongs to you, but to everyone else, she’s dead. She died in Cheddar and left me instead, and I’ll take Vicky wiv’ me into eternity.”

            They embraced tightly for the coming dawn. They would sleep some, but stir out in pursuit of a residence during the day. Their search for others would begin when again darkness came.

            Vlad and Vicky. Old names repurposed, old wounds closed and old identities locked away.

            New adventures awaiting.














Thank you for reading! This marks the beginning of "Undiscovered Country," which I can best describe as an anthology of short adventures under one title. Please enjoy my further work!

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